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March 18, 2019
I was so excited for my cats to try this product, but the site ended up charging me for a secondary order that I had declined for $354.12 and was not provided support from the Dr. Marty’s staff. Be sure to order over the phone so that the same thing does not happen to you!

Craves this food
March 17, 2019

Our dog is a 16 year terrier mix. We got him from a rescue home when he was one and he immediately became part of our family. He was a free eater and we always gave him dog food instead of food we were eating. We changed his food as he got older and he was becoming more finicky. We starting feeding a bland diet of rice and chicken to help with some digestive issues. We still give him a little rice and chicken with Dr. Marty's food. I’ve never seen him so happy to eat and he seems year’s younger!

Thank you for providing tasty and healthy foods for our puppy!

Dogs love it
March 16, 2019
I have two rescue dogs. Both are older - 14 years old. One is a schnauzer mix and her coat has always been sort of dull. After two weeks on the food, her coat is starting to shine. They both get very excited at feeding time. They love the food! I wish it came in larger bags.

PauletteSmith March 20, 2019

I have two rescue dogs. One is a Chihuahua and the other is a Cairn Terrier Chihuahua mix. They both like the food. They are picky eaters. The only thing that I have noticed is their stools are somewhat loose.

March 16, 2019
We have three cavalier king Charles spaniels who used their biscuits as power plays with each other. All the food came out of the bowls and carried to choice places where it was garded and used to taunt. They ate the food very slowly and mostly late at night, sometimes in our bed. Now I put out three bowls and they gobble it up. Pretty good.

Happy dog
March 15, 2019
I switched to Dr. Marty’s products at first just to try them because for quite awhile my 8 year old dog was starting to refuse his usual food. I could tell that he just wasn’t feeling good as he would trow up

Lick the bowl clean
March 15, 2019

We have 3 Yorkies and they love Dr Marty’s Nature Blend.

We switched them over the course of about 10 days without any digestive problems.

The first couple days of rehydration there was a learning curve. Once I started placing the feeding amount into a ziplock bag and hitting it with a rolling pin to smash and break up the pellets slightly, they rehydrate quicker and still maintain the consistency of canned food.

The 5 yo used to prance around while she ate and we had to keep the 11 yo slightly thicker in the mid section girl from eating her food. Not with Dr Marty’s, none of them lift their face until the bowl is clean....They absolutely love this food!!!

The 13 yo used to take 30 min to eat, or should I say GUM her food. Now she is done in less than 10 min and gets every bite.

Yes it’s expensive, but our fur baby’s are worth every penny.

PUP, the smartest dog on the planet
March 14, 2019
PUP is a 5 year old 100% poodle but can be a very selective eater. We have seen him go for days (2 - 3) without eating or drinking anything. Since we changed to Dr. Marty's food he is eating often and his digestive system seems to be getting better. Also, what amazed us, is that he does not scratch himself very often any longer. We are very satisfied with his eating habits now that we have moved from expensive caned food to Dr. Marty's food. Glad we found it!!

March 6, 2019
She inhaled what’s in the bowl every time!! I usually call her and prod her that her kibble mixed with meat is ready. The minute I add hot water, Carmina will run fast to come from wherever room she is in our house (>4,000 sq ft.) I mix it with her usual kibble, because it’s VERY expensive. That’s the only thing why I made it a 4 star because of the price.

March 6, 2019

I have 5 rescue dogs ranging in age from 2 to 18 yrs and from 10 to 22 lbs. I use Dr. Marty's as a topper on kibble (Open Farm or Farmina). I also make a stew (meat, veggies, blueberries, apple) and each dog gets 1 to 2 tablespoons; when I heat up the stew I add Dr. Marty's.

Henri the 18 yr old has dementia, bad teeth but a very good appetite. Since starting him on Dr. Marty's he's moving better, is more alert and sleeps thru the nite. The other dogs are healthy and happy; they love the taste and all bowls are licked clean (I've just signed up for autoship so we're committed).

Yes, it is pricey but these dogs are a priority and I'll give up a few meals out in order to fit this into my budget. Also, since my dogs are smaller and I use this food as a topper that saves a bit.

Dr. Marty's articles are interesting and informative. Just bought some high grade Frankincense to use for its antioxident properties ("Rover's Rubdown"). This kind of info is priceless to me~

I've had many dogs over the years and I've made mistakes but I'm always learning. Dr. Marty's Nature Blend is great stuff; my dogs are worth it

Sara January 26, 2022

HOW do you know a dog has dementia ? seriously ?

Excited but disappointed
March 5, 2019


I was ready and wanting to change my dogs diet to something she really liked, and I knew was healthy and good for her. She had no problem adjusting to the new diet, and she eagerly anticipated enjoying it as she had to wait for it to hydrate although she would have eaten it as it came out of the bag.

The shipment I received was darker condensed little nuggets, and I was very pleased. She loved it, and her coat was so soft and she looked good.

When I went to re-order so she wouldn't run out, I was disappointed that even though it said re-order discount it was actually $10 more per bag. When I talked with someone on the phone they were able to help me place an order in a price range that was acceptable. However when I received the shipment the product in the bag was not like the first one. It was a lighter color, bigger spongier nuggets, and it seemed like they didn't hydrate the same as the first patch. To me, it seems like less quality cheaper product. I would like to know why the product switched. Thank You! Trixi

Sara January 26, 2022

Could you share what happened ? I'm considering changing my dogs food to this, not real sure with reviews like this.

Best dog food for sure
March 5, 2019

Wow!!! Was I surprised with my dog “BEARS” reaction. I had dropped one morsel and he ate it up. I was hoping that it wouldn’t swell up in his tummy lol but after I gave it to him with his regular food he devoured it. Than the next 3 days he wasn’t happy with it. Again surprised. Than my daughter came with her 2 dogs for the weekend and I made a mistake and gave him their regular dodfood and added yours to it. WOW he again devoured it. Ok so maybe it’s because they were there and he didn’t want to share. Hmmmm. Well, came Monday evening and when I opened the bag of “Dr Marty’s” food his tail was wagging so hard I thought it was going to fly off lol. So that was the beginning of a great meal and every night since. Besides licking his dish clean every day, his coat is so soft it feels like velvet. I’m so happy with your product. I wish I could afford to only give him that but being a senior and limited income I have to continue to give him 3/4 cup of his regular food and 1/4 cup of Dr Marty’s. He just cries a little while I mix and rehydrate his food. He has never in all the 5 years of his life acted to intense in getting his meal. So grateful that I have a happy eater.

Thank you,

Erika Nucci

TrixieJohnson March 05, 2019

I too feel my dog was very happy with this food, however the price makes it difficult to sustain this diet. I also was not as happy with the 2nd order I received, because the product had switched and felt cheaper and not the same quality.

GioandCarolAzarcon March 06, 2019

I have 3 small dogs (Frenchie, min pin and schnauzer) and add several pieces dry to there food and they love it.

Okay but...
March 4, 2019
I have three Siberian Huskies that are all eating a raw diet already. I originally bought Dr. Marty’s for their night time snack. In the morning they get a whole chicken cut up and shared, pureed pumpkin with their vitamins and minerals mixed in with some salmon oil. That is topped with tripe, beef liver, duck liver and a rabbit ear or salmon skin bone as a treat topper. At night, I was giving them canned mackerel or tuna or sardines or salmon. That gets extremely expensive so I was going to switch to Dr. Marty’s for their night time meal but to be honest it’s a little more expensive than the canned option. I was very happy with the ingredients. I felt like they were getting a more balanced diet but also worried that there was mushy. No crunch so it sticks in their teeth. Granted they get rawbones every morning to clean so I guess I shouldn’t worry. However, I just went through it so fast! The first bag didn’t even last five days. So I’d end up spending a fortune on night time snack. It’s a real catch 22 for me. I’d love to feed them Dr. Martys but just have a hard time justifying such a high price. I’m going to try and maybe just feed them Dr. Marty’s every other night time snack because they absolutely went NUTS for this food. Howled at me when I was preparing it. Spinning husky circles couldn’t wait to dive in.

TrixieJohnson March 05, 2019

My dog loves the food also, with tail wagging and jumping to grab it off the counter. I feel it's pricey and the bag doesn't last long... not even a week (and I don't have that big of a dog)

Surprised it was so easy to switch foods!
March 3, 2019
My dog Scooter is a puggle. He has had stomach issues since he was a puppy. He is going to be 11yrs old on St. Patrick’s Day, 3/17/19. I read about Dr. Marty’s dog food on the internet. When I saw the price I almost immediately closed the website page. Instead I kept reading and decided I love my dog enough to try giving him this food. Anyway when it came I added s very small amount to his feedings and gave him a couple of pieces as treats. He liked it immediately but I was worried about his digestive system so I carefully watched his bowel movements. As they became more stable I added more of Dr. Marty’s and less of his previous dog food. I still add a little of his old food at this time but that’s only because I just bought a box and would like to finish it. I was also happy that since I fed my dog dry food I did not have to mix it with water before giving it to him. I recently ordered another shipment and signed up for automatic refills. I do recommend this dog food.

My Dog Liked the Food
March 3, 2019

Being a new customer since I saw the infomercial with Dr. Marty, I was not aware there were other dog food products than the bag I originally received. That product was crunchy but Nature's Blend is a light colored rectangular rather soft chewy food. I was concerned that my dog wouldn't eat it like she did the first bag I ordered. But she ate every bite!

My dog, Sunny, needs to lose a few pounds. She is a 7 yo rescue dog who currently is 14 lbs when she should be 10-11 lbs. She is a terrier mix and eats once a day. How much should I feed her to result in a 3 lbs. weight loss?

How does Nature's Blend differ from the original food I ordered from the infomercial with Dr. Marty?

TrixieJohnson March 05, 2019

I also noticed and didn't like the switch in the product from the original. I don't understand why it was different.

I like the original more condense darker nuggets.

Sara January 26, 2022

This is concerning since I was thinking about changing our food, what was it ?

A very " Happy DOG "
March 3, 2019

NadineLewis March 04, 2019

My dogs and my cat love this product! They have more energy and just in general are better all around. So happy that I tried the product! Excellent results!

Very impressive
March 3, 2019
I have seven little dogs under ten pounds. This is the first food I have found that they all clean their bowls. I make a gravy from the food and sprinkle it over the top of their kibble. One bag last me two weeks. I would feed it exclusively except for the price. I realize to get this quality you have to pay a premium.

Dr. Marty's Nature Blend
March 3, 2019

I have 3 dogs. 2 Rottweilers and 1 Bull Terrier. All 3 dogs loved this food. I noticed less grass consumption, firm, easy to handle stools, more energy, and less discharge from their eyes. All 3 dogs are 4 yrs old and active. Their coats were shinier and I noticed less flaking of the skin on the Bull Terrier. I also noticed little intolerance of the food from the first day of feeding.

I would give this food 5 stars were it not for the price. I buy good quality food for my dogs already and spend approximately $180.00 per month. However, I cannot afford to purchase Dr. Marty's food on a monthly, even a regular basis. $30.00 for a 16 oz bag will not feed all 3 dogs for a single day, to say nothing for a week. To feed my dogs this food daily for 1 month would cost me approximately $900.00. Or approx $808.50/month if I buy 6 bags for $161.70. I love my dogs and would love to provide this food for them. However, until my pocketbook can accommodate the price, I will continue to do the best I can for them. Thx

New customer review
March 3, 2019
Dog really liked food originally. Her feces were much improved. Dog does not readily eat dog food now as when she first started. Feed less then called for due to high price. Use to add canned dog food to her dry to encourage her to eat it, now I use your dog food to replace canned.

I'm truly amazed!
March 3, 2019

First the bad news, my dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in December the vet gave him 30 days to live. My husband found the link to Dr. Marty's and said try it - Out of desperation in an attempt to squeeze out every last minute with our sweet Brody I ordered it - I was only going to order three bags because it was was off the charts expensive - but ended up getting 9 bags - ONLY because I wasn't paying attention. Well, first let me tell you Brody gobbled this food up - he wasn't eating before - he was weak, his limp was severed and he was lethargic - We really didn't have any hope because after a week( I was still mixing it with his old food) - while he was eating the food he still wasn't improved. We scheduled Brody to cross over the rainbow bridge because he was truly having trouble walking - on the day (January 15) the vet was supposed to come to the house my husband was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery - so I cancelled the vet - long story short my husband ended up in ICU and the hospital for 16 days - so I had the neighbors caring for and feeding Brody - well after three weeks of Dr. Marty's Brody is walking better, isn't lethargic, wants to play, is able to hold himself up when eliminating, so I bought more Dr. Marty's even though we really couldn't afford it -and Brody continues to improve. Even the swelling in his elbow joint where the tumor is seems smaller. I have noticed that Brody drinks tons more water with this food - while I truly believe the macro nutrients in Dr. Marty's are extending my pups life ( and not a cure for his issues) it is unreasonable for average folk( or retired people like us) to afford this food for a large breed dog that eats 4 cups a day(8 cups in a bag) - that is $12.50 a day to feed him or $375.00 a month or $4,562.50 a year. For most people that is simply not affordable. We will continue to feed Brody this special food until he is no longer with us - because he is worth it( We cancelled an anniversary trip) and this product is well, working for us and improving his quality of life.

For people that have smaller breed dogs it's worth looking into - it will probably save you money on vet bills in the long run and keep your treasured fur friend healthy and living longer.

So the take away for this long winded review....give it a month before passing judgement ( there is a 90 day money back guarantee) If you can figure out financially how to feed your dog or cat this food it's worth it. You would need to be Oprah/Warren Buffett/ Bills Gates to afford to feed a large breed dog or a pack this food. : )

JanieJohnson March 04, 2019

I just lost my husband in Oct. I'm on disability. I would love to have this for my Princess, but I just cant afford it.

March 3, 2019

I have two small pups. One is an 11year old Maltipoo with a grade 6 heart murmur. He is very close to being in CHF. He was eating Early Cardiac food recommended by his cardiologist. Scooter hates it. I made the decision to switch almost completely to Natures blend. I thought he wasn’t enjoying the rest of his life if he couldn’t look forward to his food. I noticed he is happier, more energetic, has regular BMs and even plays a little with his 6 yr old Maltese sister Chloe who is having the same positive results, even more so. Scooter is also back to barking at squirrels! My only challenge is making sure he doesn’t gain weight. I am titrating his food because he still is having a little of the other food I give to him Midday. Chloe is eating all Natures blend and loving it.

By the way. I prayed for something to help my baby(as I stay with him and won’t leave him alone, he has severe separation anxiety since becoming ill). The day I prayed for help your food was presented to me and I believe it was a sign. I know it has helped him!

Thank you for creating this food.