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Contact me to sue them
September 24, 2023
I got scammed by them as many have. I'm now going to take them to court and hope to expose their practices. Please submit your complaints to the office for fair trading. Don't waste your time with their support, it's a scam.

Damaged almost all of our furniture.
September 13, 2023
The removals team they supplied were incompetent and the vehicle they supplied inadequate. They damaged almost every piece of furniture, ranging from large scratches, holes you can put your fist through to doors torn from cabinets. They caused over £2000 of damage and offered £76 in compensation. You'd be better off sticking a match to your existing furniture and buy it all again new.

Avoid scammers and thefts
August 22, 2023

They went to pickup and said they can’t do the job and refuse to give me a refund . And stole £144 of me . They also kept on rising the price , I clear told them I’m disabled and sick and on benefits and they just didn’t care at all .

This is what the do too vulnerable people. Worst delivery service and company ever don’t not use unless you are happy to be scammed out of your money .booking refs av801 1699

Avoid completely and book directly with a smaller indepentent company
August 22, 2023

Avoid completely. They work on commission over independent movers and they are TERRIBLE. Better off calling a smaller company directly.

After paying them over £1,000 they:

- Left a third of our things behind, including over 15 bags of clothes that were listed in the inventory

- Dropped off our things on the ground floor (since their agent did the booking wrong and didn't indicate it was going to the 2nd floor) and

- Delivered over 12 hours late.

They also work on commissions, so you're better off calling a smaller company directly. They repeatedly refused to admit things they had said and we had to ask them to listen to their call recordings. Afterward, they offered an insulting £30 discount on our next booking. As if we would ever book anything with them again....

Also, they clearly said when booking that they would be able to move additional items - as you can see in their corporate response below, they now deny this. Good luck the calls are recorded! ;)

August 17, 2023

I booked this service as needed them to collect some furniture and deliver it to my home

I booked a slot between 3pm and 6pm

Arriving at the destination at 3:30pm me and my boyfriend were going to help them load the van

I was told the drivers name on my message turned out to be totally different man's name and not the one stated

They told us they had been waiting 40 minutes and couldn't wait anymore and drive off and left us stranded at location and having to deal with the people at the location as they were moving as well and kindly gave us some furniture.

The stress and upset caused to us was so bad refused a refund and could not provide us with another van

Totally bad we found another van but not with any van

Had to pay additional money

£104 for any van hire does seem so little but it's a lot of money to us and we asked for a service and they did not meet that service

Alot of tears and my boyfriend was so angry

The staff on the phone were so rude and patronising to us when we were in total stressed situation.

Never book with them.
August 3, 2023

Paid £277 and £21 insurance. 3:30 sat afternoon there were cars parked in loading bay outside my building, they couldn't take my furniture away, never offered me another slot, got NO money back nothing, don't ever book with them, I am getting legal advice.

Absolute joke... AVOID!
August 1, 2023

Absolute shambles....!

I booked a job 3 weeks prior to the move date... The time given for collection was initially 8am to 6pm.. A couple of days prior to the move the time slot was narrowed from 8am to 1pm..

On the day of the move at 8:20am I received a call advising there was no drivers available and could they reschedule to another day! After some strong push back I was advised they would be in touch.. 1.5 hours later I was advised a driver was found but could be as late as 5pm... at 6pm I called and was told he was on his way but they would ring me straight back, they did not of course... at 8:20pm they turned up!

Sadly during all this time the people moving into my property could not, so I faced a day of abuse and threats..

When trying to make a complaint and request for compensation they just said sorry we do not offer compensation for lateness.... and thats that...!!

Avoid avoid avoid... An absolute joke.

Overpriced and no protection for you items
July 22, 2023

Absolutely shocking company they are brokers nothing more get a cheap local company and weld on their profit. My removal was two guys who could barely speak English so difficult to have them understand also one man could barely walk and struggled with furniture.

I have now got a ruined sideboard that was scratched in move but apparently I’m not covered for that but was offered an amazing £18 compensation to help soften the blow of a £450 replacement.

Stay well clear and save money by going to the local guys as half the price and going to be the same quality anyway.

Do not use this company
July 22, 2023
I was extremely disappointed and will never use again. I am strongly advising against using this company.

July 19, 2023

Drivers we had were incredibly rude, borderline threatening to the people who's house we were moving into, and they also took unauthorised photos of us when we were dismantling a bed which took 5 minutes and their claim is that it took a lot longer.

Anyvan are also refusing to refund £200 after we paid for an early slot and they turned up nearly an hour and a half after this slot.

Avoid, never ever use them!

July 7, 2023

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. The worst experience of any service, ever. They took our money, we're so chaotic they didn't order a van and have kept our £243. Now we are taking them to court to get out money back. What happened is that we wanted a van to pick up a sofa in the Lake District and take it to the East Midlands. Simply enough eh? One pick up and one drop off!

Anyvan said they could do it for £243, but insisted on payment upfront. Anyvan even choose the date and time. we drove to the lake district to make sure the sofa was not left in the street. We got there early, we waited, and waited, but no van! Rang Anyvan, they then told us they had forgotten to order a van, and there was no van coming to pick up our sofa. Nothing we can do, we were told!

Terrible, terrible service. Talk about hung out to dry and sod your luck mate,and to top it off, they have kept our money!!! So we were left in the street with a sofa and my wife in floods of tears. What were we to do with a sofa in the street 200 miles from where Anyvan promised they would deliver it?

I ended up driving to Manchester to hire a van (thank you Arnold Clark, you are a life saver) driving back to the lake district, struggling with the sofa on my own, driving to East Midlands, delivering it at Midnight, then driving back home for 2am. 600 miles and a 20hr day! Thanks to the chaos caused by Anyvan.

The worst service ever was not over though! I have written to all 3 directors to get my money back, they didn't ever bother to reply, so, they have my £243, it cost me £180 van hire=£423 out of pocket, and a wife back in depression. What do I have to do get my money back from these people. DO NOT USE ANYVAN AT ANY PRICE, THEY ARE TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE.

Anyvan ref AV7890126

Fraudulent company - They're under investigation with my bank
June 12, 2023

I deeply regret choosing AnyVan to handle my international move.

The driver I hired arrived to my address with an almost FULL van. The driver told me his boss had asked him to leave room for only 13 boxes. He apologised and left. I reported this to AnyVan and was told I would receive a full refund because the picture I took of the van showed clearly that it was full. Fine, mistakes happen. I was ready to make another booking.

However, since I was promised a refund various members of staff have told me I can't have a refund under any circumstance, some told me I can have a credit note, some told me I can have a partial refund. But so far, I received NOTHING. I paid just short of £1000. Some customer service staff told me they spoke with their 'trustworthy' driver and he told them he had space butt I refused collection, then he said I had more than double the amount of space I'd booked. So, if the driver lies, they take his side.

To make matters worse, some of the staff have been incredibly rude beyond belief. I have been gaslit, mis-spoken to, had one of the staff turn me on and off mute whilst I complained, and called by the sales team TWICE to make another booking.

Most of the staff are in desperate need of some training in how to conduct a conversation.

AnyVan makes business based on the promise that their drivers are trusted, yet when their drives take untrustworthy action - it's nothing to do with them because of their terms and conditions.

You should also be aware that the driver I hired used a different business name. When I googled the business name I paid the money to, he has a number of 1 star reviews saying he stole their items/ is being taken to court.

Please, don't make the mistake I did. Do not choose AnyVan.

Never use Anyvan. They are the worst
May 16, 2023
Whatever you do, do not use this company. They are the absolute worst. They left a sofa in the garden, refused to put items in the correct room, covered my mattress in mud and left the bed frame wedged in the bathroom doorway, and refused to reassemble it which I had paid extra for them to do. They are refusing to provide enough compensation to have the sofa and mattress cleaned and have been a nightmare to deal with. They have caused me massive amounts of stress. I would leave zero stars if I could.

Worst ever
May 11, 2023

I’ve requested transfer big refrigerator, corner sofa, four chair dining table, microwave and washing machine from a ground floor 15 Llys Ardwyn to third floor 38 Llys Ardwyn, Aberystwyth on 10 May 8-10 am for a price of £195 including £12 for non flexible time.

The company called me on 10 May 8 am asking to change the time!!! Claiming it was far for them!! And come 4-6 pm or 10 pm! As I had tight schedule and paid for fixed time I asked them to refund the extra charges and reschedule for next day.

On 11 May the labors came angry as they travel from Manchester to Aberystwyth and started to fish… “that’s a corner sofa! It’s a big refrigerator! We were supposed to use the van, your appointment is far from the street! We need extra £195 to carry out the deal”

My wife asked them to cancel but they squeezed her that the initial payment would not be refunded. Under pressure and tension, she paid them though I was insisting not to but as I was abroad and have no coverage to talk to them.And they transferred the items.

This is the worst service ever I dealt with looked like gangsters or thieves, sorry to use such words but that’s what I felt especially while I was away and couldn’t chat directly.

I’ll find out a legal way to sue your company for unprofessional behavior and non transparency

Inexperienced Careless Movers
March 27, 2023

This was my third time using AnyVan and I can confidently say it will also be my last. I requested to have two people (a driver and a helper) as I needed to move heavy furniture I could not move myself.

One of the guys they sent behaved like it was his first ever day at the job - did not have a clue on how to safely lift furniture. They both tried to fit my kitchen table through the main door, realised it was too big, hit the nearby radiator and knocked it off the wall causing it to leak as the tubing was broken.

Since I was a tenant at the property I was moving from, I had to call my agency, explain and ask for a plumber. Nevertheless to say, I had to pay for the plumber services myself.

I submitted the invoice to AnyVan as soon as I received it but their answer was simply "sorry, it's past the 7 days!". I can't recall ever sending a complaint letter or writing a bad review online but I think their policy is absolutely unacceptable.

I cannot express my disappointment for the overall service provided and for the lack of any sense of responsibility. I understand we all have to start somewhere in our line of job but it's a company's responsibility to ensure you are provided with the appropriate level of training, especially as this could result in ruining somebody else's property.

I would have given it -5 stars but this was not possible.

Job cancelled on afternoon of move
January 30, 2023

Horrible experience. Do not rely on this company.

Cancelled our move the afternoon of our moving day. Showed no remorse and offered no alternate solutions.

Our move was booked months in advance but when the driver was late, I contacted him with photos of our things, to which he replied he would actually be hours later than the scheduled time. He asked would we prefer to have an alternate driver come in his place so that they could arrive on time, to which we replied that we would. Navaratnam told us that he would arrange this with Anyvan and we would hear from them shortly. We heard nothing.

After waiting on hold for an extended period of time, we were told our driver had taken himself off the job and there would be no drivers coming in his place, but that this was ok because they could send a driver the following week. We were moving from Wales to England with international flights arranged the following day. It was not ok.

Abdul, the customer service representative, proposed no solutions, until I insisted that he call the original mover and reassign him the job. Twice, Abdul said that he had been in contact with the driver who clarified that his pick-up time would now be later than the previous estimate. I told Abdul that we would manage the lateness of the pick-up, we just needed the items moved the day we had agreed upon. Despite Navaratnam having confirmed that he was available to do the move, Abdul did not arrange this to take place, breaching their contract, causing us significant stress and forcing us to bear excessive additional costs in finding an emergency moving company to come immediately.

The only apology that we received was at the end of our last phone call, where we were told 'We are sorry that we have not been able to provide what you had expected from us'.

Having contacted the complaints department, asking only for compensation in the difference of payment we had to make to the emergency company, we were quoted their contract saying that if their drivers are unable to perform their service they would contact us. (Which they did not do). It was also abundantly clear that the driver was able to do the delivery, he simply chose not to.

Other experiences included:

- Being cut-off mid sentence by being put on hold when Abdul disagreed with what I was saying

- Not having our pick-up time confirmed until late in the evening the night before. Despite several phone calls promising this confirmation at an earlier time.

- Needing to call and wait on the customer service line repeatedly when people promised to call back within a defined amount of time and did not.

Overcharged due to mistakes made by AnyVan
January 21, 2023

Booked a van on Wednesday to move my belongings from Bournemouth to London on Saturday. The van that showed up wasn't big enough to take the items I listed. I was incorrectly advised by both Melissa in customer service and the van driver to cancel and rebook as my original fee would have been credited on the new booking. I completed the rebooking at 12 on Saturday for Sunday collection, paying an additional £250 on top of the £236 I had already payed.

I was then called by Andy in sales at 17:30, who said that a mistake was made by their own team and that the original fee shouldn't have been credited onto the new order. I was told that I had to pay another £236, or the delivery wouldn't be processed. Bear in mind that this call wasn't made until 17:30 on the Saturday, where I had no time to explore the possibilities of using another company due to the short notice. By this point, I had paid AnyVan over £700 despite their website saying that payment would only be taken after the delivery was completed.

The drivers were rude, seemed reluctant to begin the work and tried to charge me even more because they "had to park too far away" despite parking in my driveway only 3/4 metres from the front door. They also tried to argue that they couldn't take items I didn't list, despite paying for an additional 2 cubic metres of space so that they didn't make the same mistakes as on Saturday. One of my PC monitors was damaged in the move.

Andy said that AnyVan would conduct an internal review as to why Melissa had made the mistake that resulted in me being overcharged and that I would get a phonecall on Wednesday. I received no phonecall, so opened a livechat with Taz who simultaneously admitted AnyVan's mistakes but said there was nothing he could do.

When the livechat proved to be useless, I called the customer care line and got through to Theo. Theo said that he would discuss the case with his managers and get back to me the next working day.

Before Theo got back to me, I received an email from Dominique saying that I was not due to receive a refund. I then also received an email saying that a £52 refund had been processed. In the phonecall with Theo later that day, he mentioned that his managers didn't wish to give me any of my money back, and that he had to push for me to get a £52 refund. When asking to speak to a supervisor, I was told that I would get a phonecall from a manager the next working day. What I got was an email from a different manager both apologizing and saying that there was nothing that they could do.

Every time I spoke to someone at AnyVan, I had to re-explain the errors made by their team.

The tracking app didn't work, the drivers could not be contacted via message or phonecall and this situation delayed my move to a new property/delayed my start date at a new job.

I wouldn't recommend using this company for removals. My experience with AnyVan has been frustrating, stressful and very expensive

January 18, 2023
SCAM AVOID. website keeps disposal fee secret until van guy arrives that attempts to charge you £70 on the phone. it's a scam avoid

January 16, 2023

Rogue traders, avoid! Use a firm that doesn’t take your money up front, this firm will rip you off, absolute thieves.

If I could give minus 5 stars I would
November 23, 2022

If I could give this company minus 5 stars, I would. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and they made the experience a hundred times worse. It was honestly the most stressful experience I have had in my 37 years. I booked and was told I was on the cusp of needing 2 or 3 vans. I added 30 more boxes to my booking and assumed this would take me to the 3 van minimum. I was called 48 hours before my move and told I'd have 5 people and 2 vans. Happy with this if they thought that's what it would take. Only one van and 3 people arrived, late and this meant we missed our completion time by 4 and a half hours. I had to send the van on to my new home, without having completed (luckily it was a new build and developer was very understanding), my buyer was irate and wouldn't allow my solicitor to use funds from sale to complete on my purchase until the house was vacant, so I and my 63 year old mum had to empty two thirds of the house out into the garden (2 flights of stairs). The poor team who did turn up had to work until 10pm just to make sure that my stuff was safe and in my new place.

I called AnyVan on the day to let them know what was happening and was told they would get hold of the removals company (yes, apparently AnyVan just work like a broker - not something that was obvious on their website). I waited an hour and never got a call back. I them called again and got a very apologetic sounding lady who promised to call me back the next day, to discuss compensation, but never did. All this left me with a bill from my buyer for their additional removal fees, and other costs, due to missing contractual completion time, without a home that I actually owned (again, I was very lucky that the developer was so understanding), and highly stressed by the while situation.

I complained to AnyVan for their colossal F up and was told that because this was a case of "he said, she said" they would not tale the complaint any further. Disgusting customer service from what appeared to be a good company. Honestly I cannot rate these cowboys poorly enough. Please save yourself a lot of stress and go ANYWHERE else.