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Northeast Plumbing and Mechanical
November 30, 2022

Northeast Plumbing and Mechanical

13300 Madison Ave

Lakewood, OH 44107


Absolutely Professional and know their business. Twice they saved us when two other plumbing companies failed! They will be the ONLY plumbers I call now!

Scam, try Thumbtack
November 18, 2022
Try thumbtack instead this is an Absolute scam. I wish I could post videos of the fake phone numbers they sent me. Customer service is not helpful and refuses to take my videos and make it right. I canceled my account and deleted the app and they continued to send me leads until I paid my over due balance. So they just kept running up a tab until they called me saying they are sending my information to a 3rd party collections company. Absolutely horrendous experience.

B2B Polishing Company
November 17, 2022

This company, power washed my basement/cement block walls, removed old ceiling tile, and painted the walls, they did an excellent job. My basement looks and smells cleaner.

Rip Off
October 24, 2022


Oct 24 2022

The same leads are given to multiple contractors. I know I was 1 of 5 in Boise Id given the same lead at $80. HAD ANOTHER FOR $135 NO CONTACT, STILL CHARGED, NO CREDIT.

Good for Angi bad for contractors.


Rodriguez Painting
October 22, 2022
Great service and professional work. You wont be disappointed.

Scam - Pure and Simple
October 21, 2022
Scam. 100%, no questions asked Scam. Charged me to join the service, 29.99, charged me 262.99 for a job that cost 212.00. Sent someone to my home to do the work, that charged the 212.00 then Angi charged 262.99 to my card and when I complained planned to charge me 25.00 for cancelling. After a long while on the phone they agreed to "as a one time courtesy" not charge me yet while I was on the phone with them proceeded to charge me. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

My Fix it and Home Repair
October 21, 2022

My Fix it and Home Repair did an Awesome job hanging our interior doors. They were timely, and professional - and nice! Would recommend to anyone.

Don't book services. They don't show up
October 16, 2022
Booked a locksmith service. They no showed and I rebooked for two months later. On 55 minutes notice they canceled claiming someone had called out. Even if true it is unlikely they called out at 3 pm. They charged my credit card the day of the no show service and refused to refund me since I had agreed to rebook meaning I paid for a service I never received two months ago!

What a classy employee
October 11, 2022

My senior mother received this message today. This is a text message with the phone number from an Angi employee. I thought your clients would like to read this and to be aware. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

This is the number and message -> 1-424-285-1032

I just contacted Angi services, and they said you didn't cancel the shift correctly. I was simply just calling to confirm you f***ing b**ch and didn't like your rude attitude. How about you start learning how to cleaning your own s**it so you won't have this problem stupid.

She sounds really smart and very mature huh.

Angis customer service
October 7, 2022

Last week I called Angis customer service and explained that we no longer want to have lawn service until next spring. Well, I received a text stating our grass will be cut this Saturday, 10/08/2022. I called their customer service from Asia and tried to explain that I did call and chose not to have our grass cut until next spring. I was told since I am cancelling, I will be charged a fee. I was charged $76.00 plus $25.00. Well After calling three times to speak with someone who could understand why I was calling; I finally did speak with Teresa who was helpful and did refund my money. Still not sure why I was being charged for $76.00? Evidentially when I called last week that person did not make notes on my account! I am very disappointed in Angis service.

Scarlett J Kehoe

Worst lead generator out of 20 years of experience buying leads
September 30, 2022

Biggest scam ever. I have received about 30 leads from them which multiply that by $125 and yeh, they suck. Most will never even pick up the phone, ever. When they do pick up they don't know why I'm calling. Got zero sales from this, really only had 1 legit app't with someone who was from left field.

House was ok, person living in it wasn't haha. And they call you at 7am to tell you about the lead which is so stupid. Call your phone at 7am and then you check it out and it's all crap. There should be a class action suit against them, don't ever buy their leads

Angi Leads Takes Money Away From Senior Citizens
September 27, 2022

My hubby signed with Angi Leads to do furniture repair. Soon afterwards he developed severe joint problems and has been unable to stand and work for very long. He called and cancelled with Angi Leads. IMAGINE OUR SHOCK when on July 7, 2022 ANGI LEADS TOOK $1,155.00 out of our checking account WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION OR NOTIFICATION. We were told this was a penalty for cancelling the contract early.

One representative told us to get a doctor’s note. We did.

Whenever we call we get a different rep, who can't find our information in the system, although it's been provided to every single one we called. Letters to CEO Olsin Hanrahan, have not been answered. You’d think they’d realize that not only do we need OUR MONEY more than they do, but also realize that to withdraw money from someone’s account without notification is probably ILLEGAL.

This is not a company we trust, and we will be reporting this problem to more than social media and reviews. DON'T SIGN WITH ANGI LEADS. It's expensive, you won't get work, and you won't ever see your money if they take it.

WayneBrechtel September 30, 2022

They are the worse, totally scam you if you aren't watching to Pause the leads and there is not way to cancel with them on the website, can only call them. And then when you call them they get some other professional person on there to try and hang onto you by offering you some more free junk leads, then you get 4 free junk leads and then they hurry up and force 6 into your platform so they can screw you out of another $700. Can't believe they act like so great on their stupid commercials. Angie sold out just in time and took her money and ran from these cons

Call your own references.
September 25, 2022

I think I was Scammed !!!

I am to old to crawl under sinks or change out toilet so I called Angi’s list for help. After I explained my needs they charged me $383 and assured me this was for the plumbing service. I got a call from a local plumber indicating they will give me an estimate for the work after a fee is paid them for coming out.

Angi told me the work would cost $383 only so when the plumber said they would give me an estimate???


HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, this company is the closest thing to a scam as it gets!
September 24, 2022

Horrible experience as a Pro on Angi.

Long story made short: charged initial $288 just to join, every lead was bogus after I stopped my leads, I was charged for "opportunity" leads that they said "someone in my organization clicked on, I AM THE ONLY ONE IN MY ORGANIZATION.

When I asked for credits I was told No because even though the customers had already completed the job, I was to try and "sell myself" BUT...if I would agree to keep getting leads that only then would they help me but if i wanted to cancel I was to receive no help.

I called every lead and emailed within one minute of getting them. I even asked if this would be a problem before I signed up and was told no by salesman and my concierge, which when I called him to ask questions he would immediately call back, when I left an email and voice message to tell him I was not happy......crickets.

Racked up over $700 leads, NOT ONE LEGIT! I use other lead companies and have never been this upset. They will not help you, greedy company, snakes in the grass!

PLEASE do not waist your money like I did. The reviews on here are absolutely right on. Such scammers! If there was anyway to get my money back I would!

WayneBrechtel September 30, 2022

Same here, every lead sucked

Charged $280.31 for NO SERVICE WHATSOEVER
September 24, 2022

A one star is too much for this company. I signed up online had a rep call and get all my info so I could get my washer fixed by a so-called PRO. That was a joke, he was far from a pro of anything let alone a washer repairman.

He told me he was a maintenance man for a rental location in our town. He did try to at least diagnose what was wrong with the washer. Which after 4hours he could not do. We had called Angi 2 during his visit told them he could not fix the machine.

They said well he has to lol. He told them he did not have tools or the parts to fix it nor did he know what was causing the problem. They told me I would be charged for the visit due to my booking online and once that happen to call back for a refund.

I did just that and I am still waiting to get a refund. They charged my credit card $280.31 for nothing. This guy did not even know what was wrong with my washer. I ended up calling the same repair man he called while he was at my house trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Now I will end up paying this guy 200 plus for his work and who knows if this Angi place will ever issue the refund.

I already notified my bank of everything that transpired. They have an open case against Angi services. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PLACE IT IS FRAUDULENT...No Pro, No Service, equals No Money in your bank account.

SandyWhite September 24, 2022

They are horrible, they treat the Pros just as bad as they do the customers. As a pro, I know you should not have had that experience. I had to go through hoops sending insurance, licensing, etc to get charged over $700 for bogus leads that they refused to credit me unless I kept using their service.

Lack of communication with contractors
September 23, 2022

I try to get a leak on my roof fixed. So, I went online Angi list popped up. So I filled out a form and I thought I was done someone was coming to fix the leak in the roof. Not so fast. I have to give them more information, but they already say it would be $470 and he would be there 8 o'clock the 23th of September.

So, I try. But it just didn't take the info. So I end up calling Angi. They gave me the contractors phone number . I talked to him first he tells me he can't make it at 8. I ask him when you can make it, He said 10 am.

So, the day comes no show. I ended up cancelling and wasting the whole time. Never again. When they send out a work order. The contractor should call me to set the time he can come. They should not be telling him when he can be there.

They do not use Pros it is a lie. Dont use them
September 23, 2022

Terrible company so disappointing. I need a packer to pack a kitchen and half a living room. They advertise Pros...Liars this young man had never packed up anything except his own move

He used bubble wrap on books and canned goods. Did not complete the job. They do not send pros. Pros do not need this company to get jobs. Then they wanted me to rate my cleaning service. So Disgusting

Customer service was worthless

SandyWhite September 24, 2022

I had to send in insurance, licensing, etc to become a Pro, only to get nothing in return for my money. Angi is horrible for both customers and Pros

Run Away From Angi, Do Not Hire Any Contractors From Them
September 19, 2022

RUN AWAY FROM ANGI! This company advertises "happiness guaranteed" which is totally false advertisement. Not all contractors they referred are vetted despite what Angi tells you.

They tell you they only referred contractors with 4 or 5 stars reviews, this is a huge lie. This was my first (and last) time working with contractors referred to me by Angi and these two contractors destroyed my house, never finished kitchen work, flooring.

They didn't show up one day because of personal problems and another day they left in the middle of the day because of more personal problems. My house was left a disaster and now after two weeks and filing a formal complaint, Angi advised me that "happiness is not guaranteed".

After sending Angi numerous detailed emails with pictures of terrible incomplete work, they do not want to put anything in writing. I have gotten two calls from specialist assigned to this case and he hasn't resolved anything in two weeks.

DO NOT HIRE ANYONE FROM ANGI if you want happiness in your life.

Disappointing painting job
September 1, 2022

I wouldn't give it one star if I didn't have to. I prepaid $369 for painting my family room (a discount for joining), 16x26 with 9' ceiling. Time estimated was 6 hours as I did all the prep work. "Robert" put one coat of paint on the walls, trimmed the top of one wall and left at 6 hours.

He stayed busy but he was slow. Angi sent an odd jobs man who sometimes paints, not a pro, though they said he was. His old roller left bits and paint roller edges on the wall that I have to sand off and he got paint on the ceiling from the roller in many places.

They contacted me to see how the job went and I never heard from them again. I find it difficult to contact them. I should get a refund but I'm not holding my breath. I will never use them again.

SeongPak September 21, 2022

You get what you pay for.

Customer Service Is Appalling
August 30, 2022

This review is not about the work itself but about the customer service. I have a membership & was looking through their services for electrical repair, but when asked whether I was ready to make a commitment I checked that I was still at the “Planning & Budgeting” stage.

Nonetheless I got a phone call from one of their “pros” wanting to set up the job. I told him I had not made a commitment yet & there must be some mistake. He shouted at me saying, “Your mistake cost me $41!” and then he hung up when I tried to explain.

I wanted to know was whether it Is true that I cost him $41, so I wrote to the email given on their website (where it says “Someone will get back to you in 24 hours”) and asked that they please let me know.

That was the 22nd of August. Today is the 30th & I still have not heard back from them.

This morning, I called and was shunted from one person to the next who truly did not seem to understand what I was saying. (It probably wasn’t on the Call Script).

Anyway, I give up. I canceled my membership because they don’t seem to have the vaguest idea of what a “happiness guarantee” might entail. It was all very frustrating.

SandyWhite September 24, 2022

They do charge pros an astronomical amount for those leads. I totally believe that man, I was getting leads for $64+ and not one turned out to be legit, I was even hollered at twice because they had their projects done weeks before.

When asked for my money back and to cancel my membership, I was told the only way they would give me credit for those bad leads was if I kept getting them! I cancelled anyway with a balance of $700+ and got nothing out of it. I called every lead and emailed within one minute of receiving them.

Kishu November 27, 2022

how about suing them, I'm filing a claim against them, and I'm looking for more voices!