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February 22, 2020
TOTAL SCAM!! DO NOT USE WAY.COM!!! I made a reservation 26 days in advance... arrived at the lot to find a sign that said "lot full - no way.com reservation accepted" I pressed the attendant and he said I could pay the posted rate. I ended up paying double the reservation price (obviously the lot was not full!)

This company is trying to steal from me.
February 10, 2020
I tried to pay for parking online for the Hilton Blue hotel in Miami and the website froze up. I saw a loading symbol and no confirmation that I had paid ever appeared. Due to this I assumed the payment didn't go through and I paid to park, with cash, in the yard of an Airbnb host, for 6 months. I then called my bank to check if Way had charged me, and they said that a hold had been put on my account for over $1100. I tried to get the bank to stop the payment but they said I had to go directly to the company to demand a refund. I then did this, and was given a case number and was sent an email which claimed I would get a refund for my money within 5 to 7 business days. I'm now in Rio de Janeiro waiting for the refund in order to buy tickets to the other side of Brazil, and today I was told that the parking cancellation request hadn't been submitted and that a new request would have to be submitted and that if it is approved I will have to wait 5 to 7 more days. My bank can dispute the payment but would have to cancel my debit card and that would leave me trapped in Rio de Janeiro with no money. I receive a small stipend for teaching an online class and am a graduate student, and these people are putting my wife and I in a horrible situation. I never even drove to the lot where they claim my car is parked. I'm thinking about calling the Miami PD to report a theft but I don't know if they are able to help with this sort of thing. This company is horrible and under no circumstances should anyone give them any more business. They are thieves.

False gurantee
January 29, 2020

I sent a comparison of another site that offered cheaper pricing by $30.00. I gave them all the information they requested, screen shots, name of company, etc. They never got back to me on their guarantee they would be the cheapest and if not they would match it with an extra 25% off.

I should have read the other reviews and realized they are a scam. Someone should take this business down.

SIX WEEKS to get a refund due to overbooking
January 12, 2020
The Way.com people misrepresented themselves when I booked a seven-night parking lot stay. They advertised the hotel parking lot (HomeTowne Studios) as "2 miles from the SeaTac airport" in Seattle when it was actually 6.5 miles. when we got to the parking lot, the hotel clerk told us the parking lot was filled. there was a man who came just before us and another man who arrived just after us who were told the same thing. I called way.com who told me to "get online and email us the confirmation number and what happened and we will refund your money." we then had to search for a last minute parking space and spend more money. when we returned a week later I discovered my money had not been credited back to my bank account. it took ONE MONTHS and TWO WEEKS before I got the refund because they kept insisting that I had "cancelled the same day of the booking". Way.com demanded I get proof from the second place I ended up parking from as well as other documents which I did. I was the biggest loser in this ordeal losing 2 hours of sleep that night searching for a parking lot and waiting for a ride to my hotel and having to spend hours of phone calls and emails trying to get a refund the next month. They could of at the least refund the EXTRA money I spent on the other parking lot but NO, they didn't.

Scam/Idiots, I can't tell which
October 18, 2019

Way was terrible! We made a reservation to park for 14 days at Airpark for 108.08, but they only paid Airpark for 13 days and a partial payment at that. So when we arrived back 1 hour late to Airpark, we were forced to pay 27.65 out of pocket(not the price of 1 hour). Leaving us out of pocket 135.73. When I tried to explain this to Way Support, that they had not actually made the correct reservation to Airpark and shorted us a day and never actually paid them the full price, they just kept citing we were out of our reserved time. We provided them with all receipts, they did not even view them.

We called Airpark directly to have them give us the exact price of everything to get all info to explain to these math-deficient, incompetent thieves, Airpark just told us that Way was the worst and that they would help us so we would not have to deal it. So we are now in LOVE with Airpark, park there if your flying out of Newark! BUT NEVER EVER USE WAY.

100% SCAM
August 25, 2019

I've used long term parking many times. My experience with a Way parking lot was absolutely awful, unprofessional and potentially dangerous.

The short story:

1) There are two parking lots. Only one is attended. The van driver is the one who needs to get your car out of lot number 2.

2) There is only one van that does not run on a fixed schedule unlike real parking lots. Plan accordingly, meaning, if you want to get to your flight on time, give yourself lots of spare time or, alternatively, just don't use this company and pay the extra money for a real parking lot.

3) I only know about the second unattended parking lot. They will not mark your keys, the drivers don't have time for this, so you are responsible for finding and identifying your car keys.

4) They are unprofessional. They may leave your keys out in the open and they may leave two women with their suitcases and a crying baby alone in a parking lot with the keys to all of the cars in the lot.

The long story:

I would like to give it an extra star for the few employees who genuinely cared and clearly want to do a good job, so it gets one star. I hope that those people find a better job where someone appreciates their hard work.

I probably would have checked the reviews before choosing this lot and would have bypassed it but my son booked it through Way parking who should be using better parking lots. I have used outside long term parking before and never ever had an experience like this.

Let's start with the drop off. We arrive at the lot on the address. The man working at the lot had just been robbed because he walked away from the trailer without locking it in a neighborhood where there are some drug addicts hanging around.

We started taking our luggage out to wait for the van. We were told that, once we filled out our paper work, we must wait for the van and follow it to another parking lot. No, you can not drive to the parking lot, you must go with the van.

We waited and waited for the van and began to get very nervous. After much complaining to a guy who didn't care, another man came along and drove us to the parking lot and parked our car in a lot that has no attendant and took us to the airport! What a relief! I told him that I would be back on the 24th around 9 PM to pick up the car. (This also should have been obvious from the paperwork that we filled out).

We made our flight.

Our return started out a little better. I was with my daughter and my infant grandson. I called the 1-800 number on the paperwork I had been given to get the van. I made numerous attempts to call. The first call was busy, further attempts led to a unable to connect message, so I called the office and spoke to the only good employee. He told me to call the 1-800 number but I still couldn't reach it. After several further calls back and forth, he called the van for me.

They told us to wait upstairs at arrivals. It was this point where I realized that the company may not be completely legit. I know, I am a bit slow after a 7 hour international flight and time change.

We were picked up in a white van driven to the lot where I found my car parked behind two rows of cars. The driver pulled out a huge case full of keys and asked me to find my key. It turned out that my son had removed my house-keys from the key so I pulled out 4 or 5 identical looking honda keys and didn't think that any of them were mine.

"You don't know what your key looks like"? The guy asks me. I say, "it looks like this", holding up three or four identical honda keys. He then asked me who I had called when I arrived and began yelling at me for not calling him at some mysterious number that I was not able to intuit after a 7 hour international flight. He was really mad that I hadn't called him. I put the tip that I had been going to give him away.

He then left the large box of keys open on the steps of the trailer and drove off in the van to drop off another family. I heard him complaining to them as he got in about how I had called the wrong number. I briefly considered, given that I had all of the keys to all of the cars in the lot, just driving off in another car with my crying grandchild but of course, I didn't do that.

The nice guy from the office showed up and helped me to get my car.

The driver came back and said, contemptuously "She doesn't know what her key looks like". And I said, "If I had known that I would be responsible for my own key, I would have taken it with me". Real parking lots label keys and have matching tags inside of the cars. The keys are nicely organized according to where the car is parked.

The driver, in the meantime, was being extremely rude to people who were calling him for pick up, not understanding why they didn't know where to wait or how long he would be.

I decided to try out all of the identical honda keys and found mine, which was missing my house keys, and the other cars were removed by the nice man from the office who had to search through the box for the keys to the three cars blocking mine.

I have photos and audio recording of this incident.

Airport parking
July 26, 2019
Our discounted airport parking sent us to an auto repair shop. Ended up getting charged twice the normal rate elsewhere. I love that my wife finds deals but I wish she would have asked me about this first as it had red flags all over it.

This is a scam. DO NOT USE.
July 26, 2019
They will charge you additional "fees and taxes" which you won't see until after you have confirmed the reservation. BEWARE - IT IS A SCAM!

Avoid using way
April 2, 2019
They don't honor the reservations and are a scam company,

Way.com sent me to a closed parking lot... twice.
January 30, 2019

I used way.com to book parking near Seatac for a holiday flight. When I arrived at the parking lot, it was closed. Customer service agent was kind and knowledgeable, but stated that sometimes the system doesn't send out updates when lots overbook. She also said everything was booked up and offered to cancel the reservation (this was three hours before the flight).

After pleading with her, she said she'd found an available spot at a hotel. I drove to the hotel, and was handed a piece of paper with Mapquest directions by the front desk clerk. "Park there, and call this number", she said, pointing to a hand-written number on the paper. With no time to argue, I got back in the car and drove to the site, only to be stunned that I had been sent back to the first parking lot.

Short on time, I ended up parking at the airport and paying three times what I should have. In cases where a parking lot is overbooked, any company worth its salt would print out a list of customers impacted and call them as soon as possible, especially if they knew the email system often didn't work.

Earlier this month, I called customer service again and spoke to the same agent. I asked for compensation equal to the difference between my Way.com reservation and what I was charged by the airport, since if I had been notified I would have had adequate time to book a different parking lot on Way.com or use a different service provider. Although she again acted very professionally, she told me a supervisor would call me back to resolve the issue. It's been about three weeks and not a peep.

Takeaway - Unless you are comfortable leaving your car on the side of the road because Way.com didn't bother to notify you the parking lot you paid for was booked and you don't have time to arrange alternative transportation, do not use this company to book airport parking.

AbhishekShrivastava April 02, 2019

I had exactly the same experience. Never use this company again.

i will buy again
November 24, 2018
Very fast shipping. A website that has dedicated all its efforts on dressing up women in the most amazing way. I wish everyone operated as they do. Just a fist rate company in every sense of the word. Smooth and easy movement make them a joy to use. Their hardware is the best, and so is their service and delivery time.

GeroldDast April 19, 2019

Fakest review if I ever saw...impressive!

JillHubbard January 29, 2020

Totally fake, sounds very robotic and right out of their own handbook

Richard Rosetti December 19, 2020

Do not use way.com. Unreliable!

DanielZahn September 23, 2022

Please remove this obviously FAKE REVIEW. There is no "fast shipping" if you book parking spots.

So they are even trying to do fraud with the reviews.

You will miss your flight with way.com
November 23, 2018
I’m forced to give 1 star but I’m giving 0 stars for BOTH way.com and Wally parking. First of all, I initially signed up for a different parking company, way.com automatically changed my order and sent me a notice via email without consulting me first. AND THEN, when I get to Wally (near SeaTac International Airport in WA), the gates are blocked off with a sign that said “lot full.” I assumed they took into account/included the number of reservations as well. So I parked at retail visitor parking and I walked inside to the main office and mentioned my reservation, the parking attendant cut me off and said JUST WAIT MAAM. I waited patiently and then asked 10 minutes later, “hi, I have a flight to catch. Could you just open the gate so I can park? Or point me where to go?” And she said, “you’re going to have to park somewhere else. Don’t you see the lot is full?” I said, “what?? Park where? I made a reservation way in advance. And why didn’t you tell me when I first got here.” And she said, “don’t worry you’ll get your refund.” I told her that’s not the point, and I asked to speak to the manager. She said he’s busy. What is the point of reservations then??? The attendant and manager were not apologetic for the situation, and could care less that I had a reservation. Good thing I’m an early traveler.. if I was running late, I would have missed my flight because of you all. Unbelievable. The parking attendant told me, “you better hurry up and go find parking at other lots, because EVERY lot around here is booked completely.” So she knew that she was possibly sending me out there with nowhere to go, and not even a single sorry or F given. THANKS GUYS ! Go to other websites, they will tell you if reservations have been overbooked.. or just arrive way earlier than usual and drive around the area to look for open lots. There are cheap lots, cheaper than this site is charging anyway. I learned for next time and will be driving around without making an online reservation. It’s safe and cheaper that way. There was another family that went through the same thing, and we helped each other find parking and realized we got a better deal.

There needs to be a 0 stars rating
September 29, 2018

There needs to be a 0 stars rating. 1st I used way.com to park at Red Carpet Inn in College Park, Ga cuz it was cheaper than using Lyft from my house. I got there and it looked ran down. The manager said the shuttle driver called out. So who tf taking me to the airport? "I'm just telling ppl to go to the airport." Its entirely too early & close to my flight time for the bs...I paid $9 for a Lyft. Coming back, I called to see if the shuttle was good to go. NO ANS! I get a $12 Lyft to get my car. I paid 3x as much as the damn parking for a lyft both ways! Complained to way.com and they offered me damn way bucks. I didn't use that $h!t to pay Lyft and this was a hell of an inconvenience. F*!% this sheisty dirty ignorant hotel and way.com for lacking in customer service where this piece of $h!t hotel left off. I can park anywhere. I wanted to save on the lyft's it took to get there!


MarieDickson-Steele March 11, 2019

Book an appointment with way online putting in the times I was checking my car in 8am for an 1100 flight.And I put in the time of 1130pm for the time I was picking my car up. I made the reservation 3 months in advance. Way put 6pm for my check in time and 6pm for my pick up time. This cost me more money had I just made my reservation elsewhere. If you dont want to be cheated out of your money for their mistakes that they won't correct, don't go to this company! Comman sense would tell you I wouldn't try to park my car at 6pm when I left at 11am or what kind of sense does it make for me to say I was going to pick my car up at 6m when I dont come in until 11pm.

Pricing Scam
August 4, 2018

I booked my parking for Boston Airport through Way.com. Their advertised price was a little over $20 cheaper than directly through Thrifty.com, although I saw that they were using Thrifty's service... middlemen like this annoy me, but hey it was cheaper. I clicked buy, and the confirmation page showed me they charged me... you guessed it, the 20 something extra that I would have paid through Thrifty. They added the taxes... after they took my credit card and after I clicked buy. No mention of taxes will be added. To me a total price is a total price, unless you say taxes etc. are extra.

I felt scammed. As my booking was for the next day, I used it. Thrifty was great. I emailed way.com when I got back. Many emails later, there is no attempt to acknowledge their pricing scam. Mostly just auto reply messages. The one or two real replies have been off target, telling me if I cancel my booking then they can refund my card. "Sure" I replied, "cancel the booking that I used a couple weeks ago. Brilliant, just refund my taxes." No such luck. More automatic responses.

Bottom Line: Avoid Way.com. At best, they are shady middlemen with no integrity.

Terrible Business - Stay Away From Way.com at all costs
July 12, 2018

Just recently used them in SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma airport). Would NEVER use them again.

Way.com booked us at a parking lot they are no longer partnered with. Their customer service is non-existent, which is horrible considering I was calling them to fix *their* mistake. I called their customer service line at 1 PM on a Thursday and nobody was there to take the call. Just got a recorded message telling me to resolve any issues online.

Ultimately any kind of customer service issues had to be emailed to a general support email, which is only email address for anyone in the entire company. I finally got a reply back, and it's from someone who either ignored everything I said or didn't really understand English as the responses to my emails made little to no sense. I wasted about 5 emails back and forth to accomplish nothing.

Apparently the only way to get a real response was to write a negative review online, and even then, they did nothing to make things right other than finally agree to refund my payment to them (which takes 5-7 business days).

We ended up paying the difference at the lot to avoid missing our flight, which cost us about an extra $20 for a 4 day trip with tax. Way.com is a major headache which just ends up costing you precious time and effort for nothing in return.

April 30, 2018

We booked on line to park near and were given an address. When we arrived there was no one there and 3 cars that were trying to leave were honking their horns to get someone to open the gate. The sign says to scan your email to get in because if you take a ticket you will be charged hourly but the scanner doesn't work. Finally someone came from across the street to let us in and process the others to exit. We went to the shuttle and waited to go to the airport. It was 3/4 full. After 30 minutes we asked the driver when we are going to the airport. He said after the bus is completely full! After 15 more minutes a couple arrives and he drives to the airport.

When we arrived back at LAX it was 8pm and we called for a shuttle. After 30 minutes we asked when a shuttle was coming but did not get a specific answer. After 45 minutes we tried calling they refused to answer the phone. After waiting more than an hour we took a taxi to the parking lot. Again there were cars trying to get out and no one to open the gate. I went to the office and told the clerk I would be right back to talk about the shuttle and phone issues. After getting our car the clerk left and locked up the office.

Please use a reputable company like Joe's parking. While waiting for Way I counted 12 Joe's shuttles picking up people at LAX.

Worst customer service
April 14, 2018
I contacted Way because their site says they will beat any prices lower than theirs by 25%. They told me to send the info via email and they will take care of it. They never contacted me back, and hung up on me every time I called. Shame on Way.com . Won’t ever use them again!

Horrible Company
June 4, 2017
If I could have given 0, I would have. I purchased parking and didn't need it, was told by email they would refund me the money. A few days after, I emailed and no one has responded yet. I have also called but was told a Supervisor would handle it. That was on 05/24/17 but no one has called or emailed. I have sent multiple emails, chats and phone calls but no one responds. I will never do business with them again.