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Top Heat Review: Legit Heater or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  December 14, 2023
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Top Heat is a brand of portable ceramic space heater that has previously been sold under a number of other names.

These types of companies ramp up their advertising just before the winter season approaches, however the companies themselves rarely last more than a season.

While the Top Heat Heater may seem like a bargain purchase that can solve your heating needs, the reality is that it liekly wont live up to your expectations.

Below we explain why we think this heater is one to be avoided in this full product review.

Seller Claims

The company makes a lot of claims about the device’s effectiveness and efficiency on their website.  

They tout its ability to heat a medium sized room to the desired temperature in 60 seconds and that the heater has the latest safety and convenience features.

Additionally, the company makes the following claims about the Top Heat:

  • Has a built in timer
  • Fall over protection
  • Has an antimicrobial filter
  • Is extremely quiet
  • Can save you money
  • Is easy to set up


However, the first red flag is that the company does not provide any kind of data sheet for the product or actually list its specifications.  

One of the most important factors for choosing a space heater is knowing the wattage.

This will help you understand the unit’s capabilities, its energy draw, and let you plan for any potential safety issues with regard to how you plan on using it.  

The TopHeat provides none of this information upfront.

Is the Top Heat Legit?

There are currently multiple companies selling identical or very similar heaters using different names.  

The Alpha Heater and Amper Heat are just two examples of this.

The way these companies work is by purchasing these heaters wholesale from overseas sites, then rebranding them in conjunction with slick marketing campaigns.

They hope that people don’t take the time to research these heaters or look for online reviews.

If anyone takes the time to investigate this product you can find the unbranded versions for sale on Amazon and Alibaba at a fraction of the cost.  

Generic unbranded heater identical to the Top Heat, priced much lower on Alibaba

( Generic unbranded heater identical to the Top Heat, priced much lower on Alibaba )

Further, those units reveal that they are only 350 watt heaters.

The average modern space heater operates at 650 watts for a low temperature setting and at 1,500 watts at a high setting.

Therefore it’s safe to assume that the Top Heat is greatly underpowered.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

With Top Heat being the latest product name for this ceramic heater there isn’t much online feedback for this specific company. 

However the reviews for the other nearly identical products ( such as the Alpha Heater or the Amper Heater ) have many customer complaints.

Some customers claimed that the units were defective and quit working after several uses.  Others had issues with the power plug falling out of the outlets

Most commonly, customers felt that the unit did not provide enough heat to be worth the price.

Customer Service

If you would like to get more information on the Top Heat Space heater you can try contacting the company via their phone number at 1-877-626-7121or through Email: [email protected].

The business address is:

Top Heat
PO Box 4219, Garden Grove, CA 92843


The website states that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, however there are various stipulations that you need to adhere to.  

Most notably you must first obtain a Return Authorization number from customer service, also note that they may charge a 10% restocking fee.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater is a popular option.  

This efficient but powerful heater is a New York Times top pick and an 'Amazon’s Choice' product selection.  It has the latest safety & comfort features and is reasonably priced as well.

It has solid customer reviews with a rating of 4.2 / 5 from over 5,000 customer ratings on Amazon.

Check Vornado price on Amazon

The Bottom Line

When it comes to space heaters, we believe that going with a reliable brand is the right move.  Space heaters can be a fire risk and you don’t want to take any chance with an inferior product.

There are also many red flags for Top Heat, from the misleading claims on their website to the similarities to known scam products.  

This is why we’d recommend avoiding this product and going with something that has a detailed spec list, a proven warranty, and a fair return policy.

If you have any experience with the Top Heat Portable Heater, please leave your reviews below.

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Top Heat Heater Customer Reviews

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Defected Top Heater
March 12, 2024

Asked for refund. Received $67.93 and paid $76.92 I like to have my $8.99 back. This product is not what was advertised, it is defective and not worth my time and money. Falls out of the wall, doesn’t heat a small bathroom at all.

December 27, 2023

They don’t get the room warm! They fall out of the socket cuz they are too heavy and the one I tried sparked a small fire…I’ve rang the number never getting an answer. But gave them the benefit of doubt, that maybe they weren’t answering because of the holiday. But I just read that’s what they’re doing to everybody. :/

Merry Christmas to top heat, they managed to rip off hundreds of ppl for the holiday...

DonnaPartain January 07, 2024

I found this item along with others for sale on WALLETGURU and decided to read customer reviews. I will be voicing all over the internet what a scam site WALLETGURU is. It is just another of the many scam trash sites that the federal government will do nothing about!

They do nothing to earn the income that we pay them to do! Fraud, waste, and abuse as well as internet scams are allowed to prey on unsuspecting citizens while they do nothing to protect us!

Walletguru is just another fruadulent trash fly-by-night internet joke!

December 19, 2023

If I could give a negative i would. I ordered 3 but no confirmation was given so I thought it didn't go through. I ordered again and got 2 emails confirming both orders. I immediately canceled one and was told they cant cancel, I CAN RETURN THEM WHEN THEY ARRIVE.

2 weeks later I am still emailing, making phone calls ,leaving messages and my money has still not been refunded. and they received them back bc I have a confirmation.

Do not deal with topheat!

DonnaPartain January 07, 2024

First file a police report for fraud scam/fleecing with your local police department, then file a complaint with your financial institution for fraudulent sales and provide them with the police report information, file send a complaint to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)-they investigate financial fraud!. I have had to do this a couple of times in the past and it works. No one will challenge an official police report.

Do not buy!
December 18, 2023

Sadly I bought two and overpaid for them both. Should have read the reviews but believed the ads.

They function but not as advertised. Ran at top heat for two hours and it did not even warm the faucet 12 inches away. Wonder if I found a way to plug into 220 v it might work, but the listed wattage doesn't make it worthwhile. Piece of junk scam. Expensive lesson, but leaves a sour taste.

November 21, 2023

Most dissappointing purchase I'VE EVER MADE. I can't even feel heat from 3 inches away.

Don't join us suckers, Don't buy this POS buy a coat!
November 20, 2023

I always check to see if a product is a scam. For some reason I did not this time. BIG MISTAKE! It falls out of wall requires 220-240 voltage US outlet voltage is 120.

After reading the directions I would never plug it in even if I could. Do not use when you sleep. Do not leave heater unattended while plugged in. Do not wrap power cord around hot unit when you unplug it. WHAT power cord? There is none.

How can the government allow such bs products!?

BradleyHolweger November 21, 2023

Every word of this is true.

Mimi December 15, 2023

I agree. I tried to get a refund and have been unsuccessful. The ad did not say you needed 220/240 outlet. I don’t have one in my house .

the heat units require 220-240 volts electriciy
November 12, 2023

Purchased two units and wasted my money. Directions state units require 220-240 voltage. US homes are 110-115. Buyer beware.

Doesn't work
December 28, 2022
A waste of money does NOT work as advertised barely heats my small bathroom I have to shut the door to even get heat very dissatisfaction with what I paid for it what a joke

Garbage, a scam, don’t buy them.
December 25, 2022
They don’t go past 30 degrees and don’t warm up any room. They are constantly leaning out of the wall. I tried to return them and get an offer to keep the heaters that are no good at all, and except 44.59 something like that. I’ve yet to get the refund. They kept about 89.00 which probably covers the cost of the three I purchased at what I thought was a discount.

Do not buy
December 14, 2022

Do not buy this product. You will feel like a fool...

Doesn’t work as well as advertised.
December 13, 2022

I purchased 2 Top Heat devices and found they didn’t stand up to expectations. I have sent 2 emails to return the items and no response to either. Most unsatisfactory way to do business.

Review of Topheat
April 11, 2022
Do not buy. The one I bought only lasted two months and I did not use it that often. It also would not stay plugged in. Do not waste your money.

Do Not Buy!
February 13, 2022
Ordered 2 - 1 broken when received, 2nd not as advertised. Never received an invoice - just the charge to my credit card. Have tried emailing, calling to get return authorization. No response in 2 weeks. Directions are terrible - like translated from a foreign language and at one point just quit. DO NOT BUY!

J.M. November 13, 2023

Some of this cheap stuff comes from China, literally. You order it and wait 3 weeks for delivery via slow boat, you get it, it’s unsatisfactory, you file complaint, if they answer they say to send it back. It takes breaking teeth to give you the address to send it to. When they do, you go to UPS or whatever shipping and it costs more to ship it back, and all the way to CHINA, than it cost in the first place,. I wouldn’t buy anything unless it’s on amazon or the like. It costs nothing to return it, instant refund. I have been on this gamut before, 3 times. They don’t tell you it’s being shipped to you from china. I ordered two machines which i wanted as small shop machines. They came as miniatures in a 12” box. Be careful. You’ll end up having to eat it. The cost of each machine was around $150. When I started digging, i found amazon had exactly the same thing for $30. It cost 126 to return it. They called it “free shipping”, which was actually the exact difference in the amount from amazon. Amazon would have shipped it to you for free, too. I think it’s free over $25. It makes you mad.

jt December 31, 2023

You should be very leery of Amazon as they have many many of their products now shipping directly from China and if you have problems you have to deal directly with the manufacturer. Amazon is not what it used to be.. beware when it says small dealer or a phrase similar. It’s china. I now use Amazon rarely unless I know the brand.

Top Heat Is A Scam Company
February 13, 2022

I bought 2 heaters when I tried them they would not stay plugged in and kept falling to the floor hot with the potential to start a fire. When I tried calling they didn’t answer and went to voicemail I email them as well with No response. So now I’m stuck with junk and out of my money. Do not buy anything from them.

SaredaSchramm November 28, 2022

My problem also!

February 10, 2022

If I could give no stars I would.. you pay and NEVER receive. You call in many times... " it shipped " it NEVER shipped now I need a refund after 4 months of waiting.. winter is almost over I wanted for winter not summer...

I should have checked before buying!
February 8, 2022

I am trying to return the 2 heaters but the customer service phone contact first said there was a high volume of calls, then said there was a 3-minute wait.

Then the message came on that they "cannot take your call." I called within their stated hours. The manual was alarming in its reference to the many potential dangers and it seems like this product is a fire hazard waiting to happen.

Don't Buy!!!
February 1, 2022

This product is terrible! It doesn't firmly plug in and after 2 uses the buttons all caved in. I sent several emails to costumer service and they never responded.

I called to return it and found out I have to pay for shipping in though the item is a cheap product and broke on me! Do not buy this!!!!

recieved a broken heater, no return
February 1, 2022
I wish I'd read these reviews before being ripped off by this scam.

J.M. November 13, 2023

My VPN, which is web shield that protects my computer from hacking and such, gave me a warning. They said there is no such web address.

Do not waste $$. Will cost $20 to return
January 21, 2022

I purchased 2 of these. While they do heat, their design is defective and dangerous. When you plug them in there is no support on the bottom to balance them in the outlet. They tilt becoming partially unplugged and expose the prongs. In some cases they fall from the outlet which could be a fire hazard.

The company refunded my purchase after 3 calls and several emails. They do not respond to the emails they told me. Their return address on their website has the incorrect zip code making returns difficult. A savvy postal employee figured this out. Also, the non refundable postal fee is more than $20.

Lynda September 25, 2022

You are lucky to have gotten any refund, most of us got none!

A Pile Of Junk
January 8, 2022

Hard NOT to use offensive language. Bought this supposedly at 50% off and free shipping. It is a pile of junk. Upon setting it up, it stopped generating heat after the first 3 minutes when I had set it for 5 hours.

It did not change the temperature in my small kitchen at all. You can tell by the very broken language of the directions that it is from a foreign country. It does not work at all!