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My dog's overall health and his longevity
April 1, 2021

I have an 11 year old Puggle named Pepe. Before I used ProPower, I was concerned about his energy level, weight, redness in his eyes, breath and overall mood. Once I started using ProPower, I noticed the results right away. His energy level has increased, as he has more stamina on his daily walks, so now I am trying to keep up with him.

He has lost weight (2-3lbs), despite his ferocious appetite and constant sniffing on the ground, a typical Beagle trait. The redness and lack of lustre in his eyes have disappeared, and he just appears more attentive and awake. Although his teeth look whiter, his bad breath unfortunately hasn't changed that much, but it may have more to do with his poor dental hygiene and age, and less to do with the product.

Lastly, his overall mood is better, as he's calmer, more relaxed, obedient and content. Overall, I have been very happy with ProPower. If you have any advice on how to improve his breath, that would be great, thanks!

Happy Yorkie sisters
March 30, 2021
My 2 yorkies Bella and Chloe are 9 years old. Sisters from the same litter. Bella has had allergies since a few years. Chloe has had seizures. They are both on Nature's Blend and Pro Power. I have noticed a difference in their overall energy. Also Bella's ears are less inflamed and she scratches less. Also less paw licking. I am very happy with these products. Thank you.

Quality food makes a big difference
March 30, 2021
We switched to Nature’s Blend a month ago and our two dogs LOVE it. They had no problem switching their diet, and I followed the 10 day introduction. Hannah is almost 14 and she seems perkier; Archie is 8 and knows when I get the fork to smush the food that the 3 minutes of waiting (which must be an hour in dog years) is over. His coat is a shiny black. We have consistently given our dogs probiotics, so I can’t say if I have noticed a difference with the Pro Powder, but I appreciate that it is a good product. When our current supply of glucosamine is gone, I will switch to Dr. Marty’s Free and Active. Customer Service is very friendly and helpful. With 2 dogs, they go through a bag of food in a week. Since the food comes in multiples of 3, I set up a monthly and a quarterly auto shipment to try to have the right amount handy.

It is packed with nutrition and tastes good.
March 30, 2021
Butterfly is 70 lbs of energy. I use Dr. Marty's food as a supplement. She loves the taste. She is a happy dog. She used to be prone to bladder infections.

pro power digestive supplement doing great things!
March 30, 2021
I have been using pro power digestive supplement for a few months now. My 5 year old doberman started actively chewing his benebones again and is far less flatulent! His breath has improved! All around good things!

Renewed health.
March 30, 2021
I began the product to reduce the breath smell, and "cold" in the morning eyes. Both of these issues have been largely resolved.

Really good ingredients
March 30, 2021

I'm in love with Dr. Marty's products. My dog never has been so excited about meal time as he is now. I'm giving my dog the Pro-power and Nature's Blend, he seems satisfied and his coat is shinier. I started using this products because my dog is kind of sensitive about what he puts in his mouth, and every time we'll go for a walk or a hike, he would be grabbing everything that he can reach, and the next day he will have an upset stomach.

Well...not any more! I feel more confident going out with him because I feel he's protected. I will definitely keep buying this food for him, it really is the closest to a home cooked meal for my dog.

Protein Intake
March 30, 2021

I have had my 15 year old chihuahua on Power plus for about one and a half years. I bought it because Dr. Marty shared many cases of how he prolonged the life of a dog even when other vets had given up. I was impressed by all the ingredients like probiotics and enhancing the dogs life. I even started giving it to my other Chihuahua. I didn't realize it had 10 percent crude proteins, which is a lot.

Why would you recommend this for senior dogs when many are likely to have kidney problems? The protein in most little dog food is about 11 to 15 percent protein already, then you add another 10 percent. I am upset because I thought this would be so good for my dog. I called the customer service phone and they couldn't answer my questions nor could she even find the protein in the ingredients. I would really like to talk to someone about this product. 541- 610 -8573.

Thank you Judy

Quality food and recommend to friends
March 30, 2021
Meena (pup) loves the food. Since I still have some kibble here, I use 1/2 each. She has gotten to the point where she eats Dr. Marty's food and leaves the kibble.

That he seems to be doing better
March 30, 2021

Baron is doing better since taking the product. He doesn’t lay on the floor and itch

His back and ears as much. Still does now and then. He doesn’t eat grass much at all anymore and he was eating it a lot. Hope to see more improvement.

She’s got more energy!
March 30, 2021
Our chocolate lab is 8 and has arthritis. She had gotten to where she just laid around. She has been on pain meds for a few months without much improvement. Once we started her on the powder she began to improve. She still limps some but has more energy than before.

Definitely helps
March 30, 2021
I quickly noticed that my dogs stopped scratching so much. Their breath and body odor was really reduced to almost nothing. My Cavapoo was no longer straining to eliminate her bowels. The only disadvantage I've seen is that my dogs, who have been picky eaters, do not seem to like the taste and are raking hours to finish their meals.

Awesome Product!
February 18, 2021
I put my two Beagle puppies (9 months old) and my Border Collie (14 yrs old) on your food and probiotics. They are doing great! My female puppy has had a ''leaking" problem ever since her spay surgery (5 months old). She would have liquid poo come out unexpectedly. She would leak on your good clothes, blankets and furniture. She has not had any of that since we put her on your products!

Strong possibility this product works
February 18, 2021

There is a noticeable difference in their appearance. Coat is especially soft and healthy to the touch. My black German shepherd has had a problem with hot spots and is currently on allergy medicine. He gets dry skin on his back and licks his paws a lot. Although he still licks his paws he no longer has the dry skin on his back.

Thank you

Our Frenchies Love Dr. Marty's
February 17, 2021
Both of our Frenchies love their new diet.. They look and act healthier. No more allergy issues.I notice a big difference in their coats. They are definitely happier and more playful since switching.

My Maltese is feeling Much Better!
February 17, 2021

My Maltese doggie is 13 years old and she was very "sluggish" until I started giving her your Pro Power adult digestive powder! She has new energy that I have not seen for a very long time! She's jumping around like a little bunny rabbit and she eats all her food with this powder mixed in. She is very, very picky but because it is flavorless, she seems to be fine with it. She feels Much Better!

Thank You for creating this product!

Brenda B.

My Dog Loves this Dog Food
February 16, 2021

My dog is a picky eater and he loves Dr. Marty Nature's Blend. He loves it so much that I can use it as a dog treat as a reward for him. He was having some digestive issues and since on this food, he has had none and his stools look very good.

As for me, I really like the nutritionally-dense healthy ingredients. I appreciate that this food is formulated for canine health by a Veterinarian that appears to be truly interested in the prevention of disease and overall health. This product is far superior to the national brands. Thanks to Dr. Marty for help in keeping my dog healthy. Also, my dog Pete says Thank You.

Healthier and happier a few more years.
February 15, 2021
My dog is a 15 year old Frenchie. He was not moving as well till taking the ProPower. He is old but he again has a skip in his walk.

ProPowerPlus is one of the most important supplements for the best health of your dog!
February 15, 2021

My two pups, a 17 year old Husky mix and a 2 year old Border Collie started taking ProPowerPlus about 3 weeks ago!

They enjoy their meals with this highly beneficial product mixed right in. I did notice that the Border Collie experienced some flatulence for 2 days after the first introduction of the probiotic but I understand that this is quite typical since the gut bacteria are making an adjustment to a better microbiome!

Flatulence resolved in two days and my pups are doing very well! I even noticed that the Border Collie is less "itchy"! So far, I'm very pleased with ProPowerPlus!

Good stuff, but keep an eye on your dog!
February 15, 2021
After a few days, I started noticing my dog chewing himself less, and his breath no longer stunk. However, when I upped his dosage to the recommended 3/4, he started getting diarrhea really bad. I stopped the treatment for a few days and then started him back up with 1/2. He's been fine since.