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High Impact Endurance results
December 20, 2022
Seems to be helping my urinary situation but not difinitive yet. Will keep taking them to be surer of the results.

Moving better and less fatigue. I am surprised!!!
November 19, 2022
After 3 weeks use, I feel less joint and muscle soreness plus less fatigue with movement. This is a worthwhile product and will by more as needed.

This really worked for me!
October 23, 2022
I turned 65 this spring and I am surprised at how good I felt after the first bottle. I had purchased 3 at the time, not knowing the outcome. This product really helped me in regards to eliminating soreness in my joints and the ability to increase my workouts! Great Job!

It works & I feel strong
October 9, 2022
I have been consistently using High impact for over a year now. I’d say 2-3 months in I noticed the endurance & muscle growth. I feel really good & will continue to use HP indefinitely to keep reaping the benefits. Thank you Tony for sharing your story & discovery

Joint pain gone!
October 9, 2022
I love this product. Since I started using Endurance I haven’t had the knee joint pain and strain that I was experiencing. I’m on my feet all day, climbing stairs, ladders and doing a lot of lifting. It has also aided in my weight loss. I’m 60, and I’ve never felt better!

Amazing product...
October 6, 2022
I've been taking this product a little over a month now, and haven't really noticed much of a difference. I know the ingredients in this product are amazing, so even if I'm seeing a difference I know that I'm doing something good for my body. Will keep you updated for sure.

Rosie February 23, 2023

How can you give a 5-star review if you don't see a difference??? Especially after more than a month? Not only does this skew the overall product rating but if you really don't see a difference, the product does not work as advertised so a 5-star review is not AT ALL helpful.

Hopefully shipping doesn't get delayed.
October 4, 2022
So far, I feel like I don't have to drink a soda in the morning for a boost of energy. Though I ran out a while ago and because of some warehouse delay I didn't get my next order of it in time, so not too happy about that. Still waiting on it to be shipped out.

Awesome product
September 28, 2022
To be honest I truly haven’t noticed anything but I know I’m getting an excellent product and it’s doing great things for my body. Will keep you posted for sure.

Rosie February 23, 2023

5 stars for no results? Ridiculous. It's not helpful to anybody to give a 5-star rating for NO results!

this stuff is junk
September 24, 2022
This stuff is crap, and expensive crap at that dont waste your money, you would be better off getting desiccated liver pills

Great supplement.
September 24, 2022
I have experienced a noticeable difference in the amount of energy I have since starting to take endurance. I would highly recommend trying this product.

Jury's still out
September 20, 2022
Seem to have more energy and focus after a month.

No Gitters
September 16, 2022
So far I am really enjoying the benefits of more energy and focus. I have been taking this supplement for a little over a month. I am an Elementary PE school teacher. Which means I have to be on my "A game" physically and emotionally for 8 hours a day.

Great product
September 10, 2022
I noticed I have more energy. I feel stronger after doing my 30 minute workouts. I definitely recommend for other people to try, and I’ve only been using this for a month.

Great stuff
September 6, 2022
I love the product. I suffer with arthritis throughout my body and I am feeling a little relief from some of the stiffness. I am hoping that the longer I take it it will give me even more relief.

Many benefits
September 5, 2022
After using this product for close to a month I feel generally more well. I have more energy and endurance for my long runs. It’s energy that is level, it doesn’t peak and then drop off leaving you shaky like others i have tried. I’m 57 and have also noticed my facial skin looks smoother and healthier as well as my hair. Added bonus for me!!

Extra energy
September 2, 2022
I find your product very helpful. I am 74 and really need to have enough energy to take care of my home inside and out. Because I am a female living alone there’s lots to do and with high impact endurance I can accomplish it

Seems to be helping
August 21, 2022
I take this with the Lean Balance and the protein shake from this company. I was looking for a product to help with muscle recovery, provide some energy and help with my joints. I am very sensitive to supplements with caffeine and can’t take them. I had no trouble with this product. I didn’t experience any jitters. I have more energy and feel like I’m recovering faster. It used to take me a long time to recover after workouts.

It works!!!
August 20, 2022
I noticed a difference the first day. I have more energy for the work outs and EVEN AFTER! Love this product!!! Thank you!

Weight control
July 24, 2022
I have been taking Power Life Endurance just over 30 days. I have a bit more energy and have found my joint pain has decreased some. I am down 6 pounds.

Helps a little with energy
July 3, 2022
I do notice a little more energy after taking this. I work out at least five days a week and needed some help with energy. I was hoping that this would give me a little bit more energy but it does help a little.