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Terrible company
January 17, 2020
This company does every trick in the book to do the sales scams. Initially their website wouldn’t update properly. I got out of it to redo order and it generated multiple orders. I HIGHLY advise NOT using this company or purchasing from them.

January 11, 2020
This company is a scam. I received a blanket “free” and paid shipping. 30 days later they charged my account $200. Nowhere on the invoice did it mention a trial period. They refuse to refund the payment and their customer service is terrible. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

CynthiaSchmalle February 03, 2020

The SAME thing happened to me, and now my credit card company is disputing the charge. Disappointing too because we actually love our products!

Sheila March 04, 2021

Same issue. I filed a complaint with BBB.

January 8, 2020
I now call my bed my cloud. A big fluffy cloud. After removing 1 insert from the pillows they are perfect. And the comforter! It’s light and airy but warm and cozy. I’m very happy can’t understand all the negativeness.

LauraClarke January 11, 2020

So you were happy to pay hundreds of dollars for what you could have paid $20 for? This company is fraudulent.

scam from google news feed
December 23, 2019
these unscrupulous people said on google news feed that they were on shark tank and all sharks invested. they also claim the pillow will improve your vision. When we got the overpriced ($50 each) pillows, no mention of shark tank or vision improvement. Stay away- they are crooks

Too Much Hype
November 20, 2019
If you read the story I read, then you’ll read that these “magic pillows” saved a marriage... I can tell you, I bought 6 of these for my entire family and no one is a fan, most especially my husband... I can also tell you that after spending a ton of money on these and the pillow covers and mattress protector, that I was sent a comforter... I was confused, looked at my receipt and saw that it was on my receipt... Ok? I guess I signed up for one... Check my bank account today and Sleep Gram is taking $196 out of my account... I call and ask why and am informed that I was sent the comforter as a courtesy and now that it’s past 30 days, I can’t sent it back... I received no notice, no email, no phone call, literally NOTHING stating that this comforter was a 30 day trial... “Once the billing goes through, you have to keep the comforter”... BUT, “the only thing you can send back are the pillows”... Really? Why not the thing I don’t want? To say that I’m livid is an understatement. Don’t listen to the hype, that’s all it is - hype. And this organization traps consumers.

CathyChristensen-Jensen December 19, 2019

This is a total Scam, they get you in their ordering process, try to get you to buy a bunch of other crap and do not allow you to say no, then they go ahead and charge you you for products you did not order and no matter how fast you reply to them stating that your non-ordered order is accepted they will not stop their process. This is fraud Unauthorized use of your account and complete mishandling all to get into your account BEWARE!!!!

This is a SCAM
November 11, 2019

Please don’t think that you are getting any special deals on this pillow and decline if they ask if you want to add on a comforter for only 8.95$ because in tiny print somewhere it must say that it is a trial period. They supposedly send out an email after the trial stating that they are going to charge your credit card the full amount. This email must have went to spam because I never received it. I only noticed when I looked at my credit card statement and saw a charge a month later for $240.00! When I called customer service they said it was not refundable!

The pillows don’t last either and I’ve only had them for a little over a month now.

AmberLagow November 20, 2019

Same thing happened to me! Total scam and not worth the hype at all!

Love it
October 18, 2019

I noticed what everyone is saying and it’s primarily negative

The pillows are amazing

The cradle the head in such away that it relives pressure from the cerebellum which when not properly supported during sleep can enhance the chance of nightmares

I have had now 4 months nightmare free .

The comforter is amazing it’s like a warm hug after a long day

ErikaJ Williams January 08, 2020

I AGREE! I now call my bed my cloud. I love the comforter and the pillows (after removing 1 insert).

Sleepgram is a scam. Stay away
October 13, 2019

The whole experience with this company is just awful. I wanted to buy pillows only but couldn’t as the system bugs you with pillow cases an comforter offers which can’t be declined. So I called the customer service and asked to remove pillow cases and the comforter from my order and send me pillows only. She apologized and said that she will give me the pillow cases and the comforter for free and I will be billed only for the pillows. I have received the funds on my card but a month later I was billed $195 for a comforter. When I called they told me I got it for a trial and because I didn’t send it back I was billed a retail price. Of course she said nothing can be done. I can’t return it. I wouldn’t be so upset if I wanted and ordered this comforter, but I didn’t. Ba aware. Don’t purchase from them. The pillows are just ok, nothing special at all.

MadelineEtter November 09, 2019

I had the same experience! This is a very dishonest company!

MarthaMacIntosh June 26, 2021

Apparently, these folks don't know how to hit the decline button. Yes, all those offers pop up (as they do on any site you're shopping on), but it's easily handled and gotten past. I bought pillows and pillows only and I got them for a very reasonable price. And they would have been worth it for 10 times the amount. I used to wake up with massive headaches and/or migraines, but not since I've been sleeping on these pillows. They are incredible and a miracle. I wondering if these people even realize they get three pillows that they can customize for their preferences. My dryer has a sanitizer cycle, so I'm not worried about the fauna that's there whether we acknowledge it or not. And I take my pillow when I travel. Don't leave home without it!

October 9, 2019
I bought 2 pillows for 49.99. One broke in the beginning dryer phase. It was replaced after I called them. I’m super picky. These pillows are my favorite of ALL pillows I’ve ever bought. I lost them in a move and plan on ordering two more

October 7, 2019
When ordering my pillows, there was an offer for a comforter for $8.95. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! DO NOT PURCHASE ANY EXTRAS. A month later, I was charged $240 for the comforter! When I called customer service, they said the $8.95 was for shipping and I didn't return the comforter during the trial period so I was billed for it! I would NEVER have purchased a $240 comforter! EVER! When I complained they offered me $40 back on my credit card! I did not take it and told them I was reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. So disappointed as I really do like my pillows!

August 23, 2019
The site doubled my order and added a comforter that I did not order! I can't reach them by email or phone. Pillows are OK, but not firm, as advertised. Now stuck with 4 unwanted pillows.

August 8, 2019

Yes I ordered 2 pillows $80. And Fed ex left them by the road and it poured on them and were all wet. My gate was opened and they usually leave it at the house since I am handicapped but not this time. I call sleepgram and they told me to dry them, they would be ok. I have been thru a flood and don’t want something that was wet where I have to put my head nightly. They would not replace them.

They are not be sorry about it. So make sure your delivery person gets them to you directly. I will not buy from them again. I will go to Amazon and buy. They are much better and if I had know they carry them I would have done that anyway.

Be careful

Sleep gram pillow
August 7, 2019

Best pillow I have ever purchased. I think my queen size pillows were $80 each. I am super satisfied. First I tried the soft feeling. Then the firmer feeling. Then I use both. And I love that the best. Soft yet firm and supports my head and neck. No more neck aches for me. I love the loud pillow outer casing.

I recommend this product is highly. Plus they give you about 90 days to sleep on it and return it if you do not feel satisfied.

Next I tried the bamboo sheets. Extraordinarily exquisite soft silky comfortable. I love my bamboo sheets.

So far for me Sleepgram is a winner

False advertising
July 13, 2019
I responded to limited offer ad 50% off, free shipping only to have the amount DOUBLED after my order was placed and shipping added on. 24/7 customer service as advertised doesn’t exist. No answer on phones OR emails. Requested cancellation within 2 min and today after FINALLY getting a person on phone I’m told nothing can be done. Order being processed AND they denied this offer existed. Now I must wait for delivery, return it, then wait to see if they will in fact refund my money. Emails still unanswered! I wouldn’t recommend this outfit to anyone!! Oh and did I mention being disconnected twice? Won’t say hung up on since I can’t prove it but sure funny both times were right after I asked for a supervisor.

Medium/side sleeper pillow!!!!! MUCH more comfortable than My Pillow!!!!
May 26, 2019
I love my Sleepgram medium pillow!!!!!

ChristineCynthia July 07, 2019

I had just invested in my first sleepgram pillow last month , love it sorry I didn’t buy it earlier . The quality of sleep has gotten much better. Before I would throw the whole pillow in the washing machine it would fluff up again but flattened again. For one who is prone to migraine headaches this has been a great help. Considering buying this for my family .

how long to recieve
May 25, 2019
email is jmbandi[email protected] orderd 2 pillows how long dose it take to receive

Still waitinh
May 19, 2019
It’s only been a week but I thought they said four days. We shall see!

Advertising plays on others tragedy.
May 18, 2019
I saw the ad today on facebook. Started out about how a brave teacher saved her whole class from a tornado but now the small students couldn't sleep during their nap time, out of fear of another tornado. This wonderful dr. just happened to be working on a pillow that was just what these children needed and now they sleep well and their whole outlook on life is better. Oh and it gets better. The brave teacher had a husband that couldn't sleep because of being in our military due to pts syndrome. So she took hers home and AMAZINGLY, her husband started to sleep like a baby! Then others heard about this magic pillow and the demand has skyrocketed! These pillows are due to be released tomorrow but, sadly, there will only be 500 of them available so if you want to get yours at a special discount, today, you better buy it on line. BECAUSE OF ALL THIS TEAR JERKING, HEART THROBBING, ABUSE OF ADVERTISING, I WOULDN'T TAKE ONE IF IT WERE THE BEST PILLOW IN THE WORLD AND FREE!

March 8, 2019

This pillow comes with a pillow with zipper that you can add one or two inserts!!

I found that the pillow with the smaller insert is just perfect!! I love it!!

I put a pillow cover on the larger insert, so now I have two new pillows!!

Worse Company ever !!!!
February 12, 2019

Ordered quite a few pillows and paid for expedited shipping. After 4 days they could still not provide a tracking number.

I have not received my order either.

Called in and emailed the support department which is nothing more than a call center located in Florida.

Still trying to get a refund for shipping and cancel the order.. has not happened. The supervisors refuse to pick up a call. Left on hold for a very long time multiple times trying to get answers. Just a dead end.

Had a friend who bought the pillow and returned it. He said it was the worst pillow ever.

I recommend to be weary of this company.

LynneAnne Clayton July 06, 2019

I never understand how the majority of reviews are generally positive and then there’s one completely negative. Are the others friends and relatives of the company personnel? Is this guy someone with an axe to grind or just grumpy? Makes it hard to decide whether or not to order.