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The Unbreakable Brain
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The Unbreakable Brain by Dr Will Mitchell is a book which promises to teach people the health and lifestyle rules to follow to avoid developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The book is sold on Amazon but is also aggressively promoted by affiliate marketers through sales webpages such as,, and using alternative names like 'Simple Brain Fix'.

It is not immediately clear if these promotional website are directly associated with Dr Will Mitchell himself.

How Does The Unbreakable Brain Work?

According to their video presentation at, as people begin to age, it’s very common for them to experience something people like to call “Senior Moments,” which is when it becomes more difficult for people to remember things like where they put their car keys or other memories. 

While most people think this is just an unavoidable part of aging, the reality is that it may be an indicator of something much worse, like dementia or Alzheimer’s, health conditions that create significant mental deterioration and are eventually fatal. 

For many years, people though this conditions were hereditary and outside of our control when it came to prevention.  But Dr. Will Mitchell, the creator of Simple Brain Fix and The Unbreakable Brain, says this isn’t the case.

There are things you can do with your daily diet and lifestyle habits which can help you prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, even if you are already genetically pre-disposed to one of these conditions. 

The Unbreakable Brain is a wellness guide that Dr. Will Mitchell says is designed to tell people everything they need to know about living a life that will help prevent and avoid dangerous and life altering brain conditions.  

Cost & Price Plans

Currently this website is selling this guide for $27.00, though this is just the cost of the book itself and does not take into consideration any products, foods, or supplements the guide may instruct you to purchase. 

The Unbreakable Brain: Shield Your Brain From Cognitive Decline...For Life! is also sold on Amazon and has garnered a rating of 4.2 / 5 stars from over 600 customer reviews.

Refund Policy

This company does say that they provide their customers with a 60 day “No Questions Asked” refund.

Customers who are unhappy with what they have received can simply contact their Customer Service team to request an RMA number and a return label that you can use for your return shipment.

Once you’ve returned your guide, your refund will be processed minus the cost of Shipping and Handling. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-300-7849 or by email at [email protected] 


The reality is that Simple Brain Fix isn’t wrong when they say that there are things which can be done to help prevent neurological conditions like dementia, both in your diet and lifestyle choices. 

However, these diet and lifestyle choices are well publicized throughout the internet on websites like that from the Mayo Clinic.

They include things like working on puzzles and crosswords, staying active, eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and Omega 3 fatty acids. 

There is no secret trick that customers should be paying $27.00 for – this information is available for free online and is generally the same information that people should be following for a long, healthy life.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other supplements which promise to help people prevent these kinds of neurological conditions, but as mentioned above there really isn’t a special or secret trick to preventing neurological conditions.

If you have any experience with the The Unbreakable Brain, please leave your reviews below.

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The Unbreakable Brain Customer Reviews

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December 12, 2022
I ordered a book 10/11/2022 for $36.99. I never received the book and I got a recurring charge for $57. The company billed me for a brain supplement I never received.

PamelaWheeler December 12, 2022

I called 877-300-7849 and the customer service representative initiated a refund. I also notified my bank. The website is your login is your email and your password is your last name and zip code. The first letter of your last name is capitalized.

Unbelievable brain
October 20, 2022

Totally scam. No evidence to support the result or outcome

I think it's a scam
September 24, 2022

I purchased a book in 2021 unbreakable Brain for 38.00+. The next year around the same time I was charged another amount of 47.00 which wasn't authorized and to this date I haven't been able to reach anyone on the telephone to get a refund from this fraudulent charge to my credit card. Its a scam!!!

TerriC. October 15, 2022

I was also charged the $47 and am unsure who to contact to refund the money. I am sure they had this in the fine print. Shame on us for not reading the details well enough. However, if they get an additional $47 from each person that tries the book, they will make more than the money they made on the initial purchase.

Not as good as I thought…
September 6, 2022
I was so excited to get the book but completely let down with what was inside.

ArdenAiles September 06, 2022

I want to add that I ordered the Unbreakable Brain monthly for $9.99 but 2 months ago, a week before it was to be billed I called to cancel EVERYTHING associated with The Unbreakable Brain & I am still being billed for it.

The big thing is, now I can’t get ahold of anyone to help me. I just seem to be just leaving messages to everyone. For them to return my call & remove it from my account once & for all & it would be so nice to go back the (2) months it should have been removed!! Right

Hey, if I can’t get ahold of them, maybe they will read things here.

Preying on Fear
May 1, 2022

Have only watched part of video; up to the sales pitches for book and newsletter. However, the speaker makes it sound as if it is routine to reverse these dementias.

It is the exception, rather than the rule, to be able to reverse an existing dementias … except in the few cases of obvious nutritional deficiencies or drug interactions/toxicities. Such cases constitute only a small percentage of dementias.

I don’t think it is necessary to address the obvious errors in dementia ‘progressing to Alzheimer’s’ as there are a number of different types of distinct dementias. That’s irrelevant to the proported claim of being able to “prevent, cure, fix or reverse” all of them.

For reference, I hold a doctorate (an actual accredited PhD) in the dual fields of molecular biology and biochemistry. My opinion is that this video is a shameful attempt to capitalize on the fear and misery of others. All useful information presented is widely available for free.

EGN May 12, 2022

In these times when dementia and Alzheimers are increasing at a fairly rapid rate among humans and possibly pets, it's one man's effort to get attention to the brain problems and fix them sooner than later.

The big health centers and hospitals MIGHT be speaking of these diet and lifestyle changes somewhat but is it getting networked to the public as well as possible? I don't think so. I've learned from my own health issues that we need to care better for our food supply and our personal health compared to earlier decades when processed foods and junk food started being too much of a staple.

EGN May 12, 2022

Personally I have one MTHFR genetic marker plus took Tylenol for hip pain for quite a while and as a result I have dealt with detoxification problems for quite a few years.

My glutathione levels were bottomed out when tested by a complementary medicine P.A. and I've dealt with chemical sensitivities of a large variety for years now too. Brain fog comes with that so I am doing a personal survey of the anti-dementia supplements to keep thinking better in the long run and try to network the helpful vitamin, mineral, supplements, etc. in the meantime to reduce at least a few dementia cases as possible.

We do not have enough caregivers in families or in memory care facilities for the growing numbers presently. I purchased the $27.00 booklet and downloaded the doctor's information because I am reactive to ink print. It's my money and I'll check into the book and ideas to pass on to others. We don't need levels of doctors and researchers in the regular world not putting more time and attention into the matter. Ironically I don't look sick but have been sick.

Regular labs didn't cover my own particular health problems and it was functional medicine practitioners who helped provide clues to try to stabilize my health better.

Time for a change? Yes. Doubters can step to the back while others move forward with the necessary information as possible. Dr. Will Mitchell got interested in it because he lost a wonderful aunt to dementia and he's trying to stop and/or delay that for others like Dr. Dale Bredesen and even Dr. Daniel Amen. Not everyone reads medical literature as much as medical professionals. AARP is trying for the sake of the present senior citizens to provide this type of vital information to AARP members.

With posting this, there is a 6 digit code to use. In past times I couldn't focus well enough to use it without writing it down. With the brain supplements (nootropics) I can memorize it. Just be thankful if you got the helpful information already. Just don't be quick to dismiss others' attempt to network that info.

Scary dementia ads I found on The Atlantic website
August 6, 2020

I found the Simple Brain Fix video reading an article in the Atlantic and it caught my eye and looked like a "must read". I started to watch the video, and yes, it is SCARY. As soon as I heard the doctor's name, I decided to look him up on Google, and found this site. Since the video is long, I decided to stop watching it, and will read the Mayo Clinic site for tips on avoiding dementia (yes, it's definitely something to avoid).

Yes this doctor is a great hustler, but I'm going to avoid him. Another thing to consider: Even if you could afford the $27.50 and the costs for whatever else he's selling, the additional stress you'd likely incur from his fear tactics by consuming his media products will increase the likelihood of dementia since stress is a known risk factor, so I'd simply avoid him. This doctor sure knows how to scare a person.

In the future I'll read Atlantic articles on the other browser that doesn't display the ad.

If at first you do not deceive, try try again
July 19, 2020

I saw a video just now from this company, and I decided to watch it since I have known medical professionals all my life, especially my Mom who was a nurse but got out of the role quickly, being faithful to my father, a health physicist and athletic coach, and former Army Recon in the Korean War, which is why we grew as a type of MASH Unit Family and dementia was kept bay with many of our family members living to their 100's and spry as I am in my 50's.

Now that I have established common sense anyone with a strong nuclear family would have, since there are many families in this world even stronger and smarter than mine was, my two cents is to stay away from these hustlers. They have you read these books, but there is always another shoe waiting to drop, they give you the bait, then they try to get you to pay more money money for a fountain of youth.

I laud them if they actually make a living doing this, everyone is entitled to make a living. But how would a real healer react to people who sell these healing books just to profit from confusion, and the pain that follows when the writers realize that they could have written such books without all the hoopla and reveal the holy grail for those who seek their truth.

DoctorX (for the mystery of it) May 02, 2022

Love the title

PETA Nottle
November 22, 2017
I have paid for theses not good faith . however have never received them. I think this could be a scam. I received my bank statement yesterday ,and have not received any correspondence. losing faith very quickly for purchasing things on line