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February 11, 2018
I am NOT a member of MyLife, but they have my name and private information listed for anyone to see... even with no membership. I know it's all public record, but when I search my OWN name on that website, it comes back saying I have a criminal record!!! You'd to be a member to actually SEE my “supposed” dastardly deeds... but I don't appreciate even a hint that I have some kind of record! This is possibly damaging to my real life reputation. They also claim I have judgements a lawsuits against me which I DO NOT. Could this hurt my credit rating? And they have given me a “poor reputation score” of only 3 out of 5 making me look like some kind of loser. I believe they are using information about another woman who lives same area and with the same name as me, and a similar birthdate. They even list that woman as having MY husband as a family member! This other woman with my name has always been a bit of a problem for me. Just out of curiosity, I check her name (and mine as it's the same but with different middle names) and she has a sketchy history and all her stuff gets lumped in closely with mine. I really don't want my info on this MyLife thing. If anyone just happens to search my name, this thing comes up with all this negative stuff that isn't mine! We all occasionally google others we are curious about, like job applicants, potential relationship partners, someone buying or renting something for you, etc. I'd hate to be looking for a job or trying to get a good deal on a car and someone just type in my name and get back some innacurate damaging information. What can be done about this? This is happening with other people I know. It's bothering me more and more as I think about and I want my stuff OFF there.... or at least be accurate.

February 3, 2018
what is the california attorney general doing about this outrageous behavior by a foreign company? their business address is a po box. i've never had any legal issues and certainly not a sex offender. this falls to the attorney general to take action against this illegitimate practice. if they have a po box its surely a sign of a scam. never heard of them or gave them money.

January 15, 2018
All lies. I want my personal information removed from asap. They reported that I'm an arrested criminal and I've never been arrested nor am I one. I had a parking ticket 25 yrs ago and my life states on the internet i was arrested for it. and printed i may be sex offender... all lies Scam !!!! Remove site and shut them down.

January 12, 2018
I searched my adult daughter's name and it was reported that she had a criminal history. I was not stupid enough to sign up and pay money to find out exactly what her criminal history was because I know that the only “criminal history” she has is a $60 power bill that went to collections when her ex moved out and didn't pay it or give a forwarding address. is a scam! Don't waste your money!!