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January 16, 2023

Rogue traders, avoid! Use a firm that doesn’t take your money up front, this firm will rip you off, absolute thieves.

If I could give minus 5 stars I would
November 23, 2022

If I could give this company minus 5 stars, I would. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and they made the experience a hundred times worse. It was honestly the most stressful experience I have had in my 37 years. I booked and was told I was on the cusp of needing 2 or 3 vans. I added 30 more boxes to my booking and assumed this would take me to the 3 van minimum. I was called 48 hours before my move and told I'd have 5 people and 2 vans. Happy with this if they thought that's what it would take. Only one van and 3 people arrived, late and this meant we missed our completion time by 4 and a half hours. I had to send the van on to my new home, without having completed (luckily it was a new build and developer was very understanding), my buyer was irate and wouldn't allow my solicitor to use funds from sale to complete on my purchase until the house was vacant, so I and my 63 year old mum had to empty two thirds of the house out into the garden (2 flights of stairs). The poor team who did turn up had to work until 10pm just to make sure that my stuff was safe and in my new place.

I called AnyVan on the day to let them know what was happening and was told they would get hold of the removals company (yes, apparently AnyVan just work like a broker - not something that was obvious on their website). I waited an hour and never got a call back. I them called again and got a very apologetic sounding lady who promised to call me back the next day, to discuss compensation, but never did. All this left me with a bill from my buyer for their additional removal fees, and other costs, due to missing contractual completion time, without a home that I actually owned (again, I was very lucky that the developer was so understanding), and highly stressed by the while situation.

I complained to AnyVan for their colossal F up and was told that because this was a case of "he said, she said" they would not tale the complaint any further. Disgusting customer service from what appeared to be a good company. Honestly I cannot rate these cowboys poorly enough. Please save yourself a lot of stress and go ANYWHERE else.

AnyVan are Criminals.
November 17, 2022

Anyvan is a CRIMINAL organization. They stole 350£ from me today. Horrible customer service. Clearly do not care. Simply want your cash and then it’s “FU”. The worst experience I have had in years. Please use any other company!!!!

Criminal Activity?
October 28, 2022

They took a booking for a job they could never had fulfilled.

They couldn't provide the service and refused to give a refund.

I am not a car expert. When I requested the job I told them that I had a non-operational hybrid car (due to water damage/flooding).

As the car's electrical system was fried, the electric brake could not be released. There was a manual overide, but it only worked for the front wheels.

After being unable to load the car I spoke to a number of other garages and they knew this would be an issue immediately.

Same applied to the driver of the pick up truck driver who knew that we would not be able to overide the electric brakes.

Any Van have refused any compensation or refund, despite the service not being started or completed. Which is frustrating as it seems anyone with any car knowledge would have known that the job was never possible.

Stolen Money
September 18, 2022

Driver was abusive and refused to do the job.

Anyvan refusing a refund

Total rip off scam company
July 26, 2022

Total scam company, stay well clear you have been warned. Unfortunately I did not read the endless bad reviews saying exactly the same thing!

Shoddy, Incompetent, Unprofessional
June 21, 2022

zero is too much to rate this company, their website is bogus, their shining reviews are self written I'm certain. Cost me an additional £170 in time and financial output to rectify the missing, broken and uncollected items as arranged when the first van apparently brakes failed and was notified 10mins prior to the arranged collection time.

Was offered a £12 refund from the insulting senior jobsworth when the whole move cost me £310 in total. AVOID at ALL COST LITERALLY!!!

May 30, 2022

If I could give this company minus 5 stars I would. Arranged for them to do our house move. We had both taken the day off work for the move. They had not arrived at the appointed time even though their tracker stated they were near our house.

We had to call them to find out they were broken down 30 miles away and had no idea what time they could get to us - this was at 10:30.

Called Any Van headquarters and was told a van would definitely be with us that day. We then received another call at 3pm from headquarters to say nobody would be coming and that the first person should not have promised us they would.

We were lucky in that we had a few more days left on our lease but if we had been exchanging that day it would have been a disaster.

Unprofessional, caused stress & received items 2 days later
May 20, 2022

Having been told by the venue that the items were not collected, and the driver drove away without them. I called customer service immediately via my work phone. As I was on hold/waiting in a queue for 5+ minutes by this point I decided to use the instant messenger service at 11:05 and advised the person that the driver had 2 contact numbers for me who made the booking, plus two different contacts at the venue to ensure this did not happen. I was advised the day team had been contacted and once they find a resolution, they will contact me.

So I hung up my work phone believing someone will call me. I advised how worried I was as I could see the driver traveling further away from the venue. The person on the chat ended the conversation at 11:12. I was not happy with this, so I called the driver at 11:19 and he cancelled my call. So I called customer service again as still not heard anything, and whilst on hold I went back on to instant messenger at 11:20 to ask for any news and advise them that the driver did not answer my call.

I was told at 11:24 that someone will call me, and the day team are aware of the situation. The same information given before, but no had contacted me, hence I was calling them again. Finally, someone answered at 11:29 so it took 40 mins to speak to someone over the phone in person which is not acceptable.

The person on the phone did not know what was going on, which I was very annoyed with because I had been told that the day team were on the case well over 30 mins prior and were chasing the driver. This was not the case.

I advised them of the issue and how worried we were. There was some going back and forth of her calling the driver to find out what happened etc. I advised her that the driver did not call me and that both numbers of the people at the venue were not contacted. She advised me the driver did call one number, but there were two numbers. I was told there will be a rescheduling fee of 50% of what we had already paid. We paid £94 for this collection and delivery of three items, and she was requesting we pay £47 extra when it was no fault of our own.

Absolutely shocking and they wanted it to be paid up front. After the drivers mess up of collecting our items, we were not feeling very comfortable paying up front, how could we trust that this would not happen again. The lady spoke to her managers and advised me that we had to pay the rescheduling fee and they will not invoice us. I said we are a business to business. I requested a shorter collection time and was offered a three hour time frame. My colleague then spoke to her because we were not happy with the resolution. We managed to agree to the collection time frame of a two hour slot. None of the directors were in to pay the extra £47 over the phone, one of which was out of the country.

It is absolutely shocking that they would not invoice a company. We had to disturb the director who was out of the country on a well-earned holiday to make a bank transfer.

So the reschedule was agreed, items were collected the next morning, but then i see on the tracker around 3:30pm that the driver is well over 2 hours and 20 mins away when I had agreed with the lady at customer service that the items were to be delivered by 4pm, latest 5pm. So again I had to go on instant messenger. More time wasted again. We just couldn't believe it. I had to wait for my contact at customer service to call me because you end up waiting a very long time on hold every time you call. I was told ‘let me see what the driver can do’ by this time traffic would be building up and he was not working his way South, still seemed to be doing other courier jobs. There was absolutely no way the driver could make it here by 5pm . They didn't hear me when I said there is no way they can. Eventually they realised. We had to reschedule for the next morning for delivery. It took from me contacting the instant messenger an hour and 30+ minutes to organise the new delivery.

We have no idea where our items were kept overnight.

The whole situation has been a complete shambles and I have wasted at least 5+ working hours chasing and sorting this all out. AnyVan are unprofessional and the people on instant messenger are not helpful at all. I am seeking an email to make a formal complaint. We paid for a service and did not receive the agreed service.

May 16, 2022

We bought a range rover sport WN10 KTF from SYNETIQ on 8th April 2022 and we had to hire a delivery company to deliver this car to us. The company we hired was "ANYVAN". We paid a total amount of £381 and the pickup date was 11 april 2022.

Anyvan sent us the drivers details and phone number: MR PETER. He phoned us and took all the details about the car from us. He called us on sunday 10th april morning to ask for those details. But the delivery date was supposed to be 11th at 9am. Then on the 11th evening peter called us and said we can't pick up your car because the company is not releasing it.

Then we contacted the company : SYNETIQ and they said we already released the range rover at 9.05am. Then we called ANYVAN to ask where the car is and they said peter didn't collect the car and they don't know anything about where the car is.

The reference number from Anyvan we received was: AV7344893

PETER OR ANYVAN car hire are thieves!!! They stole our car. Do not trust this company!

Do Not Use!
May 13, 2022

If everything went well with your dealings with AnyVan good for you.

The fact is that AnyVan are a sales organization. Full stop. By this I mean they have very few staff. The collection and delivery men are sub contract. As far as I can see the storage they use is also sub contract too.

We dealt with a really helpful Sales guy called Barney. He sold the AnyVan to us. The utmost care would be taken with our possessions and we should not worry at the fact that our items would have to go into Storage for a while - as the containers were all clean, sealed and kept at a constant temperature. The furnishings would be wrapped in protection so nothing could go wrong.

The Collection Men duly arrived at the set time / date. This is where the "journey" started. They guys although very polite told us they were "sub contract"....meaning they weren't employed by AnyVan. Honestly, they were useless. Clueless. We were horrified as they dragged out the Washing Machine leaving a trail of water behind them....then dragging our lovely white mattress through it. Where was the cover for the mattress that you promised Barney ??? In fact where were the covers for anything ???? The settee... They huffed and puffed and tried this way and that to "force" it through the doorway....eventually I showed them how to turn it so it easily went through. And so it went on with all our items....

I rang Barney to alert him as to my concerns...."oh he's not available"....I emailed reply. Christmas and New Year came and went...still nothing. So I called Customer Services. Well I may as well have spoken to the wall. The lady frankly was useless. She had a "what do you want me to do about it attitude?"

So, the day of the delivery from the items having been in storage for some 4 months. Our fears were realized. Even the Delivery guy was apologetic. Now bear in mind ALL our furnishing were previously in A1 condition. The £800 mirror had bashed in corners, the £225 picture chipped and the canvass cut, the Dining Table and chairs filthy and chipped, the settee filthy, the bed, soaked with dirty water etc etc. I have photos of all this BTW and how the items were jammed into the delivery lorry with no protection.

Fortunately I had their "upgraded" Insurance Policy...Ha !! What a joke. As derisory £250 for damage to £3,000 worth of goods.

I made AnyVan aware of all this. Have I received an must be joking....

Great service
April 28, 2022
Excellent service, competitive prices and great customer service too. Will certainly use again and I have no hesitation in recommending AnyVan and have done so already.

Good experience
April 28, 2022

Straightforward and easy. Used anyvan to move flats and didn't have any issues. I received updates when and where the driver was. Driver was very helpful. Booked the service on the phone and the van came when I needed to. Would recommend

Awful company: damaged many items and won’t accept responsibility- do not use!
April 21, 2022

Awful company - don’t use! I used this company to move from my flat to a house years ago and found it good so used them again for my recent house move.

They damaged my MacBook screen, an expensive painting and around seven pieces of furniture. I paid for furniture to be disassembled and rebuilt but they have rebuilt everything wrong: they’ve used incorrect tools and damaged my sons cot meaning I can’t alter the mattress height which makes it unusable. It is brand new. They’ve missed out fittings/fixtures on my other sons bed so it’s falling apart and I have to buy a new one.

I booked in an expensive painting and their packing service and not a single piece of packaging was put on it to protect it so it’s damaged and similarly glasses, vases etc from the kitchen had no protection.

They are refusing to even talk to me about the damage because it’s over a week since I moved, even though I had insurance as part of the premium package I paid for - as if you can unpack a big house in a week, plus I would never have thought I needed to check the screws on the rebuilt furniture. I booked a certain number of boxes but the boxes they use are tiny so they informed me I needed many extra and this totalled £800 extra which I had to pay before they would move us.

When my earlier house move fell through and I’d frozen my booking to a later date they also charged my £770 mistakenly without permission.

I cannot say how negatively I feel about this company. We trusted them with our things at an exciting time and they’ve caused so much stress, hassle and upset by not treating anything with care.

Great Service!
March 21, 2022

After my booking I received constant updates and reminders regarding my pick up for delivery. Easy process on phone booking.. on the day of collection the driver/ delivery guys were very helpful, friendly and courteous..faultless!

I have used AnyVan before and will use for my return delivery without hesitation!

Reliable and excellent service
March 18, 2022
I chose this company after reading reviews and they didn’t fail to deliver. The 2 guys were really pleasant and helpful nothing was too much trouble. It was an added bonus being able to track them through the link they sent.

March 18, 2022
They were very helpful and good communication. Definitely be using them again and would recommend to others. Good price wise too. Thanks.

Best service you'll ever find.
March 18, 2022

Having recently used the services of AnyVan I feel compelled to leave a review. I've been a customer services Manager for many years; therefore providing excellent customer service is extremely important to me. This company provided the best service I've had in decades.

Initially I thought it all too good to be true. Fortunately, it wasn't. From the minute we got their online quote to the point the furniture was collected & delivered, everything went seamlessly. They stuck to the quoted price.

Kept us informed throughout the whole process providing regular updates on the drivers estimated time of collection/drop off & even a text once the job was finally completed. Would highly recommend their service. I for one wouldn't use anyone else going forward. Well done to all involved.

Fantastic service
March 18, 2022
I used Any van to move a sofa they were great on time polite I have never seen furniture move so fast . Absolutely worth the very reasonable price . Will use them again .

Perfect service
March 18, 2022

Amazing service. They continually let us know when they were due to arrive so we had time to meet them.

The driver tracker is a brilliant idea.

The two guys were just brilliant, professional and very careful with the fragile items.

Would definately recommend them to anyone.

Top job!