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Don’t buy from them
August 10, 2023
Don’t trust them! I bought a suit but it didn’t fit, I requested a refund or replacement and they sent me the instructions. I spent $60 to send it back and now they ghosted me without a refund. No responses to my emails whatsoever.

Not worth it
June 15, 2023
I had to return an item, I had to pay $62 to return it to China. The suit was $110, not worth it!!!

Rip off
June 13, 2022
This place is a rip off. Save your money. Ordered 2 pair of shorts here. They cut off the size tag on the inside and shipped shorts that were entirely too small. Will not respond to any of my correspondence.

Illegitimate Company?
August 1, 2021

I ordered a jacket online that showed up in what appeared to be a taped-up trash bag, which was shipped from China (Order # WL481990-AA). The jacket was not as it appeared online. I went through customer service to return the jacket, and they had me pay to ship it to an obscure address in China.

After incurring the international shipping expense, I requested my refund pursuant to their return policy, which they did not honor. As such, I was out of pocket for the cost of the item plus international shipping. This is not a legitimate company, and I believe I was defrauded with this transaction.

Despite numerous follow-up communications to customer service asking them to address this situation, I did not receive a response.

West Louis is a rip-off!
February 4, 2021
Save your money. Avoid shopping here. I received a defective garment but could not return it because the customer is responsible for he cost of shipping and one can only return items by sending them to China, which, in my case, cost nearly as much as the garment.

Scammy and terrible customer service. everything ships from china
December 28, 2020

Do not bother ordering from this company. They are seriously such a pain. I placed 2 orders, and in each order they cancelled items from my order (granted, they did refund me for those), but it gets worse. I then had multiple items shipped separately, and never received a $118.99 jacket that they just claim was delivered. Now, keep in mind, this is also after waiting nearly 2 months for my order to arrive, all items shipped from China. So I cannot even imagine what returns are like.

When I reached out, they just said my order was delivered, which it wasn't. Their customer service is terrible. DO NOT BOTHER BUYING.

Don't buy from West Louis!
November 30, 2020
This company will send you the clothes late, then when you try to return, they don't respond to multiple emails. Because they sent the clothes so late it's "past the 40 day return policy" time limit and I'm stuck with clothes that are too big! Total waste of money!

Scam company.
November 27, 2020
Total scam company. No customer service, drop ships from China, and you pay return fee, so might as well just not. Terrible experience and the item is very fake and poor quality. Positive reviews for this company are either staff posing as customers, or people who make terrible decisions and are happy about it.

October 30, 2020

I bought a jacket that looked great in the photo. Branding makes you think it’s an American company. Said it was leather. The jacket arrives many weeks later and it smells of strong chemicals and is made of cheap plastic.

It was advertised as a $300 jacket on sale for $100 so I thought I was getting a deal. I request a return and it turns out I have to mail it back to some place in the middle of China which costs me over $50 to send back...for a $100 purchase. GAH.

RchP November 04, 2020

I'm experiencing the same issue. Any luck with this return without spending international shipping costs? PayPal isn't very helpful with the issue either. I'm also not sure I'll get any refund even if I do send this back, nobody from the company has responded to any of my inquiries.


RchP November 04, 2020

Im experiencing the same issue, any luck on getting a refund without paying for international shipping costs?

West louis is a total rip off
October 7, 2020
This company is making millions of innocent hard working people do not buy total rip off scam fraud

A complete rip off!
September 18, 2020

I ordered a pair of shorts back in August and never received them. They had no problem taking my money, but when I attempted to contact them four separate times to see what the status of my order was, I received no reply.

Pretty low of a company to try to rip people off in the middle of a pandemic. They even had the balls to send me an email asking me to rate a product I never received.

I thought this was a scam, but...
September 17, 2020

I'm hesitant to publish a positive review of this company when so many others are having such bad experiences. Here's my story:

I brashly spent over $100 on an order from West Louis and after a week passed without news of my order being shipped, I got suspicious. I did what I should have done first and Googled the company, only to see a bunch of accusations that West Louis was a scam. My blood turned cold. "I'm usually so careful," I thought to myself. "How could I let myself get scammed?"

Sure, there were some positive reviews here and there, but I my reasoning was that a scam site could easily fake those. Before I resigned myself to the fact that I was robbed, I decided to give West Louis a few weeks and see what happens with the order I placed.

A few days later I got a notification on the Shop app that my order had been shipped. I remained cautious and curious about what was gonna happen next. "Maybe they'll say the order was delivered but no package actually ever shows up, maybe the order will be completely wrong, maybe the quality will be crap..." I was bracing myself for one of those ideas to be the outcome.

16 days after I first placed my order, I received the package in the mail. I opened the order very skeptically and was prepared to be disappointed, but everything showed up as it was originally shown on the website! I was and still am stunned.

Did I just get lucky?

I'm quite happy with my order and the only negative was having ever worried so much. I hope that this story helps you out if you're in the same position I was, and that you also get your order as advertised!

Ariel Gutierrez December 03, 2020

can you provide a set of pictures? maybe expectation vs reality?

Ariel Gutierrez December 03, 2020

can you provide a set of pictures? maybe expectation vs reality?

August 30, 2020

Ordered two pairs of shorts...Came TWO MONTHS later and were the wrong size. Like really wrong size. I try to contact them to get return instructions. Never answers. Opened a case with PayPal and then they answer them with return instructions to send back to Israel.

Shorts cost me $53....shipping will be $90. DO NOT order from here. They are a scam!!!

Total Scam
August 9, 2020
They send you bogus tracking number, but the item never comes. Total Scam!

August 4, 2020

Do not waste your money on these con artists. They are only in it for your money, they will take it and never respond to your emails, if and I mean if you actually end up getting what you bought it is a cheap knockoff from china.

They are a fake site do not buy.

The MOST PATHETIC company !
August 1, 2020

As many others have said, this company is THE MOST PATHETIC company I have ever made a purchase from. Over 35 days for delivery, the quality was nothing short of cheap junk. Then, if that isn't bad enough, they ghost when you request your return authorization.

That's correct, they just do NOT respond, and your stuck with their garbage product and out all the money you gave them.

Save yourself the disastrous experience of so many of us taking the time to warn you, and DO NOT shop for anything from West Louis.

Buyer Beware
July 19, 2020
West Louis is a scam. At this time they have taken money for items. I have not received any items or communication from this company. THIS IS A BUYER BEWARE COMPANY. I will be filing complaint with federal and state consumer services.

Absolutely Disappointing
June 19, 2020
Took to long to receive, sizing way off and 1 item completely not what I ordered and they want me to pay for return shipping. DO NOT OREDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Avoid then immediately.... Find any other palce.
March 5, 2020

Very bad service, once they grasp your CC info, they force you to buy and never respond to any of your cancellation emails.

They are overpriced frauds. The web is full of bad reviews about them. They are scammers.

They ship very bad quality and cheap clothes from China and deliver them... and then good luck in returning or cancelling.

Even if you want to cancel immediately after providing credit card info, they will ignore you totally, and force you to buy whatever garbage they sell.

Total Scam....do not order
November 29, 2019

They will never reply to your emails. I tried to cancel my order, it’s impossible to contact them. Ordered from them...items were being sent from China and they never came.

PayPal denied the claim however my credit card took care of this fraud claim. Do Not order from West Louis.