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Safe food for my Dog
August 17, 2021
So far our Dogo Argentino eats all of your products with enjoyment (bison bites treats & Nutrition Nutra Complete)

August 15, 2021
This supplement is great! I give it to my 3 yr old Lab mix and my 13 yr old chihua. It ha really helped with both dogs coats and overall energy and well being. Jifhly recommend it!

The Dogs love it!
August 12, 2021

What I believe is so important is that its the only thing I have ever bought that our Border collie, papillon and a four pound Yorkie eats ever single morsel. The love it! And I love that it’s so nutritional for them.

It’s on the high end of the cost but it’s not junk ! I feed them this morning and when they finished , the collie always goes to see if the papillon might have not eaten it all ..but no, it’s all gone ...at the same time all three laid over on there backs and rolled and stretched as if to say they were content and happy... made me feel good that they were so happy with what I gave them!

I have bought a lot of dog foods that was supposed to be the best, turns out to be bags of wasted food and money. This food is what they love, makes them happy and makes me feel like I haven’t wasted my money! The fact that’s it’s so good nutritionally is a bonus!

My Pups Look and Feel So Much Healthier!
August 7, 2021
Four weeks ago, I introduced my two pups, Clover and Holly, to Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I mix it up with some of their kibble, and they have cleaned their bowls every single day. They rarely did that before with the soft food I was mixing into the kibble. Now, these two pups anxiously await as water softens their food. Once I tell them supper is ready, they prance around the kitchen with excitement. I have also seen a difference in Clover and Holly's coats. The shiny coats have returned, and they seem more playful! I wish I could feed them only Ultimate Pet Nutrition because I believe this is the absolute healthiest food available, but I am on a tight budget. Thank you for creating such an incredible dog food that my girls truly love!

Healing from within
August 6, 2021
Our pup arrived through a rescue organization that thankfully saved him from euthanasia. He is elderly, had severe skin issues, intestinal difficulties, and emotional trauma from past injuries. We started him on Ultimate Pet Nutrition immediately. His skin issues started clearing up within the first couple weeks. After 30 days he stopped scratching and licking. His bowel movements are now formed and no longer passes gas. His coat is shiny and soft. He is now happy and so very healthy. He has been revived! You are what you eat.

You really get what you pay for with Ultimate Nutrition Products
August 3, 2021

I am really glad that I purchased Ultimate Nutrition feed for my dog.

I use the freeze dried raw as a 1 ounce hydrated topping for his quality kibble and he really gobbles it up. It smells so good I’m tempted myself ! His energy levels and general disposition are markedly improved and he can’t wait for his meals and I use less kibble per meal.

Not having to deal with storage of heavy cans and recycle disposal has made my life so much easier. Upgrading the quality of his food has shown benefits I wasn’t getting with normal feeding options. We are staying with the Nutra-Complete Freeze Dried Raw for life!

Bison balm!!!
August 3, 2021

My Boston Terrier is a picky eater. Exhausted from trying so many dry and wet food combos, fixing raw tripe and chicken gizzards, I found this brand. He LOVES the bison treats. what a great food to give him every morning! Then I’ve used the pet food rehydrated added to his kibble… he almost always devours it. There are some days he walks away, so I add a bit of goats milk or half/half cream and he will eat it. I’m still wondering why he won’t go after the food the way he does the bison liver!!! Rethinking what to do next…don’t want to throw good food and $$ down the drain. But the Liver is such a fav if his. He’s healthier and at a good weight. Our vet is impressed!

Thank you Dr Richter.

He’s more energetic
August 2, 2021
We started giving our 10 yr old golden retriever the supplement. I can see a difference in his overall health he seems more energetic and he didn’t have any trouble tolerating it. I did give it to him based on your suggestion of starting out slowly. He seems to like it. Thank you!

Finicky eater finally eats!
August 2, 2021
My dog is a finicky eater. After a long struggle, she finally chose Blue Buffalo, but only at it as a last resort. I got the Ultimate pet nutrition for her to try, and, there was no trying! She just gobbled it down! Now, if she is out in her bowl, she will grab the bag from it's storage place and bring it to me! No more fighting her to eat, and this has a nutritional value that exceeds anything else on the market!

Nutrition Matters!
August 1, 2021
Getting the right nutrition for my great dog matters to me. Usually I add various ingredients to his kibble or top off his dinner with more fresh ingredients. When I read the information about Ultimate Pet Nutrition, I was interested. I ordered it and several bags of the Bison Liver treats, too. As I reviewed the label, I remembered my grandmother telling me which foods we ate had a vitamin or a mineral; she was very conscious of serving us balanced meals. The minute I put the dinner dish down for my dog, he sniffed it and just started eating ALL OF IT. I offered him a dish of his usual kibble several days later and he walked away from it. Down came the dish with the new kibble, topped with a few pieces of the bison liver and, again, he ate it immediately. This new dinner and the new snacks, too, has me focusing on nutrition. It's a sort of re-education, and I like it. Better still, my dear doggie likes it, too.

Pep back in my dogs step!
July 31, 2021
Customer service was great. I called regarding a question I had with pricing, a representative answered very quickly, explained thoroughly, and was very helpful. Shipping was very fast. I received my order within one week. My dog seems to enjoy it very much. He is a 80 lb, almost 10 year old lab mix. I had noticed his shoulder popping when he would stretch and overall was slowing down a bit. Since giving him the supplements, he's got his pep back in his step and his bones are no longer making sounds. I look forward to seeing what this product does for him long term. Thank you!

You are doing the very best for you pet.
July 31, 2021
My dog Ginger was introduced to your dog food and she ate it up right away. I only gave her a little and mixed it with her other dog food. The other dog food remained in her bowl. We have been slowly changing her older food to yours. She loves it and it agrees with her. We love her dearly and want good food to feed her. It looks like we found it. Thank You. Peggi H.

Happy Dog
July 28, 2021
My dog loves Nutra Bites! We have been using it as a training reward and to help create a happy crate feeling for our pup. They are her favorite treat.

Helped my 12 y/o Shepherd with diarrhea and liver lesions
July 26, 2021

The vet said my 12 year old Shepherd had lesions throughout his liver and didn't know if they were cancer or cirrhosis and couldn't help his diarrhea much, despite expensive prescription dog food.

I added this food as a topper to boiled chicken and white rice and now he has gained weight and his poop is normal. I am extremely grateful!

Awesome product!
July 25, 2021

Dogs seems to have more energy, eager to eat. Can’t say enough about it.

The only downfall is the price with 5 large digs all over 100 lbs. it get expensive very quickly.

Overall health
July 24, 2021
My dog was having severe health issues and i was at a lost until i read about Nutra Thrive. Within days we noticed the difference, I myself take vitamins every day so why not the dog. His stools are formed, his coat looks and feels great and his energy level has come back to where I can't keep up with him. Thank you so much for this product.

My dogs love this product
July 21, 2021
I have two large golden retriever dogs and they both gobble up their meals with joy. I am using the nutra as a supplement topper and am glad I found this product. Thank you for making my life easier and my dogs life healthier.

We are a pleased Nutra Thrive family!
July 21, 2021
We fed Nutra Thrive to our four toy poodles for several years and the improvement in their coats and overall health was noticeable even though they were already on a premium food, Orijens. We only discontinued use when they were 12-14 years old and each began to require prescription diets. They lived from 14.5 to 16.75 years and were healthy pups until their final years. We would like to thank Ultimate Pet Nutrition for giving us the gift of more time with our beloved Ava, Bella, Hastings, and Kish.

Words from Buddy the basset hound
July 19, 2021
High My Masters have been giving this nutritional Substance for 1 Month now. My name is Buddy and I am a Basset Hound. When they started to give this to me I was a very fussy eater. I would not eat any type of purchased dog food. I would often go three to four dais and not eat a single thing except my treats. Since I started on the product I look forward to my meal every day. I wish to thank you for providing all the nutrition I need.

Super Delicious & Nutritious!
July 16, 2021

My dog Kip is an 8-month-old Chihuahua-Schipperke mix. He LOVES the taste of NutraComplete, and I love the fact that it’s so good for him.

Thank you for making a raw food that contains all the nutritional components that my dog needs while tasting so good.