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April 23, 2021
I ordered these 2 months ago, never came. I used pay pal so I "think" my credit card info is secure, but I'm very worried. The tracking is thru Yun??? And shows my package going from New Jersey to China, then loaded on a plane for the USA but that was it. No cables, no more tracking. Complete waste of time. I believe they're a scam, and the good reviews are placed by them. STAY AWAY !

Scam! Steal Your Credit Card Information!!
April 23, 2021
I ordered December 9, 2019, cables for myself and for Christmas gifts. I never received products. The worst part was that my credit card that was used to pay for order was being used at university overseas!!! I am in USA. My credit card company took care of the matter. Thank you Apple Card!!

This is all fake
March 27, 2021

It’s all rubbish, already my cord cable has come off from the part you put in to charge your phone.

It’s just any cable that can still break, I wasted money as I bought a couple. I’ve had to buy my 11 year old another normal cord.

Titan will scam you
March 2, 2021

Dodgy dodgy dodgy the Titan cable company

I got scammed

They sent incorrect cables

I shipped them back and they promised to delivery correct cables

This was three months ago

I have sent 9 email requests to the Dodgy Titan cable company to ask where my order is

They have not responded to any emails apart from one saying the case is closed

They steal your money and don’t deliver the product

Don’t waste your money on this scam dodgy company

NOT A SCAM!! Great stuff
January 13, 2021

I purchased the first time last year, it was lengthy shipping the first go.. but everything arrived in good order. (I don’t believe that we can hold them accountable for shipping something overseas) these cables are absolutely amazing!! So much so that I’ve ordered more.. I use them as stocking stuffers. I bought all type as we have iPhone google pixel and android in the family...

One of the iPhone cords became unusable.. the end metal that is wrapped on the flash broke off .. I contacted the customer service and was asked to take pictures, I did that, then they told me to toss it and they shipped a replacement at no cost!! Remember I bought these in October 20 and they did this in January 21!

They are a great company and I strongly believe in their products!!

Not a scam!!

January 11, 2021
I have one of your cords. awesome product, but mine has failed. The plug going into the phone is what failed. Been using it for 3 months and I was wondering if there is any warranty or maybe a discount on a new one. just asking. have a great day.

They do not last.
December 16, 2020
Bought 2, both stopped working after a few months. They replaced them through their warranty. One of the replacement stopped working after 2 weeks. The replacements are not covered under warranty.

Absolute disappointment. I feel like I've been scammed.
November 24, 2020

I purchased a charger and within 30 days it had failed. I was pleased to receive my replacement charger for the first one that failed. It worked well since I received it.

However, within 30 days the second charger failed just like the first one.

I believe there must be a quality control issue with the product testing.

I have had other wireless chargers before and none of them have failed.

I told them that I would prefer a refund to a replacement. However if they were confident that they can supply a charger that will last more than a few weeks, I was willing to try just 1 more replacement. If this fails, I would like a refund.

Their reply - Sorry, unfortunately, any product sent out to replace a damaged/defective product will not be covered by this warranty and can not be replaced. Please refer to this link for more details, https://titanpowerplus.com/pages/titancable.

Further communication with them accused me of trying to scam another charger out of them.


Package never delivered (SCAM!!)
November 22, 2020
2-3 months ago I ordered my Titanpower cable. Unfortunately it never arrived and it seems it will not anymore. So people don’t order from this company, it’s all lies and SCAM!!

I can trust this cable
November 15, 2020
writing this review after using the cable for 8 months. This brand can be trusted. I recently bought their charging pad which works like charm to.

Good cables
October 28, 2020

Five Stars!! I live in Moscow and I got the cable faster than I expected. This is a stunning cable with fastest charging. I can charge my I phone without worrying about by battery health.

Exactly as advertised
August 16, 2020
Exactly as advertised, really good quality, fast and long lasting. Lasted far longer than most of my other cables

Took months to ship
July 19, 2020
Average product, terrible customer support

Scam company.
May 29, 2020

sfine3526. July 04, 2020

It would help if your review told


Decent but not worth the money
April 11, 2020

So I did actually receive my cables, but the company just buys them on a Chinese site, and sells them to you for a higher price.

The cables are decent, they work and well, they do their job. It just could have been an actual cable from a good company for this amount of money.

March 10, 2020
Surprised about those bad reviews. I had ordered 2 cables in september 2019 and I don't remember a particular long wait, I live in France. The cables are very good, strong, strustable and they follow me everywhere in the world. Agree that the LED is too strong but small issue..

Big Scam
November 30, 2019

Waiting for my item since last tree month

Big scam people

Top cable.
November 17, 2019

Unlike some of the more unfortunate buyers I have received my cables. They are definitely tough. A couple of problems though

1) the LED at the end of the wire is bright. I had to tape the one I use in my bedroom because it stopped me sleeping.

2) The robust 90° end means that on some of the more protective cases for iPads full insertion is not possible unless you lose the case.

Delivery is not quick. In fact I forgot I had ordered them. But they arrived eventually. Ordered a wireless charger today on a credit card, that way I am insured should it not show.

joetamalii November 30, 2019




joetamalii November 30, 2019


Non-delivery, no respond to complains
September 23, 2019

Product are sourced from third party from China. Shipping takes a long time if they do arrive. No respond when asked to check on outstanding orders.

joetamalii November 30, 2019


Scam alert!
August 11, 2019

SCAM company!!! Don’t buy from them. They’ll steal your money and never send you any products!

All their ‘5 star’ reviews are on websites they control. If you check Amazon a huge percentage of their feedback is 1 Star for a reason.

Their ‘24/7 customer service’ is actually just an automated bot and their ‘tracking’ on their shipments never updates further than the first location.

They claim a 30 day refund policy from date of purchase, then make it impossible to actually follow through on that because you never receive the item.

They block and delete any negative comments on their social media instead of addressing the issue.

A textbook online scam.

CristianLloret November 14, 2019

@Willian Jiraiya damn, I'm a bit too late. I ordered a 3m usb c cable 2 days ago, and they are shipping from china. Supposedly, they created a tracking label but when I go to chinapost and look for the label number it says no shipping history found. I got scammed. I seriously believed this was a good company. But damn, what a shame that the cable looks good, but I guess the saying too good to be true comes into play. Welp. There go 16 dollars.

ChristopherHarduwar May 29, 2020

Yes. It's a scam company. Too late for me too. Freaking joke.