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Reliable, easy to use, not too loud
March 6, 2024

We bought our Harvest Right freeze dryer in December. It came with the machine, hoses, pump and oil, trays, impulse sealer, mylar bags, and oxygen absorbers. You will need to provide a drain bucket and purchase a good scale or some other method of determining that your food is fully dry. (The sensors get you in the dry range, but it is up to you to determine if the food is fully dry.) Set up was relatively easy for my husband to accomplish alone after the two of us got it situated in place. After the mandatory 24 hour wait to settle the refrigerant, we were off and running. The software makes it easy since everything is already set by default. Unless you are doing candy or something very specialized (like breast milk), there is no need to fuss with any settings of time or temperature. Just hit Start, follow the on screen instructions, and trust the machine's default process for your food. The process is not quick. My run times have been in the range of 24.5 - 49 hours so far.

The owner's manual does not come with the machine but is emailed to you ahead or can be downloaded from the Harvest Right website. It has all the information you need for set up and basics of running the machine, packaging of the food, maintenance, etc. Be sure to read it through several times. Customer Service is also available and I found them to be quite helpful when I contacted them. My call was answered by a person in Utah who spoke clear English and was very helpful.

I strongly recommend that you go ahead and hit the "customize" button to permanently change the default extra dry time to either 12 or 24 hours BEFORE your first run. It will not have to run that whole extra time, but it will allow you to be able to go about your schedule without worrying about what the machine is doing.

I also recommend that if you need to site your freeze-dryer in or near a room you will be in all day, that you obtain a piece of remnant carpet to place under the oil pump and some no-slip mesh intended for under throw rugs and place that under the machine itself. That will help to deaden the noise level some. With those two items in place, my machine now just sounds about like an ordinary large box fan running and does not bother me even though it is just around the corner from my desk. There will still be occasional cracking sounds from the ice, but those are normal and nothing to worry about.

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer has been a great purchase for us. It has performed consistently well for the 3 months I have used it and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others considering a freeze dryer purchase.

Wish I Bought Sooner and Bigger, Amazing Machine
March 5, 2024
Bought a Medium Pro model, Dec 2023 after researching FDs for years. HarvestRight was the standout brand the whole time. It was a "one-day" novelty wishlist item. But after our whole family of three became pilots, we realized how hard it is to have compact, light weight, non-perishable healthy food options to-go. So I finally purchased a Freeze Dryer. I regret not purchasing MUCH sooner. Being busy and traveling, sometimes at the last minute, we were wasting a lot of purchased food. Now we can save all of that while having healthy food options without risk of spoilage on the road. Learning curve is small. YouTube / Support Groups on FB are great. It works amazingly. Customer support is great, even for random questions. Wish I bought sooner, and bigger (large and extra large require a dedicated breaker). It's addictive and healthy food options while traveling are so much better making my own meals/snacks. Asparagus or green beans (not rehydrated) dipped in guacamole (rehydrated); Keto Pumpkin Custard with blueberries or strawberries (all rehydrated) with pecans; Keto Quiche... I make it thin and it comes out like crunchy, flavorful crackers... we don't even rehydrate it. I highly recommend purchasing extra trays and getting lids. It greatly improves prep efficiency. Pre-freezing greatly reduces freeze-dry time and sometimes improves final product as well. While one batch is running, I can be preparing and freezing my next batch.

It's got a learning curve.
March 4, 2024

I am still learning about how to freeze dry and am

so grateful for all the wonderful help I get from the folks at Harvest Right. I call them directly when I

have questions that I cannot find answers to in the literature. They have my back. They are friendly, knowledgeable and patient with my questions. The Harvest Right has performed for me, the novice, with great results. I've successfully done chicken broth. Mississippi chicken, rotisserie chicken, broccoli, bananas, pineapple, a variety of berries (kinda challenging) and have had great results. Great way to preserve

things that would otherwise have gone to waste.

It is great to know I've some good food preserved for 20 plus years. This review is my honest opinion and for those willing to learn it gets addictive. Join the fun

Great quality product for the price
March 2, 2024
I just received my pro medium freeze drier… I will be setting it up this weekend. I bought extra trays and lids along with the tray gels. The service was available during my waiting period giving me links to videos and preparing me for my new adventures of freeze drying. Great customer service Alex helped me with my warranty process and helps me out with my questions. The shipping team are also great I was up to date on my delivery. I received my unit in pristine condition:) I’m very satisfied with my purchase:)

March 1, 2024


What an innovative machine that enhances and simplifies my ability to preserve food and retain its nutritional value. After the food is rehydrated--it tastes like fresh! No kidding!

With the rising price of foods and seasonal availability, I can purchase foods on sale and stock up, freeze-dry and store for later use--be it a week from now or if properly stored, 25 years from now! Wow.

As a Nutritionist, I am pleased to know with Harvest Right's unique preserving process the nutritional value is retained. It saves me both time and money--which delights me. I can quickly prepare scrambled eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, desserts or even left-over casseroles in short order--whatever my imagination can serve up.

I can take my freeze-dried foods camping, in the car for snacks, to work and have a meal prepared in no time by rehydrating. I waste nothing now. It'll pay for itself. I love it!

The Best!
February 29, 2024
I love my Harvest Right freeze drier! Before purchasing it, I did do alot of research. I felt they had the best machine and I figured if I was going to invest that much money, I wanted the best! The freeze drier works great! I did have an issue with my touchscreen. I contacted them, they asked me to send it back in for repair. They fixed it. It took about 2 weeks. The person I was communicating with called and let me know what was happening every step of the way after I sent it in. Which I totally appreciated knowing what was happening during the repair. She was super friendly! The customer service was wonderful! It has been repaired and works great! I love my drier and you will too!

Delicious fruits and veggies
February 27, 2024

We've had our medium sized HarvestRight freeze dryer for a couple of months now. We LOVE it. Freeze dried fruits and vegetables are delicious and make wonderful snacks. We're looking forward to preserving our harvest this year. The freeze dryer comes with everything you need to freeze dry and store food for 20 years or more.

The HarvestRight customer service team and technical staff are great! Professional and knowledgeable, they are wonderful to work with for assistance with questions. There is a bit of a learning curve, but there are also ample YouTube videos and Facebook groups for tips and tricks.

When planning the location of your FD, keep in mind the sound level generated by the pump given that many loads can take 24 hours or more to process.

We believe our investment in the HarvestRight freeze dryer was an excellent one.

February 26, 2024
Company doesn't stand by their product in my opinion. Machine has been down more than its been up and working. I missed so many events and holidays because the machine kept breaking down. It's been a pain and I've lost a lot money overall.

Food Insurance!
February 23, 2024

We've had our medium freeze dryer for a year and have enjoyed the peace of mind that it brings regarding food security. It's also a lot of fun to experiment with "will it freeze dry". We freeze dry a mixture of meals and ingredients that are then shelf stable. Need yogurt -- just add water. Freeze dry meats (raw or cooked -- we prefer sous vide cooking approach before freeze drying). Lots of fun.

As much as we like our freeze dryer and what it allows us to do, there are sometimes issues that arise -- vacuum issues that need leaks to be sealed, door seal issues, etc. We had an electronics issue of a jittery screen that Harvest Right helped us resolve -- they were fantastic to work with in resolving the issue via phone and email support. Don't be scared of your freeze dryer -- enjoy it, demystify it, learn how it works. I look forward to Harvest Right improvements and am glad that we made the investment in ours.

want to love it, but can't
February 22, 2024

When the machine works, it's great. Love the idea of preparing/preserving nutritious food. But, it rarely works. Customer service is friendly, but difficult to get a call through, and not very helpful when you do. It really is a giant pain. An expensive, rather noisy, pain. Read fine print on warranty, it's not a good as it looks. I dread every time I get a failure notification. Fixing it involves long hold times, submitting large files, downloading and installing new software, and often disassembling a portion of the machine. And, now that I am past one year, I have to pay a fee to talk to a tech on the phone. Once it's up and running, often I get a different error code in the very next cycle. Save yourself the headache. Wait for something more reliable to hit the market, this isn't it.

great customer service
February 22, 2024
Harvest Right has the best customer service of any company that I have ever dealt with. Their representatives are pleasant and seem to genuinely want to help resolve your problem. Once my wife and I had an issue with our dryer when it stopped pulling a sufficient vacuum. Harvest Right quickly diagnosed the problem and offered to have a technician come and perform the repair on-site or provide instructions for how I could fix the issue myself. I elected to affect the repair on my own and found their directions and videos sufficient to walk me through the process. Overall we are happy with our freeze dryer and believe it is a quality product.

Harvest Right review
February 15, 2024

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A day ago

Good Morning Harvest Right

Good morning. About 3 years ago we, my wife and I, started with a dehydrator. It was good for the time. Shortly after that purchase, watching a YouTube video on food storing, there was this video on freeze drying food and how it preserved over 95 % of its nutritional value compared to simple dehydration and the shelf life it preserved for. A short talk with my wife and the short decision that incurred, we decided to invest in a medium size, Harvest Right Freeze Drier. The food quality is so amazing, and of course there are multiple stories that surround our adventure with this, what I call, a miracle machine. We have experienced preservation in both, raw but mostly cooked foods. I even freeze-dried Jello, LOL. But no joke, eggs in both forms, meat, yogurt, soups, veggies and I can go on. I am very proud to own one of these units and I promote it to my friends and people that I meet. Thank you Harvest Right for being there.

My unit has over 8000 hours of usage and has been dependable throughout.

Loving My Freeze Dryer - Simple, Versatile, and Efficient
February 13, 2024

I love my freeze-dryer! It's straightforward to use, making the freeze-drying process straightforward and hassle-free. The intuitive design means even beginners can quickly get the hang of it, turning fresh ingredients into long-lasting, preserved foods with minimal effort.

The quality of the food preserved is fantastic - flavors remain vibrant, and textures are well-preserved, making rehydrated foods taste almost fresh. The freeze dryer handles everything from fruits and veggies to complete meals, giving me the flexibility to experiment with a wide range of foods.

What's more, the convenience it offers is unbeatable. It's changed how I prepare and store food, allowing me to easily keep a stock of diverse, ready-to-use ingredients and meals. This freeze dryer has simplified my meal prep and significantly enhanced my food storage capabilities.

In short, this freeze dryer is a game-changer in the kitchen, combining simplicity, versatility, and efficiency in one powerful package. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to step up their food preservation game.

Most fun Hobby ever!
February 13, 2024

Purchased the Small size directly from Harvest Right in Sept 2023; while waiting for delivery (a few weeks), I spent a lot of time on face book groups and watching you tube videos; and quickly realized that the Medium machine would be better; so I was able to get them to change to that before it was shipped.

It arrived the middle of October and I have loved using it. Between the actual process of getting the food ready to put in the machine, and then packaging it up when it is done; along with my extensive excel spread sheet keeping track of everything, and following 5 or 6 Facebook groups and you tube channels; I bet I spend 15 enjoyable hours a week on this newest hobby of mine. It is great fun experimenting with new ideas and being able to fully use all the produce and meat products from the farm. Also brings me joy in sharing the finished product. Beware...it takes a lot of space and planning to store the food!

Good appliance, but room for improvement towards its customers.
February 12, 2024

We have enjoyed using our HRFD, and have upgraded from the original four shelf medium to the five shelf medium insert. While this is such a great opportunity, I wish that the upgrade came with one more tray automatically, but that isn't the case. Once you have upgraded to the five tier, you then need to order, however, you can now only order the five trays package, which continues to leave you with one lacking from your initial order, if you turn your HRFD around for a "second go" immediately after emptying the first one. This is especially important when freeze drying liquids, having one in the freezer to refreeze while the FD is working on the initial load.

I would like there to be an option for either buying trays individually, or better yet, just have the upgrade come with one additional tray!! This goes for the tray covers for stacking in the freezer, again, so as to be as proficient as possible.

Please note, that what I have stated above isn't reflected in the 5 Star Review, because the HRFD works very well!

Also, the other thing I wish HR would do is offer a book for freeze-drying foods, how they should be FD, do they need blanching, what is the ideal size of the food, and estimated FD time of said food, so that those of us who want to be sure of a great outcome, can have a valuable resource at our fingertips, and not waste valuable time or resources while trying to "figure it out" on our own!

Dead on arrival
February 11, 2024
Bought a unit for Christmas this last year and it all showed up on time, but one component was faulty. The unit has the ability to store data that can be uploaded onto a thumb drive and shared with the support team at harvest right so they know how to help. After a little back and forth I have a good unit. Ran my first batch of bananas and they’re great.

Great for Homesteading/Campers/Emergencies
February 11, 2024

Hiking/camping food: Less weight to carry, and vastly cheaper than store-bought freeze-dried food, and you get custom meals versus the generic 5 types of MRE meals you will find at REI or any camping supplies store.

We grow and pick our own vegetables and fruit so if the season was good, we have plenty to put in the freeze-dryer and can enjoy it throughout the year, which lowers grocery bills. Freeze-dried food keeps most of its nutrients, canned and frozen food can lose nutrients over time. Freeze-dried food also takes up a lot less space than frozen and canned food, especially if you are storing it in bulk.

You can buy a lot of on-sale items and freeze-dry them for later, and it doesn’t just have to be fruit and vegetables either. We freeze-dry ice-cream bars, and my husband loves them. He says it takes him back to space camp eating astronaut ice-cream.

We cook all our meals from scratch, so I have a large pantry of airtight bins with uncooked diced/chopped/sliced ingredients at the ready if we don’t have fresh ones already in the fridge. My husband also doesn’t like eating leftovers, so I take the extra servings and put them in the freeze-dryer to use either for camping or in case of an emergency.

I think 2020-2022 has shown that you never want to wholly rely on the supply chain system to meet your needs in an emergency. Stores and factories can runout, close, get robbed, get destroyed or even just refuse you service. We aren’t owed or are entitled to anything in this world, and no one will look out for your best interest better than yourself. Don’t leave your and your family’s well-being up to the competency of others. A freeze-drier is a long-term investment into your future stability in an emergency.


- I suggest putting the freeze-dryer on a cart as you will need to put a bucket under it for the drainage tube.

- I find when its on, its about as loud as a washing machine so if that level of noise bothers you have the freeze-dry in a space that can dull the noise a bit like in a mudroom or garage. You will still need to be able to hear the notification noises though, so I won’t go so far as to have it in a completely soundproof room.

- Buy oxygen absorbers and airtight containers as they make the freeze-dried food last longer.

- If you are making MREs weigh the food before it goes in the freeze-drier and after it dries (subtract the weight of the trays for both) and write those weights on the bags as that is the general amount of water, you will need to add to the MRE.

- Avoid Freeze-drying fatty and super sugary foods, they will not freeze-dry properly. They also might kind of explode a little bit during the process and its very messy. Breads also turn into stone when freeze-dried.

- Freeze-Dry like foods together, so all raw vegetables, or all fruit, or all cooked meals, or all raw meat. The smells will mix otherwise. You don’t want onion flavoring in your chocolate ice-cream.

- You don’t have to fill the tray with all the same meals, you can get silicone molds and do a bunch of single-portion meals on one tray.

- Freeze-dried vegetables and fruit even when rehydrated won’t be exactly the same as it was when it was fresh, the fruit makes for a good snack or used in baking and the vegetable should be used in cooked meals.

- Each tray for a medium drier is about 2-3 meals.

- You can make dog/cat treats, we buy the tiny salad shrimp when they are on sale and freeze-dry them for cat treats.

- Customer service for Harvest Right replied quickly and replaced parts for us at no cost. They will also email people if you want to buy refurbished models at a generous discount, so if you are looking to get more than one over time it’s a good option.

- Try to avoid unplugging and replunging in the shelf too often, the plug in the back of the shelf is a great high-end plug but it isn’t meant to be undone too often.

- Clean the inside of the machine with a microcloth, water, and distilled white vinegar. Slowly pour water in the back of the chamber to flush the drainage tube too when cleaning, as oil can get pulled out from the food and end up in there.

Trena February 13, 2024

best review ever!

If you are mobility impaired....beware!!!!
February 8, 2024

This machine is awesome! But first, I’m going to start with the negative;

Buying the freeze dryer was so expensive! So it was very disheartening to open the package and find mylar bags that I did not need, oxygen absorbers, that I did not need, and a bag sealing machine that I did not need. I can see how a package deal with all of these items included would be nice for someone who was just starting out in food preservation. But for someone like me that has been doing it for YEARS, this was a huge waste of money. It would be nice if harvest right in the future, would offer a machine and pump only package.

The next gripe has to do with the machine itself. The way it is set up is extremely inconvenient especially for someone who is limited on mobility. Why does the on off switch have to be on the backside bottom of the unit??? The fact that it is on the backside and the bottom of the machine is hard enough to reach, but then when you add the depth of the machine, my arms are almost not long enough to reach that switch, especially when I have to stand on my head to get to it!

That brings us to the placement of the drain valve. There is an option to put it on the left or the right side of the case. Why can’t there be an option for it to be on the FRONT side of the case??? Again, being mobility limited, reaching that valve, for every batch is very difficult. I ended up having to place the dryer in such a way that it takes up twice the amount of space that it should have to just so that I am able to have access to the back side.

It would really be nice if the machine could set off an alarm bell/alarm of some type when it needs attention. I am already concerned about the amount of electricity. It’s going to take running each batch. But to have the machine sit there for who knows how long before I noticed that it needs me to do something, it’s really frustrating. The only alarm it seems to have is a very very soft beep when it’s done processing. That beep is so soft that unless I’m actually in the room where the dryer is I cannot hear it. It would really be nice if there were alarm bells EVERY time the unit needed attention. I can see that having alarms go off in the middle of the night could possibly be a pain. But hey, this is the space age! Lol. Make it so there’s an option to turn the alarms off.

OK, done with griping! I love this freeze dryer! So far I have only put ground beef and cheese through it. But I am extremely satisfied with the product that it produces. I am very excited to try other types of foods to see how they turn out. I would love to get a second unit, but with them set up the way they are. It’s going to be extremely difficult to find a place in my home that I can have it out away from everything else enough to be able to reach that back switch and drain valve. I am hoping a new design comes out that will allow me the ability to make that happen.

Harvest Right Small Freeze Dryer - 2-Thumps-Up!
February 7, 2024

Ordered and received my Harvest Right Small Model Freeze Dryer last summer. Back then the Small unit was advertised with 3 trays but to my happy surprise what arrived was a newly updated system with 4 Trays. This size unit works good for my wife and myself though the next size up would of been nice so I could do more per cycle , but I had no where to put something bigger.

The touch screen controls work well and the system is highly configurable for different kinds of foods; from fruits, to vegies to deserts.

Initially the system had some firmware issues that were solved by the engineering team, probably needed fine tuning due to the addition to the 4th tray location as this was an upgraded design. The support people were good to work with and within a few days the system was running to spec. Problems were resolved and I was pleased with the results.

From what I can tell it is well built and sturdy. Make sure to have 2 persons to lift it, even the Small unit is very heavy.

The unit has worked flawlessly for the 30 or so cycles I have done with it. Follow the oil maintenance schedule for the vacuum pump and expect the system to run for years.

Why did I purchase one? I have a small garden and fruit trees on the property and I wanted to be able to save what we could not consume when things ripened. It provides a way to preserve food when it is in season for when it is not.

Do I regret the Purchase expense, Nope...

Would I do it all over again? You Bet...

Excellent Technical Support
February 6, 2024

We have owned a Harvest Right freeze dryer for about 3 years. It has worked very well. Recently I got an insufficient vacuum alert that I could not clear. I contacted Harvest Right Customer Support and arranged a technical support phone call. The scheduling went super smoothly, and I was given detailed instructions by email about how to collect data from the freeze dryer and provide it to the technician ahead of time.

I worked with Itzia, and she was great. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and resourceful, even recording a short video on her cell phone and sending it to me to show me how to do something I was having a little bit of trouble understanding. The determination was that I needed a new vacuum pump. I ordered a refurbished Premier pump, which she recommended. That seemed to fix the problem and I ran five loads in the machine successfully. But then the vacuum alert came back. I used the troubleshooting techniques I had learned and determined that the drain valve needed to be replaced. I contacted Itzia and ordered the part.

The technical support assistance was exceptional. My only recommendation for improvement is in the shipping area. After I ordered each part, the pump and the drain valve, I waited a week for a shipping status and then contacted Harvest Right. Only after I contacted them did I get a shipping status that the product was being prepared for shipment. I think the shipping should be a lot quicker than that and should happen without prompting or follow-up.

I recommend the Harvest Right freeze dryers and commend their technical support.