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Love this machine
December 9, 2022
We love your freeze dryer! It's so easy and fun to use. It's expensive but well worth it. It's great for food storage and fun for yummy treats (Freeze dried candy). We did have an issue with the pump leaking oil, but customer service was very helpful and sent us a replacement part to fix the problem.

Happy With Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
December 9, 2022
I bought a Medium Harvestright Freeze dryer this fall and absolutely love it so far! When I first got it, I had a few questions and technical issues with vacuum pressure. Customer service was super responsive, knowledgeable, and pleasant in helping me resolve the problem. They were able to troubleshoot the issue and got me freeze-drying in no time! I have freeze-dried a few dozen eggs so far and was surprised by how fast they processed. I am looking forward to many years of using my Harvestright freeze dryer. I think that in addition to making a great product, it is important how a company responds to their customers when problems arise. They get an "A+" from me!

Great product and excellent service!
December 9, 2022
We've been able to make our own emergency food supply! We've been using our Freeze Dryer since July 2022. We had a slight issue with our heating mechanism, but their service was exceptional. We got resolution and the part we needed within days.

Customerservice excellent
December 9, 2022

My overall experience with Harvest Right has been excellent. From the time that I placed my order. All has gone Great. Just unpacked my Freeze dryer. It was very well packed.

I just got off the phone with customer service. They were very professional. And was able to answer my question in a very short amount of time. Can’t wait to get started

I wish I ordered the Large Dryer
December 8, 2022
The Harvest Right Food Dryer was delivered within 5 days of ordering it. Set up was easy following the directions. Twelve batches have run through the freeze dryer so far, and am pleased with all the results. Foods re-hydrate and retain color and flavor as expected. I am very pleased with the product with only 1 regret. I purchased the medium and now wish I had ordered the large freeze dryer.

December 8, 2022
We picked up our freeze dryer and it was missing the hose to go with the new fittings that were installed. I called and talked to Parker at Harvest Right. Parker was a great help and stated he would send us a new hose so we could get back to back to freeze drying.

Fantastic for food preservation!!!
December 8, 2022
I have had my medium Harvest Right freeze-drier for about 2 months now. I did hours of research, read every review, good and bad, and joined numerous groups online for honest experiences in real-time. I decided this was the best investment for my growing garden and would allow me to preserve all my hard work! We got Big Bertha home, read everything multiple times while waiting 24 hours for the machine to settle in its new location. And then IT happened. The dreaded vacuum error! Being well-read, I knew exactly what was happening. I did all that I could to identify it by myself with no luck. I submitted my ticket and awaited contact from a technician. My first call was brief and explained that I would need another call, lasting for 45-60 minutes, so they could go through all areas with me and get the problem(s) identified. I was expecting that it would be days before someone could help me, but was pleasantly surprised that it was the next day! The technician (Alycia) called right on time and we then went through each item. She explained exactly what I needed to do and what the results should be, so there was no mistaking each step in the process. Within 20 minutes we had identified 2 areas that needed attention. The very next day I received a Fed-Ex shipping notice for my parts. Complete instructions were sent and repairs were made. I have been non-stop freeze-drying ever since! Harvest Right has been wonderful in making sure my product works as it should, and has been a pleasure to deal with. Even with the minor setback, BEST decision ever!!

Great purchase
December 8, 2022
I love my Harvest Right freeze dryer! It was a little expensive but consider it a worthwhile investment. I’m enjoying trying new things and experimenting with different foods. So happy with my purchase.

Food Preservation
December 7, 2022

This appliance will allow you to store food for an extended period of time while reducing the weight. Easy to use and maintain! You will get the opportunity to try different food items and come up with ‘off brand’ uses! Great support!

Not only will you get to make ‘emergency’ food but you will also if you like have the convenience of having Dill or garlic on demand without worry that it will spoil in the fridge!

Outstanding and easy unique treats for kids and adults via ice cream sandwiches!

Fast technical assistance
December 7, 2022
On Nov 30, 2022 I was having a problem with my Harvest Right freeze dryer. By December 6 with help from Mr. Campbell I had updated the operating software and sealed a leak in the system.

Very Happy
December 7, 2022

I must say reading the other reviews I wonder what's going on. My experience has been anything but perfect but I understand they are people and people make mistakes.

First issue: Machine showed up broken. With the amount I spent for the machine I was defiantly reading everything, they sent messages letting me know to check the unit for damages before the delivery company left. I did just that and needed to send the unit back. There was a new unit at my house in two weeks. Given it was an 8-12 week backlog to get the first one I was very happy it showed up much quicker and I really appreciated the heads up to check the unit. Problem solved and an A+ in my book for customer service.

Second issue: The sealer is not sealing the mylar bags.

We called customer service when they opened I believe around 8 or so our time. I received an email at 8:11 for us to send a video of the issue. I sent the video at 9:14 and by 10:30 I received an email and a fallow up call from them letting me know they are shipping a new sealer. A+ for the response.

I do work in customer service and I deal with some extremely unreasonable people at times so I guess I may have a different level of tolerance. I can honestly say even with the problems I've had I am completely satisfied wit my purchase.

American Made Quality
December 7, 2022

We purchased the large freeze dryer and it is a heavy duty well built machine.

The people at Harvest Right have been a pleasure to deal with. They answered the phone immediately and had easy to understand answers to our questions. Dan in sales helped us get a great deal as well

Fun, fresh, fascinating
December 7, 2022
I got the medium 4 tray freeze dryer. I love it, use it almost daily. Purchased extra trays to keep the rotation of food, candy, etc. a bit smoother. Recently burned up the plug to the heating unit… downfall, it’s still under warranty but couldn’t actually talk to a person, kept getting directed to website and making a trouble ticket. Did so, got a quote for the purchase of a new plug, paid it, and am now awaiting the part.

December 7, 2022
We love our freeze dryer. The fruit is amazing, we even dried milk. I did have to call customer service and my issue was fixed quickly. We cannot wait to see what all we can do with it.

Great Product - Totally Worth IT
December 7, 2022
We love our Harvest Right! Quick learning curve as far as function goes. Definitely recommend the upgraded premium pump so you don't have to change the oil as often. Other than that - if you're reading these reviews you already understand the benefits of a freeze dryer. You won't regret this investment.

Value and food storage
December 7, 2022
It was a big leap for us to purchase the Harvest Right but we’re thrust we did. Customer service has been excellent and in these days of rising food cost we’re now saving EVERYTHING and not wasting space or getting lost in a freezer. No worry of potential loss if we lose power and freezer goes down. Thank you Harvest Right

Excellent product and customer service
December 7, 2022
Harvest Right is excellent with their follow up on issues, they have really taken an interest in making sure my unit is operating correctly.  I am very pleased with my purchase. The freeze dryer is easy to operate and the maintenance and care instructions are very clear. My freeze dryer produces an excellent food product.

December 7, 2022
We recently purchased a Harvest Right freeze dryer and love it! We are amazed at the taste of the food after freeze drying. No more fruit that we just didn’t eat in time going to the trash,, it’s now in my pantry

Great product, disappointing customer support
December 7, 2022
Dryer was great until an inadequate vacuum seal error occurred. Though the dryer was only about 1.5 yrs. old we were still charged a fee to be connected with a tech who lacked good communication skills & struggled to diagnose the problem. We also had to do a lot of leg work including installation of the part. The process lasted over a month during which time we could not use the dryer at all. We're still fans of the dryer, but are wary of Harvest Right's ability to support its product based on our experience. We were very surprised and disappointed to find our experience with their repair process did not match our satisfaction with the product itself.

Don't give up
December 6, 2022
We got a brand new freeze dryer and after one or two uses we started having problems with the vacuum. It would not work. Our hearts sunk. We talked with Harvest Right and got an excellent technician who helped us solve the problem. Yes it took a couple months but we are very happy now.