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About Titan Power Plus

If you own any electronic devices - which, of course, you probably do - you likely know the frustration of having to buy multiple power cords that take forever to charge your devices. These cords can be expensive, and not only do they often not work, but they’re easy to misplace and even easier to damage.
If you are looking for another solution to power up your devices, consider investing in the Titan Power Plus Cable.

What is Titan Power Plus?

Titan Power Plus, or TITAN POWER +, was created to offer innovative, helpful wired and wireless charging solutions to improve the durability and charging ability offered by typical devices.

This company offers multiple devices, including cables, phone chargers, and smart cables. They even have a Solar Power Bank. The Solar Power Bank allows you to charge from the power of the sun alone. This advanced device charges quickly and allows you to charge your phone if you are out hiking or otherwise spending time outdoors.

The Titan Wireless Fast Charging Dock is a great solution for people who want to charge their devices more quickly without having to worry about dealing with wires. All you have to do is place your device on the power bank and your device will charge up quickly. It will work with any device that supports wireless charging.

The Titan Multi-Outlet Fast Charge Plug saves space and allows you to charge multiple devices at one time. You can use this device in over 40 countries, as it is compatible with multiple types of plugs and has a selective transformer. It charges 45 percent faster than regular plugs and includes three USB ports for faster charging.

Next up is the Titan Smart Cable. This device is a reliable charging cable made out of ultra-strong braided aramid fiber. It takes 1,500 lbs of force to break this cable and eliminates fraying. The cable is a long 3 meters in length, meaning you can charge from any location. The Titan Wireless Car Charging Holder is designed to keep your phone safe while charging in the car.

Finally, the Titan Wireless Fast Charging Pad is a charging dock that can charge all devices without having to worry about wires.

Cost and Price Plans

Each of the Titan Power Plus products has a slightly different cost, but all include discounts for purchasing in bulk. The Titan Wireless Fast Charging dock starts at $26.95 for one device, but a purchase of 2 earns you 15 percent off each product. A purchase of 3 leads to 25 percent off, while 4 gives you 35 percent off. A purchase of ten or more gives you a whopping 55 percent off each device.

The Multi Outlet Fast Charge Plug offers the same bulk discounts as the Fast Charging dock, but starts at $17.45 per device. The Titan Smart Cable, which is available in multiple lengths as well as various compatibilities for iPhones, USB, and other devices, starts at about $12.75 per device with bulk discounts available. The Titan Wireless Car Charging Holder starts at $31.95, while the Titan Wireless Fast Charging Pad is $29.99.

Competitors and Alternatives

Titan Power Plus isn’t the only company that manufactures exceptional lighting cables and charging devices. Some other to think about are the Unbreackcable Lightning Cable, the Native Union Cable Collection, and the Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable.

The Unbreackcable Lightning Cable is reasonable priced, coming in at half the price of similar products. This cable can hold up to 275 pounds and can survive over 30,000 twists and bends at a 90-degree-angle. This cable is tough and durable, and also has a lifetime warranty.

Native Union offers charging cords in multiple lengths, all of which are backed by lifetime warranties. These products look good with a modern feel and have multiple styles and colors.

The Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable has a Kevlar core with a radio frequency shield. It also has a PVC jacket, all of which are enclosed in heavyweight nylon. These products are guaranteed to last for five years but unfortunately only work with Apple devices.

Customer Online Reviews/Complaints

One of the nicest features of Titan Power Plus is that when you purchase from this company, your money doesn’t just go toward the purchase of a product. This company supports three different non profit organizations, which help to reduce pollution and limit the impact of plastic waste. Because these cables themselves are more durable and don’t require you to go through cable after cable, you automatically contribute less to global waste.

In addition, the company also gives a percentage of their profits to three different nonprofits. The first is the 5 Gyres Institute, which is an organization that is committed to decreasing the amount of plastic going into the ocean. Surfrider Foundation is the next organization supported by Titan Power Plus. This organization focuses on protecting water resources and related areas, like beaches and shorelines, and reducing the amount of plastic pollution. The final organization is The Ocean Cleanup, which develops technologies to remove plastic in the oceans.

Customer Service

This company has exceptional customer service. You get free tracked shipping when you purchase, as well as 24/7 online support. You can contact the company at any time at [email protected]/. The website hosts safe payment options with encrypted SSL security. Your information is protected at all times, making this company a safe (and trustworthy!) option for people seeking a new technological solution.

The company even offers a mailing list so that you can stay informed of product launches, exclusive deals, and other news. This is a great way to stay on top of the company’s latest information and updates.

Where to Buy?

You can find all of Titan Power Plus products available on the company’s website. Here, you can also get in touch with the company about any questions you may have, and you can also track your order and sign up for special discounts or promotions. You can find Titan’s products through other retailers as well, such as Fuse Chicken and Best Buy.

Is Titan Power Plus Worth It?

If you're sick of having to buy charging cord after charging cord  and not having them last (while at the same time contributing to environmental waste and pollution), you need to give Titan Power Plus a try. These state-of-the-art products are guaranteed to revolutionize the way we charge our devices, and offer solutions that are personally tailored toward your specific charging needs.


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Scam alert!

August11, 2019

SCAM company!!! Don’t buy from them. They’ll steal your money and never send you any products!

All their ‘5 star’ reviews are on websites they control. If you check Amazon a huge percentage of their feedback is 1 Star for a reason.

Their ‘24/7 customer service’ is actually just an automated bot and their ‘tracking’ on their shipments never updates further than the first location.

They claim a 30 day refund policy from date of purchase, then make it impossible to actually follow through on that because you never receive the item.

They block and delete any negative comments on their social media instead of addressing the issue.

A textbook online scam.

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