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About Wunder Warmer

Wunder Warmer is a space heater that claims to be able to warm your home for just pennies a day.   The company claims this heater can save you money by heating up only the room you are in instead of inefficiently heating the entire house. This is a benefit touted by many space heater manufacturers.

How Does Wunder Warmer Work?

Wunder Warmer is much smaller than your average space heater. It is portable and able to be carried with you to any room in your house. Unlike most space heaters that are bulky and too cumbersome to be carried from room to room, Wunder Warmer is compact and lightweight.

It has a built-in timer that automatically turns the heater off which can be set for up to 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry even if you fall asleep.

The plug can be rotated 360 degrees so that it can be plugged into any outlet in any room.  Temperatures go as low as 60 degrees and as high as 90 degrees. 


It has a 350-watt heating power and stays cool to the touch, and even has a convenient temperature monitor. The thermostat is fully adjustable and it’s so compact that it’s great for travel.

Cost and Price Plans

Here’s where Wunder Warmer starts to have us questioning.  You can only purchase a Wunder Warmer heater from the company’s website, it can’t be found in stores. According to the website, it sells out quickly so keeping it in stock “is a challenge”.  Yet despite this, the company still offers a 55% off deal. 

The product cost is $44.97, which includes free shipping. You can buy in bulk, too, purchasing two Wunder Warmers at $42.97 each, three at $41.97 each, four at $40.97 each, or five at $39.97 each.  

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

While the Wunder Warmer website has plenty of information about the product’s benefits as well as glowing customer reviews, what’s odd is that you can’t find any information anywhere else. There is nothing to prove the legitimacy and effectiveness of this product  - not even a Better Business Bureau page.

Customer Service

Supposedly, this device comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. The company also has a 30-day return policy but all shipping costs (including for the guarantee) are nonrefundable. If you need to get in touch with someone at Wunder Warmer, you have to email [email protected]

You can also call the company phone number at 877-218-3890.  The company does also have a mailing address in Henderson, NV. The website claims that most orders will take about 10 to 15 days to arrive.

Is Wunder Warmer Worth It?

With all kinds of other space heaters on the market for you to choose from, there’s no reason to choose one from a company that hasn't yet proven itself.  Wunder Warmer makes all kinds of promises but ultimately leaves you out in the cold when it comes to its reliability.  At the end of the day, purchasing a Wunder Warmer heater is probably not worth your time.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many of other alternatives to the Wunder Warmer.  The Lasko 751320 is made by one of the country’s most popular space heater manufacturers.  This space heater does need to be plugged in, yet it can cover up to 300 square feet. It has a three-year limited warranty along with a built-in timer and LED indicators - just like the Wunder Warmer.

Another top pick is the Pro Breeze 1500 W Mini Ceramic Space Heater, which is affordable and small, measuring only 6.5 by 5 by 9 inches. Nevertheless, it puts out 1500 watts of power and can heat up to 300 square feet, too.  It also has overheat protection and a tip-over switch.

Another option is the DeLonghi TCH7915ER. This heater is another ceramic heater that can save some space while still being highly effective. It comes with a 24-hour digital timer.

If you have any experience with the Wunder Warmer, please leave your reviews below.

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Happy With These Little Heaters
January 13, 2021
We have had two for two years and both work well - small, quiet, and efficient heaters. We use them every day during the winter.

I have not received my order...
December 16, 2020
I would like to request a refund...or...my order processed ASAP.

A match puts out more heat!!!
December 10, 2020
Total ripoff...Plugged it in @ bathroom...Set thermostat to (90 degrees)...Waited (8 hours)...Temperature rose (1 degree)!!!...(in 8 hours!!!)...Caveat emptor (buyer beware) scammed again!!!

SCAM Does not work! Buyer BEWARE restocking fee!
December 1, 2020

Total Scam! Someday I will learn not to order anything off of FB. They did not change the temperature in my bathroom 8'x7', no windows, door closed one iota. I don't think it would even heat my dog's pet porter. Do NOT waste your money. The 15% restocking fee is their way of making money on something they have to know does not work.

Would not even take the chill of a 7x8 room that has no windows. They were shipped to me on November 21, I called them on December 1st to return. Fortunately for me they are only going to make 23.25 their 15% restocking fee. I shouldn't even have to pay that. When will I learn NOT to order something off Facebook.

Waste of money
November 20, 2020
Waste of money. Doesn’t even heat my smallest bathroom. Total disappointment. Glad I only bought one. I had such high hopes but even when set at 90 for 60 minutes there was no noticeable heat unless you sat right in front of the heater. Worst online purchase ever.

Total Scam
February 24, 2020
This is a total scam. Do not waste your money. Good way to prove it is a scam is the fact that you can’t comment about it on Facebook.

Buyer Beware- Run
January 28, 2020

I tried this product after seeing the commercial. This product is full scam. Check the reviews! I tried 3 different rooms and even raised the temperature level up above 80. This product doesn't even defrost my hands in front of it. The light inside is not a heat lamp but a red light. Buyer beware.

Plus the charge a 15% restock fee.

Sandra F February 04, 2020

Was unable to plug them into my home because they need a separate wiring system because you CANNOT use a GFI CIRCUIT at the risk of burning up your home!!!

This info was told to me by a electrician!!

I'm in the process of reporting them to Consumer Alert for fraud!!

January 8, 2020
I wouldn't call it a scam, really. They do put out heat, but it needs to be a very small room, like a bathroom, as long as the door is closed. I expected it to heat a lot better in my bedroom, but it barely went up one degree. If the door isn't closed, forget it. Nothing will happen. The so called "reviews" from their page HAVE to be fake. There's no chance anyone thinks these things are great. I'll keep them for emergencies, but they're a waste of money, for sure.

Peggy A December 01, 2020

My bathroom is 7x8 no windows and I closed the door, did not make a difference.

Wonder Warmer
January 8, 2020

The advertisements they posted are considered FRAUD!!!

I made the mistake of purchasing 3!!!

The prongs are UPSIDE DOWN—-you have to have SPECIAL wiring AND a SEPARATE BREAKER for them (per info from an ELECTRIAN )!!!

I’m going to contact them and ALSO the ATTORNEY GENERAL in regard to not only false advertisement but withholding return policy!!!

December 8, 2019
This is a scam! My product is NOT working at all. When I plugged it, nothing happened. I asked them for a refund but they messaged me that they will refund less a 15% restocking fee and I will pay for a return shipment. There is no mentioning of 15% restocking fee on the website. I emailed them my complain, will update the results. Don't buy anything from this company!!!!