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Don't Buy It
November 2, 2023
It is a scam. Don't order. Mine came in and didn't work. They wanted video proof. Then when I said I would just like to return it they told me to give it to someone. If I kept it they would refund 30% of the cost. I am about to turn them in to the Better Business Bureau.

Not true to their word
October 5, 2023
The product seems to work well. But, that being said, the sticky pads don't last long, and when I ordered extras, they sent me the wrong pads. But the thing that bothers me most is they send out emails asking you to do a pic with a grimaced face as a before pic, then a pic with a pleasant face holding their device. When submitted, they'll send you $100....only problem is, they don't. This just screams dishonesty to me on many levels.

CraigRichardson October 09, 2023

.. also their "Comments" dialogue box doesn't actually save a comment we type.. it does nothing AND the existing comments are supposed to be within the last few hours - complete with images and names of customers .. B.S.

Helps me
October 4, 2023

I bought the knee massager a few months ago and use it every day for 10min. It has been a worth while purchase and as far as I’m concerned it’s a quality piece of kit.

The massager definitely helps relieve the pain in my knee.

JP. October 18, 2023

Looks like a SCAM! Tried to charge the base and the red light stayed on for about 15 seconds and then disappeared. Plugged it to the pad and - NOTHING! Tried it over and over but nothing works. Piece of crap coming from China! Don't buy this bs! Like everything that comes out of there, it's GARBAGE!

Service, support, and return policies very difficult
September 28, 2023
Product is average, not bad, not great. Service, support, and return policies are extremely difficult. If you return an item it will take months to get any satisfaction

Worst. Company. Ever.
September 25, 2023
Be warned that when you receive your Nooro device and it doesn't work out of the box, Nooro will not send you a prepaid return label. Nope. They expect YOU to pay to return a defective product. Holy crap, not sure a company could have worse customer service than this.

LMires October 13, 2023

Precisely why I no longer order products out of China. Nearly everything that accepts PayPal is a China product. Always contact the seller through email and ask them directly if the product ships from within the USA and are returns pre-paid. If not, shop elsewhere. China is raking in millions of dollars selling cheap crap knowing 95% of the customers won't pay the high international shipping costs to return the products.

LinnahJacobs October 22, 2023

Excellent comment. I too have experienced being burned by ads for stuff to buy through PayPal; so far are crap, and poor customer service.

Very Misleading Company!!!
September 23, 2023

Very misleading return policy. Make it very, very difficult to return, many hoops to jump through. In the info when purchasing and on their site it makes it seem like there is a 100% 90 day money-back guarantee that says it also covers shipping charges. But wait until you try to return, they will state that they do not cover any return charges. They pushed back even when I provided a screenshot of their own website showing they state it covers "shipping charges". Why include an "s" on charge if they don't cover more than one charge!

larry December 20, 2023

I order one and they sent me two also two body massagers that I didn't order

what they charged me was more than I should have paid. I lost a lot of money so it hurts

I should have read the reviews.

ShariG. March 17, 2024

Call your State Attorney General’s Office and report this company and its owners for fraud!

This poduct cannot work as is.
September 22, 2023

I would love to use this, I ordered and recieved it but the snaps on the sticky pads do not line up with the programed device.. They are about 1/8th of an inch short and will not stretch to engage. Please help!

I would love to give this product 5 stars. MC

Device Doesn't Work
September 19, 2023

I purchased the foot massager for neuropathy. I ordered two and received an extra massager. They gave me rebate to not return the third massager. None of the devices could hold a charge for more than 30-45 seconds, After multiple efforts, I gave up and felt I wasted my money.

cat November 30, 2023

I have one that won't take a charge at all and this was for the first time I wanted to recharge it. No one will help so I have basically run out of time and patience and will never order from them again.

Ron January 10, 2024

I had the same problem. I called customer service, and they said, for the first time, charge it up to 4 hours. I did so, and now, Happy Camper!

Failure to disclose before purchasing
September 14, 2023
Bought the foot massager. As well as suffering from the charging, premature shut-off problems that others complained of, the product also comes with a statement that says you should not use it if you have a pacemaker. That sort of warning should be divulged before purchasing knowing that it needs to be returned at customer expense. This company has no scruples and everyone needs to know that.

ShariG. March 17, 2024

Incredibly dangerous!

Call your State Attorney General’s Office and report this company and its owners for fraud!

This is a SCAM!!! NOT a legitimate company
September 12, 2023

If I could I wouldn’t even give it any starts! This is a gimmick you can buy any tens unit for the fraction of the cost. This is a cheap budget gimmick of a product. Not only that when returning was even more of a hassle. I called minutes after the order I said there had been a mistake on the order and that they over charged and it added on product and to cancel and only send what I truly wanted.

Right away I should have known that this is not a legitimate establishment she told me that I had to wait and receive the product I purchased in order to return the product and get a refund. So fine I waited received it then tried it’s cheaply made.

When calling to return this she now says I had to wait 21 days to really make a real decision I said no I’m not happy with the product and want to return it. She kept telling me know I had to wait finally because she was sick of me saying that u should have said that when I first called and not lied to even say I can just return it, she kept saying that I had to get approved and once approved for the return request then they would send me documents that would lead up to the tracking info they need that I used.

Well I finally received a return address which is a fake address!!! United stated post office can’t even find the address and says they can’t send it. I call again and now no answer ( they are open 24-7) I can 3 more times to tell them what happened for them to tell me that I have to be approved through their email again I started screaming telling them I need a legitimate address to return it to. They ask me to go to another shipping company I do and the address is not found again under what they gave me. I call again and still give me a run around.

Now I have investigated the phone number they have is in New York the hub office is Illinois or some other state and the shipping is a return address to Washington state!

They scammed me for $320.00 it makes me sick that there are people like this that actually can wake up and go to sleep while stealing from someone’s hard earned money. DO NOT SHOP HERE ITS A SCAM now I have to go to my bank and file a claim

JaneWilson September 27, 2023

If you used a credit card, try filing a fraud complaint.

Ed January 25, 2024

Hey brother they did the same thing to me, the double order thing. I purchased at 10 at night not realizing they were open 24 hrs. I called and emailed the next morning and they said it was too late, the product was in motion and i had to receive the product then return it. That's when i knew something was wrong. When i received the order of total junk i returned both an that was the end of my $250. Total scam, i sent it washington and it was all over after that wouldn't answer calls or emails. i can't believe they get away with this. I screwed up I didn't check the reviews first.

Cheap garbage!
September 6, 2023

Cheap materials with no longevity. Bought 2 of the foot massager and they both had the same issue right from the start, constantly blinking while shutting off

Animiss September 09, 2023

The “made in China “ promise.

Nooro Foot Massager Ripoff & Costly Return
September 5, 2023

Foot massager arrived and plugged the emulator (battery/control) in. Red light came on and went off in 4 seconds. Plugged emulator into footpad, turned it on and it did not work. Tried this several times with same results. Called Customer Service to obtain RMA and refund within one week and told had to wait 21 days. Brochure says Guaranteed for 90 days. I paid $99.95 for unit and also purchased a Lifetime Protection for $19.95.

Customer Service said they need a video of charging and operation and said they had to check on something. They hung up very soon so called back with CS saying they could do nothing till after 21 days. Checked Reviewopedia which states Unit did not work, overall mixed results and massager did not work. It also said you have to pay the $30+ shipping charge to China. Unit sells on Chinese websites as low as $8.?? and on Amazon for $3?.??.

Animiss September 09, 2023

It’s made in China. What did you expect?

FrancesParker October 12, 2023

Glad I read these reviews! Was thinking of buying but now I

am not going to waste my money! Thank you!

September 5, 2023

Received and nothing worked, total scam . Then you are told to wait over a month before returning . After reading numerous horror stories on return process have just decided to take my loss because you will NEVER GET A REFUND . BUYER BEWARE DONT EVEN WAIST YOUR HOPE, TIME AND MONEY TOTAL SCAM!! Had to post a 1 STAR to get review in SHOULD BE -100 STARS

Don't buy it.
September 5, 2023
I made the mistake of ordering the back massager. I thought I would try one, but when I put it in my cart, it defaulted to SIX! I didn't catch it in time and was charged $211! I called immediately and was told (of course) that it was too late to stop but I could return it for a full refund when it arrived. I was assured the return would be in the US, not a foreign country. They came on Saturday. I sent an email asking for the return shipper. I was told to avoid the shipping cost, I could keep them and they would refund me 30%! I told them that it was unacceptable and I wanted a full refund. I'm waiting for a response now......

Money grab
September 3, 2023

Do not purchase from this seller. They do not refund money . My order went through without me pressing complete order. I tried to cancel but they already had my money, less than a minute later.

So beware, they are not an honest company.

Liars and Theives
September 3, 2023

0 if I could

I full agree great scam! I tried cancelling within 10 min and the said they couldn’t cancel the order! Don’t fall for the upgrade they charge you twice it’s not an upgrade it’s a double order!

Colusaca September 09, 2023

I didn’t have trouble returning the massagers or getting my refund. I found the pads lose their stickiness after about three uses. Pads are expensive. I would not recommend buying them.

Much Cheaper on Temu
August 31, 2023
Dont buy the foot massager from Nooro. You can get the same thing on TEMU for less than $10. .

Scam Compnay
August 29, 2023

Two hours after the order was placed, I realized my mistake and asked for the order to be cancelled. They claimed it could not be done, but upon arrival it could be returned. It never arrived. Suppsedly it had been delivered by a carrier I had never heard of. They had no proof of delivery and I live where delivery is secure. Not a drop off on the porch of a single family house. I am working with the credit card company.

Stay a way, do your research
August 28, 2023

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Nooro products, they are very cheaply made and extremely over priced.

It does work for very short period of time, however it takes only two times charging it and it stops working.

Customer service is no help at all.

Off course there is no need to say that the 90 days no question asked return, which Nooro advertises, is the biggest lie of all.

RC MacKenzie August 31, 2023

You have to return product at your cost. Shipping to China? Not worth it and they know it. Never again!

ShariG. March 17, 2024

Call your State Attorney General’s Office and report this company and its owners for fraud!

Red light therapy pen.
August 28, 2023

Will never deal with this company again. They sent a text asking if I was happy with my purchase. When I questioned them on my product, they requested a video of what was wrong. When I responded they needed my order number and other information. I provided all the required info and I just kept getting the same request from other agents.

I will keep trying to use the red light therapy pen but I doubt it’s effectiveness. Beware!

ShariG. March 17, 2024

Call your State Attorney General’s Office and report this company and its owners for fraud!