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Voya Financial, found online at Voya.com, is a company that says their goal is to help people of all ages and stages of life set the necessary long term financial goals in order to plan for a successful retirement.  

How Does Voya Financial Work?

Members can deal with their financial professionals directly, or they can use their website to receive a general walk through of how to assess how healthy their finances currently are, in regards to retirement planning, and what steps they may need to take right now to improve their future financial circumstances.

For those who are just starting out, they offer a CompareMe feature as one of their tools, where you can answer a variety of questions that will show you how you stack up when compared to the average person of your own age that is preparing for retirement as well. 

Voya Financial also provides a variety of calculators that can help you walk through other financial decisions, like home budgets, saving for college, and comparing different retirement savings plans.  


Cost/Price Plans

There is no standard or all encompassing pricing guide published on their website at this time; customers who are interested in specific pricing information before they work with Voya Financial should contact their Customer Service team.         

Refund Policy

Financial institutions such as these don't provide general or overarching Refund Policies. However, if you encounter circumstances or fees that you believe justify a refund of some kind, you should contact them as soon as possible. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 855-887-6858 or by submitting to their website through their Contact Us link.


Voya Financial is actually the new name and branding of well known financial company, ING, which is a well regarded and well respected company within the United States' financial community. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies out there that claim to help people with their retirement planning and other types of asset management, including Aberdeen Asset Management, Manulife Retirement, Vanguard, and many more.  

If you have experience with Voya Financial or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Voya Financial Customer Reviews

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Worst company for customer service
October 14, 2021
I can not imagine a company that has worst customer service. I am in the process of writing a letter to my state senator and attorney general requesting answers to my questions as well as either rejecting or reading correspondence for a claim.

This Company Sucks
July 30, 2021
The incompetence at this company is hilarious. Sending emails to peoples' past employees that no longer even work there. I would never trust my money with this company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

when mom died they kept the money
January 14, 2020
mom passed 3 years ago. no way I can get the $6000.00 she had left with them without spending more on atty fee's to gather the proper papers they want.

Nightmare rollover -they’re AWFUL
July 9, 2018

Working with financial advisor to roll over several 401k plans. All have gone off without a hitch - except Voya. Two times they failed to process a faxed spouse agreement for the rollover. No direct line to call processors. Third time we faxed and overnighted document. Sent letter back they couldn’t process due to address difference between faxed doc and their system. Call revealed they made mistake keying in address, not us. Told us to send request a 4th time as they corrected system address over phone. Couldn’t answer why they wouldn’t process form but sent two huge checks with the bad address in system!!

Bottom line: NEVER USE THEM! My financial advisor who does this for a living says they are THE WORST she has ever worked with. Incompetent, broken processes, inability to directly talk with other corporate divisions, force customer to resubmit CORRECT PAPERWORK OVER AND OVER DUE TO THEIR OWN INCOMPETENCE. No desire to proactively address these issues.

I am a business owner with a 401k plan and I will NEVER use them, and will advise every other business owner to avoid.

DavidKnapp January 08, 2019

I received a letter from VOYA regarding a privacy notice. I have no idea who VOYA is or why they have my name and notifying me of a "privacy notice". Is this a SCAM? I don't know how to contact anyone and when I did get someone on the phone from VOYA, they hung up on me. I am worried that somebody may have stolen my identity. When I call the number on the notice, the voice recording wants my Social Security Number.

Vic Sanchez
June 15, 2017
These guys are clowns and obviously brokers who are trying to save a sinking ship. If the stories they were telling had any truth to them, they would have told you if they did cash out, they wouldn't have had to pay 10% penalty like the 401(k) and there were no deferred taxes due-about 40% of your money due if you have a 401(k) or IRA. Yeah buddy go put your money that's left over in a IRA and wait another 20 years to lose in the market and pay 40% taxes, and not be protected from lawsuits, and how about when you lose and want to cash out, even though you will lose 40K, that's considered taxable income, you will have your social security benefits reduced.

Avoid working with VOYA; just a money pit
June 7, 2017
I am POA for my elderly mother. She paid for supplemental hospital insurance coverage since 1987. After I helped her move to assisted living, I took over managing her bills. I found a bill for her policy and called to pay the premium. I was 8 days past the grace period, so the policy was cancelled--no exceptions. The company never her sent her information about her policy or how to file a claim. They also did not send the information when I requested it. WORTHLESS. Mom did not know that she could have filed a claim in the past, so all the premiums that she paid for 30 years gained her nothing because of the shady business practices of these leeches.

AVOID VOYA...............
September 19, 2016

I'm POA for a Annuity contract purchased by my In-Laws 8 years ago.

The investments were not suitable for a 73 year old couple and they have LOST 40% of their life savings by Trusting these Clowns. We are asking for a FULL Accounting for the Entire History to verify where the Money has gone to. AVOID these people because the FEES and HIDDEN Costs will leave you Penniless. Now at 83 years old the promised returns have Evaporated. Why provide a Prospectus to a customer if your Money doesn't go to that Fund, cal you say Fraud? Why can you not track the performance of your Funds thru Morningstar?

Can you deal with "Smoke and Mirrors"?

Put your Money in a Cookie Jar, then You can STEAL form Yourself.

HUGE fees - policy useless
March 23, 2016

Almost twenty years ago my mother was advised (poorly)

to start ING "select life" policies on her children, myself included.

When she died, we were told about the policies, I looked into mine

and was shocked to see that she had paid more than the policy

was worth as a "cash surrender". I thought - well, I'll give it time and let it build some value. STUPID ME. Eight years later, the policy is worth even less than it was before! Eaten up by huge fees.

I am filling out the forms today to cash out before it is all gone.

Going to stick it in an IRA with Vanguard. Voya is horrible, I regret not cashing it out years ago.

JL Cook October 13, 2016

Request a FULL accounting of all Fees and Costs related to the Policy.

Get a Judge to force them to show you Where your money has gone.

I'm doing it for an Annuity.

This is outright Theft.

Vic Sanchez June 15, 2017

It's a retirement vehicle and if you allowed your mother, aunt to take a retirement plan at that age, obviously the money takes several years to replenish itself, but where you both have failed in making your statements is how much money the policy would have started making in the 2nd part of 20 years. It makes huge bounds and leaps and is unbelievable.

If you buy auto insurance for 20 years and fail to pay for a week, you lose your insurance and aren't covered. Same with any other investment vehicle. But you both will be happy paying deferred taxes of 40% and 10% penalty if you take your money early. And the 401(k) is the loser because when you cash out the commissions you paid will have depleted your earnings. We all know the market is bull every six years and crashes, so does your money. The 7702(a) guarantees you no loses in the index market and even if their is a depression, you are guaranteed 3.5%.

Before you clowns pull policies and take advice from brokers, learn what vehicle your loved ones have, they were smart enough to buy in the first place only to have some clowns like you cash it out. Did you pay taxes or get charged 10% penalty? NO! That's enough reason to never get into a 401(k) right there. The Supreme Court ruled that contributors to 401(k) have the right to sue the brokers of their 401(k) because they are gouging them.

Nice try brokers! Those guys weren't real customers because everything they said was wrong! They're trying to save a sinking ship! LOL. The IUL 7702(a) will outperform the 401k and IRA by three to four times with zero taxes or penalties. You can call us for a free comparison and we'll prove how bad the IUL beats up the 401(k)! (702) 986-5827. Victor

Wonderful company if you'r on the board of directors.
February 7, 2016
On July 13, 2005 I bought 1000 shares of Voya at 20.17 total cost of $20,251. On February 9th 2015 I sold them for 8.15 for a loss of $12,227.68

Richard Raymond
November 11, 2015
Do not do anything with this company they lie at every twist and turn

JL Cook October 13, 2016

Very TRUE.

Hold them accountable......

Do Not Deal with This Company
February 17, 2015
When my mom died, she had an annuity at ING that had been funded via a 1035 roll-over from CommonWealth, and 3/4 of the funds in that annuity (120K) had been rolled over to yet another annuity at Allianz. Even though CW had sent ING a cost basis of 60K for my mother's supplemental premium, ING reported a cost basis of zero for that annuity when the funds were transferred to Allianz. This deliberate error means that my brother and I owed over 20K in federal taxes that we should not have owed. Voya won't even answer my letters about the problem, let alone resolve it, even though I have resent them the cost basis info that CW shared with me.

Voya is a scam
December 12, 2014

Voya rejects claims for the following reasons--the accident policy isn't worth the hassle.

1. Tooth extraction occurred at dentist office as opposed to hospital: the dentist determined extraction was required; unreasonable to leave dentist office to travel to a hospital to get extracted.

2. Physical Therapy occurred 60 days after accident. After surgery, in brace for weeks; Physical Therapy couldn't begin until after the shoulder brace was removed.

3. Required actual surgical notes of surgery. The doctor doesn't provide and all the surgical procedures were detailed in billings.

Even with a terrible year, recovering any benefits in excess of the premiums paid is difficult. Recommend not sign up for this company.

Voya (formerly ING) is a scam
December 10, 2014
Worst coverage with so many restriction; you'll have a hard time claiming anything near what you paid in premiums. Stay away!