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Fast, reliable servie
May 28, 2013

I was having a hard time satisfying my monthly debt obligations. I was trying to find a loan that would allow to pay-off all my debt and leave me with one single payment to the lender. I have bad credit and achieving this goal was becoming a lost cause. No lender would lend to me b/c of my history of poor credit. Someone I work with recommended 247LendingGroup.com. Not only was I approved for the amount I was looking for, the APR associated with my loan is significant'tly lower than that of my high interest credit cards. So in addition to achieving my goals of consolidating my debt into one payment, I'm saving money!

All in all, I am very pleased with the results and service provided by 24/7 Lending Group. I highly recommend!

DON'T D June 08, 2013

This person works for the company DON'T BELEIVE THIS BOGUS STORY!!!!!!!

Review i June 16, 2013

I'm a rep of 24/7 and can assure the review is real. Not sure how this person can make a claim that this person works for the company.

Ross July 06, 2013

your a rep? okay well why dont you call me and take of your customers like your website says?

Ross July 06, 2013

i have a better chance suing your company for money than i do getting a loan from you guys

Ross July 06, 2013

good credit! ok! bad credit ok! no credit ok! i have no credit. wheres my okay?i didnt get a call back or an email back from any reps? isn't that false advertisement.?

24x7 L July 11, 2013

Ross, did you check your spam folder? Did you use the correct contact info? Did you try and contact us regarding so we can help?