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Best yet!
January 27, 2019
I forgot to leave 5 stars. I already wrote review. Got it for my birthday and for that reason I definitely am not doing this for a kickback or reasons other than to leave you a honest review. I’m a wild sleeper. My drink on my nightstand ends up in the floor more times than I’d like to admit! I PROMISE YOU with this pillow(s) I go to sleep and wake in the exact same place. I don’t even toss or turn! Of course it won’t be for EVERYONE BC NOTHING IS! But I’d say it’s for most! Mom got hers a while back and didn’t get the pillowcase. When they ordered mine. They got 2. One for her as well. She said it made a big difference and is much cozier. I already looked to see if they made sheets. Unfortunately they do not. I want the same sheets as my pillowcase. It is definitely worth it. Sleep is important for many reasons. Oh and we got the cotton pillowcase. Not silk. Just FYI. I hope most of you try it. I wasn’t sure id like it. All it took me was one night. I knew I would never go anywhere w out it! It’s that good!

January 6, 2019
I ordered this pillow online. I have been suffering with shooting pain from shoulder to elbow that wakes me up during the night. I tried My Pillow, kept having to adjust it during the night to get a comfortable height and the right support. And THAT would wake me up. Honestly,I was beginning to think I would just have to live with little sleep and lots of shoulder pain. My Sleepgram Pillow arrived yesterday. And for the first time in months I slept all night long with no pain! I love it so much, I decided to get my coffee and write a review! (Coffee first!) I will be ordering one for my husband too!

ShawnaBattles January 27, 2019

The pillow is a dream come true! I promise. I don’t leave reviews hardly ever. I am a wild sleeper. I’m all over the place. Knocking my drink off the night stand ext. if I lay down I’m asleep in no time and wake in the exact same position w the sleep pillow. It is the best birthday gift my mom and son could have given me. And my son got me the pillowcase. I want sheets just like it. They don’t sell them tho. I can’t say enough about this pillow and it’s case. I’m considering the comforter. I’m not paid or affiliated with this company I promise. I just want people to get a honest opinion and mine is. I got this for my bday as I said so no kick back for me leaving this message. I wouldn’t waist my time if I wasn’t being completely honest. Even my mom got one and didn’t get the pillow case and says she is glad she did that it’s so much cozier. She got her pillowcase when they ordered my pillow! It’s more than great! And we have ordered all the “GREAT” pillows. This one beats them all at least for us it does.

December 18, 2018
Yea I bought two king size pillows and I do not know what everyone’s talking about. They feel hard to me s I wanted to see which was better so I took out the thing on one and made me side so called medium left the other pillow firm stir waiting for this great night sleep. No different than my pillow

Unlike any pillow you’ve ever had
September 25, 2018
I bought this pillow after wanting to experiment with a different type of pillow than tenpurpedic or regular feather pillow. While it is a little more firm than I expected, you are able to adjust it. Rather than deal with the return and the problems I have heard about doing so, I decided to keep the pillow. It does stay cool and keeps its position, however after about the 3rd night of sleeping I was awoken by the pillow. It harnessed around my neck like a grip and began to control me and my actions. It forced me to destroy all other feather pillows, including couch cushions, and demanded I order more Sleepgrams. Now, I have over 372 Sleepgram pillows and I will continue to sell my assets until I own nothing but Sleepgrams. They can double as food as well if you are hungry in the middle of the night and need a snack.

Love, love the pillow
September 20, 2018

I’ve spent a fortune trying to find a comfortable pillow...including down,goose,”my pillow “ and more...

None can compare to the Sleepgram pillow...I’ve slept the best that I have in years without waking up and adjusting the pillow constantly... fluffing it ...smoothing it ...etc

Best pillow
August 28, 2018

Best pillow

My last pillow was a $200 feather pillow. It somehow got missed placed when we had many grand children and their friends spending the night. Somehow my pillow turned up missing when all the children returned home. While shopping for a new pillow I saw the add for the sleepgram pillow and ordered it. I received the sleepgram pillow and I fell in love with the first night. It feels like a feather pillow, but a little softer and does not pack down like feather pillows. I like took the inner red tagged filling out and it makes it a little softer. I bought two more pillows for Home as well as two more for my weekend home. For me, it’s the best pillow I’ve had.

August 10, 2018
Not sure what to think I need about 10 pillows but am Leary about ordering from here just by reading the comments kind of in limbo right now

June 19, 2018



Although they will allow return; they do not pay shipping, which is about half the cost of the pillow!!

Don’t waste your money

They have awful customer service

Probably because they know how bad a product they are pushing

Hard as a rock, worst pillow I've ever put my head on
March 5, 2018
This is the worst pillow I've ever laid my head on, but considering people's different needs and likes, it may be a personal issue. It looks soft and "mushy" in the pictures, but it's not that soft at all. The chamber in the middle is rock hard, and crinkles when you move the pillow or your head. I ordered mine and was so excited to get them, but they are not anywhere near the soft pillow they appear to be in their pictures or sound like in the description. On top of the lack of "give" to the pillow, they will not pay for return shipping. IF you return them, there is a short return window and the they will "inspect them upon return" and let you know how much they will refund you. If you like the pillows, that's great, and probably many people will. However, in my opinion, their ads are somewhat misleading to say the least, and I also feel that a company which won't deal with returns of unused items and won't guarantee you a full refund of an unused item isn't a reliable and honest company.

Susan Jankus April 16, 2020

I totally disagree. There is nothing hard about this pillow. There is no chamber in the middle that is rock hard. I don't know what you just reviewed but it is not the SleepGram pillow.

Quality Pillows
March 1, 2018
Me and my fiancé are in love with them so you bought another set for your guest bedroom. Haven’t slept this well in a while. Sleepgram customers for life.

Terrible pillow, False advertising, Terrible customer service
February 5, 2018

Bought two pillows about two and a half months age. Most uncomfortable thing I ever slept on..Kept going flat and getting like a bag of cement. I called for a RMA and she said they had a 100 night return try a little longer but she gave me the number. When I got them boxed up I couldn't find the number or where to send them so I called.

Spoke to customer service told her the story said it was over sixty days so she couldn't do anything. Told her about the 100 night policy said she never heard of it. Looked it up ON THEIR WEBSITE called them back got a supervisor she said it was 60 days. Told her to look it up on the website said she didn't have time, so I read it to her. Put me on hold came back on and said nope 60 days. Told her I wanted to speak to her boss she told me this is as far as this call goes and hung up on me.

January 9, 2018
I hope this review persuades others to look for pillows somewhere else. I purchased a 2 pack and did not think the pillows were anything special. They are shipped to you deflated and trying to find a box to return was not easy. I decided to keep 1 pillow (because of hassle of returning) and return the deflated one. I was told that I would have to return both. Why I don't know. You are supposed to have a money back guarantee, but what they don't say in their ads is that you have to pay return shipping. When I finally found a box, the post office told me it would be $30.00 to ship. The postal worker told me to take home a large priority box and stuff it it there. With a little difficulty, I managed, but it did bring the shipping down to $23.00....big deal! How can they run a company like this. Still waiting for my refund after 3 weeks.

Nancy January 22, 2018

DEFLATED? I have never heard such a thing...I ordered two pillows and not looking forward to their delivery today. Along with them being stuffed with duck feathers...

Jo Ann Palmer January 24, 2018

Totally false advertising. Total scam. It cost me $64.00 to return them as they are as dense as concrete. Total hoax. If you ask for a supervisor when you call, guess what, they are all supervisors but no one has any authority. It has been two weeeks since I was promised a callback in 24 hours. Stay away. Buy pillows at Walmart where you can feel the. for yourself. SLEEPGRAM IS A SCAM.

December 27, 2017
instead of one box of 4 pillows they sent three boxes. Luckily I sent back 2 boxes with the postal worker before they could deliver. I didn't realize that they are allegedly with DUCK FEATHERS that we are highly allergic. Returning the last box immediately before inflating them. The customer service lady Channel will not let you speak to a supervisor.

Nancy January 22, 2018

Duck feathers? I did not see this information on their website or I would have never ordered them. Highly allergic to any feathered pillows. I need to go back to their site to see if that was even mentioned. Waiting on my 2. and it's too late to cancel my order since they should be here today..

November 28, 2017

I slept on these pillows for 3 nights. Then I decided I had gone without sleep long enough. At first they were soft, fluffy and warm from the dryer. After the first night they flattened out to a hard uncomfortable slab of concrete. I'm so disappointed! This company has no heart or soul. I got the authorization number to return them... THEN... even though it cost $9.99 to ship To me, it now cost me $50.00 to return it! In this day and age, you'd think that someone would make a product that actually does what they claim it does. Not so with this company! Any of the reviews of a positive nature for these pillow are more than likely written by family members of the company. I'm so sad about this company's policy on humanity and honesty. We all deserve better!


Liz R Leonard

JanStandefer January 21, 2018

I too tried to sleep on one of the two pillows I ordered and found it stayed full enough but the material that it was in, it's case, felt like cardboard! Realized after 3 nights I had a stiff neck and wasn't really sleeping thru the night. I only opened the one and will call their # to see if I can return them both. Kept box they came in and think I can smash one I opened down flat to put back in bag and then box! Wish me luck! jan Standefer

sleepgram pillow
November 25, 2017
these are not down pillows you can feel the hard ridges of the feathers in them.. they flatten right down with in minutes.. worse pillow I ever tried 95.00 down the drain if you read their return policy you know your not getting your money back.. talking with some other folks I was told these pillows cost less the 5.00 they put their sleepgram label and rack up a big profit... so I plan to contact the att generals office and consumer affairs .. received the pillows they don't fit in a regular pillow case had to pay my neighbor 20 to make me two pillow cases to use then I tried one nasty to say the least. so sick of these rip off companies one thing I have learned if they would let you pay using paypal your going to get screwed...

No going back
November 20, 2017
My wife and I both sleep on Sleepgram pillows and we agree: you cannot go back to foam after sleeping on these great pillows!

Horrible Pillows. Beware!! They do not cover return shipping
November 17, 2017

I tried these pillows for 2 nights and I woke up with a stiff neck. They went completely flat! I contacted customer service and they issued a return number, I put them in a box (since they didn't fit in the original shipping box) and took them to the post office. The cheapest shipping they had was over $30!!! because of the size of the box. I didn't know what to do, so I paid for the shipping and contacted "customer service" and emailed them a copy of the post office invoice to get my return shipping cost reimbursed. I was informed that it was their "policy" not to pay for return shipping. I told them that any reputable company (Amazon, Overstock, etc.) sends out prepaid return lables.

Now I'm out and extra $30!! Let's see if they at least reimburse me for the cost of the pillows.

fay stronach November 25, 2017

they are horrible .. this company is a rip-off

I love my SleepgramPillows
November 16, 2017
These are the best feather pillows on the market. The reviews were bad so I was skeptical but I absolutely love them. I bought them for my whole family!

Rev. Ellen Sparks
November 13, 2017
False advertising. Sleep gram claims proper spinal alignment which this pillow does not provide. Returning the 2 pillows (when I only wanted 1) is a hassle because they arrive super vacuum packed. When unpacked they are huge and heavy which means in order to return them one must find or purchase a box big and sturdy enough to ship them back. Then one must drive these pillows to a shipper or pay extra to have them picked up. My old foam pillow is more comfortable than these shapeless bags of feathers. As I tried to find a comfortable way to use this pillow, I found them becoming hard and lumpy after my head laid on them for a little while. I am beyond disappointed.

fay stronach November 25, 2017

they are crap for sure.. total waste of money

fay stronach November 25, 2017

worse pillows I ever bought

horrible pillows
October 10, 2017
Never received a refund for these horrible pillows

NatalieFoley October 22, 2017

Their Facebook reviews appear suspect. Check any reviewers profile page and it has just a few posts made around the date of their review. Nothing afterwards. The profiles seem fictitious.

ShellyShearon November 13, 2017

To make a long story short customer service is not very honest. I sent my box unopened with a code no cs gave me and my post office said they will get their pkg back as customer service stated I couud not send back to sender. That i also might have to pay P&H up to $50 my post service says I don't have to except any pkg I don't wish to take. I did write the code no. On and sent back.I HOPE THEY CREDIT MY MONEY BACK TO ME!!! IT WAS UNOPENED!!!

ShellyShearon November 13, 2017

Waiting on my refund also so much fo 100% guarantee.

fay stronach November 25, 2017

should have just gave them to your dog... you'll never get your money back maybe a small bit of it

Jo Ann Palmer January 24, 2018

Sleepgram is a total scam. It cost $64.00 to send them back. Fals, fraudulent advertising.