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About CopperFit Energy Socks

People all over want to work out and be healthy, but it’s not always easy. As you age, your joints begin to hurt. No matter the age though, working out and walking around can be difficult when you’re in pain. Everyone could use a little help to keep their muscles warm and their circulation moving.

This is why CopperFit has dedicated themselves to making socks meant to keep you on your feet. However, CopperFit doesn’t only make socks, but many other types of compression gear too - this includes back, ankle, elbow and knee pads as well.

All of their gear is meant to wick away sweat while keeping your muscles warm, in order to help you get the most out of your workout.

If you’ve been looking for something to help with your pain, CopperFit may have the solution.


All items by CopperFit are manufactured using copper ions in the fiber level, including their Energy Socks. These ions help keep odor and moisture away from your feet, so you are able to work out without being distracted.

The socks themselves are compression socks, making them ideal for reducing the recovery time of your muscles, supporting your circulation and preventing further strain.

Even if you’re not working out, socks like the Energy Socks can help with tired and aching feet on long days.

How Does it Work?

Slip on the proper size of CopperFit’s Energy Socks before you go out and running. The compression quality is meant to assist with everyday tasks by improving your comfort and performance level. Sit or stand to feel the effects in your arch, feet and calves, without it being obvious that you’re wearing special socks.

Cost and Price Plans:

Buy Energy Socks for $19.99, but be aware that you will also have to pay $4.99 for shipping. In total, that will be $24.98 for your entire order. And remember that this offer is only available when you order online.

Choose from either black or white by filling out the sizes and colors and don’t forget that when you order, you’re always buying in sets of two. Be sure to check out the sizing chart before you buy too.

Customer Service:

If you’re having trouble with your order, or you find that the socks simply don’t work for you, you’re able to return online and phone orders to the CopperFit company as long as it’s been less than 60 days. Once you mail the socks back, you will see a return on your credit in about 10 days. You will not see shipping and handling returned to you though and will have to pay the shipping to return it, but the price of the socks will be refunded.

CopperFit seeks to provide the best service possible. So, if you’re having any trouble, contact the company either by phone or by email. You are able to reach them at 866-304-4199, or [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many people are pleased with their purchase of CopperFit’s Energy Socks and are amazed when they see reduced swelling in their legs. They claim that these socks both look good and feel good too and help with the tiredness people feel after a long day. Even professionals are pleased with their results.

However, people warn that you shouldn’t expect a miracle. While compression is proven to work, you won’t find pain relief for underlying problems or improved performance benefits. The copper will only wick away some odor-causing bacteria and will not suddenly make your feet smell great either.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you’re not pleased with CopperFit, or just want to take a look at a few other options before you buy, many companies have compression socks on the market. This includes Miracle Copper - their socks are a little less stylish, but you get two pairs for a lesser price while still receiving the benefits you expect.

Try Adidas too, which are a little pricier, but have the backing of a trusted sports company behind them. Especially if you’re a runner, these socks are a good option. 
Finally, you may want to try Rejuva Health, a company that sells all sorts of fashionable compression legwear. If you want a product that looks great and feels great too, Rejuva is a prime option.

Where to Buy?

You have many buying options when it comes to CopperFit’s Energy Socks. Most people purchase them right from CopperFit’s website, where you only have to put in your size and color options before typing your address and making the purchase.

However, you will also find CopperFit’s socks on Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart. No matter where you buy them from though, each website should provide you with a good deal.


People everywhere wish they had something for their feet and ankle pain, whether they’re working out or just having a long day on their feet. CopperFit’s Energy Socks may just be the solution for you then, providing compression to help with pain and circulation. Try them out if you’re curious, or take a look at a few alternatives to find the best option for your feet.

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