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The unit works great
September 26, 2022
We have used the Harvest Right freeze dryer for quite a while and are very pleased with its performance. We have been able to add to our food storage and know the items will be just as good as when they were fresh.

Ease of freeze drying
September 26, 2022
We have loved our Harvest Right! We love the ease of it and the user-friendly. You load your trays and completely forget about it until it is done. So easy and love how our food storage is stacking up! Things I was never able to can before now are filling my shelves.

drying time is a lot longer than you think
September 26, 2022
There is a little bit of a learning curve, I wish their site had a common drying times page just so I would grasp what I was getting into before I devote 18-35 hours to drying it. that's nothing against the actual dryer. The actual dryer is pretty spot on, easy enough to understand. and easy to clean.

Great value-great food
September 25, 2022
I have loved using my large freeze dryer since I purchased it in May of this year. I functions well and I have found that if I have any issues, Harvest right, customer support handles them quickly and efficiently. I love the way the food is crisp and tasty and that it has such great shelf life. If I had some extra cash I would buy a second one because it is such a great deal. I have done over 100 loads on food I have purchased on sell of fruit and veggies I have personally harvested, making this a real deal to add supplies to my home storage.

Good product
September 25, 2022
Had my freeze dryer for about a week now and so far I've been enjoying it there's some things that I haven't got the hang of freeze drying maybe there's too much sugar content but overall I love most of the things that come out of it. It's a good product and I would recommend it

Harvest Right Freeze dryers are wonderful
September 25, 2022
I ordered a small freeze dryer from Harvest right, and honestly, I wish I had ordered a medium. There is not that much difference in price, and the medium is a good deal bigger. I love my dryer, and would not give it up for anything. It does take anywhere from 24 to 36 hours or even more to complete a cycle, depending on what you freeze dry, but the food is great!

Happy we bought it and surprisingly easy to use
September 25, 2022

We bought the medium-sized freeze dryer. Operating the unit is surprisingly easy, it prompts us to close the drain valve before running. We did have a room temperature alert, just put on the AC and we do run fans on it.

After an initial bread run to test the unit, we started our first batch. We had a ton of organic bananas, we cut them up placed them on parchment paper on the trays and froze them. Then placed them in the Freeze Dryer, after they finished -which it alerts you that batch is complete and gives you an option to continue or remove food- we weigh our trays before and after, if we continue then we weigh again and see if there is any change in weight. Just an extra step for us to make sure completely done. Good to keep a log of each batch with weight, let’s us know how much to reconstitute.

After our 12th run we noticed that the top piece on the shelving unit had slid forward, immediately called Harvest Right and spoke to Charles- he was great- sent us a link to double sided tape, got it the next morning and cleaned the top and placed the top back on.

We enjoy ours so much we told some friends and they purchased one themselves.

problem solved
September 25, 2022
my call was answered quickly and resolved quickly. The tech did a great job assessing what we needed and explaining what to do and it worked. problem solved.

It’s awesome!
September 25, 2022
It’s been a little bumpy with my machine! I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks and I found it needed an update. Customer service was awesome and stayed on the phone with me while I tried to update my machine. When it didn’t work like we had hoped, they immediately sent us a part to replace the usb port and hopefully get the machine updated and ready to go. I’m bummed that I can’t use my freeze dryer right now but things happen! I am very impressed with how helpful and easy to work with customer service was! Thank you!

Great machine
September 25, 2022

This machine is very well made and performs exactly as advertised. I am able to shop for sale items in bulk and prepare meals ahead of time. I can freeze dry them and store on the shelf without worrying about the electricity going out and all the food spoiling as it can do in a freezer.

It is also a real time saver on busy nights to just rehydrate a meal from the shelf in minutes and enjoy my own home cooking. I found the company instantly responsive when I have had any questions.

Having fun freeze drying.
September 25, 2022
I am brand new to freeze drying but so far I am in love with mine. I got the medium because space was an issue for me. I wish I had the room for the larger one. The company was available by phone on a Saturday to help me with setup and they were very friendly. Glad I made this purchase.

Fantastic product, Harvest Right knows freeze drying.
September 24, 2022
We purchased our Harvest Right freeze dryer four months ago and we couldn't be happier. The freeze dryer is easy to operate and completes the freeze drying cycle much faster than we anticipated. I especially enjoy the pears from our orchard. I would highly recommend Harvest Right.

You need this even if you don't know you need this
September 24, 2022
This machine is very well made and performs exactly as advertised. I am able to shop for sale items in bulk and prepare meals ahead of time. I can freeze dry them and store on the shelf without worrying about the electricity going out and all the food spoiling as it can do in a freezer. It is also a real time saver on busy nights to just rehydrate a meal from the shelf in minutes and enjoy my own home cooking. I found the company instantly responsive when I have had any questions.

Food Independence! Organic freeze dried veggies at last!
September 24, 2022

I love my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. It's probably my favorite appliance I've ever purchased. I love freeze-drying salsa, yogurt, black-eyed peas, ground beef, avocados, peppers, and even sliced tomatoes from my garden. I also make dog treats, freeze-dried sweet potatoes and when making bone broth, I save the leftover meat to make dog food.

I have a medium size, which is perfect since this size load completes a cycle in a much quicker time than the larger one. We love the convenience of having our organic freeze-dried veggies when we travel. (Nothing better than homegrown and sources for purchasing freeze-dried organic veggies are very limited)

I purchased mine on July 4th, 2021 as an Independence Day present to myself....and I know I am much more food independent now than before this purchase. I wish I had bought one sooner! "Retired at 40" YT channel has been a great source for learning about freeze-drying! You can't go wrong with this purchase.

Great for gardners ,campers ,hikers or preppers!
September 24, 2022

Why didn’t I buy this sooner!

We’ve had our freeze dryer about a month now and I have kept it going just about non stop.

I just finished doing a load of egg nog bites…yes egg nog bites! They are delicious! If I could post a picture of them I would!

I had an issue with the touch screen not responding and called customer support and they helped me get my problem fixed and were super nice!

We have a large garden and having the freeze dryer will really help me with my excess produce..it’s nice to freeze dry food and be able to use it later without losing the taste or nutrients!

Sutter Review
September 24, 2022

We purchased a medium size Freeze Dryer and it's been an amazing purchase. We have become quite the peppers now and are enjoying the Freeze Dried experience.

Thanks again HarvestRight, Rick

Simple to use
September 24, 2022
We recently purchased a Harvest Right freeze dryer. It was easy to start up and follow the instructions. We loved the quick results. We only wish we had bought one sooner.

Great product!
September 24, 2022
Love my HR medium freeze dryer! Never had any trouble with it! Highly recommend!

Worth the investment
September 24, 2022
We love our Harvest Right. It is a work horse. I love the preservation process. To me it’s easier then the traditional bottling process. It is very convenient. Healthy delicious snacks and meals ready to go! It’s awesome and I look forward to purchasing a second large one!

Awesome products that perform past expectations
September 24, 2022

I am a 3 machine owner for 2 years now. I started with an older medium unit I found for sale and loved it so much I purchased a new SS large from a retailer in my state that stocks them. I then purchased another medium from Tractor Supply. I run these 3 machines almost daily and have needed support once for each of the new machines.

I called in for one and entered a ticket online for the other and was provided a support appointment within a few days on reporting the problem. Testing was easy, and the support team members were great, knowledgeable and friendly (Jann Sand and Ian Cook). Replacement parts were received and simple to install. I'm a female buyer in my 5th decade, I did both part replacements myself.

The HarvestRight products are wonderful and perform beyond my expectations. Be thoughtful about your environment you plan to use this appliance in as heat, humidity and dust are things you want to avoid.

As a food grower, freeze drying is by far my easiest and favorite was to preserve my food. Don't get me wrong, I still can and dehydrate some things but let me say freeze drying allows the item to reconstitute to its original form. For example, my freeze dried biscuits and sausage gravy are as good as they were the day I cooked them but now I only need to do a large batch 3 times a year! Don't get me started about FD pie and ice cream, yummm.

The online user groups are also helpful for recipe ideas and feedback on processing methods. Happy freeze dryer here.