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Very Concerned
March 17, 2014

I am considering calling them for a loan. I have some credit card debt and took a loan offered to me by my bank. However, having been doing business with the same bank for 5 decades, their interest rate was high and I have and always had excellent credit. I am worried also to provide "confidential" information to people I do not know and maybe cannot trust. What might be better options/companies for loans?

Very Upset! All Lies
February 19, 2014

Not at all what the website says. I saw the good reviews and decided to go ahead and apply. I filled out the app and the it said I was matched with a lender. After I clicked on the lender link it took me to a website that said I had to buy some money saving package for a one time fee of $87.00 and then $19.95 a month thereafter. I clicked off the website and I pray they don't charge my bank account or I will get very upset. I then checked my email and within 10 minutes filling out the app I have over 30 emails from other websites that will match me with a lenders but none from a true lender like it said I was approved and matched with. SO UPSET. If my info gets out there and fraud happens I know who start with after I hire a lawyer. Why is it so hard to just apply for a loan like their website says and either match me with a true lender or say no match was found.


Mark February 20, 2014


None of our lenders are going to ask borrowers to buy a money pack. And we nor our lenders spam in any way whatsoever. I can say with 100% confidence that you applied on another site in addition to 247 for this to be occurring. In addition why not contact us first so we can help clear things up instead of leaving this review?

If anyone interested in our services has questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected].


Rob February 20, 2014

Now I am getting non-stop phone calls all day from every state possible. I really wish I never applied. What poor business. I even got an email from 24/7 Loans saying they could help, that's funny cause that is who I applied with. UGH!!!

Mark February 21, 2014


I'm not sure why you are taking the time on this unverified review site instead of contacting us direct to discuss your issue? I am beginning to doubt if this is even a real customer/review but instead competition trying to damage our rep.

I stand firm by my statements in my previous comment; our lenders are nt going to be calling in the described manner and no spam email will be received from us. Any questions prior to applying please contact us at [email protected].


Rob February 21, 2014

NEW UPDATE. It's now day two since I filled out the application and I have yet to hear from a real company. I have had over 200 phone calls from numbers all over the US and none are legit. No joke, my phone rings every 5 minutes from 8am to 9pm nonstop! I am changing my number that I have had for over 15 years just because of this. SAD! What a total SCAM! Stay Away from these crooks!!!

Rob February 21, 2014


I never said anything about a money pack so not sure where you got that from. I simply applied for a loan on your website and then closed my browser and then all this happened since. I never gave my info to anyone else so it is 100% your fault this all has happened. You sold my info period!

Rob February 21, 2014

I NOW HAVE A FRAUDULANT CHARGE TO MY BANK ACCOUNT OF $195.00. Your website is the only website I put in my bank info so explain that! I am now hiring an attorney!

Rob February 21, 2014


I did contact 24/7 loans and your office was not much help to be honest. I don't know how you think I went to another site. I can here read the good reviews and decided to go ahead and apply. I applied on your website, it said I was approved for $1,000 and then was directed to a website for a money saving offer where I had to pay $87.00 start up fee and then $19.99 each month after. I did not want to do this so I closed my browser. Since then I have got over 300 spam emails and no joke my phone rings every 2 minutes with calls from all over the US. All claim they are loan companies but after research none were legit. I have zero emails and zero calls from lenders that claim to be from your referral. I am totally upset and only did one loan application and that was on your website.

Rob February 21, 2014


This is the website I went to apply. You can try to blame me for whatever you want so that people think I am in the wrong but I know where I applied and what has happened since. https://www.247lendinggroup.com/apply.htm?gclid=CL_L7o693rwCFY1FMgodhTsADQ

I have been an IT administrator for over 20 years so I know how to check my computer to see where I went to apply. I also am lucky enough to have several clients who are lawyers and I now have one looking into this because the phone calls are becoming harassment.

Mark February 21, 2014

Again, you definitely applied at multiple sites bc it makes no sense why you aren't contacting us direct if this is really going on. My comment about the money pack was in reference to the money saving package you talked about.

Anyone interested in applying that has questions or comments pleas contact us prior to applying at [email protected]. We've been in business since 2001 and take pride in being one of the top loan matching providers out there. We work with a professional niche of reputable, known lenders.

Rob February 27, 2014

I did contact you direct and got no help. It's funny how you can just go after me like you are with lies and saying things I didn't do. Shows what kind of company you really are. Also why would you not have a phone number to contact you either. I found nothing for calling on your site. Also I have contacted an attorney and since I am an IT guy I have 100% proof I only used your website to apply.

Mark February 27, 2014


I'm not going after you. I am defending our reputation and the services we provide. I've just gone through every email from the past two weeks and don't see any from you. It is impossible for us to help in any way let alone look you up in our system without contact info. I can't even confirm you applied with us. We do have a phone number for you to leave a message. That being said I am concerned you applied all over and don't remember exactly what site the issue you have described originated from. So the easy thing for you to do is contact us since we are easily accessible via our advertising. Feel free to have your attorney contact us at [email protected] to further discuss with our attorney.

Anyone interested in utilizing our services please feel free to contact us prior with any questions or concerns. And rest assured that the issue this individual is having is not related to the services we provide whatsoever.


dave October 20, 2015

i have good credit and was looking to consolidate my credit card debt with a loan,but i do not have a bank account.can i still apply or do you have to have a bank account in order to apply for a loan

Highly recommended!
January 28, 2014
This company is very professional and their service is amazing! I was about too crash and burn financially and had my doubts thinking no company was going to approve me for a big loan. But they got me the money I needed and now I'm back on track! I'm looking forward too continuing to work with 247 Lending for future successes! On the road too excellent credit for me!

Info collector
January 24, 2014
My info such as SS# and Bank better not go any further.I really feel this place is a scam collecting your info. I really wish I would have not filled out anything with them.Word from the wise DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO.

Mark January 25, 2014


A rep spoke with you yesterday and explained the SSN is for identity verification and banking so the lender can deposit your money if approved. We don't store that data.

You expressed concern yesterday about having to input that data the above reasoning was explained and it was suggested that you withdraw your request instead of continuing. But you decided to proceed and now are leaving a negative review...when nothing negative happened?? That's not right or fair.


Jason January 25, 2014

I received a call from Jordan Robbins and after talking with him.I feel better about my info.I did tell Jordan that I thought they could improve by letting people know that your info is safe.In my experience When they said we have lenders that want to work with me and lenders are requesting additional info you believe they need this to process loan .Then you supply info and the next thing you see is unfortunately we have no lenders which counteracts the first statement and that made uncomfortable and seemed real suspicious.This is why I put review after talking to Jordan feel much better and taking him at his word that my info is safe.

Very Much Satisfied
January 15, 2014
I am pleased with the service provided. I applied for $10k. Was approved for $8,500. Not the full amount, but enough. Overall, the service was quick and the customer service very helpful.

Scam Company, Bait and Switch
January 8, 2014
Avoid this company. We are currently working to get them removed from Google. They are nothing but a scam. There's no person to talk to, no BBB file. This company mainly has you get score and then redirects you to a payday lender. If you want a payday loan, you can find one easily.

Lydia Scott January 08, 2014

Chris, full speed ahead ! So glad you are following this company, and perhaps taking action. Couldn't be happier. Is it true that the co. Is a couple of college kids from Wake Forest?

I researched 24/7 lending ,And it seems they manage another website posing as a truthful business reviewer. It is clear they control this site, to make the planted, fake 5 star reviews, look legit.

Good luck :)

Mark January 09, 2014


We are 100% not a scam. If we weren't approving loans for people, we wouldn't be in business. Why don't you guys contact us direct and we can have a conversation instead of on some unauthorized review site? These accusations are completely false and slanderous.

Since we route application based on credit scores, we provide an option for applicants to obtain their current, up-to-date credit scores. Many applicants either do not know their credit scores or haven't viewed their credit in quite some time. Therefore, providing a trusted on site option for consumers to obtain their credit scores and reports from is a logistic part of our business model.

We process several thousand apps/day. We ask consumers that have questions to email us with a specific question. We prioritize our email response query by getting back to those first that ask questions and don't just send us an email with their contact info.

In conclusion, we've been providing a reliable online service since 2001. Processing several thousand/apps day. Having a few negative reviews when processing several thousand apps/day is natural. If anyone has any questions prior to applying please contact us at [email protected]


January 7, 2014

Well, I helped my brother apply for a loan as he had an emergency cash need, and wanted to consolidate debt. The application is so hopeful, e.g. bad credit, no credit, My brother makes 800.00 a week gross. Has a home , credit score was poor bc of a tax lien.

Well no calls came in. I had to have him write to customer service to see wth is going on. Finally, went to link provided and put in email. Got the "sorry we can't help you...letter" The letter showed links to up to 1, 000.00 bs loans, he had hoped for 15, 000.00

He had an emergency need that I assured him there was hope with 24/7 lending!! It even said 24 hour payment. DO NOT buy into that. Thank God he got a cash loan from another family member, or he was sunk. I feel foolish for believing the b.s. with this compamy. If someone making 800.00 a week, with an active good standing car loan etc isn't enough for them (and of course they are okay with poor credit).then who the hell DO they loan to???

Just don't get your hopes up people. Thank heavens for Aunt Marge coming through, bc my niave butt believed this fairytale!!!!!!!

Mark January 08, 2014


We do help people with bad credit. However, we are not able to help everyone and do not guarantee approval. There are several key variables lenders look at when determining approval. The biggies are income, debt and employment history. A $15,000 loan with $800/week income is not an easy loan to qualify even for those with good credit and even harder for someone with a tax lien. I am sorry to hear you were not happy. Feel free to contact us direct at [email protected] if you would like to further discuss.



sidney January 15, 2014

Mark, Its great you comment on these but lets face it "your a lair" on ripoff report you said " we dont approve loans" here your saying we approve them everyday"

Just tell the truth you are a marketing company that sell peoples info to payday loan companies. You are not a bank so how can you operate in or outside of NC without displaying your lender license for each state on your website. And as far as $15,000 is hard even with good credit, however your website states "up to $35,000 with no credit check"

so? why does credit matter.


Barb January 22, 2014

I see no place in Marks response that says "we approve loans everyday",

December 6, 2013
This company falsely advertises their ability to help people with bad credit! Not only did it take 3 days to get approval/denial (they claim 24hrs) I was then directed to a payday loan company... I can do that without that without their assistance with a company I know and TRUST! When I inquired I got a scripted message back that did NOT answer my question! The amount I applied for was pocket change to ANY lender and there should NOT have been a problem. WHAT A JOKE!

247 R December 06, 2013

We had direct communication with this individual. It was not a canned response.

Firstly, approvals are generated in 24 hours or less. Not three days as claimed. In addition, we do work with people with bad credit, but cannot help everyone and do not guarantee approval. Lenders are not just giving away money to everyone regardless if the amount is $500 or several thousand.

Lastly, for users we cannot fund within our network of lenders, we will try and help them by providing additional outside network offer/lenders for their needs. In this case, a payday loan was the best fit.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us prior to applying.



November 23, 2013
I am not saying this lender is bad but I have had many calls and hard to buy into it I just need some help can anyone tell me if I can get a loan where it's weekly or monthly payments ???

Dave January 03, 2014

Why no response from 247 Rep? You seem to apply to negative remarks but not to general questions?

That is a little suspicious.

Mark January 25, 2014

We only offer loans with monthly payments.

Very good experience.
November 22, 2013
Very good experience. I applied for $5000 and was approved for $5000. I've applied other places for the same amount but was only offered payday loans $500 - $1000. 247 is legit.

A M A Z I N G!
November 20, 2013
I am so grateful I found this site. I was in such a bind and needed a loan fast. The rep I worked with Tania was very helpful. My emails were responded to in lightning speed with concrete answers and explanations. And the loan process was easy and fast! Cash received the same day I applied...fire out! THANKS!

No issues here.
November 19, 2013

I was skeptical bc of some of the reviews here. But gave it a go bc the good reviews outweighed the bad ones. And some of the bad ones just seemed so bizarre.

Customer service was great. This is was my first time applying for a loan online. I needed my hand held and guided through. All my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. The loan presented was reasonable with flexible terms. I would definitely use them again and would recommend.

Scam scam scam! Stay away
November 19, 2013

I applied with this company yesterday and they told me I was approved under the condition that I load a green dot moneypak card with $160. I did that and gave them the card number, I should've known better because Mike Robinson which btw I think is a made up name reassured me that I would get the funds in my account in 15

Mns or the next day. Of course the next day I don't get anything and received an email saying I'm denied the loan. I contact them and they said Mike Robinson wasn't available. Mind you I called all day, the last person I talked to told me that there was an issue with the moneypak and this is info that moneypak company told them, and that I need to reload it again before I can get a loan! This sounds like a bunch of bs to me. I said I don't want the loan and they said they will not refund me my $160. They were rude, didn't speak clear English and are sitting behind a computer somewhere in India using American names SCAMMING PEOPLE!!!! DONT USE THIS COMPANY.. I will BE TAKING THIS TO COURT. I called moneypak and guess what?? Yea 0 balance they took the money as soon as I loaded the card.

Karma will get you.

247 November 19, 2013

I am sorry to hear about this but can 1000% say it is not from any of the lenders we work with. You had to have applied at another site. We are a 1000% American company and only work with American lenders located in the USA. And we NEVER ask for any monies up-front for our loans. This is clearly stated all over our site. We have been in business for over 10 years. Our service is reliable and trustworthy. Many of our clients are repeat customers and referrals from others. If you have concerns before applying, please contact us at [email protected].

Unfortunately, this scam has been going on for years by other sites in the industry. We don't like hearing stories like this regardless of where the consumer is applying. It’s just not right... Which is why we have clearly stated all over our site:

“Will your lenders ask for money up-front in order to get the monies I applied for?

Warning: It is a scam if a lender looks to charge you money up-front or asks you to put money on any type of pre-paid debit card (like a GreenDot or Vanilla Visa) as insurance for a loan in order to achieve your financing. This is called an advance fee loan scam. None of our lending partners will require you to provide them with any amount of money in any way or form prior to receiving your loan. But many other sites on the Internet work with these fraudsters. Don't become a victim. Click here to learn more about advance fee loan scams and how to spot to them.”

But I question the validity of this complaint b/c the user does not leave their name or state and never even bothered to contact us direct with this complaint. It is likely a competitor trying to cause negative publicity. And since this review site is not monitored and anyone can leave a review regardless if they are a client or not, we must defend these allegations. Please read through some legitimate reviews here: http://www.trustpilot.com/review/247lendinggroup.com

Angry c November 19, 2013

Oh yea did I add I called moneypak company and they said the money was transferred to someone else yesterday!!! LMAO RIDICULOUS

Mark January 25, 2014

We absolutely don't work with those people.

Great customer support! Even better loan terms!
November 18, 2013
Thank you!! Totally satisfied with the entire process and the loan!

Service delivers.
November 9, 2013
Upon submission I was instantly approved. No waiting. No hoops to jump through. One app with an immediate result. Would work with these guys again.

Bad Service
November 9, 2013
I applied and never received any emails confirming or notifying me. I went to the web page and send an email informing them of the situation and never received a reply. The web page says I could check status by entering your email, I tried this as well and it informed me that it didn't recognize my email. I am starting to believe that is a scam. I have been reading some of the comments above very disappointing.

247 November 09, 2013


We have not received any emails from you. I believe you must have input the wrong email address on your app if you received no emails and our system could not find you on the check status page. Please email us at [email protected] so we can help you get straight. The last thing we want is for your app to get lost and not be able to help you.



November 7, 2013
I was excited to put in my application as I read all the the great things the company had to offer and that they can work with bad credit... but I ended up disappointed! First of all they tried several times to try and get you to sugn up to get your credit ran by a company who had a 7day free trial..who needs that when now there are companies who run your credit free with no necessary credit card information. Second they didn't even follow up with me, I had to constantly go to their page and check the status of my application. FINALLY they informed me that they could not find a lender for me (credit score 629) but then they say that they still may be able to find me the $ I need with other lenders! Suspicious mUCh?!

247 November 08, 2013

HI Anna,

I am sorry your experience was not good. We do send several emails out after your submit your app with status updates. Did you check your spam? Did you try and contact us via the 'contact us' page on the site or by emailing us at support@247 for help? I wish you would have b/c we would have been able to help you instantly. Please feel free to still contact us direct if you have any questions.

In regards to the credit score service, since we don't do a credit check we ask the consumer to input their current credit score so that we can accurately route their app to the most appropriate lender for their needs. We provide the service as a trusted on-site option for those that do not know their credit score or haven't viewed it in some time. The service we offer is robust and better than any other similar service out there.



November 6, 2013
Impressed with not only the speed of the entire process but the received guidance in putting together a loan package. I wasn't sure what I was going to be able afford as a payment and they helped me figure all that out.

I suggest these guys.
November 5, 2013
If you need a loan fast and have bad credit this site is who you should use.

Great Customer Service!
November 3, 2013
First time applying for a loan online. Had lots of questions before. All of my emails were answered almost instantly. Once applied I had cash in my account the next day.