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Inconsistent (and misleading??) product description
August 26, 2023
The unit I received is different in physical appearance from the one advertised the buttons (on the host) are labelled differently and there are fewer programs); (2) the instructions state "to charge - plug in the USB for 2 to 3 hours; when fully charged, the blue lights (or the red light in the middle of the post) will turn off." The blue charge indication lights on my "host" never turn off nor is there a "red light". Video instructions show the "host" unit is "different in appearance" from the one I received and the snaps are not "magnetic", but just regular snaps. A NOORO video states (there are 19 different intensity levels, 'by the way' the old version had only 3. It also states there are 8 "MODES", my unit and instructions only show 6 modes" "Common Placement locations" do not include feet. Finally, I bought the "Whole Body Massager" units primarily to "FIX blood circulation issues and reverse neuropathy" in my feet, however, no instructions specifically address which program(s) I should use for those purposes. That was a main selling point, yet there's nothing to support address the product claim with my problem?

Doesn’t work
August 22, 2023
Waste of money. Never worked

Mark" BIG EASY " Harris August 26, 2023

Never worked straight out of the box its a scam buyer beware! Then you have to hold on to it for 30 days and then return at your own cost overseas to China which is more than the product is worth which is $0!

August 18, 2023

I have never received this item. It says it was delivered but it was not. I will never buy from them again. In small print it says you can return item for money back but you have to pay to send it to CHINA??? It doesn't matter, I never even received it.

Now I learned my lesson. I will only buy from Amazon. You can depend on their delivery and return and refund policy. I am going to try and get my money back from Pay Pal.

It works for me
August 16, 2023
Bought 2 foot massagers. One for me and one for my wife. I'm 71 and love this thing. Charges every time and I love trying all of the different settings.

Unethical behavior in billing practices. No full refund
August 15, 2023

We purchased the foot massager, the product did not perform, and we requested a refund. After about a month complying with their refund process they finally approved the refund, sent me an email stating a refund due was $131.29, the price paid for the item $99.95 + protection plan $19.95 +tax $11.39. The refund I received was $119.90 did not include the tax. the customer service rep when called stated that the tax is a government thing, and their policy is not to refund the tax. So Nooro keeps the tax paid. I had to pay for return shipping as well.

AnitaBassani September 03, 2023

I full agree great scam! I tried cancelling within 10 min and the said they couldn’t cancel the order! Don’t fall for the upgrade they charge you twice it’s not an upgrade it’s a double order!

This is a rip off
July 26, 2023

This is a complete rip off. They send cheesy piece off crap massager that won't charge. You will never receive replacement plug. Money back guarantee is non existent. You have been for-warned by me. Unhappy customer...

SCAM item!!!!!
July 26, 2023

I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the Nooro foot massager and equally dissatisfied with their customer service. The device DID NOT WORK, and when you attempt to explain it to them, they immediately want you to send them pictures. How on earth do you send them a picture of the electrical connection (that does not work) to them! When communicating with them you can tell that they are handling your concern by way of a "script" Lesson learned. I should have searched out reviews like the ones on this page. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this product, if you can even call it that. As one reviewer wrote, it will cost you 1/3 of the price paid to even attempt to get a refund. I am just going to take the loss and with this review, hopefully saved others from making my mistake.

Get immediate assistance from the Drs if you injure your back.
July 25, 2023

I have suffered from Neuropathic foot pain since a lower spinal cord injury in 1999. I have had surgery of the L5-S1 spine joint, several pain suppressors that lasted for 6 years and another that had no effect immediately after the implant. With the current refusal from Doctors to prescribe opiates there has been no relief at all.

I bought one of the expensive foot machines that generates electrical impulses through my feet. It worked for a while but the last time I tried it I could not feel any relief at all.

This last Spring I bought several of this product. It's an interesting concept but I didn't take the time to learn the proper application. My surgeon talked me into doing a nerve biospy which showed my MYLIN which insulates the nerves and prevents the electrical signals from shorting out to surrounding tissue. Mylin cannot be replaced or regrown by the body. When it's gone it's gone! Kind of like your hair when the follicle dies.

I am going to try this product again to be sure there is a possibility of relief. Both feet and lower legs are involved with some pain in my left thigh. The main issue is my spinal cord was compressed and suffered permanent damage because the doctors took a conservative approach instead of ordering an immediate MRI. This would have saved me from 6 weeks of pain and additional damage to the spinal cord. When those spinal tissues are damaged they do not recover or repair themselves.

Knee massager only works for a few minutes
July 20, 2023
Ordered a knee massager and it only worked for a few minutes before needing to be recharged. Tried to leave a review on their site but they pulled it as they only post positive reviews. They did refund my money but save yourself the trouble and don't buy the knee massager.

Seems to be working for me, so far.
July 18, 2023

I took a chance and purchased my Nooro knee massager from Amazon because it was a lot cheaper. I was skeptical but I wanted to try it since I'm scheduled for knee replacement surgery later this year. I must say it has been working to reduce the pain I had been experiencing, and hoping with further use I can forgo surgery. Time will tell. There are several knockoffs on Amazon claiming to be Nooros, but they aren't, so be aware if you decide to purchase from Amazon. The one I purchased said sold by Nooro, the others I purchased were not, and turned out to be knockoffs. I returned them to Amazon.

Did not work for me at all.
July 11, 2023

The massager as advertised claim that it would work on your foot. There were no directions or videos on how to position the product on the foot for maximum massaging effects. The product didn’t work for my neuropathy.

When you try to return the product, it is not an easy process they make it extremely difficult. I would not recommend buying this product from this company

JosephMudra July 25, 2023

I agree with the lack of instructions and even a video via the net to get you going.

It's A Scam!
July 10, 2023

Received my Nooro foot massager today, it would not charge, absolutely nothing happened a classic waste of my time, money, and patience. Please, please, please do not waste the energy on this piece of crap.

July 9, 2023

You ask for my review. I have been interested in improving my back but it is not improving. I have several stickys since is all I am doing.

I don't see it helping and I should get a return. Please help me fill out what ever papers I need to return.


0 stars if I could
June 13, 2023

NEVER order from this company!!!

It is the most corrupt, dishonest company in existence. Their employees ALL lie without exception. I canceled my order 30 minutes after I made it and they said it was impossible because it was already processed. It was late on a Friday night! They said it was being shipped. It wasn’t even picked up in CHINA until 5 days later.

They lie, cheat and steal. I told them I was going to refuse delivery and return to sender. I told my credit card company not to pay them. I’m reporting them to the Attorney General in my state. You should too.

Robbery scam!!!
June 6, 2023
Don't order from this Chinese company . I ordered ONE foot massager. They billed me for 3. $291.73 and PayPal paid it. I saw receipt and immediately called the company. She said once they receive the order it can't be changed. She said I would have to wait 21 days until it arrived from China and then send it back and wait for a refund. I learned from another source that once you receive it you have to wait 30 days before you can send it back. In all the complaints I've read NO one received a refund!! This is robbery.

SCAM, no refund
May 30, 2023

Nooro is a fraudulent company and will not refund money even if you cancel before 24 hours. THIS IS A SCAM!

BobG June 04, 2023

Nooro is a scam. Product doesn't work, sticky pads are useless, and there is no refund.

Don’t give refunds but promise to
May 20, 2023

Read the reviews about refunds.

They do not give you a refund, but they will tell you month after month that they processed your refund and to call your bank.

After two months, I can now tell it’s all a lie! With their lies they even send paperwork that shows a refund, however it’s “their” paperwork but when I check my online charge card after two months, there is no refund whatsoever. They evidently play some foreigner game of thinking people are stupid by telling you to call your bank for a nonexistent credit and then sending you paperwork from them which shows absolutely nothing.

That’s how they lie. I even got an email saying it’s all been done on their end , but the bottom line is after two solid months there is no credit or refund to my credit card. These people are bad people and this is a bad company. Not to speak of the fact they charge triple for their products.

I will buy American and because of these people, make a habit now I’m not buying anything from China. Read the reviews about refunds, there are several people saying the same thing as I just said, promised refunds, tell you they’re done, but it just never shows up on your credit card statement, again, how stupid do they think people are?

AnitaBassani September 03, 2023

I full agree great scam! I tried cancelling within 10 min and the said they couldn’t cancel the order! Don’t fall for the upgrade they charge you twice it’s not an upgrade it’s a double order!

May 14, 2023

I never received the product and they HAVE NOT refunded my money.

AnitaBassani September 03, 2023

I full agree great scam! I tried cancelling within 10 min and the said they couldn’t cancel the order! Don’t fall for the upgrade they charge you twice it’s not an upgrade it’s a double order!

May 4, 2023
Foot massager didn't work. They've promised a refund but having seen these reviews I guess it's not going to happen

BobG May 13, 2023

Foot massager doesn't work properly, and they want me to send it back halfway around the world. A total scam. DO NOT BUY. I doubt very much I will ever see a refund.

April 27, 2023

I was not happy with my second purchase (spent $290) and was told just keep it and they would give me a partial credit.

That was March 19th and all I’ve gotten were lies telling me it was delayed and on and on I now have waited 6 3/4 weeks with no refund forthcoming! I just found out after reading a review, the same thing happened to another person, lied to and told they would get a refund but it never happened.

Really beware of this company. They are liars and also a scam. You can buy their exact same products way cheaper, they are not exclusive to this company