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Started of strong, then not as good.
October 22, 2015
The service was okay. The first month the counselor wrote to me every day and presented helpful tips, the second month it slowed down to every other day. This third month she writes back once a week. I decided to cancel after that because with face to face therapy at least you know you get your full hours worth.

Samantha M White October 24, 2015

I am a counselor with BetterHelp, and I cannot say why the counselor dropped back to once a week, but I like the fact that a subscriber may contact me as many times A DAY as they want to, and I will always respond. With this kind of counseling, the subscriber is in charge of the pace, and is not limited to how often dialogue can occur. The counselor may have thought that since she wasn't hearing from you, you had lost interest.

Samantha M White October 24, 2015

I am a counselor with BetterHelp, and I cannot say why the counselor dropped back to once a week, but I like the fact that a subscriber may contact me as many times A DAY as they want to, and I will always respond. With this kind of counseling, the subscriber is in charge of the pace, and is not limited to how often dialogue can occur. The counselor may have thought that since she wasn't hearing from you, you had lost interest.

Yehoo11 October 25, 2015

Thank you for the response. I would usually answer the next morning after I got a reply which is usually in the evening. I would sometimes have to send a reminder several days later to get a response. The quality of the responses dropped as well. I used to get helpful tips and resources but I started getting a few lines of comment, that seemed more like talking to friend rather than therapy.

Samantha M White October 25, 2015

'Sounds like the counselor was a poor fit for you, and I'm sorry you had a negative experience. If you try BetterHelp again, you can ask for a different counselor at any time. I can tell you that I am highly qualified, experienced, licensed, etc. and my impression is that most of the counselors are the same. We have to submit all kinds of documents and credentials to be accepted by them, but - just as in face-to-face therapy - not everyone will like the same therapist. BTW, BetterHelp prefers to call it counseling, because therapy, which is more clinical, doesn't lend itself as well to texting.

Convenient Online Help at your Fingertips !
October 19, 2015

I'm really impressed with this program. They have a nifty little app to download on your phone so help is literally seconds away.

I've found this really great for my anxiety. Whenever something starts to make me feel anxious, I can tell someone immediately instead of waiting to see a therapist in person. My counselor is super understanding even when I feel like I'm rambling and not making sense. She helps me look at things objectively without any bias that I would generally get from a family member or friend.

I also love that it's discreet and non-invasive. I get to keep my anonymity but still get genuine help from a professional who doesn't have any pre-existing assumptions about who I am. It's especially great if you're from a small town like I am where it's hard to deal with anything privately. Instead of suffering in silence I know I can pull out my phone and get help almost right away.

My only complaint is that it's a little pricey, and might not be a long-term solution for me given that money is tight. But it's definitely an awesome stepping stone to getting better!

So convenient!
October 16, 2015

So far I am really loving my therapist. She's so helpful and supportive and it's easier for me to communicate via messaging. What's great is you get the one free phone call, which I haven't used yet.

Just the convenience of talking to your therapist when you NEED to talk to them and not scheduling for when it's convenient in your day (when you might not remember all the emotional struggles you're having as vividly). Also, my therapist is very responsive. The longest I've waited for her to reply was maybe 2 hours. She's really on top of it.

BetterHELP???? SCAM!!!
October 15, 2015
They charged my debit card $140 when I sent them one message telling them the service would not work for me. The con-artist/ therapist kept messaging me, beckoning a response. When I responded after three weeks, telling them the service would not work for me, they instantly charged my debit card $140. The social worker's name is Christine Gallagher, and she is personally at fault.

msaprilmae October 16, 2015

I was charged too before my trial, but they refunded me because I had told them I cancelled before my trial ended and they gladly sent me my money back. I also applied for financial aid and was approved to get 50% off my services. I find it to be a very good service.

Bee October 23, 2015

The therapists are not con artists. They are all licensed professionals who are NOT employees of Betterhelp - they are independent contractors. They have nothing to do with collecting your payment -- nor does your payment go directly to them. There is absolutely no benefit to the therapists by Betterhelp "overcharging" you. They are paid a flat fee weekly which is a percentage of what you pay and they are only paid if you write to them that week. Please don't go around defaming someone's name when you have no idea what you're talking about. Betterhelp clearly made a mistake. Contact them and contact your credit card company to work it out.

Samantha M White October 24, 2015

When you sign up for BetterHelp, read the terms of agreement up-front. They say they will start billing if you choose to continue beyond the 7-day free trial, and the rate is currently $35/wk. billed monthly, which means $140/month.

Amazing in so many ways!
October 14, 2015
I'm a full time student, on top of that I work and I have a busy life. This allows me to talk back and forth with my counselor on my time. Sometimes the replies could take a few hours but I still love it. They work with me and your really not going to find a better price. I was seeing someone face to face and I knew the person and was still getting charged $90 a session which was an hour long. She normally charges $180! This is so much cheaper and I feel like I'm getting more use out of it!

Platform COULD work if they would utilize it
October 13, 2015

I initially didn't care wether or not I had a female/ male counselor, but it became apparent that I wasn't comfortable with a female counselor. So i changed counselor and was repeatedly ( AFTER II had changed my settings and sent messages to them about needing a male counselor) was matched with female therapists.

After the 5th , yes they matched me 5 times incorrectly , I canceled my account.

Moral: if you're fine with the luck of the draw, this will do. but don't ask for anything specific because that wont happen.

I love it so far
October 12, 2015

Ive been using the site for a week and my counselor is great. She allows me to talk and get actual help. I live abroad and to get an appointment here you need to go through a lot and then wait a half a day to get seen by someone. Here I can log on during my work and traffic, no lines or clipboards and waiting the counselor seems to know what she knows and offers great help.

Lets see. I have been using it for one week so cannot objectively review better, but for now 5 stars.

What a fantastic experience
October 12, 2015
Ii signed up for the free trial and I thought I wouldn't get any attention till I had to pay. I was given a therapist right away, Jenn Moragas and she has been amazing. I am so happy to have her in my life, she will save my relationship with my partner and with myself. What a great service...

Easy to use
October 12, 2015
I am really appreciating having easy access to an counselor to help me through this tough period of my life. It's a big help that you are able to change counselor very easily if you feel that someone isn't working for you. As someone who is struggling with anxiety, social interaction and guilt, it was nice to not feel obligated to stay with someone who just wasn't a good fit.

October 11, 2015
This is the BEST thing that I could have done for myself and it doesn't interrupt my day/schedule.

Great Support
October 10, 2015

The team here is fantastic. Everyone is willing to help you in every possible way from finances to personal issues to life situations. The counselor/therapist assigned to me is extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. I have a few issues plaguing me at the same time and have quite a unique situation adding more issues. My counselor has taken the 'norm' techniques and has been able to adapt them to my situation which has helped a great deal.

This venue is the best way to go. Not only is the cost affordable but you get the help and support when you need it on a daily basis without having to book appointments, travel to an office and/or try to coordinate it when your partner is available. for me that would be difficult because my fiancée is an over the road trucker and is only home 4 to 5 days every 6 to 8 weeks so it is next to impossible to work on anything - however my counselor found a way. It's great.

Thank you everyone here at BetterHelp :-)

Shayne Willis
October 7, 2015
I was able to talk to Mr. Stokes about something I was unable to talk to anybody else about. He let me know that I shouldn't feel guilty about it. That sexual desire is normal and that I shouldn't feel guilty about self-gratification. He was very understanding. He helped me a great deal. Thanks again.

Shayne Willis October 13, 2015

I have been trying to find out for the past two days if Michael Stokes is gay or not, Because he says he has a lot of experience with LGBT issues and he has a video online that portrays him as being gay( though he don't say so in the video) and I Just want to know for my own personal benefit if he is. I sent THREE e-mails to his office in CT. and ,even though they SAY they will respond within 24 hours, I have yet to get a response. I even called his office on the phone and left TWO messages to send me an e-mail to answer my question, and no response. I know that what Mr. Stokes does in his private life (dating guys or sleeping with them) is his business. ALL i'M asking is if he is gay.. The last email I sent said that if I didn't get a response with the yes or no answer I wanted by tomorrow,10-14-15, I was going to retract my review and let Better Help know about it and if I did come back to Better Help, that I would request another counselor because if he couldn't be honest about this, then I don't know if his counseling to me was honest.

Samantha M White October 24, 2015

As a counselor, myself, I don't feel required to reveal anything personal about myself to a client or subscriber, such as my financial worth, religion, or sexual orientation or proclivities. Some counselors identify themselves as being gay, or Christian, or in the high income bracket, etc., but I do think Mr. Stokes gets to decide what he wants to share and thereby make public. Mr. Willis, I suggest you ask yourself why you need to know this, and if you really do, then you need a counselor who is willing to share that information. I do not know why Mr. Stokes did not address this himself.

Shayne Willis October 25, 2015

Miss White, I don't know why he didn't either. I agree,counselors don't have to tell you anything about theirself. But , I'm from Virginia and live in Tn. and, like I've told my current counselor, in this area, the LAST thing you want anyone to know is if you're gay. Now, I'm not, but most of the guys up here, if they are married or not, if they do ANYTHING with a guy sexually, it's very much so kept either between them or ,if their wife knows about it and is ok with it, kept between them and their wife. I was just asking a simple question. It's not like I was going to go to CT. and hurt or kill him or try to have sex with him if he is.It was just a simple question because I got that impression from a video he had on line about helping others start their own counseling business. So, there you have it.What's even worse is he even had Better Help suspend my account because of it and that gave me the impression that he is gay and is ashamed of it. All he had to do was say "I am" or "I don't feel comfortable discussing my personal life with clients unless I think It's relevant."

Samantha M White October 25, 2015

It has been generous of you to share your experience, Mr. Willis. I guess when someone refuses to respond, the inference to be drawn is, "No comment."

Good luck. I hope you find what you need.

Shiloh October 26, 2015

Mr. Willis, I think you need to take a serious look into WHY you would need/want to know what your counselor's sexual orientation is. Ask yourself... What does it matter? If he's providing you with the help you need, providing you with professional service and sound advice from his professional point of view, who cares who he dates, sleeps with, or chooses to marry? That's like asking a cashier if they're gay and refusing to go through their line at the grocery store until you know what their sexual preference is. It's ridiculous. If they scan all of your items, charge you the correct amount, are courteous and professional when doing so... It doesn't matter. Regardless of whether he's ashamed of it or not, it is absolutely, positively, unequivocally NOT your business. It's very presumptuous of you to demand that man to divulge any personal information about himself purely to gratify YOUR morbid and unnecessary curiosity.

Shayne Willis October 27, 2015

Mr/Mrs. Shiloh, Then I guess the next time you have any repair work done to your house , you don't need to ask any questions about the bill, just go ahead and pay it because it don't matter how much it is. If they did work then you shouldn't ask why or how. It's the same thing . So , you're saying I don't have the right as Free American citizen to ask any body any questions. Got news for you,I DO. I saw a video ad he placed online and that made me curious. I have that right also. I agree ,he didn't have to tell me. But I CAN STILL ASK.

Amazing online resource
October 5, 2015
Betterhelp has been a wonderful mental health resource. With an extremely busy schedule it was difficult to get in to see a therapist in person so I decided to give Betterhelp a try. Initially the free trial was going well but then the therapist was unresponsive. Betterhelp was quick to help me get connected with a new therapist and she has been wonderful! Professional, insightful, responsive. Everything I could ask for! Definitely a useful online therapy resource!

September 29, 2015
Living where I live it's hard to get the help I need...when I came across this site I thought hey why not give it a try and so far its wonderful and I love it. I like that I am able to express myself and let things off my chest and talk whenever I need too. I would recommend this site to anyone and everyone that needs help or support!

Refund? Heck no. They'll Just Lie To You, Repeatedly....
September 18, 2015

The service, while slow, was fine. I'll admit that.

However, when they charged me and I closed my account, they supposedly had issued a refund that same day (9/11) that would take, according to them, 1-3 business days to be processed by my bank. When I confronted them about it not being refunded, they told me it had been but they were issuing another refund that would, again, take 1-3 business days to be processed. It's still not processed, so they've effectively stolen my money and I am now having to dispute this claim with the bank. (Thank goodness for the emails showing they supposedly had refunded my money, so I can prove it.) Be wary of this company!

Great Service allows for real Honesty and Self Discovery
September 18, 2015
BetterHelp did a great job at matching me with someone that could help me and made me feel comfortable and safe. At first I doubted if online counseling could really work; however, I found that it allowed me to take the time to reflect and answer questions on a deeper and more honest level than when I felt rushed by the time restraints of an in person session. I will definetly keep BetterHelp on my resource and support system! Thank you,

Shayne Willis October 08, 2015

Yes, I agree. My counselor, Michael Stokes, allowed me to be honest about my problem and allowed me to express my guilt about it AND showed me what my guilt was REALLY coming from. I also had to cancel after my trial due to financial reasons but Mr .Stokes was STILL a major help to me.

I love it
September 14, 2015
I've been trying with another online therapy and had really bad experience with it. Then I found this website on Google and I love it! My counselor is very nice and caring. Even though she said she would not be able to reply me immediately, but she always replied me as as fast as she could. She is like my second best friend that I can trust and talk just about anything. The customer service is also very caring. They checked on me just after a few days I use the service. I am also happy with the rate of their prices, it's cheaper comparing to the other therapy. Definitely recommended if you are looking for someone to talk to or complain about your life.

Absolutely Needed!
September 14, 2015
My time with BetterHelp has been invaluable. Being able to work with someone who cares and has so much knowledge to help me cope in a difficult time is something I will always be grateful for. I'm much more focused and I know there is a positive outcome to my current situation and I have BetterHelp to thank for that.

September 12, 2015
BetterHelp has gone above and beyond to help me in so many ways! My counselor has such a wealth of knowledge and gives me so many treasures out of it! We converse about once or even twice a day, which when you have the right counselor as I do, is so much better than once a week (even though I love my regular counselor too - I just couldn't get enough of her =( ...). Even in the first week my BetterHelp counselor helped me tremendously. I have severe clinical depression, and I absolutely couldn't function as well without her counseling. Thank you so much to all my counselors and to BetterHelp!!!!

Help During Despair
September 8, 2015
My counselor Brandon has been great. He gives great advice. He is both sensitive and objective, which I really appreciate. He and this service has been a great help to me during this difficult stage in my life. I would recommend BetterHelp to anyone who needs someone to talk to to make sense of the chaos of life.