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Bad Vacation owner experience
April 15, 2020

DO NOT LIST YOUR VACATION HOME WITH VACASA. I did and it was a NIGHTMARE. Their entire scheme is to rent your home out at below the market rate to keep it mostly occupied and then add fees to you and the tenants outside the "Rent", which is all they share with you, so they are making the profit while you have to pay all of the expenses. Their corporate culture is rancid; exploitive of the home owners, totally geared toward Monetizing your property to the max and leaving you with the bills. Every month, and I only lasted two, I had to argue with them to get fees to me reversed which were either outside those stated in their contract or for services I never authorized. Additionally, the sales people told me several things that were not accurate to get me to list with them and then, when it happened differently, the Corporate office would not make right on those representations.


Another of their tricks is to list your space on multiple sites but list it for significant'tly less on the Vacasa website where they get a substantial “booking” fee in addition to the 30% or so of “Rent” you have negotiated with them. On a two day stay they would let the tenants stay an extra eight hours or essentially a third day, charge them for that time, and not call it "Rent" so they would not have to share a portion of that fee with you even though you paid the extra utilities and had the wear and tear. Fees for having a hot tub, bringing a dog, early or late arrival would likely go entirely to them. You have to pay for them to open, shutdown close and clean the cabin but then they add a fee on to bring out the chairs and BBQ in the summer, or clear the few feet of walkway between the snow plow service you pay for and the front door.

GO WITH LOCAL MAMAGEMENT: The local Vacasa people were very nice but on important decisiiions had to refer you to a management hierarchy with a CORPORATE MENTALITY that was daunting. In the 15 years I have owned this property I have had a couple of local Managers who, although they were not always totally efficient, they treated me in a fair and honest manner, the guests like a valuable asset and understood that my vacation home also my second home and was more than an asset for them to run down in order to Monetize it to the Max. And if you want to end the contract you can do that at any time but any bookings they already have, and they book up to a year in advance, they make you pay the entire amount of the “Rent” to them, if you decide to drop those bookings, even though normally they only get about a third of the rent.


They are 100% inflexible with their online contract and would not change a single word, since it was carefully crafted to give them every advantage and every opportunity to get more money on their side of the ledger.

LAWSUITS: Since they have had class action suits over their questionable practices (Google: 8/30/2017 11:08:45 AM 17CV37165 or simply try Vacasa law suits) they put language in the current contract that forces binding arbitration, thereby avoiding or reducing the ability to do a class action suit over their business practices.

July 11, 2019
DO NOT US ANY VACASA RENTAL PROPERTY. They have a horrible reputation. I stayed at a palm Desert rental and we left 1 day early because of cockroaches, spiders, rat droppings, mouse droppings, filthy floor, etc. etc. If you value your health and family's health do not stay at a VACASA rental property.

Vacasa is the worst!
October 15, 2018
I can’t speak to the condition of the cabin since they cancelled our reservation 6 days before our scheduled arrival date!!! We were not offered anything in close proximity or monetarily comparable either. Thanks for ruining our 10th anniversary. I wish I had read the hundreds of negative reviews before we booked with these scammers.

Glenncoleman February 17, 2020

They did the same thing to us. I had been scheduled since the last of dec then about t weeks before our arrival that cancelled and did not offer anything comparable. Now i see they had renamed cabin because i posted a negative review

Wapato Point, Manson, WA rental review
July 20, 2018

Review of: USA Washington Manson Wapato Point Listing #3539

Vacasa rental was filthy. Thousands of cobwebs with bugs and insects cover all windows, eves, and outdoor furniture. Inside all skylights full of both.

Interior had been ripped out and poorly replaced. Kitchen stove was ancient glass top that failed commercially because most hate them.

One child ripped toe on raised tack at rug edge.

Avoid this home. It's a filth pit.

Skip it!
May 26, 2018
We recently stayed at a vacation rental in Rockaway Beach Oregon. When we arrived we had no code for the door lock and no internet info. It took quite awhile to contact someone to get inside. Once we entered the house we were nearly overcome by the mold odor. It was awful. The layout was alright, albeit a little strange and the bathroom was tiny. I mean REALLY small. If you were a larger person, it was nearly unusable. The furnishings were not very comfy and looked very outdated- like garage sale items. The master had a comfortable bed and that was the best part of the entire place...however- the bedrooms had visible black mold. 3 of us returned home ill from sleeping in those toxic rooms. It was quite a run down rental considering we paid over $500 for 3 nights. The location was nice- short walk to the ocean. We will report this vacation rental to the county to get the mold eradicated. It is a health risk. VACASA would not allow us to leave a review because it was negative. They also offered nothing in the way of a partial reimbursement or even a voucher for a future stay. We will not use them in the future. We have also lodged a complaint with the BBB to warm other potential guests of this incident and the poor way our complaint was handled by this company.