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Great for gardners ,campers ,hikers or preppers!
September 24, 2022

Why didn’t I buy this sooner!

We’ve had our freeze dryer about a month now and I have kept it going just about non stop.

I just finished doing a load of egg nog bites…yes egg nog bites! They are delicious! If I could post a picture of them I would!

I had an issue with the touch screen not responding and called customer support and they helped me get my problem fixed and were super nice!

We have a large garden and having the freeze dryer will really help me with my excess produce..it’s nice to freeze dry food and be able to use it later without losing the taste or nutrients!

Sutter Review
September 24, 2022

We purchased a medium size Freeze Dryer and it's been an amazing purchase. We have become quite the peppers now and are enjoying the Freeze Dried experience.

Thanks again HarvestRight, Rick

Simple to use
September 24, 2022
We recently purchased a Harvest Right freeze dryer. It was easy to start up and follow the instructions. We loved the quick results. We only wish we had bought one sooner.

Great product!
September 24, 2022
Love my HR medium freeze dryer! Never had any trouble with it! Highly recommend!

Worth the investment
September 24, 2022
We love our Harvest Right. It is a work horse. I love the preservation process. To me it’s easier then the traditional bottling process. It is very convenient. Healthy delicious snacks and meals ready to go! It’s awesome and I look forward to purchasing a second large one!

Awesome products that perform past expectations
September 24, 2022

I am a 3 machine owner for 2 years now. I started with an older medium unit I found for sale and loved it so much I purchased a new SS large from a retailer in my state that stocks them. I then purchased another medium from Tractor Supply. I run these 3 machines almost daily and have needed support once for each of the new machines.

I called in for one and entered a ticket online for the other and was provided a support appointment within a few days on reporting the problem. Testing was easy, and the support team members were great, knowledgeable and friendly (Jann Sand and Ian Cook). Replacement parts were received and simple to install. I'm a female buyer in my 5th decade, I did both part replacements myself.

The HarvestRight products are wonderful and perform beyond my expectations. Be thoughtful about your environment you plan to use this appliance in as heat, humidity and dust are things you want to avoid.

As a food grower, freeze drying is by far my easiest and favorite was to preserve my food. Don't get me wrong, I still can and dehydrate some things but let me say freeze drying allows the item to reconstitute to its original form. For example, my freeze dried biscuits and sausage gravy are as good as they were the day I cooked them but now I only need to do a large batch 3 times a year! Don't get me started about FD pie and ice cream, yummm.

The online user groups are also helpful for recipe ideas and feedback on processing methods. Happy freeze dryer here.

User friendly
September 24, 2022
This machine is fantastic. It is easy to set up, easy to clean and is user friendly. Great tool for food preservation.

Best machine I ever bought
September 24, 2022
Probably the best investment I’ve ever bought. Just wished I bought the bigger one excellent quality and works perfectly and quietly every time. Would buy another.

Best investment ever!!!
September 24, 2022
I enjoy everything about this machine. I am having so much fun freeze drying everything I can get my hands in. My favorite so far is eggs and fruit.

A Gift of a Lifetime
September 24, 2022

I recently inherited my parent's food supply from their home when they passed away. I had 6 pallets waist high of boxed up, home canned food and knew that it would all go to waste if it wasn't preserved the right way. A freeze dryer had been on my radar for some time, but I knew this was the only answer to a prayer to make the most of a huge blessing.

They are really trying to keep up with growth
September 24, 2022
after clamoring through some unhelpful customer service agents for quite some time i talked to Alex today and he was able to help me remedy my situation with excellent customer service. Alex gets 10 STARS!

Freeze drying is easy and superior to other methods of food preservation
September 24, 2022

My medium-sized freeze dryer arrived undamaged and on schedule. After an initial bread run to test the unit, I started preserving raw foods and precooked meals. Operating the unit is surprisingly easy. The provided documentation is excellent. My unit works flawlessly except when the room temperature exceeds 75 degrees or so. Higher temperatures slow the process down. So place yours in a temperature controlled room. I had concerns about noise, but the premiere pump is quieter than I expected.

I like to prepare meals using an Instant Pot. In my mind, a single serving of stew or chili is about 2 cups. A medium sized Harvest Right tray holds 5 cups of food. Or 6 cups of liquid, if you fill a tray to the brim, but don’t do that. In practical terms, 4 medium trays hold 20 cups—roughly two Instant Pot batches. You can mix different foods in your trays. Today for example, I am freeze drying trays of chicken and noodles, fruits, and potatoes. All of which I pre-froze to save time. Pre-freezing is optional, but you should not mix frozen and unfrozen food in your trays.

Tip: Try pre-freezing 2 cups of food in square brownie trays from a dollar store. If you spread the food evenly, it will match the height of a Harvest Right tray, sequestering one (2 cup) serving to bag up later. Each Harvest Right tray can hold 2 and 1/2 brownie trays worth of food. To completely fill all 4 Harvest Right trays, freeze food in 10 square brownie trays, and use a divider to equally divide 2 of your brownie trays. Remember, brownie trays don’t go into the freeze dryer...just their contents, which become pre-measured serving sizes.

I recommend weighing food before and after freeze drying. The difference tells you how much water may be needed to rehydrate. It’s a good idea to keep a written record of each batch, so that you’ll know when it is time to change oil in your vacuum pump.

In my first week, I put away meals to feed 2 persons for 7 days, along with fun stuff to snack on, such as grapes and salted tomato chips. I’m totally hooked on freeze dried tomato chips now. I can’t wait to try every possible fruit and veggie as a snack.

I am quite happy with my Harvest Right freeze dryer. To justify the expense, I plan to use it daily. This product is sturdy and well made. I have the expectation that it will provide many years of service, if I do my part to take care of it.

In these changing times, the cost and availability of food is a legitimate concern. Rather than purchase expensive commercially prepared meals, I opted to buy a Harvest Right, and make my own. I am glad that I did. I used to pressure can or dehydrate food to put away for a year or two. Freeze drying is easier than canning, and doesn’t cook foods. When packaged properly with an oxygen absorber, foods can last 20 to 25 years. Freeze drying provides a hedge against rising food prices, and long term food security at a reasonable cost. Overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase.

Bad vacuum
September 24, 2022
I have had my freeze dryer for about a month, used it 4 times and now it doesn't work. I have a tech support appointment next week. We shall see.

September 23, 2022
Harvest Right freeze dryer is an excellent choice. The machine is user friendly and their customer service is great.

Best purchase
September 23, 2022
So glad I bought my freeze dryer. Now I never waste produce or food. I wish I purchased it soonet.

Very happy with my Harveat Right FD!
September 23, 2022
I have been very happy with my medium freeze dryer unit. I have now had it for over three months and have completed 83 batches with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I have also been very happy with customer service answering questions in regards to the freeze-drying process. Keep up the good work harvest right!

Highly Recommend Harvest Right Freeze Dryers
September 23, 2022

We have used Harvest Right Freeze Dryers for several years. We now have an accumulation of freeze dried foods. We have freeze dried raw pork chops, sausage and gravy, many types of meals, raw scrambled eggs, bananas, apples, beets, rhubarb sauce, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, raw and cooked winter squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and many different types of peppers.

We have enjoyed the various foods. Harvest Right has always provided excellent service for any questions or related products. We have recommended Harvest Right to friends and relatives and highly recommend Harvest Right to anyone.

Awesome machine
September 23, 2022
I love my harvest right freeze dryer. The quality is impeccable. The people at the company are great to work with, and they stand behind their product.

Love my Freeze Dryer
September 23, 2022
I got my Freeze Dryer for garden season and to replace dehydrating. It’s is a learning curve but it’s amazing how the food turns out.

Great product and great customer support
September 23, 2022
I’ve had my freeze dryer for 4 years. It’s been used ALOT! I have a ton of food stored up of stuff my family actually eats! The costumer service personnel are very knowledgeable about the products, and any issues are resolved quickly.