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Way.com is the online home of Way, a company offers a number of auto related services including short and long term parking space search, auto insurance, auto refinance, car wash search, and the Way+ bundled car services membership.

How Does it Work?

According to their website, Way.com has been designed to be a concierge service marketplace of everything that available around you, no matter where you be throughout the country.

To do this, they have created an online space where vendors are invited to bring their services and products and share them with a whole new audience, in addition to their loyal or experienced customers.

All vendors need to do is create their own business profile, including photos, prices, and availability of products and services.

Buyers can go to their website, input their city, and then search through all available vendors and services right in their area.

Once you have decided to make a purchase of a product or service, you can do so “in just one click” and you will instantly receive the details of your upcoming delivery or arrangement. 

You can also speak directly with companies about their products or services through the Way.com marketplace, as well as return to Way.com to review your product or service once you have experienced it firsthand.   

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 408-598-3338 or by email at [email protected].


Cost & Price Plans

This company doesn’t charge any fees to the visitors that come to their website looking for the best possible vendor in their city for their needs.

In addition, if you are a business that is hoping to set up a profile on their website, you can do that completely for free as well. 


Refund Policy

Because this company doesn’t charge their users any fees for using their service, they also do not offer a personal Refund Policy.

That being said, they do promise that any customer who has an issue with a purchase they have made using their website should first read any and all print involved with their purchase.

If they still feel dissatisfied, they should contact their Customer Service team for assistance in receiving a refund, either full or partial, from the vendor. 

The one exception to this is any movie tickets you purchase through this website.

They cannot refund any movie ticket purchases, but they can cancel the order before the purchase is completed as long as you call them as soon as possible.

If the order has already been processed, they recommend that you contact the theater directly to speak about your issue.  


Analyzing customer reviews for Way.com can be difficult, as there are many customers who are attempting to leave a negative review for the service they found through Way.com, rather than a review for the use of Way.com itself.

Because this is a free service that is available nationwide, customers are welcome to use it for themselves in order to determine whether or not this website can meet their needs.

If you have any concerns about the service you are booking through this site, you can always choose to do your own due diligence before finalizing payment. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different websites that promise to help you find vendors, businesses, products, and services in your area, including Angi.com and many others, depending on your personal needs. 

If you have any experience with Way.com or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Way.com Customer Reviews

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Way.com is a deception
June 24, 2024

Please avoid their airport parking service.

I strongly advise anyone to avoid booking parking from way.com It is cheaper than most other companies offering similar services, but it's not worth it. I booked parking from them and arrived at the hotel to park my car; they didn't have transportation service to the airport. They called a taxi to pick me up; they charged me $25 to drop me off at the airport, a ride within a 4-mile radius. Because I was at risk of missing my flight, I had to go with the taxi they called. Then, returning from my trip, I took an Uber to the hotel to get my car. Added those extra fees were unexpected, and very disappointed with Way not ensuring customer satisfaction. There are credible and reputable hotels near the airport that provide similar services; it is best to deal directly with them and avoid Way.com

Don't Use Way.com!!!!
June 12, 2024

Booked a space at Newark Airport. Was double charged. When I saw my CC bill and called. they said

"Too late "as I needed to call before I parked! Duh? After a few calls they offered me 2 "way bucks".

Not really into making bad deals with thieves!

No customer service!!!
March 4, 2024

I should have read reviews before using this company. Yikes! No one seems to have a decent experience. They will not help you when things go wrong with their app. Some basic simple customer SERVICE would be nice and I would think legally required in most states.

Yes another deserved 1-star review of way.com
February 22, 2024

At the time I am writing this I see way.com has 55 1-star reviews. Well, this is number 56.

I purchased Denver International Airport parking through way.com. When I arrived at the lot they were having a technical difficulty. They could not scan my way.com QR code and ultimately said I needed to park elsewhere. They said I should contact way.com and they would issue a refund. It was really no problem.

EXCEPT... when I contacted way.com they did not respond. I contacted them multiple times to literally no response. I Tweeted them to no response. They finally got back to me 9 MONTHS LATER and asked for written documentation from the parking lot. Now while this might have been reasonable within 24 hours, or a week, of my contacting them, there was no way the parking lot was going to issue written proof 3/4 of a year after the incident. Ultimately, way.com customer support was unresponsive and rude in their handling of this matter. They lost a customer for life - and hopefully you, the reader of this review too - over $20.

Faulty App and Terrible Customer Service
January 31, 2024

My reservation wasn’t visible in the app so I had to order again at the parking booth to make my flight. A couple days later, a customer service member emailed me about the double booking.

When I requested a refund, they would only reply that refunds cannot be provided after check in, despite them reaching out to me after the check in. I continued to provide receipts and time stamps and they continue to refuse to provide a refund, despite the glitches in the app. I've never experienced a company not refund a double booking, especially due to app failures.

Shady Company
December 8, 2023

Very shady. Purchased airport Parking on their app for a company that is no longer there.

Drove to the address to find that it looks like it's been gone for years. Spent time on the phone with a representative that told me to park at the airport and submit the receipt but they are now refusing to pay for the Parking at the Atlanta airport. I did as I was instructed.

I would have parked somewhere else (even though I was running late because of the originally booked parking reservation) instead of getting a parking charge of $144 for 5 days at the airport. They are just shady.

November 30, 2023

Do not use this service, they will leave you with no place to park. Paid for parking 4 weeks before and when i went to park was told not a thing we can do. Checked somewhere else and missed my flight thanks to way.com. Had to pay the airline 2 x what i paid for the 1st one. After I drove all the way home and had to find someone to drive me back to the airport, what a day. AND STILL WAITING FOR MY MONEY BACK!

Useless and Overcharging
October 17, 2023
The app for parking did not work. It did charge me $60 for parking in SF where, with no scan code provided, I tried to get customer service to cancel the parking. At the end I entered the parking structure and I had to pay $20.00 for the exact same parking and hours. The way app is crap and useless.

Charged twice
October 7, 2023
Charged twice for 1 trip. Will not refund. Don't use!!!

October 7, 2023

Giving 1 star because I can't give less. This company is a scam. I paid for parking and they sent me an email telling me to download their app in order to scan into the parking lot. I don't have a smart phone, and told them so. They sent another email I was supposed to use to get in the lot. Bottom line, that failed, and I had to pay the lot another payment to park. No time to find a different lot, as we had a plane to catch. Been trying to get a refund after phone calls and emails for almost 5 months. Still nothing. Latest email tells me to contact the lot for a refund.


Parking Cancellation Does not Refund
September 27, 2023

Cancelled parking but it converted my cash to "waybucks" instead of cash back to my charge card. The service phone number does not offer an option for parking related questions. Option 0 for operator just takes you back to the menu. Hence, the service phone number is not useful.

Stay away from Way
September 27, 2023
Most frustrating company to deal with. I made a reservation for parking through them but had to download the app in order to get confirmation detail. Tried calling to cancel and couldn't get through. Had to post on Facebook messenger before cancelling the reservation. Never again! If there was a -1 rating, I'd give it to them.

Book with the lot direct, AVOID WAY AT ALL COSTS!!!!
August 20, 2023

I am giving this miserable excuse for a company 1 stars but I would give negative stars if it were possible! I booked a parking reservation with Way.com at a parking lot near Newark Airport for my vacation. A few hours before I was to leave for Newark Airport, I received notification that my flight had been canceled by United Airlines and there wasn't another flight to Cancun for several days through United. In order to preserve my vacation, I had to purchase new airline tickets through American Airlines leaving from Philadelphia International Airport. As soon as I was able to secure the tickets I attempted to cancel my reservations for the parking lot in Newark through the app but it would not allow me to do so. I then attempted to call Way.com offices and no one answered the phone, nor was there even an answering service to leave a message. I also tried to call the parking lot directly to cancel but was told that I could not cancel with them directly because I had booked through Way.com as a third party. With that being said, it was literally impossible for me to cancel my booking before the reservation start time. This took place late Saturday evening/Early Sunday morning. I couldn't speak to anyone at the time because they were closed. I also couldn't get anyone on Monday morning when I tried to call them from Mexico. Having been at my wits end, I finally got someone to email me back through their email feature only to be told that I couldn't get a refund because I tried to cancel after the start time. I expressed to them all of the steps I had taken to try to cancel and that it was a result of their website and them being closed over the weekend which made it impossible for me to cancel before. They asked for me to provide screenshots of my call logs which I did showing that I tried toc all and cancel before. Once I did what they requested, they then wrote me back saying that they wouldn't be refunding me my money because I hadn't tried to cancel beforehand.

What makes me even more upset is the fact that they can see that I ended up booking through them to park at a lot in Philadelphia for the exact same timeframe! This is a terrible company and I see why they have so many negative reviews on this site. Avoid at all costs!

July 1, 2023

I purchased 5 days of prepaid parking from Way.com. On my return day, June 18, 2023, I arrived early and went to get my car. My Way.com voucher was not honored. After multiple calls to Way.com and an extended hold, I finally spoke to a live person. After an additional time on hold, they advised that because I was leaving the parking facility 25 mins early, my way.com voucher was being rejected. I was advised to pay the full parking facility prices and submit my receipt "for a refund." I did so and after several days of inaction, I checked my credit card online. Not only was there no refund, of either the original amount or the full facility amount I was forced to pay, I saw that Way.com had actually made duplicate charges to my card for the same facility and the same period!

When I filed a dispute with my credit card for the second charge, Way.com then advised that I would need to drop my dispute in order for them to reverse the charge. I called my credit card and withdrew the dispute so Way.com could proceed with the refund. I advised Way.com the day the dispute was dropped.

I then received follow up emails from Way.com advising that I still needed to drop the dispute and I advised them that I had already done so. Well, I have now received an email from Way.com saying I must provide to them PROOF that I dropped the dispute in order for them to proceed.

Never have I ever experienced this kind of run around from any service provider. I have disputed credit card charges in the past and they were resolved by the merchant directly with the card company. The merchant reverses the charge and the dispute is resolved. I have never had to cancel a dispute for it to be resolved.

I have now been charged $125 by Way.com for services it did not provide in addition to the charges I had to pay to the parking facility in order to get my car out.......because I arrived 25 minutes early.

Way.com is an unreliable service provider with atrocious customer services that will give you the run around and not work to resolve any issues with the goods and services it may or may not provide.

I would caution against purchasing any goods or services from Way.com and if you choose to do so, buyer beware. Don't expect any kind of satisfactory customer service from this company.

May 16, 2023

Way.com cannot be trusted. I paid to park my vehicle and when I arrived, was told that the hotel/lot no longer accepted Way (prepaid!) reservations. I contacted Way and asked them to relocate me to another lot...THEY REFUSED!

It is now two months later and promised reimbursement has not arrived. They stole my money, forced me to pay an additional 350.00 (I had a flight to catch) and act as if they could not be bothered.

PLEASE don't fall for their trap. Their "customer service" reps apologize profusely and lie.

No space for me even tho reserved and prepaid!
May 6, 2023
I had a pre-paid reservation for parking at the Kompose Hotel at the Sarasota airport. When I showed up I was told that Way.com had oversold the site and there was no space for me. I was fortunate enough to find overflow parking at the airport at a premium and didn’t miss my flight. I was able to get a refund from Way.com but no reimbursement for the premium I paid for the other parking. The hotel didn’t even respond to me. Pretty shabby all around.

Bogus service: Way.com
February 25, 2023
AVOID WAY.COM for airport parking.

1. Wrong location address - not for when trying to park and make a flight. 
2. No customer service

Way.com - AVOID
January 16, 2023
Started a reservation, never got a confirmation email, tried to contact Way.com, no answer, tried the local Motel 6 where I was supposed to have a parking spot reserved and they had no info about my reservation. I had to get Newark airport longterm parking which cost 46% more. I disputed the charge, replied with all info to the Way.com inquiry and Citi still sided with Way.com. I'm supposed to pay for a service I had NO WAY to use? The fight goes on....

Egregious customer service and cancellation policy
December 28, 2022
On November 17, 2022 I pre-paid for five nights of parking near LAX for $100.89. The issues started when I arrived at the garage and couldn’t access the QR code to enter the facility because of technical issues with the app. After pulling aside and calling away customer service, I was finally able to park. When I got to the airport, my flight was ultimately delayed 8 hours, which meant I would miss my connecting flight by about 7.5 hours. The airline could not offer me a viable alternative and I wound up being forced to cancel my entire vacation on the spot. Three hours later I returned to the garage to get my car. I contacted Way.com for a refund and they told me it wasn’t possible because my flight was delayed and not cancelled, despite being unable to get to my final destination. I am now out $100.89 to park for three hours and the trip I have been planning for a year is ruined.

Way = No way
December 21, 2022

Booked thru way.com for parking at JFK...firstly there

advertised parking rates change when you go to book. secondly, after you book you cannot change the reservation and thirdly if you cancel, they can take weeks to credit...to their Ways account... not your credit card.