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Do Not Buy Anything From Amperheat
October 13, 2022

They have products that are nothing like they advertise and they do NOT refund your money. Stay Far Away.

Don't Buy This, Amperheat Is Junk!
April 3, 2022

Junk junk junk, this is a scam and this company has to go on trial for scamming millions of customers! We have to put these criminals behind bars, I'm starting a class action law suit against this company to bring them to justice for fraud.

Scam company
February 13, 2022

I bought 2 of these they will not stay plugged in and fall out of the wall socket Hot and has the potential to start a fire. I tried calling and emailed the company. Amper Heat they do not answer calls or voicemail, emails. So now I’m stuck with unsafe heaters and no refund.

Do Not Buy Any Amper Heater At All This Is A Scam
December 24, 2021

This heater is a junk total junk this is a scam I bought one and when I called the scammers to return the heater they said that I can only get a partial refund, what we can do to put this scammers out of business is get together and open a class law suit settlement and they have to refund every customer the scammed here is what we can do sing a petition and send it to consumer s affair in Washington DC.

Rejects sold to public
December 20, 2021

Sorry to say, but ordered one of these on October 28, 2021. Was excited to use it and see what a workhorse it would be%.....Very disappointed, as it ran for less than 10 minutes and stopped (overheated).

They would only give a 75% refund, so I opted to receive another unit. That one didn't last 3 minutes and quit....someone manufactured duds and sold them to unsuspecting public innocents.

Now I see another company in CA (TopHeat) is selling the same product....Don't buy..................either one....GBU

December 12, 2021

If I could give a negative I would. This heater worked for 1 day and quit. I called the company demanded my money back was told I would get it. It has been 3 months and no refund. Don't be scammed like me.

Worthless piece of Junk!
November 8, 2021

Totally worthless....I got two units to help heat two small work spaces. The first unit sparked and blew up upon starting. The second unit gave out after about a week. I was able to get a 75% return without having to return the units, but that's about it for their customer support.

After we received the return, we took one apart (my son and I are both technicians) and found so many flaws in the manufacture, cheap components and a poorly designed circuit board. Surprised it even worked int he first place....Don't purchase.

Waste of money
January 14, 2021
Info on the heaters is misleading. It does not do all that they claim. Also it gives off a very strong odor like chemicals or something. My very overpriced unit is still in the garage as it stinks. I cant believe this would be good to breathe if it was inside. It is also not as quiet as they claim. Don't buy it. You can find better units, more cost effective units on Amazon. Personally I think this is a scam. Another made in China debacle.

Cynthia November 05, 2021

I bought 3 and there are no smells at all associated with mine. And all three work so far. Just got today.

Lacks Sufficient Heat
January 7, 2021
Based on so called rating we purchased three of these units for our small trailer. When we finally received and turned them on, even the high heating was very inadequate. They certainly did not live up to their ratings.

December 27, 2020
THIS IS A SCAM. I just purchased one unit after a review that seemed legit. I was billed for 3 units and found out that it was NOT covering 600 sq ft as mentioned in the review. I am disgusted by these companies whose focus is on scamming people.

manueltrevizo December 04, 2021

This is a scam I bought one unit for 52 dollars I started to used and the heater does not work as the scammer said this heater is a piece of junk it is a 3 dollars heater , I got rip off whit 52 dollars when I called the company the say that the will refund me 36 dollars out of the 52 dollars I paid , I told the scammer that I got a class action going on to make sure this is paid back to all the consumers they scammed , lets join together to put this scammer behind bars for fraud!

Lies, Lies and more lies
December 23, 2020

I booked and paid for this portable heater on 11/09/2020. From here started my painful process of getting information. After receiving an email w/the UPS tracking #, I checked and saw "shipping label created". 7 days later, checked to see progress and nothing had changed. I emailed Amper support they blamed Covid for shipping delays.

6 days later, checked UPS again, no movement. Sent Amper support another email rof the status, they responded it had been shipped. Finally when I asked them to cancel the order, they gave me a further discount of 20 dollars. Again same process, until finally 40 days of placing the order, i received a used, damaged product, with no logo and name " Made in China" product. Soiled manual, broken package et al.

Several mails and as of date 12/23/2020 nothing has changed. Don't trust this company. I am not endorsing Amazon, but you dont get scammed, when you buy from them.

Scammers MUST Pay!!
December 18, 2020
I researched space heater looking for something to warm my 35 ' 5th-wheel trailer. Number one on my research was Amper Heat, small, compact, different settings, thermostat, heats a room in 2 minutes, safe and ships within 48 hours. All that sounded good. Ordered 11/8

Untrustworthy company
December 14, 2020

Honestly, I haven't even received my order.

After receiving an email w/the UPS tracking #, I checked and saw "shipping label created". 3 days later, checked to see progress and nothing had changed. I emailed Amperheat, they blamed Covid for shipping delays.

5 days later, checked UPS again, no movement. Sent Amperheat another email re:not being satisfied w/ them, they responded it had been shipped. Then, within a couple of hours, THEY cancelled my order.

I checked w/UPS, they have a label, but never received the product from Amperheat. Called Amperheat customer service to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on 2x.

After the dishonest information/emails I received from this company I don't trust this company.

After reading the other reviews, I am working w/my bank for a refund.

Not as powerful as they claim
December 11, 2020

I just got this thing today after waiting a month for shipping..I put it in my small bathroom to try it out and it does get pretty warm...but it also gives off a terrible toxic smell. The smell might go away after a while.

But my first impressions are that this thing couldn’t heat up a bedroom if you left it on high all day. I was impressed by the reviews on their website, but within a few minutes searching the net, it has horrible reviews and people are having trouble getting through to the company to return it.

I’ll try it for a couple days but I anticipate I’ll find it inefficient and send back...

Diane January 14, 2021

So far, 4 months in and the smell remains. Unit is in my garage hoping that one day it won't smell so toxic.

Diane January 14, 2021

The toxic odor does not seem to go away. Unit is still in my garage as I won't allow it in my house. Another China scam. All the poor reviews are true.

RobertLloyd November 05, 2021

It's not a China scam, it's American business men getting cheap garbage manufactured in China.. China doesn't design or engineer these products, or set the specs...I do business all over China, so I know.. You can get great things manufactured in China with top level quality, or you can get cheap products, some products should be cheap, but not a heater...

Expensive to run
December 8, 2020

I purchased this item based on its website and glowing reviews. It says that it uses little electricity but that is a lie. I ran it for 10 hours and my electricity use was double of what it was when I just ran my furnace.

They also state that an average electricity rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour. I live in California and my rates are never that low.

This little heater uses more electricity than my full size room heater. It doesn’t heat a whole room so I ended up putting it on a stool in front of the chair where I was sitting.

If you have cheap electricity where you live it might work for you but I will not be running it again.

Works very good...needs more transparency with support options
December 8, 2020

I bought 3. I have only tried 1. I may update later if need be. It works well. My BF hates any changes and he loves it. It keeps him warmer than baseboard heat. I would give it 5*'s, but it arrives with no phone numbers to call for support. It's in a plain box that just has a picture of it and says HEATER. There's very little instruction (you don't need much), but even the instruction paperwork has no support info. I am leery of any company that doesn't include their contact info with the package so you don't have to track them down. What are they hiding? I also didn't see any options to return items if defective or damaged.

Out of the box, it will run for 6 hours. You can adjust to 3 shorter time periods. It has overheat and knock over protection. It will lower the temp from 122 to 104 if it starts to overheat. It does that 3x's before shutting it off to cool it down.

It comes in a gray plastic envelope with no protection from being banged around. Two of my boxes arrived with slight dents in the corners. This could be a slight issue if you want to give it away as a gift.

To me, it seems a little overpriced. I am not sure how expensive their triple convection coverage is. I guess I don't understand why any of the heaters run over $50.

Diane January 14, 2021

Here's the thing. It's coming direct from should have no expectation of proper instructions or have much faith in the product. Wasted my money.