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More energy
June 16, 2022
Our Dog Nala loves the dog food. She will eat it dry or wet. We mix it in with her regular food as a supplement. We feel good knowing she is getting more nutrients in her diet. We have only been using it for about a month now but she seems to have more energy- she wants to play more like when she was younger (she is going to be 8 in July).

My dog LOVES Nutra Complete!
June 15, 2022
During the past few months, I noticed my dog, Cusco, was less and less interested in her usual kibble. I switched her to Nutra Complete a few weeks ago and she is noticeably more excited about eating now! She also seems more energetic, and her poops are a lot more solid. Thanks for a great product!

5 star product!
June 14, 2022

I usually don't watch the video's on FB but yours caught my eye since I had just adopted a 6 year old Chi and was told she was picky. I had been trying several Fresh foods without much luck. Evidently she had only been fed people food. She only weighs 4.5 lb. so I'm very interested in nutrishion.

The day it came I tried just adding it to the fresh I was using and to my surprise she picked out yours and left the rest in the bowl and wouldn't touch it. So to say the least she only eats it twice a day. It's been a month and she's not leaving a morsel! I am so thankful I saw your video! You've got a loyal customer for life! Well Rosy's life.

Quality of food is outstanding
June 9, 2022
We have 4 dogs which all have different prescription food. I give them each 0.5oz each feeding (2x/day) as a topper, to go along with their regular food. They are very excited when they see me get the bag from the cabinet. They love the food and have had no issues. I am very satisfied with this food and my dogs are very happy pups.

Excellent product
June 8, 2022

I have 3 Dogs - 1 large mixed breed about 9/10 years old and 2 chihuahuas almost 2 years old. I’ve been mixing your food in with their dry and they are loving it! They’re happy and my big guy is running and playing with the little ones.

Healthy not harmful products
June 8, 2022
Dear Dr. Richter, after listening to you video regarding regular dog food, I decided to try your Nutra Complete. I weened him off if his regular food, from my Vets office where I worked. I have to say, my little guy barks and dances on his hind legs until I place his food into his kennel, He’s only three, but he’s very happy and seems to have lots more energy. I’m very pleased with this food, but he was the one who really chose to eat it all up. I think that says it all. Thank you for looking out for our dogs. Not that we don’t want to see our Vets, but when we do see them, it’s for healthy reasons only. Keep up the great work. Sincerely a loving Rescue pet owner.

Very natural product that my dog loves
June 7, 2022
My dog loves this product and I love it because I feel I am doing the best for my Gracie!

Major loves Nutra Complete
June 6, 2022

Major is and has always been an inconsistent eater and very picky. Nutra Complete is the first food he has loved from the very start when I mixed it with his favorite kibble. He is actually excited for meal time. This is particularly good since he has been losing weight and was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease.

He is doing well and at age 15 I thought he was just naturally slowing down. In just the first couple of weeks with the new food added, his energy level is just like he was acting like a yorkie puppy again. He is bright eyed and very happy, along with loving his meals these days. I wish I had learned about Nutra Complete sooner!

No more constant itching
June 5, 2022
My Jack Russell has been on this food for one month now. After stopping the dry kibble with homemade food and replacing the kibble with UltimatePet Nutra complete she is no longer taking Aproquel for itching. She loves the food and she is itch free for the first time in her life. This is amazing food!

Great Topper
May 31, 2022
Everyone has been very helpful when I have questions. The food is great. My Standard Schnauzer loves it. I use it as a topper. It is much too expensive to feed her only Nutra Complete.

Healthy and Happy Dog in Body, Mind, Soul !
May 30, 2022

I had ordered only a single bag of the Nutra Complete as I'd not been sure my dog would eat the food. She's rather picky, and she doesn't usually go for the dry foods. I put on a real show for her though, dancing around the bag and saying "Look what Mommy's got for Peaches" and she began to get very excited as I opened the bag.

I kept up my theatrics while I got the bag opened and then I took a few pieces of the Nutra Complete out of the bag and I let her smell it. I'd acted as though I was going to eat it instead of giving it to her and she began to whine and wag her tail. She was almost running in place with her front feet. She was very excited. I fixed her bowl of dog food putting the Thrive powder over the dry food I usually feed, Pedigree. Peaches has changed so much since I started feeding the Thrive and Nutra Complete.

She acts like a young dog again.. I put a handful of the Nutra Complete over her dry and wet canned food and she dove into it and loved it. My husband said, I can't believe she just started eating it without picking out each piece one at a time and playing with it. She usually does this for about an hour before she decides whether she wants to eat it or leave it around her bowl.

Peaches loves her new Ultimate Pet Nutrition and I'm happy to be giving her food that she loves and that is so good for her in every way. I even feed it as treats. Peaches lost her companion last summer due to Cancer. She'd been rather depressed for a while and I wanted to do something to boost her attitude.

She is almost 15 years old now and dogs that old don't do well when they lose their buddy. I'm quite surprised and impressed with how she snapped out of her funk only three days after I began using your products. I'll be honest I didn't believe it'd work as advertised.

Thanks so much for all your hard work to produce such a great food for dogs. One that fills their required nutritional needs. A food they not only love, but that gives them everything they so desperately need to thrive.

Thanks Again, Dr. Richter!.

Best to You Always,

Jim, Laura, and Peaches Brooks

LittleGirl and LolaToo love this food!!
May 30, 2022

I have two dogs - LittleGirl is a 10 year old long-haired Chihuahua rescue, and LolaToo is a Malti-poo puppy, who is just 7 months old. I started adding the Nutra Complete to their food a little bit at a time. They like this food so much, that I can give it to them as a treat, as well.

I believe that since they've started Nutra Complete, they are both more energetic (I'm not sure that LolaToo needs more energy, but....). I also notice that their coats look and feel better - smooth and shiny. I don't think you can go wrong with 'real' food.

Game changer
May 25, 2022
Since starting on Nutra Complete, my dog has been loving his food, and I can't get in the bowl fast enough! With Nutra Complete, Nutrathrive, and Juveflex, I feel I am giving him healthy, nutritious food and supplements that will help his joints, immune system and digestive health.

Your dog will thank you every day!! So much happier and feels great!
May 24, 2022

Hailey our 10 year old cocker spaniel is thriving. I have used the Nutra thrive for a long time and recently added Nutra Complete. She was doing well and with this addition we’ve noticed even more improvements in her whole body.

She was taking medications for allergies and ear infections and is now doing so much better and it’s only been a month of the new food. Her coat, energy, calmness and health have greatly improved! I’m so grateful for finding this food and will continue to do the best for her with Ultimate Pet Nutrition!

I Am So Grateful!
May 23, 2022
My 13 1/2 yr. old American Staffy, Pickles, has spondylolisthesis and arthritis in his hind end and switching to raw food was going to be our last hope before deciding if we should end his pain. He is on meds and CBD, but they were no longer keeping most of his pain at bay. It's been a month since we started him on Nutra Complete and he is doing SO MUCH BETTER! He can do stairs more steadily and we go for short walks and he doesn't pant constantly like he did before. I'm so grateful! I highly recommend this food and will continue to buy it for Pickles for as long as he lives!

Amazing food/treat
May 23, 2022

Very picky eater, and he

Loves this stuff… gets super excited when its time to eat.

I have noticed after he eats he wants to scratch his head and get zoomies after,

Is this normal

Behavior or is he having some sort of reaction to the food by chance?

He acts normal aside from the initial head burying to carpet to scratch himself by the ears .

Ten Stars!
May 22, 2022

TEN STARS (not five - but TEN)!!!

Our pack of three pups (two 14-year old bagels and our 3-year old Aussie mix) are LOVING this food! I admit I was optimistic although hesitant when I first watched the video, but after YEARS of struggling with over processed dry kibble and cans of who-knows-what, I thought, “they deserve this!”…so I pressed “place order”.

My gosh! I would never have guessed what a drastic change I’ve seen in them! Our 14 year old bagels (beagle bassett rescues) are non stop! Our friends cannot believe the difference. I’ve handed them empty bags to encourage them to give your food a try.

Our Aussie mix literally drools with his smart little nose in the air as I let the food simmer in water creating its own broth. I’m laughing out loud because I took video of the first day I served it to them…like prime rib, but better!

We have DEFINITELY watched them all come to life again! That’s the best way I can explain it. I feel so good knowing I’m feeding them well…they deserve it after all the years they’ve given me! Trust me. I don’t promote anything unless I TRULY believe in it…and Nutra Complete has honestly eased my mind, soothed their bellies, and given them REAL food for REAL energy on the trails! I have the photos and videos and friend’s testimonials to prove it!

Thank you friends!!!

So glad I invested in my pack :)

Dogs love Nutra Complete
May 20, 2022
I have been using Nutra Complete as a topper to my dogs regular dog good and they love it. I have a cavapoo and a goldendoodle. I have noticed that their stool is firmer and there is less of it. The dogs seem happier and playful since I started giving them this food. Very happy with the product.

Love this food!
May 18, 2022
My miniature schnauzer loves the food. We mix it with scrambled eggs, blueberries and pureed pumpkin for breakfast. Dinner is ultimate mixed with roasted chicken, carrots and broccoli sprouts topped off with bone broth. She likes it crunchy. She is thriving with much more energy. This food insures to supplement the whole food with needed vitamins and minerals.

You should try it for your small fur baby.
May 18, 2022
My 2 chihuahua fur baby love it. They are now more energetic and bad breath is gone. It is quite expensive but is worth it for small (5-10lb.) dog parents. 1 bag last for 2 weeks (1 week for my 2 dogs)