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About Alpha Heater

There is nothing like the warmth of a relaxing winter’s day spent indoors, sipping hot chocolate, and watching the snow fall. Unfortunately, that coziness can come with a high price tag. Heating costs account for nearly a third of annual energy bills in the U.S. This means that, on average, American households spend over $800.00 to heat their homes every year.

The Alpha Heater is a room heater designed to keep you warm while drastically reducing your energy bills. Instead of using up tons of energy, thus driving up power consumption and expenses, this portable unit uses innovative PTC Ceramic Technology to heat spaces.

How Does It Work?

Alpha Heater claims that its ceramic technology allows for rapid heating and efficient distribution. If you are curious about how to use the device, this page provides ample information. Simply plug in the tiny, wireless heating plug, set your desired temperature, and enjoy the warmth.

Important Features

The Alpha Heater claims to be quiet unlike some portable heaters that emit annoying sounds while heating up. It is also lightweight and small, but still packs a powerful punch while reducing energy consumption. 


The specifications state that the its wattage is 650-1200 Watts, which is lower than the wattage of most commercial space heaters. Perhaps the two most important features are its energy saving function and its auto shut off safety function. The energy saver is intended to help you save money, while the importance of the safety feature cannot be overstated as portable space heaters present clear risks and are responsible for many house fires.

At first glance, this product sounds like a dream – it claims to keep your home warm and cozy without an exorbitant energy bill. You might be wondering if this product is too good to be true and just another internet hoax. Unfortunately, the Alpha Heater is likely a scam, given that it was impossible to find solid answers to some of our burning questions about the product, including “Where is it made?”  “Is it any good?” and “Who created the Alpha Heater?”

It is also concerning that some of the pages on Alpha Heater’s website, including the all-important “About Us” page, are not functional.

Cost and Price Plans

The Alpha Heater is usually priced at $99.90 but their current sale brings that cost down to $49.95.

Customer Service

If you have questions about the product or your order, you can contact customer service team by dialing 866-895-6759 or e-mailing [email protected] The return policy states that the company will issue a refund within 90 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with your heater.

This is a generous return policy, but unfortunately, the lack of information available about Alpha Heater makes it difficult to verify whether they will honor this policy. The company has neither a BBB or other commercial profile to help us gather information about their customer service.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

You will find positive customer reviews about Alpha Heater on their website, but unfortunately, that is the only place you will find them. The company has only a tiny social media presence, with only three reviews on their Facebook page- unfortunately, all of these reviews are negative. Customers claim that the Alpha Heater is a rip off, a scam, unsafe, and does not work.

Competitors and Alternatives

Space heaters are the most popular alternative to devices like the Alpha Heater. When used properly, experts say that commercial space heaters can be safe and help save money on energy bills. Two well-reviewed options are the Electric Cyclonic Ceramic Console Heater from Lasko and the Air Purifier Heater Fan and Humidifier from Envion.

The Lasko option is available at a similar price point to the Alpha Heater, costing $99.97 at Home Depot. The Envion option heats, cools, and purifies air and costs only slightly more, coming in at $135.17 from Walmart. Both have undergone extensive safety testing and claim energy efficiency. Like the Alpha Heater, the Lasko heater is ceramic and claims to be powerful, boasting a BTU rating of 1500. The Envion device boasts an Energy Star Certification and can be used to clean air, cool spaces, and warm spaces.

Both products have earned positive consumer reviews overall, with a few complaints. 85% of Home Depot customers would recommend the Lasko device. Reviewers claim that it works efficiently, is easy to use, and is sleek and modern looking. Some complain that it is not a noise-free heater as advertised, however. Walmart customers are pleased with the Envion’s utility and value, but some criticize the device for its inability to heat and cool larger spaces.

Where to Buy?

The only place to purchase an Alpha Heater is through their website.

Is It Worth It?

Information about the Alpha Heater is hard to come by, which makes it impossible for us to recommend. We suggest skipping this purchase and finding another way to stay warm this winter.

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Does not work as advertised
March 15, 2021
Terrible piece of junk, poorly made and cheap. I had it plugged in for over two hours and it only brought the room temp up two degrees. Don't waste your money .

Don’t waste your time or money.
March 7, 2021

Alpha Heater is another scam coming out of China. A way to get your money and sending you a product that costs only $’s to make and performance so poor it would not heat up a room if I caught it on fire. Buy something that will give you heat.

I unfortunately spent money on this piece of plastic only to receive a product that does not stay on - does not produce any heat and sounds like the blower (if that is what it has) is about to implode when it is on.

Very cheaply made China device I guess you get what you pay for....
February 12, 2021

I bought four of their so called plug into the wall socket heaters. Received them about two weeks ago finally. Had one plugged into my front Bedroom to test and one in the hallway near my office. On February 11th 2021 I heard a loud pop sound but did not know where it came from.

My dogs started to act funny in the hallway and went to look. I came across a strong plastic burning smell. Upon looking I found the Alpha Heater that was plugged in was getting very hot to the point that the control panel and the plastic parts above the heating element was melting due to the extreme heat. It was so very hot that I could barely grab it to unplug the heater.

I sent pictures and a detailed email to them and all they have done so far is give me a refund. If I was not home at the time this clearly could have started a fire.

Throw your money away!
February 6, 2021
Don't buy this heater. It's no different than the cheap ones you buy at Walmart. It has two settings. The low is quiet, the high is very loud and noisy. I returned because it gave off a chemical smell which irritated my sinuses and caused a headache. It won't heat more than a small room. It's way overpriced. I paid $86.44 for the unit. I had to pay to ship it back by UPS which cost $14.93 and they deducted a $9.95 restocking fee. I lost $24.88 on this deal. DO NOT BUY THIS HEATER!!!