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Great customer service and quality
September 29, 2022
We have been completely satisfied with our large HarvestRight freeze dryer. The customer service has been great as we have had questions as we get to know the machine. The interface to use the machine is clear and makes usage easy. We look forward to using this for years.

My kids will not go hungry
September 28, 2022
When the people in charge of our country fail like they are and there is no food on the shelves my kids will be eating the freeze dried Freeze dryer that we own gives us between 40 and 70 meals every 24 hours

Excellent customer service
September 28, 2022
Great machine. I wish I would have purchased sooner

Life changing
September 28, 2022
Having the Freeze dry machine in my life is such a game changer, makes my life earier, having snacks around and healthy food ready to go for a trip or even if I do not want to cook that day is AMAZING!

Satisfied Customer
September 28, 2022
Purchased the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for garden produce, and making backpack meals for my daughter, and i love it. After awhile i did have problems with vacuum errors. Placed a service call and Luis Vargas contacted me, and walked me thru the trouble shooting process. Took a littles bit of time testing things out, but once done the unit has worked like a charm. Highly recommend.

Excellent customer service
September 28, 2022

Excellent customer care. Any questions Harvest Right is there to help. My Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is easy to use. I had some questions, my questions were answered in a timely manner.

I Love my HR machine.

Happy to preserve fresh veggies & fruits vitamins
September 28, 2022

My husband and I considered getting a Harvest Right for 4 or 5 years. I'm so glad we finally got one this year! We are keeping it busy with batch after batch of food. Some friends recommended that we get an extra set of trays. That has been a brilliant help, while one batch of food is freeze drying another batch can get a "head start" in the regular freezer.

As soon as the Harvest Right is defrosted, we're ready to start another batch. It's wonderful that we can freeze dry fresh veggies and fruits and keep a large percentage of the vitamins instead of "canning" them away! I am looking forward to one of our next batches being some fresh herbs! I gave 4 stars because it's so expensive.

From Garden to Harvest Right to Table
September 28, 2022

We've had our Harvest Right for a few months with this summer being our first opportunity to use it drying the bounty from our garden. From zucchini to green beans and peppers to tomatoes, we've been able to store enough market-fresh vegetables to see us through the winter. Now we're set for all the wonderful soups and stews we like to prepare during those cold months when typical grocery store produce or opening canned vegetables simply doesn't compare to homegrown.

Speaking of tomatoes, we've had a bumper crop of grape tomatoes this year and our Harvest Right turns those luscious pearls of goodness into an almost candy-like snack. These are so good, they may not make it into our soup pot! And don't overlook the amazing fruit snacks the Harvest Right produces like freeze-dried banana chips, apples, blueberries, and strawberries just to mention a few.

We've also freeze-dried grilled chicken, ground beef, and several varieties of shredded cheeses. All that to say, I have to give the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer two thumbs up for fit & finish, operational efficiency, and ease of use.

One note to keep in mind is that from time-to-time Harvest Right updates the software for the unit and a quick call to their superb Customer Service will have those respective updates in your email Inbox usually before you finish your phone call with them. That said, check their website often or give them a call every few months to check on the availability of the newest version.

Exception Customer Service
September 28, 2022
The Harvest Right product is exceptional. The technical support we've received has been great as we worked to resolve an unforeseen problem. We love our Harvest Right and the food is great!

Wishing I had 2 units now!
September 28, 2022

I received my HarvestRight freeze dryer in July 2021. A big concern I had before purchasing was wondering how good the warranty/technical support would be and/or how cumbersome it might be to get a unit repaired if need be. I was at first fearful when I received my first error message after about 10 months of use (with 24/7 usage!). I was surprised how simple it was. Diagnosing the issue was all handled over the internet i.e. downloading info onto a jump drive and then submitting a work ticket to HarvestRight. They then sent me a new file to upload along with a "board" that needed to be replaced. What is most surprising to me is how simple it is to repair/replace parts on this seemingly complex machine. Just this past week I had to replace my internal cord. My unit was just out of warranty, but the part was VERY reasonable in price and surprised me. This was due to my being impatient and at times pulling on the cord to free it from the ice instead of waiting for it to be freed in the defrost cycle. Lesson learned! I have kept it going almost 24/7 for the past 16 months with only 2 issues. It is amazing how they have the technical support down to a true art. My only regret is that I wished I had known about this years ago.

The possibilities one can do with foods using this freeze dryer are limitless. Additionally, the internet has exploded with available resources for recipe ideas etc. In addition to building a supply of foods for 25-year storage in the Mylar bags (giving me peace of mind), my day-to-day food preparation is made simpler and more efficient by putting frequently used freeze-dried items in jars and/or vacuum seal bags if they are not to be in long term storage. Don't let the cost deter you, it is worth every penny!

There is a learning curve with using the machine and also learning how to navigate the full website to place a work ticket. I was able to manage with only some minor frustration due to my limited computer skills. I did just learn that when searching for archived emails, search HarvestRight vs. Harvest Right. Be patient with yourself!

I purchased my unit directly from HarvestRight and have never been charged for any phone calls. The only charge I had was for a reasonably priced replacement cord since my warranty had expired.


Love Love my freeze dryer
September 28, 2022
I bought the large harvest right freeze dryer and I am so glad I did. I love it. I have the premier pump and have had no problems with it. You can freeze dry almost anything. I am loving freeze-drying candy and fruit now.

September 28, 2022
Love it! Had for about a year now and we have it constantly running - mostly fruits and veggies so we have healthy snacks around that don't go bad. Four out of five starts only because we have had two issues with it, but Harvest Right customer service is great to work with!

September 27, 2022
I was nervous initially about purchasing a home freeze drying unit. But boy was i wrong, once i got the unit and made my first batch it was amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone lookng for a freeze dryer.

Parts order
September 27, 2022
Had to order a part for one of my 6 large freeze dryers. Everything went smooth, and I really appreciated them not trying to up sell me on paying for a diagnosis.

One of my best purchasing decisions!
September 27, 2022
I love my Harvest Right freeze dryer. We have tried to keep it running since we got it and haven't had any problems! I love that we have healthy snacks to eat and long-term food storage

Great Customer Service
September 27, 2022
Easy to use machine, once you figure it out, and Customer Service is there for you to help you figure it out!

Best Way Preserve Food
September 27, 2022

Definitely one of the best investments for our homestead. We only have it for a few weeks now and we are very excited. So far so good. No issues!

We are preserving our eggs, veggies and goats milk. Haven't got to the candy stuff yet :)

This is a solid machine, and customer service has been great so far ( we only had to call to register our freeze dryer and inquire about an order placed for accessories) and both times we received and outstanding customer service.

Great Product incredible results, amazing customer service
September 27, 2022

We have a small farm on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and bought the large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer with the premium oil pump. Absolutely amazing results so fare with freeze drying all kinds of vegetables and berries. The taste of the cherry tomatoes and blackberries is just crazy good. We will be freeze drying eggs and other produce at a later time.

The freeze dryer was easy to set up and following the supplied setup instruction made setup a breeze. We had some trouble with the impulse bag sealer but it took only two calls to the support team and Harvest Right sent us a replacement unit. That's what I call customer support and I wished other companies we deal with had a support team like Harvest Right has!

Think twice
September 26, 2022

Before you buy a Harvest Right Freeze dryer you might want to think about the following:

- Very expensive machine- Only 1 year warranty

- Service- What service? my machine has been down for over 2 months- Sent the wrong video- have to pay $45.00 to talk to service- appointments made to talk on the phone- not kept- everything is done with email.

Good Product, Good Company
September 26, 2022

They work to improve the product and take care of customers—which is a sign of a good company.

And if you ever have any issues, their tech support is probably the best I've worked with!