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About Revitive Medic Circulation Booster

Aching legs. Sore knees. Numb feet. You might think that these are normal symptoms of getting older, and they are - but they aren’t aches and pains that you have to simply put up with. Many people believe that they must rely on expensive, dangerous painkillers to relieve their lower leg pain.

This is not the case. Painkillers rarely help treat the underlying problem behind the symptoms, but instead mask them. Instead, you need a device that will help improve your circulation so that the pain becomes a thing of the past.

REVITIVE medic circulation booster is a new, drug-free device that utilizes the technology of Electrical Muscle Stimulation to revitalize and rejuvenate your lower leg muscles. It is ideal for boosting circulation to help relieve your aching legs and feet.

How Does REVITIVE Work?

The creators of REVITIVE harnessed knowledge about how the human body works in order to create an exemplary product. The average adult has about nine pints of blood, which is carried by arteries away from the heart. Your legs act as a temporary vestibule for this blood, helping to circulate it back up to your heart through your veins.

If you have poor circulation, you are going to suffer from symptoms like achy legs and feet, legs that feel fatigued, and swollen leg muscles. Poor circulation is a common side effect of aging, as well as certain medical conditions. If you smoke heavily, consume a nutrient-poor diet, have limited mobility, or suffer from certain medical conditions (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) you are more likely to suffer from poor circulation.

Luckily, REVITIVE can help improve your circulation. There is no limit to how many times a day you can use this product, but most people use it about once a day. As for how long to use it, you should aim for sessions of twenty or thirty minutes. That being said, you can build up, starting with smaller sessions until you feel more comfortable using the product.

REVITIVE uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology to deliver electrical pulses to the nerves in your body. This helps work muscles that circulate the blood in your legs and feet. The device comes with an isorocker that allows you to stretch your ankle joints and heels, too, without creating uncomfortable pressure.

There are fifteen different stimulation patterns, or Waveforms, that you can use, helping provide therapeutic stimulation no matter how intense your needs may be. As a result, this product can also be used as a foot machine or to treat conditions like arthritis knee or back pain in addition to acting as a leg stimulator.

Cost and Price Plans

There are several different versions of this product. The top of the range product, the Medic Circulation Booster, costs around $329. That being said, you can also pay for the device in four easy monthly payments to help make it more affordable.

The cost is further offset by the free trial capabilities and money-back guarantee offered by the makers of this product. A less expensive option, offering fewer special features, is the REVITIVE advanced. This product starts at $249.

That being said, REVITIVE also offers several advantage packages. These come with additional items like timers, batteries, advanced isorockers, foot and leg cream, and body pads. Most come with extended three-year warranties and other free gifts as well, in most cases costing little more than an extra forty dollars in total.

Customer Service

The customer service department at REVITIVE is incredibly easy to get ahold of. They have flexible office hours from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 Eastern Standard Time. Their toll-free phone number is 1-800-281-6007. They can also be reached during a handy chat feature on their website that makes it easy to access customer support.

One of the nicest features of REVITIVE’s customer service is their 60-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with this product for any reason, you can return it - just as long as you do so before the two month window expires.

The product also comes with free shipping and free returns. The excellent return policy and customer support services make it a low-risk investment for any consumer.

Online Reviews/Complaints

It should be noted that , because REVITIVE is a relatively new product, there is not much evidence outside of research that the company financed to determine whether it is a reliable way to promote circulation. The only study to date was conducted with only thirty volunteers, and while the device is FDA cleared, it is not yet approved.

REVITIVE should not be used by people with metallic implants, such as pacemakers, or by those who have deep vein thrombosis or are pregnant. Side effects include warmed skin, pain, swelling or tenderness, or redness. Customers’ most common complaints center around a lack of user-friendliness on the remote, and difficulty adjusting to the odd sensation.

That being said, so far customer reviews have been positive. The device appears to improve circulation and provides a pleasant massaging sensation. Most users report that it reduces pain and sensations of numbness. It is also easy to use.

Competitors and Alternatives

REVITIVE Is one of the few products of its kind, but there are several good options to consider when you're in the market for a pain reliever and circulation booster.

REVITIVE vs. Homedics

Homedics is no more than a foot massager. While it can help to ease muscle stiffness, it only comes with two intensity settings and no special features to help improve your circulation and relieve your pain.


TENS is simply another kind of technology that can assist with pain relief. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. These machines deliver slight electrical impulses to the skin and affects your sensory nerves. TENS devices can’t boost circulation and are instead designed to relieve pain.


There are several key differences between REVITIVE and Dr. Ho. While REITIVE relies on EMS and wide pulse technology, Dr. Ho combines these two technologies with TENS technology along with auto modulating pain relief waves. It has twenty-four different stimulation types, helping to help with other kinds of pain as well as leg pain, but can be more of a challenge to get used to, according to many users.

REVITIVE vs. Accurelief

While REVITIVE is designed to target foot or leg pain, Accurelief is for users who are suffering from back or neck pain. It is nerve and muscle stimulator, using alternative technologies like electrode gel pads and lead wires instead of a pulsating unit.

Where Can I Buy REVITIVE?

Since it has only recently been released in the United States, this product can be difficult to find. REVITIVE can be purchased via the manufacturer’s website.  It can also be found via retailers such as Amazon and eBay, although these devices are often used and no longer in packaging.

Should I Consider REVITIVE?

If you have no other limiting medical conditions and you’re sick of relying on pharmaceuticals home remedies like compression socks to relieve your leg pain and numbness, REVITIVE is worth a shot. While there is limited clinical evidence showing that Electrical Muscle Stimulation can be an effective long-term solution to these conditions, REVITIVE offers a low-risk option for treating your pain and leg discomfort.

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1 Review

dishonest 'Actegy Ltd' company

February 16, 2020

Actegy Staff are unprofessional, provide poor customer service and constantly lie. Actegy Ltd's delivery service of the Revitive products is a shambles. The Revitive machine I purchased was not delivered on the day promised. I had to take several days of work to wait for the machine and it still did not arrive. Despite phoning eight times and sending multiple emails, the company could still not provide a delivery day. When the machine finally arrived a week late, I refused delivery because the courier company made up stories and I could no longer accept the lies. Now I will have to wait a month for a full refund since the purchase date. Quite scandalous really. For a company that claims its products are to relieve pain are in effect causing a lot of pain in the process to unsuspecting customers. Shocking really! The Actegy Ltd CEO Josh Penny really has a lot to answer for.

September 15, 2020

I too found Actegy to be abrupt and dishonest

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review author image
1 Review

Love it

September 29, 2019

I use it every day for 30 minutes twice a day. Been using it for a little over a month and it does seem to help with my foot Neuropathy

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review author image
1 Review

worse company EVER !!!!!!!

July 25, 2019

product may be ok to use, but the company

February 16, 2020

Yes I agree. This is a deplorable company that has no concept of good customer service. Once this company takes your money there is no guarantee that the items/products it sells will be delivered on time. One is left waiting for days and days for delivery. The Actegy staff continuously lie and take no responsibility for their mistakes. If you refuse delivery and ask for a refund it can take up to a month to get your money back from day of purchase. The Actegy Ltd CEO Josh Penny has got a lot to answer for.

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