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Do Not Buy Anything From This Company!
April 18, 2023


This company and this product is a complete joke. There is no "guarantee or your money back". If you purchase anything from this company you will be an idiot as well. Another China ripoff, you might as well throw your money out the window.

Dan Yancy

BobG May 26, 2023

Yes, they are a scam. Product doesn't work, sticky pads are useless, and no refund.

Ed January 25, 2024

I can't believe this, almost every review is exactly the same.

No refund no return
April 16, 2023

Not worth the price no return buy it if it don't work to bad no return just another Chinese scam! one star, can't put no star!

JacquelineParker May 20, 2023

Chinese scam is correct

Taken your money
April 6, 2023

Stay away, this company is a fraud. I don't believe they have anything to offer its just a scam.

I tried to by one and after I printed it out the dot was changed to the maximum and not the order I pinched.

Thanks to the credit car company they stopped it and didn't go through. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

How to operate Nooro massager
April 5, 2023
Some people think the Nooro massager doesn’t work and yes I did too , until I learnt how to work it , To test it do not dome it to the sticky pad , just press it on the inside of your arm , now press the ON button twice and while the light is blinking press the program button once , it will now work , it has to be on skin to work so dome it on the pad now and stick it on your skin and turn it on , You’ll now feel it massaging.

April 5, 2023

This is a total fraud I have been waiting 4 months they don't answer the phone

don't buy from thiis company I have a fraud claim in with atty. General office state of washington

April 1, 2023
Fake scam crap geared at people with legit health problems looking for a magical cure

BEWARE of this product!
March 28, 2023

Terrible company. Website says money back guarantee - no questions asked...WRONG. And do NOT fall for their extra savings of buying extra pads at a discount.

First, it did not work as instruction say, then the "massage" feels more like painful electrical zaps that really hurt. When I asked to return it, they requested that I send a video first.

Then you can find no return instructions, so when I asked, THEN they send you to their "return policy" link which is hidden on their webpage unless you click in the right place. THIS says you must wear the device for 30 consecutive days before return.

THEN they tell you that you CANNOT return the extra massage pads you bought....they claim for hygienic reasons - even though each one is still SEALED in individual packages just they way they sent them to you.

It took me weeks of emails before they then said they would offer me a 30% discount to keep it or I could send it back TO CHINA. All kinds of rules to return it.

Bottom line I could accept a $16 refund on a $99 order ( no refund on pads) or risk them rejecting my return if I PAID priority mail to be able to track it back to CHINA. YOU CAN FIND IDENTICAL TYPE DEVICES ON AMAZON, ETC....JUST NOT NOORO.

Walk away fast - do not buy this product. You will notice there is nowhere to review their product on their web page....I know why...they do not want people like me telling the truth. Beware! Beware! Beware.

Don't Deliver
March 23, 2023

These people never delivered the unit, it has been one month now and today they say they tried to del. it in AZ. and I live in WA...Not a good company, I am putting a claim into my bank for fraud to have my money returned.

To receive my product or having back my money!
March 14, 2023
I have never received my product This is a scam Don’t buy anything from Nooro

Jimmy July 16, 2023

Too late , should have done my due diligence. $99 for at the most $30 on Amazon…….. $1 return policy!!!

Jimmy July 16, 2023

Dr. Jeremy ……… can’t wait to find you in Hong Kong

Brian July 19, 2023

A red flag was when I noticed generic products for a fraction of the nooro price! I am so glad I found these reviews because I was going to buy the foot massager. Thanks guys, you saved me a headache and $


AnitaBassani September 03, 2023

I fully agree, great scam! I tried cancelling within 10 min and the said they couldn’t cancel the order! Don’t fall for the upgrade they charge you twice it’s not an upgrade it’s a double order!