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Impossible to get refund after mislead
June 3, 2022
I Will NEVER rent through Vacasa again !!!! I was misled about the condo. It took five representatives and six hours to get results. Then I was misinformed about a refund. My refund came through not the amount promised.

Dirty sheets and broken lock box
May 11, 2022
Vacasa is a scam. I rented a place recently. There was no key in the lockbox, which took an hour to resolve. The backup lockbox was broken. Then there were dirty sheets on the bed with blood and hair. They charged $160 in fees (in addition to the rental) for a three-night stay. They deleted my review and will not answer my emails. I am requesting a refund of the cleaning and reservation fees to no avail.

Cancelled at the last minute, Marco Island
February 7, 2022

Less than 48 hours before we were to arrive in Marco Island, we were notified that our rental house was no longer available and our reservation was cancelled.

They offered us an alternative house in Naples with no pool. We had been looking forward to the pool and dock in the canal to fish in Marco Island and had chosen Marco Island not Naples.

We were devastated! We were flying in to Fort Myers with no place to stay! The customer service rep told me that this happens all the time. What? How can you stay in business? We prayed hard and searched other options.

We found an even better house through VRBO and had a wonderful time! Please listen to me and don't use Vacasa. Our much needed vacation and get away could have been ruined!

February 2, 2022

They are scammers. They canceled our lodging 5 days before our trip and didn’t care. We had everything paid in full. With only 5 days before we were set to go we received the following email, My name is Karla, with Vacasa, and I need to inform you of an important change to your reservation: The vacation home you booked for your upcoming trip, will not be available due to the home being sold and new owner living in the home full time.

That’s it, just like that our entire vacation ruined. Sure they would refund the lodging, nothing else. So now what do we do we have airfare, ground transportation, lift tickets and rentals but no place to stay. Everything else not available. They claim this is legal due to some wording in the contract buried way deep. This is totally illegal. We are now suing them. Do not use vacasa! I would rate negative numbers if it was option

On a recent ski club trip to Telluride (01/2022) we rented four units from Vacasa. All units had signed contracts and deposits all paid. Vacasa over the course of a few months cancelled all of our units. They claimed the units had become "unavailable". They offered us a different unit.

The replacement unit was not acceptable, in the wrong location and had the wrong bedroom and bed configurations. They were very stubborn and did not care. We had to fight to get our money back, (which took almost 8 weeks).

We had already paid for airline tickets, ski rentals, lift tickets etc. We needed to find alternative lodging which became very difficult. In the end we found lodging but ending up spending a lot more money.

Vacasa customer service and "relocation specialists" did not seem to care that they wrecked our vacations. We fought with them to get our money back and to get the difference from what we originally paid to Vacasa and then for the new rentals. In the end our club is out $3,000. Be informed, do not rent from Vacasa

Completely Unempathetic
January 23, 2022
We rented a home for a family vacation ($3600!). 13 days before our trip began, our 72 and 77 year old parent's home burned to the ground in the Marshall Fire (Louisville, CO). We asked Vacasa for a partial credit to vacation at a later date and were told no exceptions. I will never book with Vacasa again! At least with Airbnb you can tell the home owner about why you need to cancel and get some kind of human understanding.

Mad as hell
December 10, 2021

This has to be the worst company. There is no follow through and seemingly no care for their customers. We have dealt with Meyer Reality in the past and started to this time, about half way through Vacasa bought Meyer.

Had I known the quality of their business I would have backed away. We had reservations at the Plantation at Ft. Morgan. When we arrived ALL the amenities were closed and we were not informed of this, I notified them about this and basically got we don't care.

The property manager would not talk to me. The place is basically all under repair. This morning the painters came and removed the doors off of our unit and have not returned yet. We can go nowhere as our unit is wide open to anyone. This has turned out to not be a very goo vacation. Stay away from Vacasa.

Not a happy camper!
November 19, 2021

I feel I should share these issues for future guests so they are aware of the issues and service they may run into with the Management Company. As a short-term rental manager, myself, I would want to be made aware of any issues with the property and then address the issues immediately; however, Vacasa does not do a good job at accommodating their guests.

Upon arrival, we did notice a few things – dead bugs, the sheets on the master bed were worn and stained which made them appear dirty, the shower in the master was disgusting. There was a card from pest control on the counter, most likely they had recently treated the house for bugs. The light and fan in the dining room, kitchen and guest bedroom did not work. Most of the receptacles need to be replaced; we could not plug in any of our chargers because they would fall out. We had to use the receptacles in the kitchen. We had 3 washcloths for 8 people. The first night we did not have water in two of the bathrooms, and after several calls to Vacasa, they said it would be handled the next day, as it was not considered an emergency. For the price we paid for a 10 day stay, everything should be addressed immediately.

Beware, you do not reach a local property manager when you call customer service. We spoke to people out of state, and they were not familiar with the property. We spoke to the local property manager twice. She was no help. The water was repaired the day after our arrival. The kitchen light was repaired; however, the dining light, fan and bedroom fan were never repaired, this was not a big issue for us. The next evening, we went to use the hot tub and noticed it was not in working order. So, we were back on the phone with Vacasa, long story short, we made several calls to Vacasa, they are cordial on the phone; however, they do not address the issues. You should not have to be on the phone for four days to try to get things repaired. The local property manager would not call back. The Owner would not allow the repair over the weekend and Monday came around and no one came out to repair. After many calls and frustration, we were told to turn on the heat manually to the hot tub at the breaker and we would have to turn off manually. The heat did work then; however, not the jets.

Additionally, we did not have cable and Wi-Fi for 2 days. The property and layout were perfect for us; however, the purpose of vacation is to get away from the stress. This vacation was not stress free. I will never book a property managed by Vacasa.

Unethical business- high unjustified hidden fees
September 30, 2021
They charged me a very high hidden fee of $220 for cleaning for a one night stay. The room was listed at $110. My card was charged for $450+ for ONE night. Which they refuse to refund in part stating that this is a fair price. It is not!!! This is an unethical business, trying to rob people of money for very high unjustified expenses. You can book luxury hotels for lower prices. Avoid at all cost! This is listed as lower price than luxury hotels when you sort by lower price on for example. It is a trap!!!

Honesty Re: No bathroom sink, stained dishes.
September 27, 2021

We had two couples in our rental for a 4-day stay, Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning. The rental had two bathrooms. One bathroom was a main bathroom and the other was attached to a bedroom. The main bathroom sink did not work – no water hot or cold. We had to get water from the kitchen and use a kitchen mixing bowl in the main bathroom which one couple used (the other couple used the bedroom bathroom of course).

Called immediately on Thursday PM with subsequent calls made thereafter. No action, no repair, not much concern. The owner showed up unannounced on Saturday PM to store items in the garage and in the lower area of the house. I asked her about the sink. Surprisingly, she was aware of the problem. Still no action or repair.

On a lesser issue, all of the dishes, glassware, and cooking utensils were coated with a white film. We ran everything through the dishwasher but still the film remained. Hard water deposits?

Upon returning home, I contacted VACASA several times, always with a different person. They offered a minimal compensation. I was put in touch with VRBO when I finally became stern. The VRBO person with an Elizabeth City, North Carolina phone number knew about the sink issue before I mentioned it.

We agreed upon a compensation amount which she initially offered without discussion. VACASA did not honor this amount but rather upped their initial compensation a small amount shy of the agreed VRBO amount, hardly making things right.

It appears that there was knowledge by VACASA/VRBO of the inoperable sink before the renting. If so, this is dishonest to rent this property at full price with such a deficiency. It is also dishonest to not honor an agreement for compensation. I would strongly recommend not using either of these companies.

We are not picky people, but one sink out of two that did not work, stained kitchen ware, an unannounced intrusion by the owner to store stuff while we were there, and dishonesty before and after the rental are not what I would consider acceptable business practices by a long stretch. Two stars given instead of one due to great view.

Stay Away From Vacasa If you Want to Actually Go on Vacation
September 21, 2021

6 months prior to our planned October 2021 vacation, we rented a property through Vacasa that met all our needs - really beautiful place. Less than 2 weeks before our vacation we receive a text from Vacasa that our vacation property is no longer available. This has ruined our vacation as we held in good faith to the terms of the contract, we would not have been eligible for a refund if we had canceled.

We passed up other properties that could have suited our needs, only to have our reservation canceled. This close to vacation, there are only 1-2% properties remaining available for rent in our destination area and most of them condos, none of them meeting our needs. Vacasa offered to relocate us but sent us only 2 possible properties that were small and shoddy looking and in no way meets our needs - I'm wondering if they draw you in with fraudulent pictures of lovely properties and then relocating their customers to what they really have available, which turns out to be something you would never rent. The customer service agents I spoke with were rude and nasty and don't care a whit about upsetting the traveler.

If you are interested in having a wonderful vacation that you actually get to take, please do not book through Vacasa and if you are still tempted because you found a beautiful property, please read through the reviews to hear of the many others that have experienced this exact issue, one person having their property canceled as they were traveling to the property on arrival day. You will not be sorry if you heed this warning, but there's a great likelihood that you will be in my shoes of having your vacation canceled if you ignore this warning.

Lastly, the agents like to lie to you about why your rental was canceled on you. Told us the house was sold. Because we were paid in full and just 2 weeks out, we already had the address. Looked up public records - the house was not sold. Looked up real estate listings in the area - the house is not for sale. The next agent told me that it was because the well was dry and no one knew when the water company would deliver? What? What kind of nonsense is that?

You’re on your own Cowboy
April 22, 2021

We stayed at the Ocean Cove Inn Yahats OR in the Sunset room. The Ocean Cove Inn is delightful in every way, clean, cozy, homey, amazing view, wonderful bed and decor. BUT, be aware if you book thru Vacasa, you’re on your own-literally. Anything goes wrong with your room, anything at all, you are gonna end up solving it yourself.

There are no on site staff, or office. You leave a call thru Vacasa like your tying to contact Comcast or Verizon but unlike those corporations-you will never eventually get anything to happen. It’s like leaving a memo with a gum popping teenager to tell their folks something. Toilet overflow? A/C busted? Shower head dispensing green slime? We will write a maintenance ticket for you

false adverstising and no followup
January 13, 2021
We had a terrible stay through Vacasa Hilton Head, having to contact the rental company 4 times over a 10 day stay. The worst offense was a serious injury resulting from maintenance issue occurring on the property which ambulance had to be called. I have sent multiple reviews, inquiries, and the person injured has yet to hear back from the company despite thousands of dollars of medical and equipment expenses. The rate was very high for an off season home, especially as the advertised pool was not functional during the stay. I also discovered that at least one fire alarm was not functional, which is very dangerous.

Run As Fast As You Can The Other Direction
December 11, 2020

Easy to use website, easy to book. Still make you go to their office to get the gate passes and packet. That's not the way to do things in the age of COVID.

Horrible condition of our unit. Left early due to bed bugs and filth. We cleaned on our unit for a day and a half on arrival. Found bed bugs a week or so into the trip and left. Did not have a full supply of towels. Requested them and got an oversupply of one type and none of the others.

They changed the passcode on our electronic door lock without notice locking us out one night. Just one thing after another. Did get a refund for the balance of our stay when we left.

They asked us to respond to a survey. We did. They wanted to make things right. They contacted the manager of the unit who lied about it all. They forgot I have the texts between us during the stay and we took photos including the bed bug bites on the legs. They offered us a 10% discount on future stays with them without admitting what they did. Hilarious. Stay away. Renter beware.

Vacasa is THE WORST!
October 23, 2020

I had my mountain property listed with them for six months. Not only would they not even replace a lightbulb but they wouldn’t take the garbage out. How they call themselves a “management company” I have no idea. It was the worst experience I've ever had. After meeting with two of their managers in the Breckenridge area, they still never followed through on anything.

My house was rented 15% of the month. I switched to a new management company (Colorado Luxe) and now have a 95% occupancy rate. Vacasa is a joke. My expectations were modest. And they never even met minimal expectations. Their mid-level management in town absolutely sucks. I cannot say enough about how poorly they operate. And they actually don’t even care!

I would never ever ever rent from them or have them manage my property. Save your time and serious frustration!! 0 stars

Don't use Vacasa as your rental management company
August 20, 2020

Vacasa is the rental management for my vacation home in Kissimmee. I work with Vacasa after managing my vacation home on my own for two years. I was hoping Vacasa can bring me good revenue and only charge 25% of my total revenue. On the revenue front, I am very disappointed about the booking rate and the overall daily charge they got from booking. With CVOID-19, I decide to sell my property. Vacasa charges me thousands of dollars on the two bookings they have more than a month to move to other property. That is very unreasonable. As a host on, work with me on the booking that needs to move. If I give them one month in advance time, they usually move without any charge to host. In that token, Vacasa is a total rip-off. I will not recommend Vacasa to other vacation homeowners. Beware of their charges. Very high. In fact, it is more than $3,850 higher than you will get in as your own host. For a rental management company that cannot guarantee your revenue. You should not use Vacasa as your rental management company at all. Be aware!!!

Truly awful company
July 8, 2020

Absolutely horrible customer service

Absolutely horrible customer service. They don’t answer the phone, their “contact” phone numbers lead to voicemail boxes that are perpetually full. They don’t enforce any rules. Property is damaged, neighbors are upset. Really an awful company.

July 1, 2020
Tracey was awesome! I needed to cancel our reservation at the last moment. getting through on phone was long. But once she received my call - she was so very nice, apologetic for the wait time. She helped me quickly and I received my FULL refund. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will use Vacasa again in the future. Excellent customer service!

Vacasa Island Retreat Hilton Head
June 17, 2020
I have been traveling for 30 plus years and am not a difficult person. I have never had significant't problems and I have not written reviews before. This is the WORST rental company and owners I have ever dealt with. Word of advice- steer clear of company and rental property(Island Retreat Hilton Head Island). I had literally tried to reach VACASA for approx 30 times prior to travel via phone and email and there was never any response. When at property I called many times and reached them 4 times with some problems the main one being our spa/hot tub. The advertisement falsely states they have a spa which should be a heated tub. It is freezing as well as the pool(property is densely shaded and sun does not heat the water). The pool states not heated over the summer which we were fine with but ad states they have a spa/hot tub. It is not- more like an ice bath. Weather was in the low 80s. They refuse to heat it even despite Us offering to pay for heating- refused but never getting back to us. 4 times they spoke to us(they seemed polite and cordial) and said they would get back to us and NEVER did. The facilities are older and not well cleaned. You can do as you wish but I recommend save your money and avoid hassles- rent from different rental company and renters.

Do You Love Cleaning For Vacation?
June 16, 2020
Arrived at the Moab, Utah home June 9 and found that I needed to clean and sanitize the house because it wasn't as professionally clean as promised. There is a pandemic and the fridge had finger prints, the dishwasher had food and grime inside it. The towels weren't bleached well, one had a dried spot of blood on it. I also had to wash the coffee maker and sanitize it. Vacasa is bogus when it comes to making sure your health is safe, and their customer service is non-existent. Just do a search, as I wish I had, for all the negative reviews. Oh' and if you believe that they really short staffed then you must consider how they have one person sending auto replies to ever person who has been ripped off by these people. I'm not sure VRBO is any better because they didn't seem to share my grievance or understand that I wanted partial refund for my experience. They simply just said "you should have contacted us when you were on vacation." I contacted the people and used the info provided me when I booked.

Not so deep cleaning and non existent customer service
June 15, 2020

We showed up at our rental at Kiawah and not only was it not "deep cleaned" it wasn't cleaned at all! last renters left the place with trash, beds not stripped, etc. We went to the local Vacasa site at Freshfields market and the women there basically told us she couldn't do anything and we would just have to wait for the maids to show up. We asked what we should do in the meantime and she said, "that's up to you, you figure it out..." Hmmm. YOU are the property manager and it is your job to coordinate your team of contractors to ensure that things run smoothly!!!!

Three other renters showed up and complained about the same thing and as we were all trying to sort out next steps outside, she turned out the lights, locked the door, and ran out the back door! Very professional---Not! It was still 30 minutes before they were supposed to close.

We left and started cleaning the unit ourselves. The maids finally arrived at around 5:45. They were apologetic but didn't seem to have bleach or other basic cleaning materials. I told them to clean the shower which had black mold with bleach. When we arrived back at the unit after getting a drink while they cleaned, not only was the shower still moldy--all over but nothing smelled like bleach-- let alone cleaning fluid. I had to buy my own cleaning supplies 2 days later and scrubbed the shower and floors myself. The decks were also not cleaned.

Not only is there no deep cleaning happening, but Vacasa and the contractors on site are also understaffed!!! Don't expect to get anyone on the phone or even at the local office to help you (every time we stopped by the local office after that first night it was closed!) The phone hold times are up to an hour-long and I have no idea what we would have done if a major appliance broke, etc. Not sure what owners are paying for other than a few emails to set up the rental. I will never use Vacasa again. They never addressed multiple emails, messages, etc. I think I should receive at least a few nights rebate since I spent 2 nights in a dirty home that was supposed to be Deep cleaned with the appropriate cleaning materials. Never again!!!!!

When I spoke with customer rep Malia she seemed sympathetic and was going to try to get me further compensation beyond just refunding my cleaning fee and money spent on supplies. Subsequent emails to her went unanswered. Apparently, their tactic is to ignore any customer complaints and assume they will go away.

This was not the way to spend my 30th wedding anniversary. And BTW, the condo was not a premier property--very much in need of TLC and a good cleaning. NOt worth the almost $5K we spent on the weekly rental.

It is appalling that you still refuse to acknowledge my concerns. I might as well be talking to a robot.