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247LendingGroup.com provides quick cash loans for those who are in need of immediate funds. You can complete the loan application online in just a few minutes. This information is then forwarded to some of the lenders in their database, the ones who are most likely to approve that particular loan request. There are 80 lenders in their database which makes it easier to find one who can create an affordable loan package.

Personal loans accessible through 247LendingGroup are afforded not only to those with excellent credit, but these loans are also available to individuals without a credit history who are eager to establish one. Sometimes their lenders are even able to provide loans to consumers with bad credit who want to rebuild their credit rating. Loans range from $100 to $35,000 with interest rates as low as 6.46% and upward to 33%. The length of the loan term can be anywhere from 12-72 months.

To become pre-approved for a cash loan through 247LendingGroup, you must first meet the initial requirements. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have an income of at least $295.00 per week and must be a U.S. Citizen. Loan terms vary based on each individuals needs and are designed with a repayment plan that is realistic and plausible. Only those lenders who can help you obtain a loan, based on your application and pre-approval, will contact you; they typically call within a couple hours after the application has been submitted.

At this point you will need to provide additional information to them for a credit check and final approval. Once the process is complete you will be given a set of loan terms to review prior to signing the loan agreement. There is no obligation to accept the offer. If you choose to accept, all you need to do is e-sign the agreement and wait for the funds to appear in your account.

Review the terms and conditions of the loan before signing it. Read the section about a borrower’s inability to repay the loan as well as the renewal options. There are many loan calculators that can be found online, there is even one on the 247LendingGroup website. These can be a highly useful tool when it is used to calculate your monthly payments testing out different variables such as the length of loan, the rate of loan and the loan amount.

Thoroughly go over the details and verify they are the same as the ones you had initially agreed upon. Remember, being pre-approved for a loan, does not guarantee you will be approved for a loan. Online complaints showed that some applicants were declined a loan after going through the entire application process. At that point, the lender then presented them with other options which also happened to be a bit more costly.

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Very Much Satisfied

Reviewed By Joe on January 15, 2014

I am pleased with the service provided. I applied for $10k. Was approved for $8,500. Not the full amount, but enough. Overall, the service was quick and the customer service very helpful.

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1 Review

Scam Company, Bait and Switch

Reviewed By Chris on January 8, 2014

Avoid this company. We are currently working to get them removed from Google. They are nothing but a scam. There's no person to talk to, no BBB file. This company mainly has you get score and then redirects you to a payday lender. If you want a payday loan, you can find one easily.

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Lydia Scott
January 08, 2014

Chris, full speed ahead ! So glad you are following this company, and perhaps taking action. Couldn't be happier. Is it true that the co. Is a couple of college kids from Wake Forest?
I researched 24/7 lending ,And it seems they manage another website posing as a truthful business reviewer. It is clear they control this site, to make the planted, fake 5 star reviews, look legit.
Good luck :)

January 09, 2014

We are 100% not a scam. If we weren't approving loans for people, we wouldn't be in business. Why don't you guys contact us direct and we can have a conversation instead of on some unauthorized review site? These accusations are completely false and slanderous.

Since we route application based on credit scores, we provide an option for applicants to obtain their current, up-to-date credit scores. Many applicants either do not know their credit scores or haven't viewed their credit in quite some time. Therefore, providing a trusted on site option for consumers to obtain their credit scores and reports from is a logistic part of our business model.

We process several thousand apps/day. We ask consumers that have questions to email us with a specific question. We prioritize our email response query by getting back to those first that ask questions and don't just send us an email with their contact info.

In conclusion, we've been providing a reliable online service since 2001. Processing several thousand/apps day. Having a few negative reviews when processing several thousand apps/day is natural. If anyone has any questions prior to applying please contact us at support@247lendinggroup.com


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1 Review


Reviewed By Lydia Scott on January 7, 2014

Well, I helped my brother apply for a loan as he had an emergency cash need, and wanted to consolidate debt. The application is so hopeful, e.g. bad credit, no credit, My brother makes 800.00 a week gross. Has a home , credit score was poor bc of a tax lien.
Well no calls came in. I had to have him write to customer service to see wth is going on. Finally, went to link provided and put in email. Got the "sorry we can't help you...letter" The letter showed links to up to 1, 000.00 bs loans, he had hoped for 15, 000.00
He had an emergency need that I assured him there was hope with 24/7 lending!! It even said 24 hour payment. DO NOT buy into that. Thank God he got a cash loan from another family member, or he was sunk. I feel foolish for believing the b.s. with this compamy. If someone making 800.00 a week, with an active good standing car loan etc isn't enough for them (and of course they are okay with poor credit).then who the hell DO they loan to???
Just don't get your hopes up people. Thank heavens for Aunt Marge coming through, bc my niave ass believed this fairytale!!!!!!!

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January 08, 2014

We do help people with bad credit. However, we are not able to help everyone and do not guarantee approval. There are several key variables lenders look at when determining approval. The biggies are income, debt and employment history. A $15,000 loan with $800/week income is not an easy loan to qualify even for those with good credit and even harder for someone with a tax lien. I am sorry to hear you were not happy. Feel free to contact us direct at support@247lendinggroup.com if you would like to further discuss.


January 15, 2014

Mark, Its great you comment on these but lets face it "your a lair" on ripoff report you said " we dont approve loans" here your saying we approve them everyday"
Just tell the truth you are a marketing company that sell peoples info to payday loan companies. You are not a bank so how can you operate in or outside of NC without displaying your lender license for each state on your website. And as far as $15,000 is hard even with good credit, however your website states "up to $35,000 with no credit check"
so? why does credit matter.


January 22, 2014

I see no place in Marks response that says "we approve loans everyday",

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Reviewed By C You Later on December 6, 2013, A state in the USA

This company falsely advertises their ability to help people with bad credit! Not only did it take 3 days to get approval/denial (they claim 24hrs) I was then directed to a payday loan company... I can do that without that without their assistance with a company I know and TRUST! When I inquired I got a scripted message back that did NOT answer my question! The amount I applied for was pocket change to ANY lender and there should NOT have been a problem. WHAT A JOKE!

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247 Rep
December 06, 2013

We had direct communication with this individual. It was not a canned response.

Firstly, approvals are generated in 24 hours or less. Not three days as claimed. In addition, we do work with people with bad credit, but cannot help everyone and do not guarantee approval. Lenders are not just giving away money to everyone regardless if the amount is $500 or several thousand.

Lastly, for users we cannot fund within our network of lenders, we will try and help them by providing additional outside network offer/lenders for their needs. In this case, a payday loan was the best fit.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us prior to applying.



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Reviewed By Sara on November 23, 2013, Evansville in

I am not saying this lender is bad but I have had many calls and hard to buy into it I just need some help can anyone tell me if I can get a loan where it's weekly or monthly payments ???

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January 03, 2014

Why no response from 247 Rep? You seem to apply to negative remarks but not to general questions?

That is a little suspicious.

January 25, 2014

We only offer loans with monthly payments.

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