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No true relationship at all
April 29, 2022

I just barely tried uDates app & it’s ridiculous how I get charged like every 10-20 mins just messages. It’s unusual that these girls on the site don’t even have Instagram account. They don’t even want to meet in person.

It’s a total ware of money & you can’t be find true love using this dating site because only leads to flirting and nothing else much more than that. So therefore it’s a SCAM SITE!!!

Operators answering your Message - Not the real person.
April 17, 2022

I really think this a fake site with operators answering your messages, it’s strange how everyone you message answer within a few minutes, been on a few dating sites, where it may take a day or two to get a response…

Avoid at all costs.
April 17, 2022

Like everyone else on here, I found this site to be a total scam. First you pay to join, but then you have to buy coins, and you use coins on EVERY SINGLE TEXT, you money flies away quite quickly.

10 minutes after I signed up I got 3 messages from (supposedly) gorgeous women, that was a huge red flag. Then literally every few minutes a new message came in, from a supposedly different woman.

The thing is, every single time I sent a text, I got a reply within 1 minute, in other words, somebody is just sitting there and responding to texts from all the profiles.

And if you ask to chat off the site or suggest meeting in person? the answer is always we'll get to that, or I want to know you better first (which by itself is reasonable,but combined with all the other red flags not so much).

All in all I would have to say use ANY dating site but this one.

April 6, 2022

Two hundred dollars later and not one girl would chat off the site or meet. Yet, they all tell you how much they like you, how sweet you are etc. but chat off site, never.

Also, it's amazing how they almost instantly respond no matter what time, day or night. It has to be bots or multiple individuals operating each profile. It's all about getting you to spend coins.

If they have a flame next to or under their name and says "Popular", you're paying to chat with no chance of contact. Avoid this site completely.

Complete Scam! Stay Away
March 31, 2022

Pay to chat. The "girls" keep egging you on to get more money out of you.

Scam worst dating site ever
March 20, 2022

U dates app complete scam worst dating site online. After payment of premium membership you get scammed and have to buy coins to use the messenger feature wich defeats the purpose of purchasing a premium membership

GilaChabat April 04, 2022

I join in paid the premium membership 48 dollars then you have to buy coins to chat. 190 coins coast 49 dollars and it’s finish very quick.

The members look and sign scammers not real asking stupid question to To spend your coins. Never had this problems with other dating site .

fraud/ scam
March 17, 2022
this site is a total scam dont be fooled by these people, cost me $250 before I figured it out

ChaseWhitmer March 21, 2022

I did $300 before I figured it out. Everyone I tried to get them be specific on a place in a town where I'm from, I got generic answers like "the club is my favorite," or "I don't have a favorite, I like all." It got annoying real quick.

I even tried with one who caught to my test. She rebutted with, "if you don't believe me from the beginning then there no reason to continue, bye." And this one was the most promising.

Lindy August 15, 2022

It cost me $500 to figure it out!

JamesHines August 30, 2022

cost me $2,500, guess I got scammed...

March 14, 2022

This is the biggest app scam in the date apps. I register for free and i got so many messages I had to pay for a membership to reply so I did pay for 3 months membership hoping that I will be able to reply how ever I had to buy more points to reply.

I can honestly tell you 100% all profiles are fake the reply are done by computer. and I keep buying points to reply its bit to late by the time you realize that you are been scam big time, I lost $100's of dollars to this scam. I want to give -100000000000 to this app and I hope this guy will go to Jail for this scam.

Keep Way from this scam.

scam dating app
December 30, 2021

I signed up at 5am, and immediately every pretty women i browsed at sent greetings, seriously, who gets up that early? same AI type responses and none willing to go off site. big scam with fake profiles

Hamid February 19, 2022

Bro it's a scam site, all robots. This happened to me too.

Lindy August 15, 2022

me too

Dating site???
December 26, 2021

This site works on points, you can chat with women, but non of them really want to date. As I mentioned it works on a point system, each time you send a message it costs you points. Points you have to buy. Oh yes and there is the monthly charge if you want to see all profiles.

I would not recommend this site for anyone who wants to date. This is a chat site, to get money from you, that is my observation. I started out getting 6 different women sending me texts because they liked me so I would send back I liked them, they would start a chat, I would ask when we could go on a date and every one of them wanted to get to know me better by chatting.

I asked each of them how long we had to chat and non of the could give me a time frame. I want to set across from them at a table for lunch and look them in the eyes and maybe hold hands and get to know each other, quickest and best way of finding out if you have any spark. So just chatting online is not what I am looking for.

A dating site should be to get dates. This is a chatting site. One star is probably more than it's worth.

Hamid February 19, 2022

This happens to me too, I think they're all robots because any time you send messages they respond quickly...

Lindy August 15, 2022

Fake site for sure!!!

This site is a scam and should be closed down
November 10, 2021

Don't pay $29.99 a day to this site, every person says the same thing it is nothing but a scam.

Lindy August 15, 2022

How can we get it closed down?

Dating Site for "Professionals"
November 6, 2021
I'm giving this site 2 stars, only because I (slightly) enjoyed the interest I received from many attractive "professionals" who were quite aggressive in sending me messages. One of the women said she owned her own business. Gee, I wonder what kind of business that could be LOL...

Its a scam! The owners should be sued!
October 17, 2021
I concur with most other comments . The site is a scam, Seems everybody likes you just to get you to spend tokens talking and wasting time and money. Dont be fooled, Its all fabricated.

Udates is a scam. Run away
October 2, 2021

Run away from these scammers. Udates is a scam. Fraud. To determine, look at the profiles, almost all the profiles are similar. Chat with more people and the conversations are similar. Repeating same questions. Forgetting things and asking same questions. Making you waste time and purchasing coins.

You pay for premium registration but has no service. Customer service doesn't exist. They do no issue refunds. Scam, fraud, thieves. Please don't fall for them. Fraud.

TomBurden July 26, 2022

I got suckered in the same way, paid an up front fee and spent $100.00 on buying coins...You can never get them to go on a date.

September 2, 2021
Don't fall for this site. This site charges for messages and uses fake profiles and bots to bait you into non ending messages to keep you buying additional services. Additionally, I was over charged. In 2 weeks time, they charged my card with $560 in unauthorized charges. Fortunately the fraud department at my bank is taking care of those charges. The interesting thing is the bank said the card was being used as a chip present transaction.

Scam Dating
July 28, 2021

Don’t waste your money on this dating site as they are just out for your money. It appears as though no one wants to chat off this site where you can chat endlessly for free. You have to pay for a membership plus they ding you with having to pay with coin otherwise you can’t chat with them once your coin runs out.

This could get very expensive and then in the end, you don’t end up meeting and you waste all your hard earned money on something like this. Don’t fall for it like I did. I’ll try to find my significant other the natural way.

Joe Biden November 21, 2021

Very true, same comments ask same questions and yes you can chat for free. Have asked to chat of this site and no one wants to. Sooooooooooooo what does that mean? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

SCAM SCAM want money to talk
June 29, 2021

Complete SCAM

Every guy wants to talk to you as long as you continue paying money for coins

They never want to talk off the site...they either tell you they feel safer on the uDates platform or it's to soon to go off line...come on what guy doesn't want to talk off line

Get the exact same profile/guy liking you but they live in a different city

Complete complete SCAM; don't waste your money like I and many others did!!!!

Pay money to talk and only willing to talk on the site

TonyDel Castillo July 18, 2021

The same thing happened to me. Lots of likes from different girls. I can't get them to communicate off the app.

TyroneLewis July 25, 2021

Cant believe we have all had the same experience!!-The olden days it was two texts and coffee-- I also was informed that the sites were managed by actors-they have a teent disclosure that if you did know what you were looking for you would miss it--amazing scam.. all sites udates, Dating.com Dates .com Match2 match--Plenty of fish--Tinder--you name the site-the ladies appear in pn it too. How much more can you know about someome after 6 texts!!!!-Come on ladies!!!!!!Tyrone L

TyroneLewis July 25, 2021

I received two letters back from sites admitting that this was purely enterainment with no chance of contact!!!!

HeidiRoos July 28, 2021

Agreed as this U-Dates is a scam and they are just out for your money. Plus on top of the membership, they want you to buy coin in order to chat with members in your own community. I asked someone if they wanted to chat outside of that site and they declined because you can chat endlessly on whatsapp and or hangouts. We are getting scammed for our money and someone is profiting on those who are vulnerable. I’m done with dating sites - what a waste or steal of your own money.

lee May 29, 2022

Folks, 99% of these dating sites are clones of U-dates!it is a VERY profitable web site based idea to prey upon the lonely and single people of the world.

These sites ALL use the same program, lots and lots of VERY attractive women/men, models, that will jump you the instant that you log in. Send them a text and no matter the time they reply immediately ! ALL of them!I

HAVE seen a couple sites that have REAL people there answering text messages. Some are straight sex chat sites,. with women (hopefully) that are paid employees that simply reply to you and keep YOU entertained so you keep spending your money there !

Some DO HAVE real people replying,. men or women, who knows? But they'll NEVER talk off site and you'll NEVER meet them !Some places explain ALL OF THIS in their "terms

Udates is a total scam
May 24, 2021
Disproportionally high number of very attractive girls. Don't spend a dime.

April 17, 2021

Same lines from every girl, i like it here i feel safe or ok ill meet u then change their mind I've even heard i believe we are soul mates, but need to stay here to know you better should be banned even my bank said its a scam site they was triple charging me every time I bought coins had to change my banking to stop it

I had 3 dates here
March 30, 2021

Sorry guys but I am reading all of this and I just noticed that a lot of you did not have a date. I am sorry but I had 3 dates here, and for me is legit. 2 of my dates was a bust-both of the women where acting strange in public I do not like that like they are a super model or something, but the 3rd one is my girlfriend now.

I love it. This is just my opinion and my experience here. Good luck to all of you-I wish you you find a perfect mate for you as I did

DickSackel April 17, 2021

do u you work for udate too?

SamuelManning July 10, 2021

fake review to boost a fake app

SamuelManning July 10, 2021

fake review to boost a fake app

Joe Biden November 21, 2021

Haha true