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Dark spot diminisher
April 16, 2020

I used the Dr. Gundry's dark spot diminisher and within 3 weeks I noticed that some of my smaller dark spots were disappearing. It has taken about 7 weeks for some of the bigger dark spots; 2.5 cm to start to disappear. I'm so excited about your product and how you stand by your products. You care deeply about how women feel about their appearance, and it shows.

KaceyMotley May 03, 2020

Can't believe you used all caps for that review. I reject your findings.

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hi Catherine, thank you for the feedback! We are happy to hear this. Have a great day.

April 16, 2020

I tried the polyphenos dark spot diminisher, Dr Gundry said he developed for his wife. It did not work.

I am 60 slim and active but need help with gas and bloating. I really want to try one of his products, but those videos and the sales pitches are such a turn-off.

Can someone recommend an alternative for bloating and gas ?

nobody June 15, 2020

Try the candida diet

GlendaLowenthal December 18, 2020

Try Slippery Elm capsules. They have been a great help to me. Start with 3 each day and increase or decrease as needed.

John July 16, 2021

Try choking down a glass of Prebiothrive just before your first bite of the day. Immediately chase it with the 24 STRAIN PROBIOTIC. If you don't improve dramatically within a month, fuhfgettaboutit.

SCAM Company!
March 28, 2020

They run a scam operation. First I did not know they enrolled me in their 'membership'. I despise companies that do that - means they are scammers! So, like your review of their return policies, when I received notice, I immediately (within minutes of receiving the notice) canceled their order to send me another product without my permission.

I tried to call them but I suppose because of the Covid19 they would not answer. They say there is a chat line but there is none. I tried for days. I wrote multiple emails because in circumstances these days, I can't afford another $60.

I checked my order online and they had not shipped but refused to answer my emails.

My order was placed on 2-23. I received an email saying they were shipping another product 3-23. I called and emailed with no response. They shipped out on 3-24 (how convenient it was past their 30 days)

When I received it, I refused the shipment but when they got it, they refused to accept the shipment, as well.

Looks like I am stuck with the $60 charge and I'm pissed with any and all companies like this!

Howard April 01, 2020

Say exactly what you've said here to your credit card company and tell us what happens

Maybe to your state's attorney general consumer protection department as well. I bet you'll get a nice apology from Gundry's customer service department

Linda Cooper April 02, 2020

Update: They have issued a credit for this.

I guess they stopped the return to me of the 'box I refused' because I never received it. I stopped the text notices from the post office with the progress of the shipment back to me so not sure when they stopped it but last notice, it was at my regional post office coming to me.

Happy to finally have resolution.

Linda Cooper April 02, 2020

I finally received a credit for the shipped and refused product.

Very happy to have resolution and thank you Howard for your comments.

Bill Cargill May 02, 2020

I have had the same experience as Linda Cooper.

migdaliaespino pitre May 23, 2020

I've had the same experience. thanks for sharing.

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hi Linda, we sincerely apologize for your negative experience. Please email me at [email protected] so that I can assist you in resolving this issue.

Liberals are Dumbassed
March 26, 2020
Bought the "Total Restore", used it for two weeks and saw no progress. This product is made for unicorn believing Libtards such as the POS "highly intelligent". Which is a oxymoron, because he/she/ is a complete DUMBASS!

FrancescoMaglione March 29, 2020

haven't tried any of his stuff yet but it looks like you are the dumbass as it takes minimum 2-3 weeks for your body to respond to these kinds of therapies, maybe study a little more and **** trump

Howard April 01, 2020

I don't totally understand your review. One commenter says you probably didn't use the product long enough.

Did you Continue to use the product beyond two weeks and see any improvement?

Izumi Shikibu April 11, 2020

Oh, dear. One of Trump's "poorly educated" bought magic beans....and they didn't work! Surprise, surprise. That's what you get for buying into kooky diet supplements that supposedly work on a premise based on pseudoscience. Liberals and MAGAts alike can be stupid enough to fall for junk science, but the MAGAts are the only idiots who think Trump is a president. (He's not; he's an idiot).

JohnL April 17, 2020

Hillary is STILL not your president!

Go ask mommy for a hug

Jonathan DellBolos April 20, 2020

I'm embarrassed for all of you who want to make childish, political insults while this scam of a product doesn't care about your beliefs. They just want your money, and to screw over anyone (right/left) who are ignorant enough to fall for this "buy all, fix all" scheme.

AubreyCalliope April 21, 2020

Now that Trump's "Economy" has revealed itself and the KKKULT are biting at the bit to go back to work for their Over Seers

He’s helped me
January 30, 2020
I’ve read Plant Paradox and Longevity Paradox and have been followed his recommendations and I feel Much better. I have autoimmune issues and migraines and it’s made a huge difference. I currently buy his olive oil and his Bio 3, they seem like great products to me. It doesn’t sound like the negative reviews even gave his system or products a try.

DemosVoudris February 01, 2020

Once offer is accepted by customer, another offer is made for larger quantity. If second offer is accepted, first offer has been processed; thus customer buys both offers! A more honest approach is to offer a substitute for the first offer. When I called they did delete my first offer, but I was under the impression the second offer was a replacement of the first. Mistakes are made to the advantage of the seller.

So please do substitute the second offer for the first. This will enhance your reputation.

migdaliaespino pitre May 23, 2020

I agree. thank you.

Buyer Beware of Health Supplements
January 2, 2020

Anyone familiar with the process of getting supplements to market knows that all you need is money to produce it. The unscrupulous law passed by Congress makes it possible to market any supplement without being tested for purity or if the claims it makes are even true.

It can take decades before the public finds out they have spent their money on lies. The fact this Doctor uses Dr. Oz as a means of making himself appear more legitimate should be the first red flag. (Google HIS history for touting useless supplements).

Supplements that have been studied by third parties are paid for BY the company. Studies have shown again and again most supplements are useless.

This one contains magnesium, that is a natural alternative to a laxative. I'm sure THAT has a lot to do with the "cure" that Bio 3 has for customers digestive problem.

And who doesn't have more energy when they aren't constipated!

Andante January 30, 2020

Quick correction, Dee: Magnesium comes in several forms. Bio Complete 3 contains magnesium stearate. But it's actually the magnesium *citrate* that has the laxative side effect. (I know because I take it daily.) Magnesium stearate does not have that same side effect.

HansLethe February 07, 2020

Did the person talking about bringing nutritional products to market even read Dr Gundry's books?! Dr. Gundry talks about fundamental paradigm shift in our understanding of what is healthy to eat and why and this clown wants to discredit Dr Gundry by makeing a generic blanket statement that there are people who mislead consumers in the supplement industry?! Really? What area of business or people dealing with people are there not some unethical people?

Dave Booth February 18, 2020

To be clear, I haven't purchased or used Gundry's supplements, but the entire marketing operation has all the hallmarks of deceptive and false advertising. The first red flag for me was the sales pitch, designed to lead you to the inescapable conclusion that only THIS supplement can cure you. He never mentions how many capsules come in a bottle (turns out to be 120), or how often he recommends you take them. I had to call to find that out - FOUR times a day. And if this is indeed a cure, why do you need to keep taking them? Isn't that what he accused all the drug manufacturers of doing? He want's $69.95 a month from you forever (or until he gets nailed for fraud.) Don't believe for a moment that the $40 introductory price will last long.

JanisHill March 14, 2020

Sounds like a new carpet bagger in town. Sadly he is supported by PBS

Howard April 01, 2020

Deirdre, I’m a clairvoyant I predict that you were born in 1969, or your pet goldfish was. In any case, what do you have to say about the observation ((Andante’s) about the magnesium being in a different format than the laxative type?

Dee1969 April 08, 2020

Magnesium stearate does have a laxative effect, it may not be the magnesium used in laxatives but it has that side effect just the same. I worked in the business of selling 'junk' science when I was just out of college. It was for the purpose of weight loss. It wasn't until I was promoted that I found out what we were selling for $180/mo.cost the company $4/mo. to manufacture. It was nothing more than whey protein in the form of a capsule. Patients that lost weight did so because of the diet (keto before it was called keto) we had them follow, the supplements were useless.

I've been sceptical ever since. Especially of companies that claim they have THE magic pill and use subscription based sales.

Watch OUT!
January 1, 2020
He may be onto something with his understanding of how the gut works and the foods that cause us distress. However it looks like his marketing/sales system is not good, based on all the reviews here. Hope you find a natural way to heal. Me too.

Lectin blocker
November 9, 2019

After long video,why would a Seventh Day Adventist Doctor recommend his product that has shell fish,when we who are Seventh Day Adventist don't eat unclean food according Leviticus : What a misleading doctor.

JimStretch January 01, 2020

google "click funnels". Not saying they are bad but that's the software program that continues to offer further deals before completing the order.

Vivianne Peacock January 06, 2020

Need to read Acts 10:15 Again a voice came to him a second time "what God has made cleansed no longer consider unholy".

LaWanzaChristina January 23, 2020

Is he an SDA doctor or a doctor that worked for a SDA HOSPITAL? The 2 are not the same.

Howard April 01, 2020

I'm not sure what Acts is, But if it make shrimp kosher I'm all for it!

Chris Chris Chris Lawanza, Fee fi fo lawanza, she makes not only a great point but "the" point and so succinctly.

VItal Reds sent me to the emergency room
November 6, 2019

Bought two jars of Vital Reds.

Followed instructions and took one serving in the afternoon when it arrived.

The next morning I was so constipated that I fainted and ended up in the emergency room.

So cannot recommend and makes me very leery of any other Dr. Gundry products.

MichelleSellers November 07, 2019

Really one serving of something made you so constipated, that you fainted. Hmmm...

JimStretch January 01, 2020

not exactly a double-blind study

Dee1969 January 02, 2020

I've never heard of a one day bout of constipation causing fainting. This is from a member of a family of chronic intestinal issues with constipation lasting weeks, not hours.

Andante January 30, 2020

It sounds unlikely that the constipation sent you to the emergency room. I would guess that you had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the product, or to something else that you ate. Hope you're feeling better now.

Yvonne January 30, 2020

Agree. Nor such constipation being felt within 24 hours. I suffered from constipation caused by chemo medication or some of the meds used to alleviate the effects of chemo. Vital Reds as a single dose in the morning have not affected me this way. I have felt much better since taking it but can't attest to that being solely as a result of vital Reds.

Howard April 01, 2020

No it didn't.

I took the same damn stuff; it didn't do a darn thing for me but it tasted so good I just kept taking it. I think it helped quench my thirst

But there's no way this product caused constipation, as far as relieving it, I doubt that either but maybe it does help some people with that To be honest I forget what the ingredients are I'll have to re-order it

it's really refreshing in the summer that I can say

Highly Intelligent
September 23, 2019

I have ordered many of the products--the Proplant greens, the Complete Proplant Shake in chocolate, the Reds, the olive oil, all of which taste great. I am thin and do not take the products to lose weight but to maintain high energy. I am also not a "go-for" who buys every beauty cream and cosmetic on the market. I select products one by one and test them to see what works for me. Each of these products helped increase my stamina and energy.

When I read the negative reviews, they seemed to be written by people with an education equal to those who are pro-Trump. Sorry, but all people were not created equal.

BFraser October 15, 2019

Your foolish to bring politics into this review, and expect people to listen to you.

MiamiSurgeon October 23, 2019

Agreed. Your review lost all credibility with your last paragraph.

Lorraine October 27, 2019

Exactly! Based on your unnecessary comment, your nowhere near 'equal' to most of us!

fkle November 06, 2019

We might do better as a nation to pay just a little more attention to general intelligence including spelling, grammar and demonstrated fluid thought processes.

JasonReynolds December 27, 2019

I hate to be "that guy", however....

Lorraine, it's "you're"

DavidPeters December 27, 2019

Hey Jason, you are that guy.

JimStretch January 01, 2020

Trump? That's your review? I have to believe that you are a troll using some silly reverse psych BS hoping that readers will reject Gundry as a result of your faint praise.

MichaelA. Manfredi January 11, 2020

Pro Trump? Highly intelligent? You're the only 5 star review of the product because you're smarter and better than the rest of us, I get it. It must be lonely being the only intelligent life on earth.

EdO'Day January 12, 2020

LOL... another confused or uninformed liberal. How difficult is it to compare the current employment and and economic status of our great country to what it was not long ago under Obama. Please don't be butt hurt by the facts.

WilmaScott January 14, 2020

Obama CLEANED UP a conservative MESS and once he had it under control you dummies brought in a TRUE IDIOT!!! Talk about intellectually dormant!!!!

DannyD January 20, 2020

Someone who calls themselves "highly intelligent" and then says "seemed to be written by people with an education equal to those who are "pro Trump"??? hahahahaha Say no more. As if you know the education levels of tens of millions of people you've never met and never thought about before the Trump era. You're a JOKE Lindsay Parker Novak and Wilma Scott. Heads so far up you know what that it's beyond hope to extract. Enjoy your darkness.

DannyD January 20, 2020

Only hateful grotesque liberal morons like you and that self proclaimed "highly intelligent" Lindsey Parker Novak manage to conflate prebiotics with politics. You guys are beyond pathetic.

michaelBourgault January 23, 2020

i am pro trump and i take dr gundry's bio complete 3 and restore and they work

michaelBourgault January 23, 2020

i vote for trump and i used total restor and now bio complete 3. it works fine. cannot figure out how these arrogant people think all trump voters have not thought it through.

donna February 16, 2020

Highly intelligent seems to think that it's her way or the highway when it comes to an opinion and resorts to trying to insult people which doesn't make anyone intellidgent.It makes them a bully!

KarlBrown February 23, 2020

Intellidgent? Do you mean intelligence? She is simply stating a fact that most people on here giving negative reviews are sad and lonely morons that haven't even tried the product. I would like a free 30 day supply of the gutcrap.

KarlBrown February 23, 2020

Intelligent not intellidgent. Lindsey is just saying most on here are angry trolls and most suffer from impotency and are miserable and useless. Most have not even tried the product.

Howard April 01, 2020

I thought it was cool That she equated poorly written or uninformed to being Trump supporters. It's a hyperbole like: The man was as big as a mountain, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. I probably is just to take a known thing and use it to make a point. Most people know the Trump supporters are stupid as wood, so she just used That generalization. When I say that car is as fast is a rocket, we all know it's not as fast as a rocket, but we know what I mean it's fast. As we all know Trump is, oh wait a minute some people here don't know Trump is… Boy are we in trouble

I say if the olive oil and chocolate shakes taste good I'm gettin' some'

And I really like Karl's comment. Much more succinct in mind and equally funny.

Ed doesn't seem like an environmentalist to me

Howard April 01, 2020

Hey, Don't criticize all of the spelling you see, because, we'll, I dictated this and I had to correct a quarter of the words

And low, there's typos above.

Here's The Thing
September 18, 2019

I sat through most of the long, long video. Much of it made sense but I've been through enough of these to know where it trails off from information and begins to become hype. That's when they're all the same.

I suffer from a chronic illness one where I've been to a gazillion doctors with a gazillion different "cures" or no cures. I've also seen my share of quacks.

So here's what I did and didn't do.I ordered one bottle of "Total Restore" because it looked like it had all good stuff in one place. I didn't sign up for any plans because I knew they were just something to suck people in long term.

I do like the "Total Restore." Maybe coincidence, but I feel a bit better on it. It's only been a month so we shall see.

Next I will be following the diet which for me will mean eliminating the worst of what he says is the worst.

I have learned to take these remedies with a grain of salt and use the parts that may work for me. Never go while hog.

So while I recommend "Total Restore" now, I also recommend go slow, pick out the just parts that may work for you.

September 14, 2019
He is a total crook, scammer and needs to go to prison! Nothing he sells works! What a liar he is!!!

BFraser October 15, 2019

If you want people to believe you, you should learn how to spell his name!

LScherer October 19, 2019

IT also my be beneficial to state some facts or experiences rather than just an ex-girlfriend-style mini-rant. He is, in fact, a doctor so...

KarlBrown February 23, 2020

Lol what an angry little Troll.

Howard April 01, 2020

She Doesn't seem to be an angry little troll, she's just angry. Neither stuff worked for her. I got one product (Vital reds powder) and didn't work for me either but it tasted good so I'm gonna order more of it, I'm just here looking to see if another product - total recall or whatever it is - works.

(Ex-girlfriend style mini rant, that's funny). But it explains a lot. About, you know, angry women; you never want to have one of those! She makes a good point though we need to state specifics. Those are what's helpful.

Dr. Gundry's order system is deceptive and set up offer you an array of productes before you complete your order.
August 23, 2019

After purchasing 3 bottles of Bio Complete 3 I was directed to another screen that stated wait you can save 53% on 6 bottles of Bio Complete 3 so I clicked on it. Thinking I was replacing the 3 bottler order with the 6 bottle order. Not so. It was added as a separate order. So now I’m charged with 9 bottles or a total of $332.55. It’s called “slight of hand” transaction.

I called in to review the transaction. I was told they are two totally separate orders. I thought I was replacing the 3 bottle order with the 6 bottle order because the order never finished processing. Their order system is set up to show you 5 or 6 products. You have to click No to get to the next proposition product. After a series of Nos then the original order is confirmed.

I called the 800 number and cancelled the 3 bottle order. I was told it is scheduled to be refunded in 3 to 5 business days. Be very careful when order from Dr. Steven Gundry website. It's rigged to keep peppering you with a bunch of products. Chances are you will double your order with the next screen shot that states wait you can get 53% saving with 6 bottles. Very deceptive ordering system.

LScherer October 19, 2019

I did have something of the same experience when ordering the Total Restore a year or so ago. I ended up calling them before completing the order to let them know that if their product was as good as advertised, the only impact of the never-ending order process was to making the buyer feel uneasy. Turned out that my order had already been submitted and I could close the browser window any time, although gave the impression of being "unfinished".

From the Total Restore, I don't think I ever felt significant benefits...but I didn't really change my diet either.

Marta November 06, 2019

It's a technique employed by many online marketers and it's always a turn-off for me. Always. And I generally let them know that, too when I have time.

Richard November 17, 2019

Does the Bio Complete work?

StanSheldone January 25, 2020

Thomas Scalise,you are almost correct about the "sort of" deceptiveness of Dr. Gundry's website. I went thru all of the steps to order 1 bottle when the "WAIT THERE'S MORE" pop-ups appeared. What the hell, I'll try the 3 bottle package. I was just about to click the buy button when I checked the ad again. I, like you, thought that this was NOT in addition to the order I was considering,but it would replace the 1 bottle order I was about to place. I bailed out.I don't know if Dr. Gundry is a fraud or not(I certainly hope that he is legitimate) but his marketing team needs a little help. I'm still debating to order or not

Yvonne January 30, 2020

Yes, all buyers need to read ALL the words on these offers before clicking buttons as it does clearly state that each offer is in addition and is a separate order. Do not skim or assume anything on these websites. I ordered the 6 offer because, being in Australia, I pay $US10 postage GST 10% on top of the price of goods so need the best deal. As for Vital Reds, have felt better since taking one scoop each morning in water, and use it in my fruit/veg smoothy when i make it up. It tastes a bit dusty, but better if it stands for 10 mins. Tastes good, no side effects that i can tell, making some difference to energy since chemo finished. Pretty expensive, but is in powder form, seems to be as he described. I also watched the long and in the end tedious video, but what he said seemed to make sense nutritionally, so worth a try when one has a terminal cancer. If it keeps me in remission, im happy, as the chemo will eventually do me in, if I stay on it.

Howard April 02, 2020

Thanks Marta, You speak for a lot of us when you do that, please let them know it's not just you who is irritated by this shiftiness. And good for you too Stan, Call them with your order and tell them why you're hesitant.

Yvonne I want to thank you for your information about vital reds, I'll retry them. I only tried it once and only found it tasty and nothing more. I hate to sound corny but, bless you on your journey, I hope things stay turned around for you, From your Words you're an authentic and candid person served in the world needs everywhere.

Complete disappointment
August 17, 2019

Never again! Buyer beware

During the order process, I was offered an upgrade, which to me, meant that instead of the 3months originally ordered and additional 3 months.. from $131 to $168. To which I did. What it actually meant that I ordered 9 months as the original order remains and a separate second order of 6 months is added.

When I realized this the day after the order, I called customer service to cancel the original order. A cancellation request was sent to the shipping area to stop the shipment. I was supposed to receive an email but did not. I emailed the next day (day 2) and was told I was too late to cancel and that it was my mistake in how I understood the upgrade when ordering. If I’d wanted the cancel I should have called. I was then offered 40% return and they won’t send it.

Which insults me. First I did call, and if you can refund me 40% to not ship, you can refund me 100% and not ship. But no, apparently that is not their policy. My order has been shipped (6 days) after the original order. I had my return authorization number prior to receiving the shipping email.

Now I have to pay for the return of the items in order to receive my 100% refund.

Buyer beware!!!

Scam after Scam
August 6, 2019
Dr? Gundry continues to come out with wonder product after wonder product. I tried his skin products and found that not only do they not work. The "refund policy" is a hoax. I called for a refund and was told that I couldn't apply for 3 months. I would not recommend nor will I ever deal with Dr? Gundry products again. They are just one more addition on a scrap heap of broken promises from a "supposedly" trusted physician. In my humble opinion. The title Doctor has become synonymous with "watch your wallet".

Howard April 02, 2020

A shame his skin cream didn't work. I was hoping his nutritional products would work. I'm pretty healthy but I have a few concerns that I thought they might help with. But that sham return / refund policy you went through Makes me hesitant. Thanks for writing

Belinda April 16, 2020

I purchased the Polyphenol dark spot diminisher. It did nothing.

I am truly disappointed in this doctor. I have seen so many of his videos and they all make sense, but he is pushing products like skincare that do not produce results.

I wanted to try Bio Complete 3 but not after my experience

helping me at 62
July 21, 2019

I'm taking Total Restore after watching Dr. Gundry's video. I know it was long. But the logic, the testing, his credentials were enough to convince me to try it and I don't take vitamins of any kind. I also appreciate the emails as there is usually good information whether its a recipe or just another product he has come up with.

I have had pain in my hip, and my shoulder from 30 years of working construction. My new job I was walking 20 miles a week, according to my fitbit.

I don't know how the restore does it, but in the 3 months I have been taking it I have had very little pain in either. It truly amazes me and I only take 2 pills a day to make them last longer...Thanks

Vital Reds
July 9, 2019
I ordered Vital Reds, and Primal Plants two years ago and started on the plant paradox diet. I have been taking his supplements for two years. I found that Dr. Gundry has been the only DOCTOR, that has helped me to feel so much better. I have been to countless Doctors, and Dr. Gundry has been the only one to improve my health with his products and following his diet. Not only that, but he takes a sincere interest in sending emails with exercises, or new recipes, or advice to help you in many different ways. I lost over 30 pounds without ever being hungry. It has been the only diet that is relatively easy to follow, with remarkable diets. I lost 30 pounds 2 years ago and have kept it off without any struggle. Just use his Vital Reds and Primal plants and remove lectins. He also offers a weight loss supplement, but I do not need to use it. I believe whole heartedly, that Dr. Gundry honestly wants to help people like me, that have struggled for years to feel better without any results. Dr. Gundry has been the only Doctor to help me feel better. He is the very BEST.

working for us
June 10, 2019
my 16 year old daughter started on PreBioThrive with my husband and I. I only did it with her for support. I don't have digestive or diet issues. I started my husband because he has both, my daughter just the digestive issues. I was disappointed with the consistency of the powder, as it appears in the advertisement to mix to an invisible state in water. It does not. We have found it best in yogurt, avoiding adding to liquids. It just doesn't work well. My daughter is enjoying a respite from episodic IBS since starting PreBioThrive. That ALONE is very worth it. She is forced to take prophylactic antibiotics often to protect her heart and I have always worried about her good bacteria. We tried probiotics over the years with inconsistent results. This product has given consistent resolution of her GI issues (she used to have to miss school and activities but now feels a freedom and confidence to participate). Also, my husband does feel he is more in control of his carb cravings, another benefit. It is expensive, I paid $199 for 6 containers (each container is a 30 day supply). I also did not like the aggressive sales prompts I had to wade through to make my purchase. at least six to eight times I had to say "no" to the purchase of another product before I could move on from the page. I seriously was uncomfortable as that progressed but went forward because i was so very hopeful for this to make a change in my daughters life. I would advise Dr. Gundry to not do all that. It cheapens his product and will likely turn away sane and cautious people. For now, I plan to reorder when we get to the end. We are on our third of the six bottles. I avoided a monthly shipping with this initial purchase.

Howard April 02, 2020

Very helpful, thanks for the info and warnings.

I just realized when I tried vital reds, it also didn't dissolve, I wound up shaking it in a mason jar that was around.

May 10, 2019
I too fell for the endless video and placed an order for the Total Restore. Weeks went by and I never received the product. I did receive a phone call to see if I was ready to order my next bottle though. When I told the person on the call that I never received my order, she told me that their records showed that it was delivered to my door and insisted I place another order. So, does the product work? I guess I'll never know because I am definitely not placing another order with these guys.

Aria, Gundry MD May 17, 2019

Hello Edwin. My name is Aria and I am very saddened to read your review of Total Restore. Customer service is our number one priority and I am sorry that you did not experience that. I would like to offer you a reshipment of Total Restore at no additional cost to you. Please reach out to me at [email protected] so that I may receive more information from you. I apologize for this mistake on our part and would like to wish you a wonderful day.

Howard April 02, 2020


That's different than most of the other commenters who got inadvertently double ordered and no recourse

Beware of doctors who decide to tout supplements...
April 28, 2019

This doctor who was purportedly once “one of the world's most celebrated pediatric heart surgeons” has not been a child's (or anyone's) heart surgeon for nearly TWO DECADES...with an undergrad degree from Yale, not his medical degree.

I fell for his auto-play video that goes on and on and on...

The products are a WASTE of money, unless you want expensive urine.

Simply Consume a balanced diet with everything in moderation. And make time for a bit of exercise. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Another FAD diet bites the dust. I'm done with these former "celebrated" (by whom?) doctors that constantly sell supplements.

Aria, Gundry MD May 17, 2019

Hi there. I was very sorry to read this review. Gundry MD is a reputable company committed to providing the best in health supplements with high-quality ingredients and formulas. Dr. Stephen Gundry received his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Michigan. Dr. Gundry was also the former Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University. For a complete list of his accomplishments, please visit our official website. I hope you have a wonderful day.

LORAReeves September 14, 2019

No you are paid to say this! He is a fraud and so are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard April 02, 2020

No he's a real guy, a notable surgeon. He's like to change babies hearts around a lot. Then he came up with these great nutritional formulas. And now his marketing venture has apparently run amok with deceptive techniques that discredit and disgrace him

We can only hope for the likes of young Aria to stay on board and set things aright!

Howard April 02, 2020

Typo; what I wrote was: he used to like to change babies hearts around...

A lot of times what your type, and especially what you dictate, gets changed and nonsense.