Safe Personal Alarm Reviews

The Safe Personal Alarm ( aka SafeSound Personal Alarm ) is a type of personal safety alarm whose creators state to be easy to use and responsible for saving millions of lives.

How Does the Safe Personal Alarm Work?

This device has been marketed under a number of different names on different websites. 

Two examples are as 'Safe Personal Alarm' at and as 'SafeSound Personal Alarm' at

According to their website, the Safe Personal Alarm is the perfect defense mechanism for protecting yourself in a variety of different circumstances and situations. 

In order to be effective, this alarm has been designed to be very easy to use.  To activate it, one just needs to pull the pin and a 125 decibel alarm will activate and will remain active for up to half an hour or until the pin is plugged back in. 

The website states that this alarm can easily be attached to keys, purses, backpacks, or belts, so that it is accessible to people in situations where they might be in danger and can also be used by senior citizens to alert someone to help them in the event that they fall. 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this company is offering their customers a promotional opportunity where they can take advantage of a 50% off deal so that the Safe Personal Alarm is priced at $39.95 instead of the traditional retail price of $80.00.

Additionally the website sales page offers various additional discounts bringing the price down to $19.95 for a single unit, with further discounts when purchasing multiple units.

The website is unclear about how long these promotional offers will last. 

Customer Service Contact Info

As mentioned above, this product is marketed under a several different names at different websites, though by the same company. 

This results in different contact emails depending on the site where the item was purchased.

Contact emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Phone number: 1 (833) 501-2920

The company, SafeSound Personal Alarm Inc., lists physical addresses in Canada, the UK, and Australia on its contact page at .

Refund Policy

The Return Policy for this product is confusing.

Their sales page states that customers will be given 30 days in which to request a refund or a replacement, but their legal Terms and Conditions page says that customers will be given 90 days.

Under normal circumstances, customers are instructed to follow whatever instructions are published in a company’s Terms, but in order to be safe, customers should always follow the shortest time period published on a website.

In general, however, customers should contact their Customer Service team to get clarification on not only what the correct time period of their policy is, but also on when the time period begins – from the date the order is placed or the date your product is delivered. 

Regardless of the time period, this company says that to be eligible for return, customers must return their item in the same condition in which it was received and in its original packaging. 


Unfortunately this particular product does not appear to have positive customer reviews at this time, making it difficult for us to recommend the Safe Personal Alarm.

The truth is, though, that there are many different products just like this available on the market which can be purchased for much less than $80 or $40, which are well-liked by their customers, and which offer their customers clear Refund Policies, so it may be simpler for customers to work with one of these established companies than to deal with this one.  

Additionally, the fact that this product is marketed under different names (also as SafeSound Personal Alarm for example ) is confusing and difficult to understand.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Personal alarms that you carry on your person in case of emergency situations are not uncommon and there are a variety of different options on the market for customers who might be interested in something more affordable or which operates a little differently than the Safe Personal Alarm. 

For example, one alternative is the Vigilant electronic device which has a backup whistle and is able to make a warning signal that reaches 130 decibels.  It's activated using a button and comes with a handy key chain clip. 

If you have any experience with the Safe Personal Alarm, please leave your reviews below.

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Safe Personal Alarm Customer Reviews

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I get my item or the money back
August 30, 2023

My perception is pretty bad. Have ordered 30g, 347.67 have been deducted. d. 2-8-2023

When you ordered 1 you got 1 and I ordered one more. So I am quite disappointed and dissatisfied. But I hope I get my alarms.

Tracking Number 802200622191523929 Order Date08-7 2023 Ship Date 08-o9-2023 MVH. Alice Raufort

Søjlegården 7A

2670 Count Denmark

March 9, 2023
Batteries failed within a few months. I bought new batteries, and the alarm still didn't work. It was a waste of money.

Do Not Purchase!
September 22, 2022

This is a con, paid money never heard anything. Impossible to contact them for a refund.

Anne December 22, 2022

Check out their ad. The pricing doesn't even add up correctly . A very bad scam. The scammer's can't even get the scam right.

June 11, 2022
Worked one time. Did not work second time.

May 30, 2022
Ordered 2, one for my sister. No problem with ordering or delivery. The worked just fine!

I never received my product
December 28, 2021

I never received the three units I purchased, Their tracking indicates we received the product in the mailbox. It was missing when I checked but the rest of the mail was there.

They do not insure their shipments so I could not enter a claim with USPS. They are not very helpful so I will never try to purchase a product from them ever again,

They have misleading ads
July 4, 2021
I am not reviewing the alarm, but their ad. They show an ad of a local woman being attached in a store parking lot. The parking lot is not of a store located in our community. If someone was attacked, the employees in the nearby businesses, would have responded, and taken care of the perpetrator. If you have to lie to sell your product, that tells me all I need to know about their product.

False Info.
March 22, 2021
I haven't purchased your product and never will your one ad has two mistakes in it. The ad is supposed to be about a lady from Saskatoon Saskatchewan however the police car in the photo isn't from the SPS their cruises are white and blue. Also Jeff Strum is not the name of our Chief of police. You need to do a better job of fact checking. Using false info is a scam.

BeckyFletcher February 18, 2022

Ha! Mine popped up on my phone saying a lady from Broken Bow. Had her circled! I can promise you there are NO parking lots that look like that around here. I hate scammers!

debratinker May 07, 2022

Mine came from a different city near me, but no Police Chief Jeff Strum! Scamming seniors again. Karma is real.

Unreliable Company / Tracking Information Inaccurate
February 12, 2021

I ordered 3 of these alarms on 20th January 2021.Tracking is unreliable telling me that package was dispatched on 21 January. Still in USA mon 27th January.

Support email system ignores proof of posting from UK. Tracking tells me that package was delivered to my address on 4th February. Proof of posting is date stamped 5th February.

I have no idea where the package is now other than somewhere in USA.

I would like to add that I asked the company to cancel the order but this was refused. I therefore requested a return which explains my earlier message about the dates. I returned the package on 5th February 2021 from UK.

Confusion now to be told package was delivered to my home address on 4th February.

No idea what is going on.

Margaret in England

January 24, 2021

Do not waste your money with this clickbait gimmick. This would be a good personal security device if it was actually reliable and well-built.

The alarm would not go off when pulling out the pin, when I finally yanked on it hard enough to activate it, the chain broke. I had trouble with this as an able-bodied man, I would definitely not trust this to keep my elderly mother safe. You're better off spending $10 on pepper spray.

These do not work. A complete scam.
January 7, 2021

I bought two of these.

They are a total waste of money.

If you hold it close to your ear, you can faintly hear a sound like a strangled chicken.

I put in two new batteries, supplied by the manufacture. same result.

If I could give it less than one star, I would.

Anon January 24, 2021

Do not waste your money on these gimmicks. These would be a useful safety device, if they were reliable and better built. I had trouble getting it the alarm to work and ended up breaking the cheaply-constructed key chain attached to the pin before it finally went off. Garbage. I would not trust this to keep my elderly mother safe and will continue to get her pepper spray instead.

Would not allow me to complete order
December 12, 2020
I got almost finished my order, paid the price, put card details in and it disappeared before I could complete!!!

August 7, 2020

I went to their order page and carefully ordered "buy one, get one free, $19.99.

They tried to add several other items to my order, but I said no. My total after my order went through was $83.00 and included a reoccurring charge for some tv service that was never mentioned at all. Scam, scam, scam!!!! I called and cancelled my order.

Faulty Device
January 26, 2020
I ordered 10 of these personal alarms for female relatives and friends for Christmas. I need to contact each to see if theirs still works, but 2 so far no longer work. I pulled the pin on mine 2 times so far just show how it works, now it does not work at all. Same for the other one. Now the pin only pulls out a 1/4 inch instead of all the way and makes no noise. Very disappointing. I thought I was giving these friends and relatives something unique for Christmas, but apparently it is a joke. I hope someone does not need it in an emergency and it does not work. I'll try a new battery but it should work longer than 2 pulls.

NancyHead September 11, 2020

Is this company real? Ordered 5 of these back around August 7th, received an email saying they were shipped. The first of Sept. contacted customer service for the third time as I still had not received. Here it is Sept. 11th and still do not have my order. Don't order from these people. What a scam! Asked for my money back but haven't received that either.

November 13, 2019

I have showed the sound alarm to friends and of course with the sound. Have not had to use it personally however, battery died and replaced now Not working. I



battery replacement
November 13, 2019

Have not had to use sound system device but have showed it to my friends. Of course showing them how to use it and the noise it makes. Well I had to replace batteries and now it does not work. No matter how I pull up on plunger no noise is emitted. I am thinking perhaps that the plunger is defective. So since I recently bought several for gifts please tell me what to do with mine.

Thank you. Dorothy Stella [email protected]

June 27, 2019


Safe sound Security Products refuses to abide by federal US Commerce Dept Law, which states that any order cancelled w/in 3 days MUST be refunded.

We requested that they please refund $45.07, which they refuse to comply.

BBB Complaint Submitted-

SafeSound Personal Alarm

Oder # 4ED0A5B17A

Was mistakenly placed on June 18, and

Was cancelled on June 19th.

Per federal US Commerce Dept Law, any order cancelled w/in 3 days MUST be refunded.

Thus, please refund $45.07 to the card holder for this order.

The product was never delivered to us, or received by us. Thus we cannot return what we do not have.

The US Post Office has no further information on this, as it was likely mistakenly misdelivered to another address . Thus we cannot return what we do not have.

Thus, we request a full refund of $45.07 to the card holder for this order, per federal US Commerce Dept Law, any order cancelled w/in 3 days MUST be refunded, which supersedes any company policy.

Date(s) Complained: 6/19/2019

Date(s) Complained: 6/27/2019 – isah?,

NeilMurray July 04, 2019

I am still waiting for the product ( 2 personal alarms) to arrive that I purchased. I tried emailing [email protected] but the email fails to send..? Thinking now Ive been scammed.


Fake story to sell items
December 27, 2018

It is interesting that Eric said "here in AZ" which makes me think that he clicked on one of the many articles that they have with changing dates and locations. Because on my end, the location was here in Florida. Also, if you scroll to the very bottom of one of the articles there is a "disclaimer" that says "this is an advertorial and not an actual news arrival, blog, or consumer protection update"

Pathetic to create a fake story of tragedy just to sell something. The only mention of this guy is through their website, there is NOTHING anywhere, and all of the articles are missing specific details, with the exception of the locations that change based on where you click the link from. What mall? What was the date of the incident? Some of the articles say 6 years ago, but the date of the article changes to always be near the time you click on it.

For example yesterday I googled "safesound inventor story" and it lead me to an article posted on Facebook, which had a date of December 23, 2018. And the location under that stock photo was Leesburg, Florida. My friend in AZ clicked on the link and it had no location. Today I click on the same article, and the date is now December 24, 2018.


EmilyGregory Damen March 05, 2019

It's a scam and a sick scam at that! The girls been abducted from UK and USA on same day!

LouiseOlguin March 15, 2019

****this is a scam!!!**** do not purchase anything they offer!!!

When I placed my order, the system said that my card did not go thru. I tried again, because I know that my card was good. I called my card holder to see if the card went thru and they said it did, even though the website said my card did not go thru. I went onto the website which does not appear to be legit. I tried calling all day and all I heard was stupid music. No one ever answered.

I should have done more research before making such a stupid mistake. These thieves should be ashamed of themselves; however, I need to remember that thieves could care less who they mislead and/or hurt.

AnantaMa Lyn Webb December 12, 2020

A similar thing has appeared to happen to me. I am fed up with these sorts of things happening!!!

December 10, 2018
Do not waste your money on this garbage. You can not even leave a review on their site, I tried twice because negative, they say server is "Busy"! I hope people research before wasting their money! I bought 5 and I am embarrassed to give out these cheap things, can't return, they have the deception down, run people!!!!!

Pure Scam
December 6, 2018
Companies like this make me sick. Such a pure example of marketing to fear with lies.