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Foam pillow sleeper? Don't buy.
October 15, 2023

I've been trying Sleepgram pillows for about 3 weeks. I find them to be a nuisance. Always having to scrunch them up certain ways. Then they squish out and I get flat spaces where my head is in the night. Too much work for me! They always squish in my face and it's hard to breathe that way!

October 11, 2023

They promise a 100 night sleep trial, I called within that time frame and they would not agree to let me return them, I asked for supervisor and she said she was one, so I could not speak to anyone else, I am disappointed because I need a good pillow but these are not, went flat in just a few nights. DO NOT BUY!!!!

Scam on special offers
June 28, 2023
The pillows are nothing special. Still not sleeping without neck pain. And I got a special offer for a $10 comforter and a without any notice the charged me $258 for the comforter and said since it was open I could not send it back. This whole thing made no sense. It is not worth the money. Do not purchase.

Overhyped Overpriced Don't buy these!
October 29, 2022
I wanted to return both the pillows but after reading the horrible reviews about customer service, I think I will donate them. The cost of return shipping doesn't seem worth it. Another item for charity and that's fine.

Best pillows EVER!!!
December 21, 2020
The best pillows we have EVER slept on! Absolutely NOT a scam by any stretch of the imagination.

BridgetG. November 04, 2021

My husband and I love them but after about 9 months they lost their power. We tried reviving them and then we tried other pillows to no avail so we are buying these again. Even if we have to buy them every 9 months it’s worth the great sleep.

CharlesPineda Jr. Parole Board Judge,ret. December 18, 2021

Is the company or owners working on the longevity of their pillows? That is the question that management should address and then let the public know of the SLEEPGRAM PILLOW 2! with a ten year free replacement warranty.Chuck Pineda, Harvard Business School '73, 2nd year MBA course in Personnel Management.

Not another "failed" pillow!
December 18, 2020
My husband and I both got a king sleepgram pillow. We love them! My husband has a stack of about 10 fail pillows. This one he loves! I can't believe it! I love the pillow as well but I am not a picky as him. We will be ordering more!

Sleepgram Pillow scam!
October 14, 2020
Charged a $9.95 shipping for return! And still waiting for refund!

Love them!
August 11, 2020
I ordered two king pillows hoping that they are better than anything I’ve bought before and they are! I absolutely love them! I will recommend to my family and friends!

EdSandi Johnston October 14, 2020

I purchased 2 regular size pillows and 2 of their special pillow cases. We did not like the pillows so I requested a return. By the way they are not sent UPS instead FED EX. Living in a rural area we had to drive 20 mins. out of town to the next town to ship out with their PREPAID label at a FEDEX office. Then after all that I am charged $9.95 for the return. Buyer beware. And we are still waiting after 3 nights of unsatisfied sleep and return pending for our refund almost 2 months later!

June 20, 2020

My husband and I always used 2 pillows, he his ratty old feather and a poly-filled - I had Temperpedic and similar poly-filled. With the bed made, the pillows were uneven height which I hated, and every time we changed position we both had to re-adjust the pillows.

I happened to see an ad for the Sleepgram and watched the video. It sounded good, there was a money back guarantee and I was desperate to get him to relinquish his old worn out one. Usually he is loathe to change anything and doesn't want surprises but I bought 1 Sleepgram which he agreed to try at least for a few nights before he would send it back.Imagine - he loved the pillow.

No adjusting, comfortable in every way! So I bought another one for myself. Now we each use only this one, they match with the bed made and we wouldn't trade them for anything. Highly recommend.

The Best Pillow by Far
May 2, 2020
I bought the 4 pack for Christmas this year for my daughters and I. They are now the Only pillows we use. I have C-spine problems that make it so I can only sleep on my back, well I can now sleep on my side for a little while. Great for back sleepers for head, neck

Amy Clouse May 09, 2020

Is this good for scoliosis

The Very Best Pillow
April 16, 2020

My husband and I have tried so many pillows it’s been a challenge to find the right one. Bamboo, several different brands from Costco and even the My Pillow and we were not satisfied with any of them.

Ordered the SleepGram pillows on Jan 10, 2020 and we are EXTREMELY HAPPY with them. We tried the pillow with no inserts, then the blue, then the red and finally with both inserts. We settled on the red inserts only and love, love, love this pillow.

I have had cervical surgery and this was my issue with all the other pillows. I usually woke up with neck pain/discomfort. Not anymore. I am a back and occasional side sleeper.

My husband is just all over the place, back side and tummy and this still works even for him. You won’t be sorry.

Almost purchased but felt bamboozled
April 15, 2020
I was ready to make a purchase but backed out because this company never showed an order before going to pay for what I was getting

ShenandoahCarpenter Million August 02, 2020

how can you give a rating if you never purchased ??? that seems so unfair to a company and people reading this rating

ShenandoahCarpenter Million August 02, 2020

you didn't purchase but you are reviewing ? Not fair to company or people reading this review looking for honest feedback.

nataliebergstrom August 11, 2020

You should have ordered, then reviewed before giving them a crappy rating. These pillows are awesome!

Rick October 24, 2020

To Shenendoah and Natalie, It is perfectly acceptable to call attention to a dishonest online ordering process even if you don't complete the order. The ordering process is part of the customer experience.

If you look at other reviewers, you see that because of the issue that Karen identified, some people have accidentally order extra pillows and even though they immediately called to cancel, the company refused to cancel. So, the customers are forced to pay the shipping to return a pillow that they didn't want and didn't think thy ordered.

Thank you Karen for calling out this company for being unethical.

MichelleMarie Carter November 29, 2020

I agree with Karen and Rick. As a matter of fact, it just saved me waistline my time ordering everything just to change my mind for Karen’s very reasoning. I’m not going to hand over my financial information without a detailed order list, I don’t know many that would.....but apparently there are quite a few.

We aren’t talking about $30 pillows here, and the fact that they are originally quite expensive but now the prices are cut in half, it reminds me of an infomercial...which is usually not a great product or experience. Reviews are not just on the product itself. They are about shipping, customer service, packaging, ordering process, returns, etc..

Karen’s review also lets the company know they just lost a potential customer, which is letting them know they might want to look into changing some things. I don’t feel the need for anyone to bash an OPINION of others. Negative much? Sounds to me like those pillows must not be all that great or you would be all rested up and not so moody. So thank you Karen! Some of us appreciate you!

Best pillow for the buck.
March 27, 2020
I’ve tried many different types of pillows. Sleepgram are the best! High quality and easy to wash. Great for guest rooms as they are customizable. Bought the comforter as well, nice and light but warm! Didn’t have any issues ordering or with shipping.

Scammers! Do not buy!
February 20, 2020


There website is formed in such a manner that it never shows the order as completed! And even though you delete your information and try again to make the transaction once again to get a complete button it still doesn’t come up. Now you have just ordered the items twice without your knowledge of the order actually completing the first time.

So long story short you’ve now made two purchases. Next it tells you no shipping charge over $100 order. This is a lie as well. They charge $8.95 shipping on each thing you purchase.

Next it states 100% Money Back Guaranteed! This is a lie as well. I called them immediately to report what they had charged my credit card and demanded a full refund. Mind you this was immediately after leaving the website.

I spoke to a MGR who called himself Stephon badge # 254. He proceeded to inform me they didn’t give refunds by phone. That I now had to wait until my order was received at my home and then I could pay to return it and then they would only issue a refund after 30 days for the purchases minus the shipping charges.

That is a scam and theft. I will be suing them myself as well as filling a complaint with my State Attorney General and the US Postal Inspector.

Please, if anyone else has been scammed by this company, call your State AG and US Postal Inspector office.

Caroline Ward April 24, 2020

I ordered two pillows and two pillow cases. I received them along with a duvet/comforter. I immediately called and talked to Shamud to find out what was going on.

I was informed that it was a trial and that I would be charged the full price $189.00 in 30 days if I did not return it. I asked her to send me a FedEx return label which she did. She would not send me the order that she was looking at which included the duvet/comforter that I never ordered. I received an email confirmation of my order, and there was no duvet/comforter on that order.

She would not put me onto a supervisor and said someone would call me back. I will update if I hear from anyone.

Carla May 06, 2020


Your story is similar to ours, except that we were charged $240 for the comforter in approximately 20 days.

I have written to the Better Business Bureau already and am filing a complaint with the California and Texas Consumer Complaints. My husband asked several times to speak to a supervisor and the gal answering refused to allow it. This company is NOTHING BUT FRAUDULENT IN ITS' OPERATIONS and has lots of FALSE ADVERTISING ON ITS' WEBSITE. Nice products, but THEY ARE TOTAL SCAMMERS!!!

MarieMola November 04, 2020

That is the same thing that happened to me, I had actually deleted the comforter from my order but I got it anyway, and when I called about it they said I had agreed to a thirty day trial of the comforter, NO I HAD NOT! I told them no, and that I received no paperwork with that information informing me I had accepted it as a trial. well whatever, take it back as I never used it never opeened it ready for you to retrieve it. the girl said NO your done! what do you mean I am done, she said good bye as they were not going to accept it back because I went past the trial time period, which of course I knew nothing about.

Sheila March 04, 2021

I had the same issue with the comforter. It was listed on my order for $10. I stupidly thought it must be more of a throw blanket. A couple weeks later I get a debit on my checking account for $200.

I told them I didn't approve of no $200 comforter. She said the $10 was a trial and I had to return it in 30 days or I get charged.I told her I wanted to return everything for a full refund and she said I couldn't return the comforter because it was too late by the time I saw the money come out of my account.

She would send something so I could return the pillows. That has been a couple weeks and I have seen nothing. I contacted BBB about them as well.

Totally Happy
February 15, 2020
Have purchased and tried many pillow options, and found these the BEST!! Purchased a second king size 2 pack for our second bedroom. A coworker noticed the delivery, and ordered a set and found them to be the best pillow as well

William Burdette March 27, 2020

I agree, these are the best pillows I've ever had. Had no problems with website or shipping.

Love these pillows
February 6, 2020
Bought these pillows after trying many different types of pillows.I love the Red insert, my wife loves the blue insert. We had none of the problems so many of you claim. Did you try the pillows because if you did you would not be bashing them.

William Burdette March 27, 2020


An eventual happy ending.
February 5, 2020

I was unable to cancel my order after 20 minutes of buying and the inability to reach live help after dark and the feeling of being screwed after purchasing. Checkout system never showed an itemized list of purchases, taxes and shipping charges before order completion.

I did reach a live person the very next day but still was unable to cancel my order. The Rep told me to contact them when I received the package and she would issue a return label. I finally got the package and the return label. The package has been ready to return for a week but I’ve not made time to return it to FedEx.

Out of curiosity, tonight, I opened the box to check out the pillows. Bottom line is, DESPITE all the hassle and everything I mentioned above, these pillows are excellent! I’m a pillow nerd. I have bought approximately 8 pillows over the last year.

My last purchase I got the MyPillow. They weren’t perfect. I’m not a fan of having to adjust and rearrange the contents of any of any of my pillows to get a restful night of sleep and I hate that annoying pitch man and his politics.

I am so pleased with the Sleepgram pillows. It’s hard to believe there is a happy ending. These pillows have weight yet are plush. I ordered the medium fill. I love these pillows.

They are a bit pricey, but you can’t put a price tag on comfortability once you experienced it. I hope they are able to fix the customer service side.

I hope these pillows hold up.

Best pillow
February 3, 2020

I have had no problems with this company. My one pillow arrived quickly and after following their directions, I started sleeping on it. Tried both inserts then just the soft insert and finally decided the medium- firm insert- red- works great for me! It does take a few nights to adjust as I have 2 other totally different pillows. However, I am sleeping well, my head is supported, and I think I made a good choice for once!

Also, a second order for the multiple pillow choice was entered by mistake. I contacted Sleepgram immediately and they told me the package was being shipped but when it came, I could take it to FedEx or UPS and use the return label they Emailed me to return free of charge. No problems. It arrived in 2 days. I have no complaints!

SCAM. Don't order
January 31, 2020

I submitted an order for 2 pillows for $80. I got a confirmation for 6 billows for $220. I tried to call the number on the confirmation 877-25-SLEEP (877-257-5337) and you get recording after recording for life alerts, DISH TV and no customer service answers the phone. I'm calling AMEX now to stop the payment. DO NOT ORDER.

Bad business
January 29, 2020
Can’t get ahold of company to find out why they charged my account additional money. No where did it say that was going to happen. I will be contacting the better business bureau to file a complaint. Also with my bank should they try and take anymore money. Perhaps as a show of faith- the company will contact me!!! What are the odds??

Sheila March 04, 2021

I had the same issue. Filed a complaint with BBB.