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Scam artists with fake/paid facebook reviews
March 11, 2022

This is a scam. Product is made in China. I purchased cable on 1st of February 2022, on 11th of March it still has not arrived.

Since then they have sent me countless emails offering super discounts to add more items to my order or to rate them. Will report them to my bank and Facebook. STAY AWAY!

WayneJackson April 17, 2022

Thanks for the heads up. A lot of companies stealing from people online.

Poor product quality, Poor warranty experiance.
March 11, 2022

As with others who have reviewed here I have found the quality to be lacking - the braid slips out from beneath the sheath at the connector.

I have treated the cables with respect but they do not last.

In addition the return and postage costs to have the cable replaced under warranty are prohibative showing the lack of real confidence the manufacturer has in thier product.

February 8, 2022
This is a company that thrives on fake Facebook reviews and preys on overseas buyers. The provide a cheap quality Chinese made product and refuse to provide adequate support. DO NOT PURCHASE.

Head breaks
February 7, 2022
I ordered two and the head has broken off both after short time. Cable seems fine but seems to be a very weak point between where the charging head joins the plug.

Horrible customer service
January 8, 2022

Absolutely horrible customer service rude not willing to help out just cancelled items off my order didn't find out until I got the order then argued with me

Crappy Garbage Useless cables
December 31, 2021

What garbage. iOS 6’ cable had issues within 10 days. Kink in cable near charge port made wire inside bend. Would charge and then not.

Customer Service is an oxymoron- there isn’t any. 800 number is a joke. Told my cc company dispute their charges. Lifetime guarantee my butt - don’t buy these crap cables. They spend more on glitzy adverts then perfecting the cables. Never again

Best cables I've found
December 3, 2021
I've ordered several and find the products excellent. Ordered more for family now.

GarethGibbins March 11, 2022

I am sad to hear that, you will be disappointed soon. As with others who have reviewed here I have found the quality to be lacking - the braid slips out from beneath the sheath at the connector. I have treated the cables with respect but they do not last.

In addition the return and postage costs to have the cable replaced under warranty are prohibitive showing the lack of real confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

Don’t bother
December 3, 2021
They claim to be “indestructible” but it broke within a couple of months.

Titan Power plus review
December 1, 2021

Coming from using the regular apple charger cord I got ages ago in the phone box, these chargers are amazing. I bought a 4 foot charger to start with and was so happy with it I bought one for all my families. Super affordable with great deals like buy two get one free.

I kid you not even wrapped it around the metal bar of the veranda did a chin up holding onto either end. Worked exactly the same. I did have part of the charger pull back revealing the electrical cord however I contacted them and they replaced it hassle free just requiring my order number as well as a picture of the cord.

Even when I was unsure about shipping I contacted them on their website and they where really supportive in helping me track my order. Just like to say thank you very much to Titans Power plus I’m super happy with my purchases from you guys best charger ever !!!

Best cables ever!!
November 19, 2021

Hey there. So many conflicting reviews!?!?

Anyhow mine goes like this, I've purchased 2 times from Titan & both times received products in great time & haven't had any problems with them. 3 in the house and we all have different cables and we are all still going really well. No breakages. Super happy with my purchases. Would and have recommended them to people I know. Also with 2 teenage daughters always on their phones I'm extremely happy with their products :)

Quality isn’t there
November 17, 2021
Received 2 cables apps a month ago. The longer started fraying from first day. Last night the shorter cord wouldn’t charge IPad or phone. I was hoping this would be a great product but No.

Customer Service was nice but the product not so much
November 6, 2021

It worked for a bit then started cutting out like every other cord I've ever had, happened to both me and my Mother. Wasn't aware this was some drop shipping scam. Only good thing was that the customer service lady was nice.

Drop Shipping Scam - Avoid
October 11, 2021
This is a certified drop shipping scam. I ordered 4 cables before I realized what was happening. I’ve had my credit card reverse the charges. I suggest that everyone who has ordered these, contact your bank or card company and inform them of the scam.

RobinMelanson Belyea November 06, 2021

I would but it has been about 1 year since I've paid for mine. Won't be dealing with them again

Do they know what retractable means?
October 6, 2021
Stay away!!!! I ordered some retractable 3 in 1 cables and none retract! Once they come out they don’t go back in! No response to emails and the smart cable I brought which is suppose to be super fast takes longer than my standard charger! It should be called Titan Stupid Cable!!!! Run now and save your money!!!!

Not true to any of their claims....
September 26, 2021

I bought 3 cables from them, and one was not working out of the box.

I emailed them and did not get a response.

Horrible charge time and the cable the is working is fraying already after a month of usage.

August 18, 2021

It's NOT lightning fast or even faster than the cable I already use. I emailed them & was asked if I was using THEIR plug or whet brand was I using. I'm using the Samsung plug that came with my Samsung tablet.

THEN I was asked to download a battery monitor app & send them a screenshot even though I informed them my tablet was OFF while I was charging it. They want you to dl the app so they can blame some bullshit on your device to try & get you to buy the plug and, if you already have the plug, they'll find some other excuse to blame your device.

Odd website, incomplete product info, questionable checkout
August 10, 2021

I found Titan via a "best of" website and thought their price for the cable was reasonable, given the lifetime warranty. Their choices for charging cables were iphone, usbc, and micro usb.

I couldn't find Any indication of what the opposite end was, so I emailed them and received a reply the next day. It's usb A, by the way. I went to order the cable, and on checkout I was given a final offer to buy another cable at an additional 40% off! I clicked no, and the next offer was for another cable at 60% off!

Ok, this is beginning to feel manipulative, and I wondered if I'd clicked no a 3rd time, would they have offered it to me for 80% off???

I decided that yes, I could indeed use another cable of this high quality, so I clicked yes. The website didn't require another pass-through of checkout or anything, so I'm very curious to see what will happen with the added item.

Now, how would you feel if you read this and had ordered these cables at their full price? Why not offer your best price up front, instead of creating possible angry customers?

Some reviews of the website claim that Titan doesn't make these here in the US, but are a reseller from a german product. Some claim that these are made in China. I'm not sure how to tell but the package, when I get it, should have a return address.

I'll be very interested to see if these cables work and if they arrive at all.

July 18, 2021
Never buy Titan Power Plus products if you life in Australia or New Zealand. They DO NOT WORK !!! It took over 15 hours to charge my Iphone with their cable, and I was then told I needed their plug BUT their plug doesn't work in Australia or New Zealand. I was only offered a 40% refund. Titan Power needs to stop heavily advertising their product here since they do not work. It was extremely frustrating trying to deal with their customer service. I now have 4 cables that are worthless. I am one very very unhappy customer.

X September 26, 2021

Thanks for the helpful review. I was planning to order several of these cables from here in Australia. You saved me some money and loads of potential frustration and drama. Thanks again.

KirsteLumley December 02, 2021

I'm from Aus and have ordered 3 different types of these cables as we all have different phones and I not only got all of them but they actually all work well. Sorry to everyone who has dramas as I don't have any complaints

July 14, 2021
Be Careful with this Site its a scammed German Produkt the original site is: lifetimecable.de/

Full of crap
June 22, 2021
Do not buy this product if your in the States. They claim they'll ship your product out of an LA warehouse and you will get it in 5-10 days. Complete bs. Your stuff will come from China and take forever to arrive if it arrives. I followed up more than once to make sure my stuff does not ship from China and they lied. They don't even have a LA location I'm sure. For $40 I was better off buying 10 cables off amazon with 2 day shipping instead of this ridiculous crap.