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My pups love this food!
May 18, 2022

My two large breed dogs love this food!

Even my picky 14 year old shepherd finishes her food. Feeding my older dog used to fill me with anxiety because she rarely finished her food. I found myself having to add turkey and cheese to her meals to entice her. Now, she gobbles it up. And, my bull mastiff drools as I prepare his meals! It feels good to know they’re eating healthy. Only bummer is price.

Energized & an extra-enthusiastic eater
May 17, 2022

My 14.5 y.o. cocker spaniel, Peppermint, LOVES this stuff. OK, so she's always been food-motivated, but the smell and texture of this makes her bonkers in the best way. It's like she's wearing wristwatch w/ an alarm that tells her when it's 6A and 4P -- i.e. mealtimes, then she finds and sits squarely in front of me, her eyes boring into mine.

If I don't acknowledge her immediately, she starts pawing me and looking between me and her food bowl. She *had* been rather lethargic of late, and part of that was pain from minor surgery, but NutraComplete, especially when hydrated in a little warm water and mixed w/ her dry Eukanuba has reinvigorated her... a LOT.

I'm relieved to know that the sourcing and ingredients are safe and compatible with her digestion. She's had no issues at all. And she seems sated and very content, despite my having made her overall serving sizes smaller to help her lose a little weight and ease the load on her aging joints.

May 17, 2022

Our dog was skipping meals and acting lethargic, yet seemed hungry. We switched brands five times, even trying specialized ones for sensitive stomachs etc. It is now AMAZING to see her reaction at mealtimes! She dances around while it is being prepared and eats it all down, every time with nothing left. When we take her out to go she races back in and checks her bowl, even licking it up. I usually don't do endorsements, but I am really impressed.

Picky Eater Loves Nutra Complete
May 16, 2022
My almost 2 yr. old 10 pound dog is a picky eater. I’ve tried various kibbles, gourmet wet food and the well advertised frozen dog food. None seemed to be to her taste after a few weeks. Nutra Complete is a different story. She loves it. Appears happy & healthier. Bowel movements even perfect.

My Dog Isn't Sick Anymore!
May 16, 2022
My boy was having huge gut issues. Constant diarrhea and vet visits. Allergic to chicken.... so I saw this company online and ordered. No more gut issues! Its clean and safe. He isn't a big eater, which is good because its expensive but worth it.

Nutra Complete has really improved my senior dog's life!
May 14, 2022

My dogs are really loving their Nutra Complete freeze-dried food. I'm loving the change in my 15year old chihuahua-schnauzer mix. He's been having much more solid and regular poops and he has a higher energy level. The texture of the food after 5 minutes in warm water has been great for his senior mouth. The bites are softer but not pasty like stinky canned food.

My other baby is a 6 month old cow dog mix. We use Nutra Complete as a topper for her high quality puppy kibble. We feel confident we are starting her out right. She is healthy, happy, and full of life!

Overall I am well satisfied! It seems that my dog likes it better moist.
May 13, 2022
I have a Maltese dog who is 9 years old. She was always licking at her paws. She is a timid little dog. Scared of storms. Has anxiety when one of us leave the house for a day or two. We were reading up on the Nutra Complete and thought we would try feeding it to her. I mix it with her other dog food once a day because of the cost of a bag. Because of her size and it being new dog food I am giving her a little over 1/4 cup a day. I just finished my first bag (about 1 month supply) and she seems to be doing so much better. I just received my order yesterday to continue with the food. I also ordered some dog treats. I am very satisfied with this food. I have found out to order sooner so I don't run out. It took a little longer for me to receive it in the mail than I anticipated.

Great Healthy Dog Food Option!
May 13, 2022
Our Frankie Boy loves the Nutra Complete food! He is a big dog so we mix his regular dry dog food with the Nutra Complete. I am so happy to be giving him something that actually smells good and is good for him! We will definitely continue with the Nutra Complete!

Tar LOVES it!
May 13, 2022
I’m definitely aware that my dog, Tar loves this stuff. I have been using the food as a topper to regular food. I also use a scoop of the Nutra Complete powder. I notice a difference to his coat and allergies. I’m please with the food and the vitamins.

A Picky Eater Loves It
May 12, 2022
Our dog ( 8 months old) has been a picky eater since day one. We had to change her food several times until we tried the Nutra Complete in conjunction with another dry kibble. She loves the Nutra Complete, which we believe has also stimulated her appetite. She handles it very well and we think her issue with being picky is over.

May 11, 2022
I have to be careful to not give her too much of the Nutra Complete, because she loves it ! And I think I'm seeing some fur beginning to grow back in some problem, itchy spots

Best food available
May 11, 2022

I’ve used my first three bags as a topper over my two dogs Royal Canin dog food. They both really dig into into their food. I mix them together with about 25% Nutra Complete to the Royal Canin.

Both of my Shih Tzus are rescues. One has been with us for over a year and the other just eight weeks. One needed to loose weight and the other needed to gain. Both are doing what they need to and have much better bowel movements.

I followed the instructions to add up to what a dog needs to add this food to their routine. My second order of three bags arrives tomorrow. Thank you for the excellent food.

Dog is digging it!!
May 10, 2022

I have been cooking homemade dog food for the 3 years since we rescued our dog Mia. I saw your ad and decided to give Nutra Complete a try for a back-up and/or topper.

Once she tried your food with the warm water that made a gravy (and she gobbled it down!)... she doesn't want the homemade food anymore!!! It's been a month of solely your food now and her eyes are brighter, her coat is more vibrant, she looks leaner, and we noticed she has more energy.

I buy the 3-bag deal which makes it much less expensive than the freeze-dried raw they are selling in the stores! Thank you for making a great dog food!

No More Turning Up His Nose At His Food
May 9, 2022
I have 4 dogs ages 3, 6, 7 and 14. My 14 yr old dog would often turn up his nose at his food, sometimes refusing to even take one bite. I tried several things to tempt him, but nothing worked for long. Now he is eating both morning and evening and his bowl is empty. The other 3 dogs are also eager eaters!

It smells so good that I am tempted to try some!
May 8, 2022
My dogs have been so spoiled by my wife and I with table food, so I never thought they would eat dog food again. NutraComplete has proven me wrong. They watch me as I prepare the food with hot water and a fork to make sure it is well rehydrated. It smells so good that I am tempted to try some! They have now decided that I am their favorite person in the world and they follow me and curl up next to me instead of my wife, because I feed them this food. My wife still tries to tempt them with our table food, but NutraComplete is what they want and need and love.

How to please a finicky pallet
May 7, 2022

Bella is extremely finicky with food. She will eat a new food for about 1 week and then turn her nose up at it. I ALWAYS add cooked chicken, beef, hot dogs whatever she wants but it never lasts for long.

Tried the Nutra Complete and she is loving every meal. Gone through 6 bags and still loving it!

Asking To Eat
May 6, 2022
My Wheaton has always had a sensitive stomach and not very interested in eating. She use to skip meals fairly often but with Nutra Complete she comes to me asking for her meals. She loves it!

Always an empty bowl
May 6, 2022
Don’t know who’s more happy about Nutra Complete my dog or me, my dog never finished his bowl of food until I started him on Nutra Complete now he begs for more every time, made life so much easier for the both of us. Thank you from the both of us.

I'm gratified to know of the great ingredients in the product, also her stools have been copious and well formed!
May 5, 2022
My dog Olive (female Greyhound) loves this food. When I top her dry dog food with it she can smell it from the other side of the house! She immediately runs to her food bowl and eats everything, even the dry food beneath. Normally she just lets her regular food sit all day until I top it with the Nutra Complete.

Loving it
May 5, 2022
Our puppy, Mimsey a Shihpoo, loves this food! We love that she’s eating again on a regular basis. She’s been a very playful, loving little girl so it’s difficult to know if her activity level has gone up. I can only hope this great diet will keep her healthy, playful, and active as she ages. She’s not quite 2 years old now. 5/4/2022