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Overpriced junk
January 8, 2024

I wish I had done due diligence and checked reviews first. Knee massager broken when received it. Joint supplements ineffective. I paid $49 for lifetime protection. I'm not paying to send this to China and not receive a refund. I'll stop credit card payment on this $149.95 piece of junk.

January 8, 2024

I have suffered with Neuropathy for 15 months. I have used many treatments without any improvement. Noroo's foot massager was the LEAST effective. It did not relieve my pain, but made it much more intense. I was awakened each morning by a pain that brought me to tears. Save your money.

Anxious to make a sale...No product
January 6, 2024

I kept on getting calls to buy, each time giving me a lower price.

I placed my order, did not get the promised discount, and now after 3 weeks did not get the item and they won't credit me for purchase.

Bogus company to do business with!
January 5, 2024

One star is far too good for the Nooro company's product and warranty on their product! I purchased 2 Nooro Foot Massagers June 21, 2023. One stopped working over a month ago but I thought it just needed a charge so I put it away till I had time to charge it for a few hours. Well yesterday I tried it again and charged it for 2 hours and the piece of junk isn't working, called customer support they said only warrantied for 90 days after purchase. I should have purchased the extended warranty they sell for the items. Not bad enough that they cost $99.00 each but are not guaranteed for at least a year is ludicrous and a rip off not to mention! Never again!! BEWARE!

Original Emulator Problem
January 4, 2024
Ordered Nooro massager in early November. It stopped working after 16 days. Interpreted Nooro return policy negatively. Wrote a negative review. Nooro customer service responded immediately. Tried to help me with massager but efforts were unsuccessful. Asked me to provide video proof of emulator problem. Forwarded proof. Nooro sent me a second massager. Used for 20 days. This time recharged emulator successfully. I am happy and pleased with my overall experience. BIG THUMBS UP! Thank you.

Battery doesn't work
January 4, 2024
Have had a total of three units; purchased two and one was provided under warranty. The massager may or probably does work, but in that the battery will not hold a charge it doesnt work long enough to realize any treatment. Total waste of money.

It's Chinese Junk!
December 30, 2023
I bought one, paid $30.00 for it, it worked a few weeks and now even fully charged, the second I turn it on past zero, the lights start blinking and it shuts down a few seconds later. Its Chinese junk, with no number or address to contact them. Just don't buy one. I'll stick to my vibrating foot massager.

Emulator Problem
December 16, 2023

I purchased the nooro massager. Loved It for 15 days. Emulator stopped working on the 16th day. Wrote review stating my disappointment in the product and regretted that I wasted 104 dollars.

Well.... customer service Immediately responded. Communicated with me to try to get things turned around. Couldn't achieve success. They requested I send them proof of problem of the problem. I supplied statement and video. They responded quickly and today, Saturday December 16th, I received another nooro massager.

Regardless of the outcome nooro's customer service was Outstanding.

total junk
December 15, 2023
Foot massager didn't/doesn't work--it just sits there with blinking lights. If I wanted blinking lights, I could buy a toy for less than a dollar.

Dissatisfied User
December 2, 2023
Extremely Disappointed. Purchased product just before mid November. Received it November 15, 2023. The emulator has stopped working today, day 16, December 1, 2023. Read return instructions. Found out I can't return the product after use, which I find totally disappointing. $104 wasted.

The unit doesn't work and they took me for $105.00 and some change.
December 1, 2023

The Nooro foot massage is junk. The battery in the control unit will take a charge but as soon as you select a mode and intensity level the junk immediately starts to flicker (blink) and nothing happens.

Buyers beware. Also, there aren't and instructions on what each mode does or doesn't do. Sent message to Nooro with question but no replies.

Ron January 10, 2024

I'm happy with mine. The light is suppose to flash when you make a selection, and turn it on. Mine didn't work at first either, BUT-- Clean your feet, no callouses, Fully charge the battery, and you will get results. Now I love it!

Try a cheaper version first, if you try it at all
November 25, 2023
If this contraption is actually doing something, I cannot tell. But they're correct, it sure feels 'weird.' It's available as probably a chintzy Chinese knock-off through Temu for about ten bucks. Perhaps one might go that route before shelling out the bigger fee for a device that may be nothing but a placebo anyway.

Don't Do It!
November 25, 2023

This company is a scam in the way of charging you 3x when you can find it on Amazon and then pay expedited shipping from China which still takes 15 days - they lied to me and would not cancel my order. Of course they say it can be returned for a full refund but how much will it cost to return it to China?!!! DON'T Buy from Nooro or their other names that are under this company.

Never received second unit
November 24, 2023
I ordered two units, they only sent one. They refused to make it right after several contacts with them. They took me for $100 dollars so beware of the outfit and don't buy from them!!!

Lousy product. Don't buy
November 22, 2023
The foot massager is garbage. It quit working after 3 months just after the warranty expired. This company is a fraud and should be put out of business

Fraudulent Company - Does not deliver as stated.
November 14, 2023
I ordered the knee massager. They first emailed me and wanted a phone appointment to go over the usage of the device. Then they tried to up sale me on other products that they felt I also needed. When I ordered device shipping was stated and shown on invoice as Free. A little over a week later the postman left me a note for $17.65 for postage on a parcel. I had not ordered anything COD. And sure enough it was the knee massager. I received emails from Nooro stating that my massager was not deliverable. But they charged my Credit Card $206.52.

CharlesMurray February 07, 2024

Call your cc company and tell them it's fraud

Buyers Beware!
November 8, 2023
If there was a zero I would post it! Terrible customer service and the massager is a joke. Predators for people who are in pain and take advantage of their suffering! Don’t buy this garbage.

ShariG. March 17, 2024

Elder abuse.

Junk; Don't Buy
November 7, 2023
Scam. Cheap product. Won't last. Weak stimulator. Trying to get a full refund and return product but they are totally giving me the run around. Don't buy.

MelissaHoffman November 07, 2023

I was literally sooo close to buying this piece of junk for my boyfriend until I read your review!! So thank you!!!!!!

November 7, 2023
Nooro knee massager is worthless. It stopped working completely after 10 months...poorly made for $189! I didn't even use it that much! DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!

A longer test time 14 days is not enough
November 3, 2023

I have used the nooro knee massager for 2 months and have gotten no relief at all and am very disappointed after using it for so long. I had to go to orthopedic dr. for cortisone shot yesterday to get some relief. A couple of months should have been enough time.