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Okay but...
March 4, 2019
I have three Siberian Huskies that are all eating a raw diet already. I originally bought Dr. Marty’s for their night time snack. In the morning they get a whole chicken cut up and shared, pureed pumpkin with their vitamins and minerals mixed in with some salmon oil. That is topped with tripe, beef liver, duck liver and a rabbit ear or salmon skin bone as a treat topper. At night, I was giving them canned mackerel or tuna or sardines or salmon. That gets extremely expensive so I was going to switch to Dr. Marty’s for their night time meal but to be honest it’s a little more expensive than the canned option. I was very happy with the ingredients. I felt like they were getting a more balanced diet but also worried that there was mushy. No crunch so it sticks in their teeth. Granted they get rawbones every morning to clean so I guess I shouldn’t worry. However, I just went through it so fast! The first bag didn’t even last five days. So I’d end up spending a fortune on night time snack. It’s a real catch 22 for me. I’d love to feed them Dr. Martys but just have a hard time justifying such a high price. I’m going to try and maybe just feed them Dr. Marty’s every other night time snack because they absolutely went NUTS for this food. Howled at me when I was preparing it. Spinning husky circles couldn’t wait to dive in.

TrixieJohnson March 05, 2019

My dog loves the food also, with tail wagging and jumping to grab it off the counter. I feel it's pricey and the bag doesn't last long... not even a week (and I don't have that big of a dog)

Surprised it was so easy to switch foods!
March 3, 2019
My dog Scooter is a puggle. He has had stomach issues since he was a puppy. He is going to be 11yrs old on St. Patrick’s Day, 3/17/19. I read about Dr. Marty’s dog food on the internet. When I saw the price I almost immediately closed the website page. Instead I kept reading and decided I love my dog enough to try giving him this food. Anyway when it came I added s very small amount to his feedings and gave him a couple of pieces as treats. He liked it immediately but I was worried about his digestive system so I carefully watched his bowel movements. As they became more stable I added more of Dr. Marty’s and less of his previous dog food. I still add a little of his old food at this time but that’s only because I just bought a box and would like to finish it. I was also happy that since I fed my dog dry food I did not have to mix it with water before giving it to him. I recently ordered another shipment and signed up for automatic refills. I do recommend this dog food.

My Dog Liked the Food
March 3, 2019

Being a new customer since I saw the infomercial with Dr. Marty, I was not aware there were other dog food products than the bag I originally received. That product was crunchy but Nature's Blend is a light colored rectangular rather soft chewy food. I was concerned that my dog wouldn't eat it like she did the first bag I ordered. But she ate every bite!

My dog, Sunny, needs to lose a few pounds. She is a 7 yo rescue dog who currently is 14 lbs when she should be 10-11 lbs. She is a terrier mix and eats once a day. How much should I feed her to result in a 3 lbs. weight loss?

How does Nature's Blend differ from the original food I ordered from the infomercial with Dr. Marty?

TrixieJohnson March 05, 2019

I also noticed and didn't like the switch in the product from the original. I don't understand why it was different.

I like the original more condense darker nuggets.

A very " Happy DOG "
March 3, 2019

NadineLewis March 04, 2019

My dogs and my cat love this product! They have more energy and just in general are better all around. So happy that I tried the product! Excellent results!

Very impressive
March 3, 2019
I have seven little dogs under ten pounds. This is the first food I have found that they all clean their bowls. I make a gravy from the food and sprinkle it over the top of their kibble. One bag last me two weeks. I would feed it exclusively except for the price. I realize to get this quality you have to pay a premium.

Dr. Marty's Nature Blend
March 3, 2019

I have 3 dogs. 2 Rottweilers and 1 Bull Terrier. All 3 dogs loved this food. I noticed less grass consumption, firm, easy to handle stools, more energy, and less discharge from their eyes. All 3 dogs are 4 yrs old and active. Their coats were shinier and I noticed less flaking of the skin on the Bull Terrier. I also noticed little intolerance of the food from the first day of feeding.

I would give this food 5 stars were it not for the price. I buy good quality food for my dogs already and spend approximately $180.00 per month. However, I cannot afford to purchase Dr. Marty's food on a monthly, even a regular basis. $30.00 for a 16 oz bag will not feed all 3 dogs for a single day, to say nothing for a week. To feed my dogs this food daily for 1 month would cost me approximately $900.00. Or approx $808.50/month if I buy 6 bags for $161.70. I love my dogs and would love to provide this food for them. However, until my pocketbook can accommodate the price, I will continue to do the best I can for them. Thx

New customer review
March 3, 2019
Dog really liked food originally. Her feces were much improved. Dog does not readily eat dog food now as when she first started. Feed less then called for due to high price. Use to add canned dog food to her dry to encourage her to eat it, now I use your dog food to replace canned.

I'm truly amazed!
March 3, 2019

First the bad news, my dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in December the vet gave him 30 days to live. My husband found the link to Dr. Marty's and said try it - Out of desperation in an attempt to squeeze out every last minute with our sweet Brody I ordered it - I was only going to order three bags because it was was off the charts expensive - but ended up getting 9 bags - ONLY because I wasn't paying attention. Well, first let me tell you Brody gobbled this food up - he wasn't eating before - he was weak, his limp was severed and he was lethargic - We really didn't have any hope because after a week( I was still mixing it with his old food) - while he was eating the food he still wasn't improved. We scheduled Brody to cross over the rainbow bridge because he was truly having trouble walking - on the day (January 15) the vet was supposed to come to the house my husband was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery - so I cancelled the vet - long story short my husband ended up in ICU and the hospital for 16 days - so I had the neighbors caring for and feeding Brody - well after three weeks of Dr. Marty's Brody is walking better, isn't lethargic, wants to play, is able to hold himself up when eliminating, so I bought more Dr. Marty's even though we really couldn't afford it -and Brody continues to improve. Even the swelling in his elbow joint where the tumor is seems smaller. I have noticed that Brody drinks tons more water with this food - while I truly believe the macro nutrients in Dr. Marty's are extending my pups life ( and not a cure for his issues) it is unreasonable for average folk( or retired people like us) to afford this food for a large breed dog that eats 4 cups a day(8 cups in a bag) - that is $12.50 a day to feed him or $375.00 a month or $4,562.50 a year. For most people that is simply not affordable. We will continue to feed Brody this special food until he is no longer with us - because he is worth it( We cancelled an anniversary trip) and this product is well, working for us and improving his quality of life.

For people that have smaller breed dogs it's worth looking into - it will probably save you money on vet bills in the long run and keep your treasured fur friend healthy and living longer.

So the take away for this long winded review....give it a month before passing judgement ( there is a 90 day money back guarantee) If you can figure out financially how to feed your dog or cat this food it's worth it. You would need to be Oprah/Warren Buffett/ Bills Gates to afford to feed a large breed dog or a pack this food. : )

JanieJohnson March 04, 2019

I just lost my husband in Oct. I'm on disability. I would love to have this for my Princess, but I just cant afford it.

March 3, 2019

I have two small pups. One is an 11year old Maltipoo with a grade 6 heart murmur. He is very close to being in CHF. He was eating Early Cardiac food recommended by his cardiologist. Scooter hates it. I made the decision to switch almost completely to Natures blend. I thought he wasn’t enjoying the rest of his life if he couldn’t look forward to his food. I noticed he is happier, more energetic, has regular BMs and even plays a little with his 6 yr old Maltese sister Chloe who is having the same positive results, even more so. Scooter is also back to barking at squirrels! My only challenge is making sure he doesn’t gain weight. I am titrating his food because he still is having a little of the other food I give to him Midday. Chloe is eating all Natures blend and loving it.

By the way. I prayed for something to help my baby(as I stay with him and won’t leave him alone, he has severe separation anxiety since becoming ill). The day I prayed for help your food was presented to me and I believe it was a sign. I know it has helped him!

Thank you for creating this food.


Finally a food my dog looks forward to!
March 2, 2019

My dog is very food motivated. Food ...as in MY food. He’s never taken an interest to kibble or raw. I’d leave food out and he’d ONLY eat when he was really starving.

NOW... I leave Dr. Marty’s soaking on the counter and he jumps and barks at it just as he does when I grill steak.

Im so happy my baby finally loves what he’s eating. It hits the floor and it disappears :)

February 22, 2019
I use your dog food as a topper for my dog on his food. The first time I gave it to him I went to get the chicken that I used to have to put on top of his food for him to eat it when I turned around he had already eaten all his food. He lived it. I had to order 3 bags this time.

Food Love
February 21, 2019
I have been giving my two large dogs a topping of Dr. Marty's Nature Blend with their evening meal. They LOVE it! As soon as we open the bag to mix it, they appear at our heels to wait, and they snarf it down in no time flat. Happy dogs = happy dog parents.

GailConner-Seufferlein February 27, 2019

Have you seen any improvement in your dog using this dog food as a topper? I want to try a bag for my English Springer Spaniel who is 10 years old. He has allergies and is constantly licking his legs. And he doesn't have a lot of energy anymore I just thought this food might make him feel better and live a little bit longer. But it is to expensive to use it as his regular dog food.

This food is amazing!
February 19, 2019
My Lab is nearly 13 and I really want to make sure she's getting the absolute best food into her body on a consistent basis. I believe that food is either medicine or poison and I buy high-quality meats and vegetables for our family. But what the heck have I been feeding my dog? What's really in that stuff? My dog is slowing down, has allergies and minor aches on the stairs in our house... Some of that is to be expected, but one variable I do have control over is the regular nutrition I'm giving her. I thought I'd give this product a shot! I bought three bags (yes, it's expensive, but so is medicine and I consider food as medicine). I followed the instructions on the bag to start her on the new food, but for the first few days, she didn't seem interested in the food. I even thought I'd have to return it! Then I realized that she would eat the little "bits" of food by themselves out of my hand, but not when it was mixed in with her regular food the way you're supposed to when you change dog food. So I thought, OK, I'll just give her the full amount and see what happens. I removed all her old food, gave her the new food, and she ate it up. Obviously this isn't the right way to do it, but for us it worked. My dog literally didn't want to touch her old food anymore and wanted the new Dr. Marty food without it touching the old food!!! (If you have kids who can't stand their food touching, you know what I'm talking about, LOL!) So, needless to say, I'm ordering my next set of bags of food. That's my story, and I wanted to share because I'm so loving this stuff!!!

Dr. Marty’s Natures Blend
February 10, 2019
Both my dogs loved the food. When it’s time to eat they can’t wait for me to put their bowls down. Waiting for my second order to come. I do wish the price was lower because I have to feed two and it woul be better for my budget as I am retired.

Thank you
February 4, 2019
So I rescued my pit terrier 7 years ago. And I've been through about 15 different brands/flavors of food. Diamond just wouldn't eat it. She's literally gagged down some food after 2-3 days without eating. And I leave her food down 24/7 so she can eat whenever she likes. She would eat her treats but not the dog food. I finally started giving her table food, chicken, filet, turkey, duck etc... I'm a chef so she always ate good. But she has gained too much weight and became extremely lazy. So I watched Dr. Marty's video and figured I give it a try. It's been about 10 days now and what a drastic change I've seen. She LOVES it! I've done it wet and dry but she definitely enjoys it more dry. When I start preparing it she knows, she starts pacing and whining. She has been 100% more active and doesn't need help on the couch or bed. She jumps up with no problem. Thank you so much for giving me my best friend back. Yes it is extremely expensive but with this transformation, you can call me an idiot, I don't care. I will go into debt to have my best friend acting like a pup again. Once again thank you!

Canadian Dogs waiting for their food... terrible customer service
January 28, 2019
I ordered my Dr. Marty's food for my two dogs on jan 16th. they offer a 3-7 business day delivery time frame. I am still waiting. The tracking number to canada does not work and has said the same thing since the 17th of january. I called customer service today and at first the guy who answered could not tell me anything - After waiting on hold for 8 mins he came back and said it was because of our postal strike - I assured him our strike ended in december and we have regular mail service daily - - he then left me on hold again and came back and said he had contacted canada post and it would be 1-12 business days from today - there is no way he talked to canada post - and he didn't give me any number to track my ordered. I am wondering if this company is a big scam. very disappointed.

Kat February 01, 2019

Karen, I'm truly sorry to hear about this frustrating experience. I wanted to let you know that typically international shipping takes between 14-21 business days. Domestic shipping takes 2-7 business days. We are located in the United States so your package should arrive within the next week. I'm really sorry to hear about the miscommunication that occurred with one of our Customer Service agents. Can you please e-mail me at [email protected] so I can get more details regarding your phone call? I'd like to personally make sure that this doesn't happen again. If you have still not received your package after the 21 business days point, please email me at the e-mail above so that I can look into it right away. I can also send you your tracking number. I look forward to hearing from you and making this right.

KellyMorris February 04, 2019

As long as the package was shipped in a timely manner, how on earth does it make them a bad company because delivery takes so long. Dear gawd, if you're THAT impatient then go to the store. You should be giving a negative review to the shipping company!

Lousy customer service
January 23, 2019

I ordered Natures feast for my cat for the first time back in October of 2018. The first 3 bags my cat loved it. So I ordered another 3 bags but something went wrong. My cat ate from one of the bags a couple of times and then I noticed he stopped eating and going to the bathroom. I tried going back to his original food which was Science diet for indoor cats.

He still refused to eat. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and he had extremely high liver enzymes.He ended up in the hospital on a feeding tube and several medications. I came close to putting him down but I decided not to give up. I spent over $6000 to save his life.

I contacted Dr. Marty's company and they did give me a full refund but they wanted to know why I was returning the food. I was sent an email with a list of questions and I answered them. What makes me angry is this company has NOT responded back to me in any kind of way to let me know if they are investigating what may have happened with the bags of food I fed my cat. I've sent 3 emails asking for a response and I have called twice.

The only answer I am getting is, " Someone will get in touch with you." Which is a complete lie. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. All you get are lies and the run around. I would NEVER recommend this pet food company to anyone. I will be doing my best to get the word out about this company that they really don't care about their customers or animals lives.

If your pet means anything to you and I'm sure they do because they don't matter to Dr. Marty DON'T order from this company.

Kat January 24, 2019

Hi Sherry, my name is Kat with Dr. Marty Pets. I am so sorry that both you and your pet were put into this ordeal. This sounds like a highly stressful and emotional time and we would never wish this upon any pet or pet owner. Our customer service team does their best to respond in a timely manner and we pride ourselves on this. I will look into who your account and ensure that this never happens again. Please email me at [email protected] as it would be highly valuable feedback to learn more about your what happened.

Elizabeth Young February 05, 2019

I have the same experience with this company as this reviewer. They claim a money back guarantee and then ignore 7 emails and texts on how to return. You get a robo email or text on facebook claiming that they care and to email them the info and then they ignore it. My cat would have nothing to do with this food and they have the worst customer service you can provide!

Even the Racoons did not eat this
January 18, 2019
I purchased 20 bags of this cat food for my 6 cats. NONE of them would touch it. They even picked out the dry kibble that I mixed it with. They would not eat it even if it was the only food I put out. I even tried mixing in some Catnip.....I find it hard to believe that all 6 of my rescues are that finicky to walk away from something so highly touted. Perhaps Martha's cats are not as finicky as she thought. Thankfully I have ALL 20 bags to return for a full refund, minus the shipping.

ReneeLancaster January 24, 2019

Wouldn’t your dogs need much less of amount of food if there getting what they need instead of filling their bowls with just fillers. Bad food with junk. Makes sense to me

Kat January 24, 2019

Hi Claudia, my name is Kat with Dr Marty Pets. I'm sorry to hear that your cats did not enjoy our Nature's Feast formula. I understand this must have been frustrating. We understand that all cats are different so we will always stand by out 90 day money back guarantee. Please email me personally at [email protected] and I will ensure you receive a full refund.

Too expensive
January 15, 2019

I would love to give this dog food and cat food to my babies but I can't afford it on a teacher salary. I'm sure Opra can since she's wealthy and feeds it to her babies on crystal bowls. The sad thing is that , I'll have to find an alternative for my babies....

How about senior and educator discounts???

MarleneLeonard January 17, 2019

Try going to "Dr.Marty's Nature Blend" NOW

Kat January 18, 2019

Hi Elizabeth, I'm Kat from Dr. Marty Pets. Thank you for your valuable feedback regarding our products. We are always looking for suggestions and different ways to improve our customer's experiences so your review is not taken lightly. I've taken note of your review and have forwarded it to our Product Development Department. If it helps at all, we have just began giving discounts to returning customers. You can claim this discount on our website... Just click on the bar at the top of the page that says, "Returning customer? Discover your reorder discount!" Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you ever have any other suggestions.

December 28, 2018

It's sad that a good dog food cost's so much. If you watched Dr. Marty's 30-minute presentation, you'll notice he mentions different Hollywood movie stars, including Oprah, that came to him for help regarding their own dog's health. After feeding them Dr. Marty's formula their dogs liked it and I assume improved any health issues.

BUT NOTICE!! These are Hollywood millionaires. Of course, they could afford this dog food at $25.00 a pound!!! It's sad and shameful in my opinion that if Dr. Marty REALLY CARED about pets as he proposes he does, his dog food would not cost the same as my car payment each month. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Kat January 04, 2019

Hi Pat, I'm Kat from Dr. Marty Pets. I'm so sorry to hear that you were dissuaded from trying Nature's Blend because of the price. Nature's Blend is priced this way to reflect the high quality ingredients that make up this dog food. I did want to mention that we do tend to run sales pretty often. If you ever decide that you'd like to give your dog Nature's Blend to try, you can call our Customer Service Team at (800)-670-1839 and they can see if there are any discounts available. I'm so sorry to hear that you're upset about the price but I do hope this helped ease some of your worries. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you ever have any other questions or concerns.

PatPhillips January 05, 2019

Well honestly, not being sarcastic but your answer is as ridiculous as your price for dog food. What good would a coupon do unless it discounted 3/4 of what you're asking because what you're asking would literally cost me $700.00 a month for 2 dogs? Even then, what would I do the next month and the next month and the next month w/o a coupon? I have no doubt Dr. Marty's raw food is a high quality, healthy food. My complaint is, only well-off people can afford your price. To me, it's a shame because everyday Americans wish to feed their dog's high-quality food as well. But I will never believe the price you're asking is not gouging.


Obviously you folks have never had special diet food for a sick dog purchased thru a vet. 25 bucks a pound is cheap compared to the product my golden eats for pancreatitis. I will skip a meal or three to feed my fur babies. My golden and two schnauzers are family. The golden is 14, my old buddy is 16 and the Lil guy is 1.

PhilipJennings January 13, 2019

It's not the point of caring enough to spend that kind of money....it's that most of us regular folks don't have that kind of money to spend. Don't villanize people for having s tight budget...

PatPhillips January 13, 2019

Exactly, Philip! Well said. I love my 2 dogs and 2 cats, just as if they were children from my loins. I rescued all 4 of them and give them a great, spoiled life. They are fed food processed only in the USA, all organic, the first 3 ingredients are meat, no grains, etc. They get regular dental and the dogs get baths, trims, nails, etc. in a mobile van that comes every 3 months at $200.00 a visit. I LOVE MY PETS. I have skipped things to give my animals the best care, thus the reason I watched Dr. Marty's video. The food is way overpriced for us. That was my point as you stated.

Darlene January 26, 2019

Stacey, on a different subject, watch out on that food from your vet. Look at the ingredients and you'll see it is junk and actually bad for your pets. Most vets know nothing about nutrition and get kick backs from the dog food companies for selling their food. You don't have to believe me, but do some real checking into it. As far as this food, I am a senior on a tight budget, I foster dogs and have my own (which is why I have done in-depth research into proper feeding). I would love to use this food, but as others have said, it is not feasible. I could not find out this information on the website, but I am assuming 3 cups of food would take multiple bags. It is heartbreaking to realize money is more important to these companies than keeping all dogs healthy.

KimLayton Siano February 01, 2019

Pat, I'm sorry that you can't afford this food for your dogs, but what are you actually reviewing? Are you just writing a bad "review" because the food was bad or are you writing a bad "review" because the food is good? I don't think anyone should be allowed to review a product that they haven't even tried. I came on this site and wanted to know what people thought about the food or how it miraculously made their dog better or if it didn't. I try to research before I make a purchase of this price. If this is as good as they claim and is made with better quality ingredients, I would assume those ingredients cost quite a bit more than low quality ingredients. I expect to pay more at a restaurant that uses organic or fresh high quality ingredients or when I buy a better grade steak at the grocery store. Why wouldn't I expect to pay more for my dog's food if it is made with real meats and fish, not fillers, grains and by-products? This extra cost should be absorbed by the improved health of your dog. Wellness visits aren't as costly as sick visits to the vet. Better health, better dental health and happier pets come at a cost. How much are you paying on dog food now?

Patty OConnor February 03, 2019

I don’t understand how people can believe this when I attempted to order this you couldn’t and the cost was almos $400.99 people get fooled into believing what one Veternarian can say my little guy is nine years old and gets a clean bill of health every time we go