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Udates more like uthiefs
December 24, 2020

Well I never even heard of this company and somehow they managed to give my information and have been taking money off of my debit card for months now and I can't seem to get a refund from anywhere I don't even know who the contact about it they've been doing it to Google play for my PayPal account.

I'm furious somebody is going to get sued if this doesn't stop I don't know how to stop it but I want them to stop taking money out of my account.

whitehat investigator 1 August 30, 2021

Everything this is timing I can assure that all of there wrong doings will catch up to them. If anyone else has suffered any losses please fill free to send me your comments. [email protected]

Agreed Scam
August 1, 2020
Asked 4 woman who adored my stories etc. To meet in safest place they wanted. They said the same line not go." Like it here. Not ready yet" word for word.then you'll stay right. I like you.

UDates Fraud
June 16, 2020
I have noticed most of pictures have the same location just different girls and if notice most of girls are model. This app is fraud and just want to get your money for texting.

JonGermany-Bey June 29, 2020

Yes, that's true. It's a scam operation. At the base level, they charged $11.99 to get 40 app-Coins. Each text msg to a girl you're interested in...costs 5 Coins. So, $12 bucks just to send 8 msgs. I spent $70 bucks trying to explain to the girl that this was a rip off

DickSackel April 17, 2021

then charge a montly fee on top of coins