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BudgetAir.com, home of the travel site Budget Air, claims to help users find, compare, and book airfare from a wide range of airlines, as well as helping them find rental cars and hotels in your travel destination.

Many people wonder if websites like BudgetAir.com are legit.  These websites simply act as an aggregate website, collecting the current airfares from the major airlines, and when possible from airlines which specialize in affordable travel, to give you the most up-to-date information.

They also offer certain travel specials that are exclusively through their website. First, they offer “World Deals” which are special airfares that they have specifically negotiated with an airline.

World Deals are only available for certain flights and they only have a limited number of seats available at the special price. World Deals are a first come, first serve special travel deal.

BudgetAir.com also offers BudgetAir Special Fares, which is a discount fare that you can choose to accept without knowing the details of the airline carrier, arrival or departure times, or number of stops the flight will make.

If you choose a BudgetAir special fare, you have one hour after you book the flight to cancel it without penalty, should the details of the special fare be problematic for you.

When booking flights on BudgetAir.com, you can book for up to 6 travelers per reservation, and the booking must be completed 4 days in advance of your trip, as BudgetAir does not provide last minute travel arrangements.

If you need to make changes to your airline tickets after you have booked them, you will need to pay the fee required by the airline you are flying with, the difference between the tickets if there is one, and a $100 fee to BudgetAir.com.

If you have any experience with Budget Air or their services, please leave your reviews below.

BudgetAir.com Customer Reviews

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Zero Stars! Not Reliable!
December 24, 2022
Don't Trust Budget air!!!

BudgetAir is the worst & unreliable!
December 12, 2022

NEVER EVER make the mistake of buying an Air ticket with BudgetAir.com.

This is very disappointing despite continuous follow up with 14 reminders since 7th July 2020 (more than 2 years and 5 months passed away) cancelled booking BSA-******* intimation was received from BudgetAir.com but still they did not refund Ticket amount USD $505.40 with unjustified and illegal excuses as COVID-19 impact ended across the globe life return back to normal but not for the customers of BudgetAir.com.

Excuse of Airline taking long time to refund, keep lying, false promises and contradicting statements.

Sometimes they ask to contact the airline for the refund but airline in return says to contact where (BudgetAir.com) the ticket was bought and to whom payment was made.

I requested International Consumer Court/AITA/Trip Advisor to black list BudgetAir.com to protect the right of Customers/travelers.

December 1, 2022


Made reservations for a multi-leg Asian trip. One of the airlines changed their flight schedule that resulted in a 22-hour layover. This did not work with my schedule.

According to BudgetAir’s written policy:

“Unfortunately, sometimes airlines will need to make adjustments to accommodate changes to aircraft and routes. We have no control or influence over this. If this is something that happened to your flight(s), you should have received an e-mail from us informing you of the change(s).

When a major change to your schedule is made, the airline needs your confirmation on how you would like to proceed. Your options are:

• Accept the change(s) and proceed with your rescheduled flight

• Change the flight to another option

• Cancel the flight

The e-mail you received from us contains all the information you need to confirm your choice.”

I received an email notifying me that a change was made in the flight schedule. When I ‘clicked’ on the email, to my utter surprise, I was not given the above options, but instead, I received an instant confirmation that I accepted the flight changes! I immediately sent an email to BudgetAir that I was not given the options as outlined in their policy and the flight change was unacceptable. I received a reply instructing me to use their ‘Live Agent’ chat.

I contacted BudgetAir via their ‘Live Agent’ chat and explained the situation. They said that since the flight changes were “confirmed”, there was nothing they could do. So, I asked for a telephone number I could call, and I was informed that their “telephones were not working’. I next asked if a supervisor could review my case. The “Live Agent’ refused my request. I made several additional requests via the ‘Live Agent’ chat to have my case reviewed since I was not given the options outlined above. Customer Service refused to review my case.

In the end, I was informed that the airlines that changed their schedule did not have another flight that worked for me and my only option was to cancel the entire trip.

Upon cancelling the trip, BudgetAir hit me with several ‘hidden’ charges and I ended up paying 31% of the original purchase price to cancel the trip. Beware!

Never trust BudgetAir.com
November 27, 2022

I booked a departure flight from BudgeAir.com. Their system asked me to finished the payment which I did. Later, It showed a problem with the booking, and asked me to re-enter the departure schedule.

I noticed the time for departure had a one hour difference. I accepted the time schedule. However, when I received the etickets, it automatically changed the return date which the system didn't ask me to change. I believe that is their system design problem or they did it on purpose to charge more fees.

Therefore, I told customer service that I couldn't accept the schedule. They told me I have to pay extra fees for changing or canceling the schedule. But I want to cancel the booking (because they charge very high changing fees) and I refuse to pay the fees, but they are not responding to my case.

This company is scam which has the lowest price on Google flight search, but are charging customers additional fees for changing and canceling flights. Be aware.

November 13, 2022

My wife and I bought one-way tickets from Chicago to Chiangmai, Thailand on 9.5.22 for $580 per child (5 & 7) and $724 per adult - e-tickets # 1807833268206 and Booking Number KBUSW-0822282 for a total of $2,608.60 USD + $10 USD servicing fee. On November 7th, we were notified that our November 19th international flight to Thailand was cancelled and no alternate flight arrangements were made. We received no phone call, and we have yet to be reimbursed for the expense. I called Korean Airlines, and they said that those flights were no longer available; however, they have a policy that would allow for alternate travel to be booked free of charge with Korean Airlines +/- 7 days of the original scheduled departure; however, since Budgetair.com filed a reimbursement on 11.10.22 without authorization from us or contacting us, we have effectively waived our right to reschedule our flight at the original cost of our airline purchase on 9.5.22. If you’re reading this review, it’s likely too late to warn you, and you have likely also fallen prey to this fraudulent scam. Budget air should be avoided at all cost. We had to rebook our travel, and it cost us $10,000 to book travel to Thailand on 11.12.22. We are absolutely disgusted.

Absolute Trash
September 4, 2022

If you just googled to see if the extra $5 you save through budgetair is worth it. Please please please don't. There service is absolute trash. If anything goes wrong, they keep your money.

Just don't buy from them. Anyone but them

Scam! Avoid!
August 11, 2022
Flight was canceled and no refund forthcoming. Sent multiple emails and these are ignored. No phone numbers just on line chat which gets to the point where the agent seems to agree, says I will look into it. Then "Thanks for your query I'm glad I could help, goodbye". I don't understand how this business can be allowed to operate as it is obviously dishonest.

Robbed by BudgetAir
July 14, 2022
Horrible, trash and garbage describe this organization. They incorrectly scheduled my flights and when I inquired about this they blamed me and put me at fault. They did not refund me anything or reschedule my flights so 3K$ vanished to this organization and I never set foot on a plane. I was forced to file a complaint with the BBB and am looking into further legal action because I felt like i got robbed. I would be happy to see this company go bankrupt.

Zero Stars! Do Not Trust Budget Air, Not Reliable!
July 8, 2022

Booked a ticket through BUDGET AIR 4 days ago, and received an email confirmation saying I'll receive my e-ticket in 24 hours. Didn't get my e-ticket, so-called Air India, and talked to supervisor- gave reference #, they said the ticket wasn't booked by BUDGET AIR & verified with my credit card company: transaction went thru.

Contacted BUDGET AIR via chat (as they DON'T EVEN HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE #) per rep PRIYANKA: 1st LIE: your card dint go thru, after letting her know I verified with my credit card company, the transaction was approved, 2nd LIE: booking request canceled by an airline- per email I received from budget air. 3rd reason: Booking request on our website failed. During the booking process, the airline provided us with incorrect seat availability for the price you selected- per email I received from budget air.

The phone # they sent me # *******777 is Vayama.com (per google search: Travix closed Vayama brand that operated in the Americas effective September 22,2020). Even after calling 100 times, you won't be able to reach customer service.


BUDGET AIR (parent company TRAVIX) is NOT LEGIT!

Scam..Don't Fall Here
May 25, 2022

I booked today from budget air. I was waiting for the tickets, but I didn't receive it. So I mailed them regarding this and they replied they have cancelled the ticket and will refund it.

I am so worried about the reviews here. I have a suggestion all these are scams and never fall to it. God will really show them up. I trust in almighty

Please Avoid! Don't Trust Google Flights Too!
May 24, 2022

I should have looked at the reviews first!!! They are absolutely scammers. They give you a customer service number with a message that they cannot answer calls?!! I booked a flight and added premium service to waive rebooking fees and now that I wanted to rebook - I still get a fee added! They should be shut down!

Cheaters And Scammers
May 19, 2022

CHEATERS AND SCAMMERS. No respect at all. Update your freaking website to make it more transparent, don't make your customers buy tickets and charge them more if they want to change a flight or cancel it. You might get rich by scamming but it is our hard earned money. Will never recommend this to anyone. Bloody hell, and they don't even reply to emails and stop chatting with you.

Do not buy ticket from budget air
May 13, 2022

Do not buy any tickets from this website .

No customers service exists. Just a robot chat function which does nothing . And a contact us service which sends you back an email with an apology and do not bother themselves to read your email or the issue.

Shut Them Down!
May 4, 2022
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! This is a scam! They do not refund your flights and will not respond to any email or telephonic communication. Book with the airline directly. This SCAM company should be shut down.

Scam website
February 19, 2022


This is the first time I used a non trustworthy website to book a ticket for the sake of saving 500 rupees! But due to some personal issues I had to cancel this ticket, booking was made and cancelled on 24th January 2022 and till today 19 February 2022 am fighting for my money, its 17,000 rupees can you believe it?

There is no customer service number or office, rather need to wait for the unprofessional customer service agent to show up on website chat.

I have been hearing different responses each time saying it's already refunded, my ifsc code is wrong, or it will reach me in 4 working days. Trust me this is a scam and never ever book a ticket with them.

I'm gonna contact my friend who is a lawyer to take some legal action on this company.

Zero Stars. Plane Tickets Never Issued!
August 16, 2021

Zero stars. Was just denied boarding because BudgetAir DID NOT BOOK OUR FLIGHTS. They sent us an itinerary, and when we showed up to the airport, the operating airline, American Airlines, showed that the tickets were never issued.

They say that the airline Qatar Airlines changed our flight, and BudgetAir never rebooked us on the replacement flight. We were never notified of the change, BUDGET AIR WAS, AND NEVER TOOK CARE OF IT.

Guess what? They are also the ONLY ones who can re-issue the tickets, and guess what else?? NO customer service is available (they have a Facebook messenger, but never responded and the auto-message says, “we will try to get back to you WITHIN THE SAME DAY” are you KIDDING ME???)

We are disputing the charge through our credit card company, and we will also be asking for reparations for our missed hotel costs and transportation fees to and from the airport.

Scam, don’t want to refund me my money
April 23, 2021

Stay away from budget air I purchased a ticket using my own credit card and canceled my flight they took the money out of my account but used their own card to purchase my ticket it took them forever to send me my confirmation number. The flight was canceled they money went back to their card and don’t want to refund me my money.

I called my bank to put a claim the bank contacted them they don’t answer. I called they told me to call my bank to cancel the dispute and get a charge back withdrawal letter and email it to them and they will refund me the money and I called my bank and explained it to them I’m told to not cancel the dispute because If I do and send the letter to them they will never refund me the money it’s a scam stay away from buying from budget air.

The first time I called them the lady on the phone told me it will take 45-60 days to get a refund. They disconnected the phone on your face. The got my money. And I asked for a manager she told me they don’t have a manger what company don’t have a supervisor or manager it’s like a running scam company they have an accent hard to understand them.

August 31, 2020

I have an issue with my flights due to administrative oversight by BudgetAir. And due to Covid19 they have NO customer service phone response.

I was stuck. Sent emails waiting for resolution. Initially BudgetAir responded with a confusing mail about refund and 760 days. After that they formally informed me that my flight has been cancelled.

I spoke to Emirates Airlines, who were available on the phone during Corvid19, and they confirmed as BudgetAir did NOT re-confirm 21 days prior to departure. BudgetAir booking administration was at fault as Emirates said they informed all travel agents and it seems they did not respond and re-confirm the flight details. Emirates helped and resolve the tickets 24 hours before departure, yet I was still receiving cancellation mails from BudgetAir.co.uk, even though we had already departed from LHR.

And I also found out that all the companies are related BudgetAir -> Travix.com -> Trip.Com (and Skyscanner).

In the T

Horrible company
August 9, 2020
I booked my return tickets to Japan with Budget in January this year, we boarded Diamond Princes and was stuck in Yokohama when due to return. I was trying to cancel / reschedule my tickets by calling the emergency line and it is not in service. I called the airline but they sent me back to Budget. Emailed them and only received a reply two month's later when I finally returned to Canada after a month long quarantine saying due to the high value of calls, they couldn't help us! Avoid this agency at all cost if you can! Spend a few more dollars may save you a lot in the end!

Absolutely Abysmal
March 2, 2020

So final update from the story started below. After 4 days of procrastination from budgetair.co.uk their final response is........your flight change remains the same. So in effect all the talk about helping find a solution to the absurd time change (leaving at 09:00 and arriving at 21:40) has rendered no change, as I expected.

Also because it has taken 4 days, all the decent prices for the 11:45 to 20:55 outward service are finished. Yesterday morning I saw flights for this service at £550. Now they are £700.

As the title says, Absolutely Abysmal.

Safe to say that I've learnt a painful lesson about using these types of companies to buy airline tickets. When there are no changes, everything goes well. But if the airline changes the schedule, DON'T EXPECT ANY HELP.


I'm in the middle of a flight issue with this organisation and so far I'm not happy with what I've seen.

Booked an air France flight with them that was meant to get me to my destination at 17:45 after a 9am Heathrow departure.

Received an email this morning telling me the chosen flight has been cancelled and I'm now on the same departure but arriving 21:40.

Spent over an hour on the phone to Budget Air, only to be told "we'll review other options and get back to you within 4 days".

Four days? I know that KLM (same family as air France) have an 11:45 departure that arrives at the same destination at 20:55. Not ideal but better that a 10 hour 40 minute travel day.

I'm not confident that I'll get the result I want.

Either way, I'll never use Budget Air again.

Alex I held on the phone for 3 hours this morning. No reply. My details are:


Dear Alex, I heard nothing from your team, despite your reply. Was your message just for show?

However I had a response from Air France.

Dear Mr. Mark Kofi,

Thank you for your prompt response.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. However, it is the responsibility of the travel agency to coordinate with the trade support department for any reservations they have with any airline. I highly recommend that you advise your travel agency to contact our department to coordinate with any modifications on your booking.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,


Air France Sales