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"Matching Pro" from Angi is a matching scam.
August 27, 2023

I was recommended a "matching pro" on The contractor ultimately is refusing to refund me my deposit. The contractor has done zero... no work and I have totally lost trust in the company.

But when I contacted to leave a review. They didn't care at all nor let me review a company they recommended to me.

Beware of Angi
August 15, 2023

This company preys on all of their contractors. A customer will need something done and they will contact up to 5 contractors. Angi will charge a fee to up to 5 contractors and only 1 may get the job. In my case I paid $836 for leads from Angi and 80 % never even responded to the initial contact and 10 % wanted same day service even though my profile says I do not offer same day service. If you are a contractor do not sign up to use therm. If you are a customer needing work do not support a company that at minimum is a very very bad company.

User's recommendation: Do Not use this service

Do not use
July 12, 2023

The first week of June 2023 we verbally agreed to give Clean Image Pool LLC an opportunity to service our pool . We prepaid 4 weeks of service. They were great for 2 weeks, late the third, didn’t show the fourth. The excuses were extreme: an employee stole a truck and disappeared, an owner had heart surgery. We asked them not to come back after the initial month and they sent us hundreds in additional billings fraudulently. We DO NO RECOMMEND.

Woefully underestimated job cost
June 30, 2023

Angi quoted (and charged me) $715 for some drywall repair. Contractor arrived on scheduled day, looked at the job and said he couldn't do the work for the quoted price and it would be an additional $700.

Sounds like the typical bait and switch to me. Contractor could do the job that day as the work was more than Angi indicated. Told him not to bother coming back and cancelled with Angi.

GaryGuisinger August 06, 2023

I was going to use them for my lawn care business but thay wanted to charge me 288 dollars for the whole year, said I would do 60 yards a week I decided not to use them because I live in Kansas. In Kansas in November the mowing season is done I had two different people calling me one was from Colorado and the other one was from Arizona so I blocked both of them off my email and my phone I'm not paying them any money I called the guy in Colorado and I can pay for a month he says Nope you got to pay for the whole year so I decided not to be scammed by these people...

Don't use Angi
June 13, 2023

So, I pondered whether or not to post about this, but Angi's Handyman services aggravated me. I paid the $29 for their Handyman Service since we needed a job done in the new house. I thought I could trust Angi. I was wrong.

The first guy Angi sent was four hours late and didn't own any tools with which to complete the job. I canceled that guy, but he was a jewel compared to the second "handyman" they sent to me.

This guy ripped me off of $1125 and semi-built the project. It wasn't level, it wasn't up to code, and the guy tried to get me to pay him for his "travel time" FROM TENNESSEE. I fired him when he was 2/3 "finished" with the job, which had to be torn down and restarted. I looked him up on google, and he has quite a history. Not the good kind, either.

When I called Angi, the person there told me there had been major complaints against that "handyman," and that he had been referred to the hiring department to be terminated with Angi. Yet, ANGI SENT HIM TO ME ANYWAY.

Long story short, I got my $29 back from Angi because their lack of vetting their "handymen" cost me twice as much as this little job should have ever cost. The guy from Angi actually tried to get me to stay by offering 20% off of my next project. I told him that there was no chance in hell of there ever being a "next project" that would include any help from Angi or any of her "handymen."

Supposedly, according the Angi representative, the second "handyman" will be barred from working for Angi anymore. They probably told the clients who complained before me the exact same thing.

My point? Don't use Angi Handyman. They hire conmen and have no idea whether or not their people have actual carpentry skills...or their own tools. If I could give zero stars, I would,

Angi pro scammed $700
June 12, 2023

went to Angi/Angi's List to hire someone to fix my door. When the pro came he measured etc. Got the deposit and went to Home Depot. He texted me and said the door wasnt in stock and had to be ordered that it would be in after 3 days. This is standard. Well I tried to contact him numerous times after 5 days and no answer. I then tried to contact Angi without any answer!! I sent email after email to numerous addresses. I called. After over 1 1/2 weeks of emails I finally got one back wanting more info. I sent all the info I had including all of the texts and copy of the cashed check. After several weeks again I finally emailed them and got an email back saying sorry...We arent doing anything for you!! So just what does Angi do? They obviously dont check out people that they send out to houses! They advertise that they are trustworthy etc. Be careful using Angi if you want any work do or if you dont want scammed out of your hard earned money. Next stop is the police !!!!!

GeorgiaG. June 13, 2023

Pretty much the same thing that happened to us. Angi is just as big a scammer as the "professionals" they don't bother to vett.

heggood stump grinding & lawn service
June 8, 2023
i am writing this review about myron heggood of heggood stump grinding and lawncare llc. did an outstanding job for me am very pleased with the workmanship.

SHAME on ANGI for not screening reviews
April 23, 2023
Angi allows people to post negative reviews about companies without any verification. People claim to be customers, they post bad reviews for other people, and I even saw one star review because the person didn't get a call back. SHAME ON ANGI for not screening reviews better.

JamesHarrison Sr. June 08, 2023

If Angi had their way, there would never be any negative reviews shown!

I should have listened to former Angi vendors...Avoid Angi
April 6, 2023

I would super like to contact the Angi, "guaranteed", "Key" vendor that blew me off.

Multiple phone calls, made an appointment, he called me 1 hour before to confirm the appointment... and was never heard from again.

Way to go Angi.

Please do not direct any of your "trusted", guaranteed", "Key vendors" my way again.

Please, stop texting, and filling my mailbox telling me how excellent you are.

JamesHarrison Sr. June 08, 2023

Right on the money!

Angis Has Become A Money Hungry Scam Only
March 18, 2023

Beware ..I was using them as a service pro with a 4.9 star level and they only sent me scams..When I asked to be credited or for something to be done sorry cant help you its just the way it is but..

You still have to pay the rest of your contract.. It does not matter that we have sent you anything but scams for the last 8 months...You still have to pay....It does not matter how many customers tell you that you aren't on the angis list of pros until the 5th page...

No matter how good your ratings are ..You still have to pay....They are money.. Money ..Money and no results....Do not use them ...They are not what they used to be a dont care about anything but money

JamesHarrison Sr. June 08, 2023

This is the truth! Don't be taken in!

GeorgiaG. June 13, 2023

Same thing happened to us. Angi is a scam, and so their "professionals" are scammers.

Be careful using this company.
March 1, 2023
I contracted through Angi to have my driveway plowed and salted. The job was scheduled and I got a job number, That was three days ago and no one has showed up yet. I think that whole thing was some kind of SCAM. I had to pay before the job was scheduled and I don't thing Ill ever see that money again.

Rachael March 18, 2023

Is angis list asking you to pay for a contractor...Before they even come out??? Because I am an outdoor living and driveways contractor and advertised with them for 2 years and I had to pay for the ads and I was never told the were collecting money before we even came out...Wow money from both ends...No wonder why they didn't care anymore.

Do not register/subscribe
January 31, 2023
Do not register/subscribe. I unsubscribed several times and I still continue to receive nuisance offers by email.

Rachael March 18, 2023

Is angis list asking you to pay for a contractor...Before they even come out??? Because I am an outdoor living and driveways contractor and advertised with them for 2 years and I had to pay for the ads and I was never told the were collecting money before we even came out...Wow money from both ends...No wonder why they didn't care anymore.

Angi is a scam.
January 30, 2023
ANGI is a fraud. Do not use. They insisted I pay up front and sent a sketchy contractor who could not do the work. They refused to give me a refund and claimed I would have a credit. When I tried to book them for something else, they claimed I had to pay again. Do not use, they are a ponzi scheme.

Beware of Potential Scam
January 9, 2023

I signed up for someone to clean my house. Following the prompts I downloaded the Angi app. I was asked for the same info I had already entered, but went ahead and entered the info again. Somehow this created two accounts for me and booked two cleaners.

Only one showed up on my app so I didn't realize two appointments had been booked until I received a text at. 9:16am stating my cleaner would arrive at 11am. I contacted Angi to cancel this duplicate appointment but was told that since I didn't give a two hour notice I would be charged the entire cleaning fee even though I wasn't given a two hour notice that I had a cleaner coming.

When I asked why I was not notified of who was coming and when I was told when you have two accounts you only get notices on one.

Bottom line, Angi appears to be a borderline scam operation.

Angi is GREEDY
January 7, 2023

Angi quotes the time you will be paid for by the number of tasks that the client wants done. Which by the way, is impossible to do. To add insult , they won't pay you a damn thing for the hours that you stayed longer than the time they quoted for completing tasks asked of client. Then after that, if you want to get paid the same day you did the job......They charge you for it! They have a section telling you the kinds of fees you could incur. $10 fee just for being a few minutes late! Here comes the worst part.....Client gets charged $140 for your services.........Angi only gives you $47 of that.

Rachael March 18, 2023

Wow I didn't know angi does this too...We all need to get the infor out though about this new scam...I was on angis to advertise and they never sent any referal but scams and said ....Over and over ....You still have to pay...

Angi Is The Worst!!
January 4, 2023

Angi is a major scam that specifically preys on seniors who need help taking care of their property. We paid in advance for leaf removal and booked an appointment. Two trifling individuals showed up late with no truck and no equipment. They didn’t do the work, left after telling us they were going “to get a U-Haul” and never came back.

Rachael March 18, 2023

Because they only collect the ppl they send out they don't actually pay them....Its all one big scam.. Sorry sweetie.

Waste of time and money
January 3, 2023

Angi is a waste of time and a bigger waste of money. I signed up to find a plumber, and a plumbing company contacted me through Angi. I booked the plumber using Angi's website, and it turns out the plumber was a scam.

I contacted Angi to tell them to remove the plumber from their website. I was not asking for a refund, just that they remove the plumber so that no one else gets scammed. I even supported all the necessary documentation, project number, etc.

None of the Angi customer service representatives acknowledged what I said, instead they passed me through 4 different customer service agents, all giving me automated copy-pasted response. 16 emails later and they still are sending me generic responses that have nothing to do with my issue. They clearly do not care to help their customers.

Just as another reviewer put, Angi never fails to disappoint.

GeorgiaG. June 13, 2023

Same thing happened to me except one the customer service people let me know that I wasn't the first person to complain about the guy they sent. She said that the guy was being "escalated" (probably meant evaluated) for previous complaints against him. Then they sent the scammer to me KNOWING FULL WELL that he was incompetent.

Bassett Home Heating, Inc.
December 21, 2022
Review for Bassett Home Heating, Inc.: In early February of 2022, John Bassett of Bassett Home Heating, Inc., the representative of the family-owned and operated heating and cooling company, responded when I asked for an estimate to remove an old gas furnace and install a new gas furnace and an air-conditioner in its place. John showed up on time and discussed the project in detail. In addition to the fact that Bassett featured American Standard products, I was impressed by the 3-year maintenance agreement (A/C and furnace) I could purchase wherein a company representative would stop by each winter and each summer to maintain our new furnace and air-conditioner. I requested that the furnace and A/C be installed before June and they were installed on May 23 by John’s son, David Bassett. David showed up with a 3-man crew and the installation was completed in less than a day. I was impressed by the competence and professionalism of the installation. Bassett was able to use my existing programmable thermostat (which was fairly new), and David took the time to explain how to operate it for the furnace (heat) and the air-conditioner (cool). The air-conditioner and the furnace have both operated exceptionally well throughout the summer, fall, and upcoming winter. I would rate the total experience as 4 out of 5 stars. Although the products and installation were top notch, communication with the office was inconsistent. I paid the revised balance of my bill shortly after installation (which was less because a new thermostat was not needed). I was told that there were computer problems when I called, emailed or left voicemails requesting a copy of the revised invoice as proof of payment that I could supply to Puget Sound Energy for an energy rebate. Five weeks after installation, I received a revised second invoice and updated paperwork in the mail.

I want my money back, and no one else has to put up with service like this. Really BAD COMPANY!
December 19, 2022

On 11/28/22 I Paid $29..99 to join Angi Service to have my ducts cleaned. I had a appointment set up on 12/2, 12/3, 12/6 12/9 all canceled, when I went in to check my bank account on 12/01/22 $207.18 and $25.00 were taken out of my account.

I asked them why when I was told nothing would be taken out until work was done No work was done so the said they would refund me $207.18 and they only refunded me $177.19 which is $29.99 short and also asked them why they charged me $25.00, they said it was a cancellation fee, I never canceled anything.

So they finally refunded me the $25.00 then, still owe me $29.99 from the $207.18 charge, now I'm mad, I told them I want my $29.99 back that I paid to join, they did refund me this, but still waiting for $29.99 from the 1st charge, I email them everyday, call them everyday and all I do is get the run around, I just don't want anyone else to go through what I have had to do. Thank you, Linda

December 15, 2022

Needed a bathroom remodel. Was taken in by the tv ads. Signed up with Angie to send someone out for estimate. Small bathroom had already had demolition done and cabinets installed by myself before I was injured. I needed toilet and mirrors and a shower to replace the tub. They sent someone out who claimed to have 25 years experience. That was a complete lie. A job that he claimed would take 3wks went past 3 months b4 he stopped showing up. Called Angie to file a claim and from there all I got was a complete runaround !! There is much more I could report but I’d be typing forever! Angi is a complete scam and a waste of your good money!!