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Save Food? Why Not?!
May 7, 2023
Love our dry freeze to save the abundance of food harvested from our gardens and batches from the store. Only issue we've had since having this was the vacuum pump, gotten pretty loud and plenty of error messages that won't go away after the few times of checking. Worked with Customer Service on getting us a tech support to review our dry freeze and it is time to get our new oil less vacuum pump! Looking forward to making that baby work again!

Sales-Customer Service
May 7, 2023
Called Harvest Right sales department directly and was Connected with an amazing sales rep(Cody)Super knowledgable and answered all my questions. Was not rushed in conversation nor was he pushy. I wish all sales reps were like Cody! He went above and beyond when we had a hiccup with our machine and was able to connect me with the right Tech person whom resolve our issue promptly!

Love my HR!
May 6, 2023
Love my Harvest Right! But... I had to put in a warranty on my pump, got my refurbished pump in and was damaged by shipping, HR sent me a new pump and of course it didn't work. (It happens) Here is why the 4 star.. Took the longest to get THAT pump replaced. Supply and demand. My Tech Maria is why getting the 4! Otherwise it would have been lower. She was great and kept me informed .

Finding the right tech.
May 5, 2023

When I first got my freeze dryer I was so very excited. The. I used it a couple times and it pooped out on me. Well the screen did. I got a hold of harvest right and they gave me a ticket and tried to find someone in my area to come fix it. So I was a little frustrated by the machine because I just got it and only used it a couple times. By the end I got a new screen free of charge withing warranty. It was working OK. They sent me links to calibrate it and it wasn't working. Then I came across the most amazing tech ever Chris Bowman. He helped me get my machine back to almost new.

First he helped me update it to the newest version. Then he helped me calibrate it so that no matter where I touched the screen it worked.

It is so amazing and now I am going to use the crap out of it Woo hoo

Harvest Right Customer Service
May 5, 2023
We are owner of a HarvestRight Freeze dryer for 6 months and went through a couple of issues with it but HarvestRight customer services are the best and could fix all of them within the same day (hours) following our calls. Thumb up to HarvestRight customer services.

Excellent product and customer service!
May 4, 2023
We were impressed with the quality of this product from the moment it arrived. We could tell how much the company cared about their product from the excellent packing done for shipping, updated manual, the very obvious quality of the accessories and freeze drier itself. We had one question before running our first batch and their technical service rep was there to help. The machine runs absolutely beautifully! It is easy to start and then runs itself!....In goes another batch......

Can be troublesome
May 4, 2023
I drove my machine to SLC from Millard County. I dropped it off for repairs and returned the next month to get it. I was told it was working properly. However, when I tried to use it the vacuum failed. I was given good support and had to replace 3 parts, but I was a bit shocked that my machine had been deemed working when it really wasn't and I then had to make all the repairs myself. I appreciated the help from tech support but was disappointed that I was given the machine back when it was not functioning properly.

Amazing machine
May 4, 2023
I have been wanting a harvest right freeze dryer for over a year. I purchased it at Ace hardware. Came home and plugged it in and it was not working. Called the help line they were amazing set up an appointment immediately. And also advised to be of watching the videos online on their website. I watched the videos and learned I could fix it myself. Had it up and running within hours thank you so much for posting the amazing videos. Emailed the helpline to let them know that it was up and running and they were amazing. So happy I have one of these now!

Some Issues at first but runs great now
May 4, 2023

This is an online review.

I purchased my Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer through Home Depot back in November. We were under house construction at the time and I was not able to hook it up immediately. I hoped it was going to be sooner, but with home construction it’s sketchy. So finally I am able to set it up Mid March. I ran my function test as stated in the owner’s manual and was not able to get the unit to freeze. Tried several times, no go. Opened up a ticket with HR Tech department and they got back with me within a couple days. Jacqueline Winegar was my tech support and she was excellent in helping me. She had me run a couple extra tests and send her the files(had to get right size thumb drive, which was a small delay on my end). It was determined that my unit did not have any freon in it (don’t know if it was a leak or not). So Jacqueline send me a return kit to return my unit for repair. She informed me it would take a few days to get there, then pack it up, Fedex would pick it up and return it for repair. It would take about two to three weeks for turnaround, then it would get shipped back to me via Fedex. Little side note, that return kit isn’t that great to secure your unit on the pallet. Thankfully I still had my original packaging from when it was bought and me and my husband were able to securely package it. We have a long drive way and Fedex uses a Semi truck for pickup of these units, but the driver was super cool and dollied the unit all the way to his truck. Unit left on March 26th and arrived back home April 24th. It works great now!!! Complete Ice rings from front to back and pump pulls great vacuum with mTorr going into 200’s, sometimes mid 100’s. The only problem was my Drain hose extension was missing on arrival, but after a quick call to Harvest Right, they send me a new one.

Even though I had a rough start with my Dryer, everything was fixed in a reasonable time frame. Jacqueline did an excellent job with tech support. I love my Freeze Dryer and it has been running pretty much non stop since it came back home

great value for the money
May 3, 2023
I started freeze drying with a Harvest Right Machine in late 2016 and never had any major issues. I just recently upgraded to the new XL, which I started using about two weeks ago. The program on the XL is much different than on my old. That took some getting used to. Back when I started, few folks actually freeze dried at home and it sure was a game changer when it comes to preserving food. I can fd either raw or fresh, whole meals or just ingredients. I know what's in my food that I store this way. I saved me quite a bit of money over the years, not wasting left overs, being able to buy bulk and freeze dry what I don't use. HR is great to work with, if any issues should arise, as they sometimes do. Customers these days tend to get pretty abuse and that sure doesn't help either side of getting a problem resolved.... there are a lot of folks out there who bought a machine and didn't even do any research prior to at least know the basics of how freeze drying actually works, which results in a lot of self inflicted injury. For my part, I can only recommend Harvest Right and the products they produce.

Small Harvest Right experience review
May 2, 2023

Small Harvest Right experience

I have owned my small Harvest Right freeze dryer for many years. I started out with the standard oil pump and was very glad when I switched to the oil free pump because changing out the oil so often was a bit of a pain!

Other than a couple minor hiccups I have been very pleased with the purchase. I have freeze dried fruits, vegetables and eggs so far.

I do wish I would have purchased a Medium 4 tray unit...one of these days I will.

Works as advertised
May 2, 2023
We purchased a scratch and dent medium size model from Harvest Right. It arrived and setup was a breeze. Using it is extremely easy, just follow on screen prompts and it does it’s thing. Everything that we have dried so far has turned out great. We’ve done fruits, vegetables, and candy (in candy mode). We can’t wait to use it on our garden abundance so nothing goes to waste.

Usefulness outweighs the problems
May 1, 2023
We bought the large freeze dryer almost 2 years ago. We have done our best to keep it running as much as possible. We have freeze dried a wide variety of foods and even played with freeze drying different types of candy. We love our freeze dryer but unfortunately it is having problems. The touch screen is not working and we are getting a mid-batch heater failure message that cooked a batch of raw eggs instead of freeze drying them. We lost 10 dozen eggs in that failed batch. We reached out to Harvest Right and are in the process of getting it back up and running. They are replacing the problem parts and hopefully it will be running again soon. Despite the problem, I still love it and would buy it again.

Mixed bag
May 1, 2023
We love freeze drying food & the product worked great, took a major dump 8 months in & it took over a year+ to finally get some quality help- hopefully the company continues to hire helpful people

Must buy!
May 1, 2023
We've had our HarvestRight for over 6 months now and we absolutely love it. We constantly keep it running and have preserved and prevented so much food from going bad by freeze-drying it. The touchscreen is super user-friendly and walks you through every step, making it very easy to use. We did have an issue when the power went out while running our freeze dryer, but customer service was very helpful in getting our freeze dryer back up and running. I definitely recommend one of these for everyone!

Pump broke in first year
May 1, 2023
Our pump broke in the first year we talked with a very helpful over the phone tech. We ended up having to take it in to headquarters. They gave us a refurbished pump when we got it home it didn’t work. We talked to management and they gave us a second refurbished pump and works better then it did before

Our medium HarvestRight
April 30, 2023
We've had our medium HarvestRight freeze-dryer for almost 1 year. During that year we have kept our unit running almost constantly. There have been 3 occasions where we needed tech support to address issues. The first time, tech support helped me through replacing the 2 circuit boards myself. The second time it was more serious and I had to ship it to their repair shop. They replaced a bunch of things and sent it back. I had it back for a little over a month and there was a software issue that was resolved over the phone with Madysen from tech support. Everyone at HarvestRight has been courteous and helpful. They also extended my warranty by 2 months to make up for lost time for having to send my unit in. All in all, even though we have had several things go wrong, I would recommend HarvestRight over the other brands available for home use. The customer service has been very good and in this day and age you don't run into that too often. We love freeze drying, it makes us feel like we are more prepared if the unexpected happens. This is an honest review and we love freeze drying but for full disclosure, we were offered a credit towards buying an accessory by HarvestRight to submit "an honest review", whether good or bad. Our experience with HarvestRight has been a good one.

Tech support BIG thank you!
April 30, 2023

I watched to give a BIG shout out to Harvest Right support department! April 17th I started a ticket either support and was given Tehnician Chris Bowman. After sending him my files off Dryer he diagnosed a relay problem. He swiftly ordered a relay board and had it shipped.

I received the board on April 25th and freeze dryer is working flawlessly! I love my freeze dryer. Thanks again Chris Bowman harvest right Technician!!!!

Well worth the cost!
April 30, 2023
We've had our Harvest Right medium freeze dryer for about 4 weeks now and have run several batches including fruits, vegetables, sauces, candy and ice cream. Our only regret is not getting the large! Set up is fairly simple, although it is quite heavy so you'll need a sturdy shelf and someone to help lifting it. I found a firmware upgrade and went to install it but was prompted for a pass code, however I called support and was provided the code in a matter of minutes. We've had a lot of fun trying new items to freeze dry and finding new recipes (we have a long list of things to try for future batches, such as meat, milk, eggs, and MREs) It does a bit of getting used to as the automatic timer is not always accurate in getting food fully dried, fortunately you can't "over do" it, so adding extra dry time at the end of a batch will never ruin anything. It takes 24-36 hours to dry most items, not including pre-freezing which we do in our deep freezer. It used about 20-30kwh of power during this time, which for us is around 3 dollars per batch. The inide is stainless steel and very easy to clean, the trays are also stainless and very easy to clean. The rack can be more difficult because it does not come apart so it can be hard to reach all the parts if you had something spill or pop (we had raspberries grow little sugar tendrils touching the tops of the racks!) If you find your deep freezer is always full, or you worry about power outages and want a shelf-stable way to to store food, buying a Harvest Right freeze dryer is a no-brainer.

Great food prep unit
April 29, 2023

Just purchased a medium dryer…ran my first batch and it came out perfect. First batch was homemade chili (2 trays) and 2trays cooked chicken breast cubed.

Raw scrambled eggs in now! Mashed potatoes ready to go once eggs finish. Be aware…batches take many hours…20-30 hours or more depending on food item. Well worth the wait!