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Appears to remove free radicals
December 4, 2016

Had been on antibiotic and steroid eye drops and had dark circles under my eyes as well as a lot of puffiness. I started Vital Reds and in 3 -4 days, the darkness and puffiness under my eyes were gone. Vital Reds appears to have neutralized the free radicals caused by the medication in my system. Looking forward to seeing what a longer course will do. Have a suggestion to try. Pour 1/2 of a glass of Perrier

bottled water in a glass and stir in the Vital Reds. It immediately will

fizz up to the top of the glass. Wait until fizzing stops to add the remaining water. This seems to help dissolve the granules effectively

so they don't stick to the glass. It also is more pleasant to drink.

November 30, 2016
I could feel a slit change in energy level, definitely help me focus at work. It's also has a great flavor. It is a little expensive but overall good

L Michaels April 25, 2017

I find it rather funny that you have an image of Africa Hitchcock I for avatar maybe that's saying something and that there's something very mysterious not only about the product but the whole process Of ordering the product receiving the shipment trying it not being satisfied and then trying and awkward face to return it and you turning into an exercise in futility.

I'm not necessarily a fan or advocate of mainstream commercial medicine I myself have several autoimmune diseases including Crohn's disease, type two diabetes and sleep apnea. I can be doing a lot more to have the willpower to take better care of myself

I am certain that my constant fatigue comes from not being diligent using my CPAP, as much as I hate the whole ritual of using it, I don't understand why so many people try for a week or two and then never use it again .

My finances and life in general are in meltdown mode and I had just recently lost my mom. I had to file Chapter 13 to avoid losing my house after going through sheer hell .

However the doubtfulness I have in this product makes me wonder , If it's not good why does it not have FDA approval and available commercially ?

And in the positive reviews make she wonder if these are real people or staged to promote the product.

I'll say thank you but no thank you. I think I'm just going to take better care of my health. And be working again so that my chapter 13 does not turn into Psalm 23.

Where did the autoship come from
November 20, 2016

I sat through the 1 hour video was told it was a short presentation .

So wanted to try Vital Reds . I hit the BUY NOW and ordered 3 jars a 90 day supply for 121.95 and received my order about 14 days later. So this morning 14 days after receiving my order I get hit with another order 121.95 for another 90 day supply just 2 weeks into my first 90 day supply. No where in anything I saw or read was there anything about reoccurring charge, auto-ship or what ever you want to call it. So if you put your card in and buy your on the hook for ever being charged every month for a 90 day supply. It's the card number they want and the money now. Just like every online sales pitch they tell you one thing get your card number and start taking money. If the Vital Reds are as efficient to my body as the their are at taking money out of my account without authorization a nice trick to pull on people and use my money until they decide to refund the fraudulent charge in the next few weeks. Don't trust this company with you card send a money order.

L Michaels April 25, 2017

More like auto-****. The more I read the reviews the more I'm not gonna waste my time. Beware of AutoShip you could end up being screwed very badly

No caffeine??? Very untrue
November 1, 2016

I would like to try this product, but, by their very nature, both green tea and white tea, by their very natures, contain high caffeine.

Now, unless Dr. Gundry has removed all the caffeine from the tea leaves he uses, I cannot risk taking this product. I get headaches and nausea from caffeine.

Please email me at [email protected] to clarify this issue. I would like to try a product with no tea in it. Is it possible to purchase a non-tea leaf blend?

Dan January 13, 2017

The challenge with this product is every body is different and requires different things. i agree with the polyphenols as a must, but the rest is not suitable for every body. i see so many people creating a one size fits all product and anyone who's done their research and produced products long enough will know this.

Didn't do anything for me and tastes bad
October 24, 2016
I've given this 3 weeks and nothing so far except a very bad taste in my mouth. No energy improvement at all. I think many people are getting a placebo effect. I tried mixing it with apple juice and that made it worse. I tried it with chocolate milk and it tasted a little better but left a really weird after taste like I would get from artificial sweetener.

Evelyn March 09, 2017

you are mixing it with the worst stuff for you SUGAR why even bother taking vital reds if your eating so much SUGAR

Evelyn March 09, 2017

Why even take something good for you if your going to mix it with SUGAR?Maybe try eating less sugar and mix vital reds with water and see how that works.

October 20, 2016
I was tired of feeling tired all the time, so I decided to give Vital Reds a shot. I felt the affects almost immediately. Will definitely continue to use Vital Reds.

October 18, 2016
Before taking vital reds my days and nights were all messed up as I was up all night and slept during the day. After taking vital reds for two weeks I felt so much energy during the day and I didn't have any problem staying up all day. After taking vital reds for a month now I couldn't be more satisfied and looking forward to other ways to get back on track.

Side effects
October 13, 2016
My blood pressure was soaring so I stopped taking Vital Reds and experienced head and body aches within 10 hours. I took a partial dose of Vital Reds and symptoms disappeared quickly. Now I'm easing off gradually. The effect made me suspect either something addictive in the product, or maybe the same type of mechanism that makes it dangerous to suddenly stop taking any hypertension medicine.

Jo Zeitlin November 01, 2016

You are probably experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine in the white and green tea leaves in the product. White and green tea have loads of caffeine. Dr. Gundry alludes that there is no caffeine in the product. Isn't he aware that tea leaves are full of caffeine? It is dishonest not to warn people who can get migraines from the caffeine in this product.

Feel fantastic as the pounds drop!
October 5, 2016
Vital Reds is an excellent fat burner. I have lost weight and my energy is boosted. Me and some friends have used it with great results. I highly recommend it!.

looking good!
October 4, 2016

I have been taking vital reds for 2 weeks.

I defiantly feel more energy which has allowed me to get more exercise in!

I am looking forward to seeing how much better this will get!

I recommend this product
October 2, 2016
I've felt better since I started using it. I first started because I always felt so exhausted and drained, without any motivation to do anything because I was so tired — but now I feel much better. I start and finish everything I do, I recommend the product.

As advertised - not a silver bullet, but very positive!
October 1, 2016

The product does indeed provide more energy and a sense of better health. In addition to the scientific evidence, there is the psychological benefit of knowing that you are doing something very good for your body. It feels cleansing and rejuvenating, and then you also know that it is good for your heart, etc. Worth the money.

I have been dependent on Nuvigil to overcome sedation and fatigue, but today was the first day that I truly felt that I didn't need it. I would not say that Vital Reds was the silver bullet - it needs to be part of an overall holistic program of wellness and cannot compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle, but between one thing and another, including Vital Reds, I turned my morning around and was going great guns all day. I will continue buying the product.

Vital Red
September 30, 2016
I have been taking Vital Red for approximately one month. At first I didn't notice any change but in the last week, I have noticed I have more energy than I did before. The product has an OK taste, I use it with water. the supplement I was taking before was nasty, so this is a great improvement. I had my blood work done prior to starting Vital Red and will have it done again later in the year. It will be interesting to see the changes. So far I am pleased with the product.

brenda December 11, 2016

give me some ideas of what to mix it with. I don't like the taste

Alexander Lidden December 11, 2016

It will be interesting to see what your are like after a period, I think there in lies the true story.

Vital Reds - 1st Impression: "So far, so good".
September 29, 2016
While I've only been using this product for a week, my experience has been positive. Not 5 stars positive, but a good, solid 4 stars. I read where it may take up to 3 weeks for noticeable benefits. If so, maybe 5 stars is possible. This preliminary review is in response to an email I received asking about my experience so far. ..

Mr.James Johnson
September 29, 2016


The taste is very appealing.

It seems to clear everything. I mean a cleaner inward feeling.

In such a short time there is a bit of an energy revival.

Getting more, and also sleeping better.

I do feel a positive difference in a very short time.

Will get better as time goes on. I am sure!

Thank you!!

James Johnson

Vital Reds: Energized my Brain and Body to write my comprehensive exam
September 29, 2016
I received my 1st order for Vital Reds on Tuesday, 27th Sep, 2016 while in the process of writing my comprehensive exam. For those that have an experience with comps exam, it is an exhaustive exam that requires lots of critical thinking and the use of the brain. I was 8 days into the examination process and was feeling quite depleted, fatigued and felt as if I was not gonna proceed anymore. On receiving the Vital Reds that Tuesday afternoon, I immediately had my first drink which rejuvenated my brain almost immediately. I was able to be productive that afternoon. I have henceforth continued with taking my Vital Reds and it is proving to be a great rescue to me during this time of my examination. It is 11days into writing the exam and I am almost done with every section of my paper. This is a 3 weeks exam. The product indeed arrived at the right time for me and I shall continue to use it even after my comprehensive examination. Thanks to this product which I never new but has become of help and to your marketing strategy!

Awsome vital reds
September 29, 2016
I've only been taking this supplement for two weeks but I already feel more energy and less stress than before I started.

Good product
September 29, 2016
I am using Vital Reds for one week now, seems like it is working. I hope to see full benefits within 30 - 60 days.

Vital Reds!
September 28, 2016
Within the first three days of beginning my Vital Reds, I noticed that my stamina and energy was lasting through the afternoon and evenings. No afternoon lags or sluggishness - it has been a great experience so far!!

Fantastic Product!!!
September 28, 2016
My husband and myself, have been using this product for almost a month, and I have to say we were a little skeptical at first.... Needless to say the skepticism was unfounded. We absolutely love the product, and will be purchasing again.Money well spent!! <3