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credit score
October 30, 2013
what if you don't have a credit score an need personal loan

247 October 31, 2013

We have lenders that can help those with no credit achieve financing. Credit score is not the only variable that will be looked at. Employment history, income, debt amount and loan purpose are a few of the biggies.

No issues here.
October 30, 2013
Worked exactly as advertised. Process was fast. I would recommend.

Applied last wednesday
October 29, 2013
I applied last Wednesday after coming here and reading the reviews. I realize they get a ton of apps, but 4 business days is sufficiant. I chose not to buy their tri-cred report as I have one already. The only thing I got was a text about a home equity loan. (I rent).

247 R October 29, 2013

Hi Anthony,

Just sent you an email. You indicated that you have not received a response regarding your app. You should have received emails. Did you check your spam? You can also check your status here: http://www.247lendinggroup.com/search.php.

I wish you would have emailed us direct prior to submitting a negative review. I would have been able to assist you immediately. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Btw, the text you got was not from us or any of our lenders. Nobody from our end sends text message offers nor offer home equity loans.



A. Q October 29, 2013

Guys, this is a SCAM.. Google 24/7 lending group in N.C. it is a MOCK business. These are a couple college kids from Wake Forest that are hoping the sheer numbers of people who come to the site will purchase these Tri-Merge reports, this is NOT illegal. This is their business model. No, they do not make you purchase one, but this is the only way they make money. Do not let them fool you with their reply, “if we are not a legitimate company we wouldn’t be in business.” Their revenue model is the people who purchase the Tri-Merge reports. And yes, credit report pulls are a big business! THERE IS NO ONE BY THE NAME OF MARK RICHARDSON (CEO) AFILIATED WITH THIS SCAM. The Location given is the address of a strip mall next to the Theater. ANY POSITVE REVIEWS are written by THEM!!! They have NEVER outsourced a loan, period! They try and utilize the "lending tree" approach to get you on board to purchase a tri-merge report which they get a fee to pull. Most "Lending Tree" style businesses get either a LOAN ORIGINATION FEE, or A BACK END PERCENTAGE OF THE LOAN. They will tell you that you can “put in” your credit score. This is ridiculous. NO LENDER WILL ALLOW YOU TO PUT IN YOUR PERCIEVED CREDIT SCORE AND BASE A DECISION FROM THIS, IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO AND NO UNDERWRITER WILL APROVE THIS. This is why you will NEVER see a pull “soft” (inquiry) or “hard” (used to obtain legitimate credit by EVERY financial institute) on your credit report. Try it. You can go to www.annualcreditreport.com and get your free report from all three less your score, but financial institutes use more than a score for a credit decision. Caveat emptor! If anyone would like to see the correspondence I had with a “Jordan Robbins”, let me know. There is no loan that will EVER be APPROVED based on a “soft pull.” A soft pull is just an Inquiry akin to what your insurance company pulls. THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE CREDIT INQUIERY TO OBTAIN ANY LOAN PER A CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT! It takes you two minutes to look up the FRANKLIN COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS to find their business license. It is impossible for a legitimate loan origination company to even refer you to a lender based on anything when your SS# isn’t pulled. So, they do not ask as this would violate North Carolina laws which require a license to validate. ENJOY!

247 October 29, 2013

The accusations made in the above claim are totally false and slanderous. We clearly state all over our site that we are not the actual lenders and do not provide funding. We match consumers with lenders based on the information they input on their application. One of the most important variables when determining where we route applications to is the consumer's credit scores. We do not perform a credit check during our process. We don't even collect SSN. Most of our lenders are able to fund loans without doing a hard credit pull. However, depending on the applicant's situation and the lender's funding requirements, that lender may ask for additional info, like SSN, and request your approval for performing a credit pull in order to finalize your loan. A lender will NEVER perform a credit check without the applicant's approval.

Since we route application based on credit scores, we provide an option for applicants to obtain their current, up-to-date credit scores. Many applicants either do not know their credit scores or haven't viewed their credit in quite some time. Therefore, providing a trusted on site option for consumers to obtain their credit scores and reports from is a logistic part of our business model. Yes, consumers are entitled to obtain (1) free copy of their reports from annualcreditreport.com. But these reports do not include any of your credit scores.

In conclusion, we've been providing a reliable online service since 2001. As indicated above, processing several thousand/apps day. Having a few negative reviews when processing several thousand apps/day is natural.

A. Q October 30, 2013

Your claims are absolutely false! NO FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS can extend credit without a "hard" pull! Period! You claim to “send” applications to “lenders,” but have NO CLUE what the applications SSN #is nor credit worthiness, insane logic! Anyone who believes this should have their head checked. You know EVERYTHING I said is factual; it only takes a moment for people to research these companies. You do not process several thousand applications a day; you’re in a strip mall. You have several shell web sites that do the same thing. Your company has NEVER directed a loan to ANY lender. What you do is NOT illegal per North Carolina law, but obfuscates the truth as to your company’s intentions. People be aware, if you do not have at least a 780 FICO(this is not the only thing that determines credit wortiness), YOU WILL NOT GET AN UNSECURED LOAN UNLESS IT IS FROM A COMPANY LIKE WESTERN SKY WHO CHARGES 300% INTEREST; AND YOU CAN SEE THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS DUE TO THE DODD-FRANK ACT (anti-predatory lending laws)! You pulling your own credit report will help you ZERO as no lender will accept your “word” as to your credit worthiness, it would be merely for your entertainment. Keep this in mind people, The Dodd-Frank act makes credit collection agencies (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) lump “hard” inquiries together meaning, If you go looking for a house or a car within the same month, this counts for only ONE hard inquiry no matter how many companies look at your credit during that month dropping your score no more than 15 points .Even in this company’s home state, North Carolina, the states usury laws will NOT allow them to offer Payday loans. If you need a personal loan, go to your Bank or a reputable site like Lending Tree. Lending Tree actually is a purveyor of financial lenders, and yes, they do run your credit and ask you “real” questions that will enable you to get an actual loan. Common sense will prevail in the end, I hope. This will be my last post as I have given the consumer all the tools necessary to avoid these companies. Enjoy!

247 October 30, 2013

Anyone who has any questions please feel free to contact is prior to applying. Thanks!

Per earlier review...
October 29, 2013
I was quick to jump to conclusions on my earlier review and would like to apologize to 24/7 Lending Group. I just really need this money and was quick to say the wrong things, I guess you could call it being impatient. I give it 4 stars because of the flexibility they give you and I hope you will be able to help me. Thanks again!

Haven't received a response
October 28, 2013
I recently applied for a $4,000 loan and haven't heard anything yet. I was under the impression that i would have a reply in under 24 hours. I really need this loan. I've reviewed other sites over and over and decided to go with 24/7 Lending Group. Please save me, i need you!! If it helps, i have my APP #...

247 October 29, 2013

Hi Joshua,

Wish you would have emailed us first before leaving a negative review. You applied today and your app is still being processed. You can check your status here:


I also emailed you this info direct to you.



A+ Service
October 28, 2013
Worked for me. I would highly recommend. Short application. Money was in my account in less than 2 days.

Personal Loan
October 28, 2013
I came across this website when looking for debt consolidation loans. Sent them two emails with my loan scenerios and have not got a reply yet. wondering if this is for reals? Anyone with a recent loan approval with average credit?

247 October 28, 2013

Hi Shana,

I am sorry no one has gotten back to you. When did you email us? I just checked and don't see any email from Shana from CA in our cue.



Very Curious
October 27, 2013

VinceOctober 27, 2013

After reading all the reviews, I got very curious. I wonder if they can help me too. Here is my situation:

I am in need of a 10k fast loan to secure an auctioned property that I've won. I have enough money for about 75% of the price but need at least 10k to do the deal. My credit is not so good. I recently short sale a home that I didn't pay for over 2yrs. other than that I didn't have any other bad debts or missed payment on my credit. Can I get a loan? What would be my rate for a loan? Can someone from 247 response to me?

I will apply if someone from 247 reply to my review here. Thanks.

247 October 27, 2013

Hi Vince,

Can you please email us direct at [email protected]. Thanks...


Jordan Robbins

LILIA October 28, 2013





K. S November 07, 2013

I'm very interested as well. Thx

Was matched with a lender. Representative was helpful.
October 23, 2013

First and foremost I want to thank Neal Padillo, my Loan Advisor, for his great service. I recently applied for a loan through 247, and I am very thankful I did. During the process, I obtained a copy of my credit report and score since I hadn't viewed either in over two years. To my shock, I discovered that I was a victim of ID theft. So my loan went from looking to get cash to also looking to regain control of the negativity going on with my credit report as a result of the ID theft. Neal was sensitive to my needs surrounding this unforeseen situation and was extremely helpful. He pointed me to a few different websites and organizations that would guide me through resolving my ID theft issue and removing those items from my report. I am still working on getting that all fixed. BUT, even with that stuff going on, Neal was able to get me the loan I needed. The rate was higher than expected at 23% but my credit was even worse than anticipated bc of the ID theft. But I really needed the money for some unforeseen issues.

Vince October 27, 2013

I am in need of a 10k fast loan to secure an auctioned property that I've won. I have enough money for about 75% of the price but need at least 10k to do the deal. My credit is not so good. I recently short sale a home that I didn't pay for over 2yrs. other than that I didn't have any other bad debts or missed payment on my credit. Can I get a loan? What would be my rate for a loan? Can someone from 247 response to me?

real or fake
October 22, 2013

I have a question i got a call from 516 669 0364 and i was asking for $10,000 but these people didn't speak very good english. Is this for real? They asked me for my personal info. Please help

Thank you

247 October 23, 2013

Can you email us direct so that we can contact you?


High Interest credit card gone!
October 21, 2013
Just eliminated my high interst credit card that I was paying pretty much only towards the interest every month. Can't beat that!

89.68% interest
October 19, 2013

I just applied for a loan today and somebody call me in second.

I was offered 89.68% interest rate. is this even legal?

$10,000 loan with a monthly of $743.

247 October 20, 2013

It is legal. Nowadays some lenders are offering special programs where people with bad credit can borrow for up-to 12 years. He interest rates associated with these types of loans are going to be higher. But the intent is to satisfy a short-term monetary need with the intent of obtaining the lowest monthly rate possible. And then paying off the loan early to avoid paying total high interest costs.

ANGEL October 30, 2013


Many Steps Till You Get An Answer
October 18, 2013
Well, I did get my email with my application # but it sends me to one site to get my accurate credit scores... Why do they need this? Why do I have to pay to get my credit score as a means to get my answer? Its just a way for this company to get money by referring you to another company... I hope that for their sake they don't forward my information to anybody else...

247 October 18, 2013

The credit score service we provide is an option and not a requirement. Since we don't do a credit check we ask the consumer to input their current credit score so that we can accurately route their app to the most appropiate lender for their needs. We provide the service as a trusted on-site option for those that do not know their credit score or haven't viewed it in some time.

Frankie October 25, 2013

Optional my ass. You hit me up so many times for my score. I never saw that it was optional. You said it was free then charged me $1 for it. Bait and switch. Oh yeah, the score was free not the report. I guess if you scam a lot of people for a $1 you could do well and who is going to be upset about $1. Oh and the loan part, which is why I was there. I didn't get one, not even one offer, only another form to fill out.

247 October 25, 2013

Absolutely is an option and not a requirement.

The terms of the free credit score offer are clearly displayed. No money is made by anyone from the $1. The FTC compliance allows for the marketing of free credit scores. But they can not market 'free credit reports' and that is why consumers are charged $1.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact is prior to applying.

Frankie October 29, 2013

"No money is made by anyone from the $1." Great quote. Keep telling yourself that.


247 October 29, 2013

I'm sorry we could not help you. We do not guarantee approval.

October 17, 2013
One of the best experiences I've had with a financial institution in years. Loan was processed, approved, and funded within 5 hours. I have excellent credit but limited borrowing history, so was starting to be frustrated with other banks in NYC's reluctance to give me a personal loan. 247 Lending process was seamless, at very competitive rates.

Oh c October 18, 2013

This is hilarious

24/7 R October 18, 2013

Thanks for the positive review Phillip! Glad we could help!

RsJc November 16, 2013

Who is your loan officer and what's his number

Not sure yet...
October 14, 2013
i am in desperate need of some help financially. Reading the reviews I got my hopes up. I did all I was told then it said the results would be sent to me.... I haven't gotten anything. what do I do?! please help

247 R October 15, 2013

Hi Jessica,

I just sent you an email.

You should have received emails regarding your app. Did you check your spam?

You can also check your status here:




Easy Breezy!
October 13, 2013

I didn't read these reviews until AFTER I submitted my application so I had already braced myself for a denial. I requested $15k to pay off higher interest credit cards. The only negative information on my credit report is rental property that I sold in a short sale last year.

I applied on a Tuesday, submitting payslips and a w-2 for income verification, and was fully funded by Wednesday. On Thursday the lender I was matched with called to verify phone/email/address. That afternoon I received the email that read "congratulations, your loan has been fully funded". This confused me because I new it had been fully funded already. However, it went on to say to expect funds in my account in 1-2 bus. days. I knew not to get my hopes up based on some reviews I had read here and other places. However, I'm happy to report that the money was in my account Thursday! So in about 48 hours my loan was fully funded, approved and in my bank account.

The only small thing I had an issue with was that there was no clear way to submit my proof of rental income. I emailed and asked a question about this and never got a response. I went ahead and submitted it labeled as a payslip. I guess they figured it out on their end but I would have liked to have gotten a response from some one.

I'm not sure why others had a hard time but it was pretty painless for me.

Very happy.
October 11, 2013

OK…Here is my summarized experience with their process. I thought the following described experience may provide some useful information for other people who are thinking about applying for a loan with them.


What do I think?……I am very happy with their service. The app was quick, the follow-up fast and additional info required for approval was simple to provide. Funds were received that same day. GOOD LUCK!

My Stats:

Credit Score: Experian 640; TransUnion 662

The Borrowing Experience

I completed the initial online application and was instantly informed that I qualified (i.e., pre-approved) with their ‘Premier Lender’ and I was simultaneously directed to their “choose your loan package” webpage. This webpage indicated that I qualified for a loan and provided my several options to choose from, all in the ball park of what I applied for (exact amount, a little more and a little less), with 12 to 36 months payment periods (also a little more and less time than I requested) with interest rates ranging from 10.99% to 12.25%. After I initially structured my desired loan terms, their online review then proceeds to a ”preparing the contract” process….after about 10-15 seconds in this process, I was redirected back to the “choose your loan package” webpage showing final loan terms and steps I needed to do in order to finalize my loan. This included verifying my income and my identity. Verifying identity and income included scanning and emailing my pay stub and a copy of my driver’s license and one utility bill.

Once these extra steps were completed, 247lending’s online application review proceeded to the “finalizing the loan” process, where upon a written contract was presented for my review/approval/electronic signature (this process includes providing checking account “routing number” and “account number”).

After electronically signing the contract, I received an email from their premier lender thanking me for my application, advising me that if all the above described tasks (verifying income and identity) were completed, I should log-on to their website to ‘active my loan’.

Once I ‘activated my loan’ funds were electronically transferred into my account about three hours later.

Hope my input helps those on the ropes!

Got loan
October 8, 2013

I got my loan. My rate was a tad higher than I wanted. But I guess I can't complain cause my credit sucks. Overall the service is pretty darn fast. I recommend.

Btw, wish I was getting paid for this review :)

Great experience!!
October 6, 2013
Great experience. My car broke down and I did not have the money to get it fixed. I applied several places and all told me the same thing-denied. My experience was great ,also had no problem getting in touch with a rep. I sent an email and got a quick response. The money was in my account faster than I expected and I was able to get the repairs done on my car. My credit score is below average to say the least.

Scam-False advertisement-do not use-I would rate them -100
October 4, 2013

Ad states, Good & Bad Credit Personal Loans-Up to 35,000 with no Credit Checks. I am in the process of trying to buy a house. Can not have my credit ran, because it will lower my score. Wanted to consolidate debts. Well the company they set me up for - Ran my credit, then denied me. That really sucks. Lowered my score, and didn't get a loan. Tried to call 247-cowards-no one is there-they are a scam-they asked that you e-mail them (because you can't call) 4-emails sent-they had the nerve to send me another company to apply with. I do not recommend them. And I will be sending this information to the Better Business Bureau.

Lets see if the cowards let this rating go through. Can't trust a company that doesn't have customer service. Probably pays people to write positive ratings on the web-site. Well we will soon find out

Karen October 04, 2013

They do not process loans. They link you up to other lender web-sites. No one to call and discuss your situation with. Just an e-mail address. That really doesn't help when you have questions. I have reviewed job duties for work at home. I think they employ various people to write good reviews for them. The computer does the searching for lenders. Really and they call themselves 24/7 Lender Services??

Look at the bottom of this page "Work at Home Blog" Hmm that is interesting. Also, I have read mostly negative reviews. However their rating stars are above average.

247 October 06, 2013


If we matched you with a lender that needed to pull your credit in order to fund your loan, you agreed and obviously provided them with the necessary information for them to do so. We don't even collect ssn on our app. We don't guarantee approval, not does any lender we work with.

In regards to requesting you contact us by email, did you even bother to send us an email? And if you bothered to read our site you would see that we clearly state that we are not the actual lender but that we work with a group of different lenders. If you were not comfortable with only being able to contact us by email (not uncommon with online finance sites) or the fact that we are not the actually lenders, why did you mother applying with us?

We provide a reputable, reliable service. Anyone interested in applying, please review our site thoroughly to determine if we would be a good fit for your needs.


Michelle October 08, 2013

Wow 247! That's your response to an unsatisfied customer?

Karen October 08, 2013

OK-yes I contacted you 5 times via e-mail. Never received a response. Just another link for someone else to run my credit-

Why does you web site say -No credit checks-if they are going to run a credit check? Please before you answer this question, please look on your web site- It clearly states "No credit checks"

As far as your other statements.

I didn't know you would not answer my e-mails.

And why are you call 24/7Lending group, if you do not lend money?

I also included in my e-mails 3 different phone numbers for someone to call me. No calls.

Now explain that...

247 October 08, 2013

The comments made above are totally false and slanderous.

Tanisha October 13, 2013

Wow...this woman is nuts. Talk about ranting.

Lisa October 18, 2013

Ranting? All she did was explain what happened. There are no capital letters. Im guessing Tanisha works for 247 or whatever company they are a front for.

24/7 R October 18, 2013

Tanisha does not work for us. We have no control over who posts and what they post.

Nelson October 28, 2013

24/7 Rep, please explain "Up To $35,000 With No Credit Checks" in BIG BOLD writing on your website.

247 R October 29, 2013

You can get a free quote without having your credit checked.