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Caution: Fraudulent, Unethical, Shady Practices
July 26, 2023

Raise stole $200 from me. Unfortunately, this company has unethical and fraudulent practices. They have no customer support phone number and they claim Live Chat but I have never successfully used it.

Recently, I listed a ~$200 Best Buy gift card to be sold by Raise after it was 'approved' by their screening process. Two days later, it was sold and I was sent a congratulations email. Great!

Not so fast, a day after it sold they said there were no funds on the card and that they checked (after they approved it through the initial process).

I called Best Buy, and they informed me that the balance was cleared 10 minutes after it was sold on Raise and was used to purchase an Apple Watch in a state I don't live in. I presented this evidence to Raise in the 4th support ticket and this time they didn't even respond.

I filed a police report for the theft and will be pursuing all legal action possible. I do not recommend transacting with this company.

Endless hold times for service, frequent lockouts (they blame VPN) and all orders cancelled
November 22, 2021

It's just a waste of time. I've bought several times from them and each time, my account is suspended for "VPN" issues and the orders cancelled. I complain about it, requiring phone calls and a near endless hold-time (1+ hour of hitting "2 -- to stay on the line").

Eventually the CSRs unfreeze the account and allow me to process my order, usually after the prices have increased. However, this time today was different: 4 locks on 2 different devices and 4 rejected orders. I told them to delete my account -- saving $3 just isn't worth it.

$2,000 gift card invalid and Raise won't refund!
September 20, 2019

After purchasing a $2,000 Princess Cruises card on the site, I went to utilize it to pay for my cruise which had to paid for by that evening. The card would not go through and when I checked the balance on the site it said the card number was invalid. I waited some time and tried repeatedly with the same outcome. Thus, I had to pay for my cruise with a credit card. I filled a card problem with Raise and received no response. I called and was told it would be resolved.

After no response, I emailed but received no response from the company. So, I phoned again and was told that my refund for this invalid card was denied even though they state a Money-Back Guarantee on invalid cards.

The reasoning is that now they have supposedly added the funds to the balance of the card, but even if that is true, it was not valid when I needed to use it. Having a balance now does not help me in any way. They did not provide me with the product I purchased and did not stand behind their Money-Back Guarantee.

I as the customer received an invalid card, had to email and call repeatedly due to their mistake, had to have both their gift card cost and the cruise payment charged to my card at the same time due to their error and now I am denied the promised refund. That is fraud and false advertising. Don’t believe their guarantee.

warning!!! run from raise
August 1, 2018

unlike any other company on internet they will require you to prove yourself to them before they allow you to sell anything... however anyone can buy from them and rip off the sellers...

they ask for a copy of your drivers license to be sent to them.... then a void check with both wire number and account number then proof of address.... then social security number.....then your date of birth ...then your paypal account numbers... this took many many tries as their site kept deleting some of the info i previous inputted... so i tried 15 times over

3 hours and gave up.... but one of my listings sold and now i was told they would not be able to send me the money i am owed after all fees and charges... to me this is a good scam....do not know why the law allows this to continue.... in fact i purchased an auto online costing ...167,000 with no problem... but this company is still reviewing me for a small cash card listing....so i wasted hours of my day.. have all my personal info out their in the internet

world... and i lost the listing fees.... the selling fees...and the money for the card.... how is this company in business.....

June 7, 2018

I bought a card, it had a zero balance. I was ran through a lot of hoops and then told it could not be refunded because the company was going out of business. It wasn't when I started the dispute, but by the time I received a response and finished running through hoops, it was. Terrible response time, and terrible service. I ended up filing a dispute with my credit card company.

A few weeks later I went to use a different card I had purchased prior to this ordeal. It too didn't work. I called and the rep verified that the pin was invalid on the card and the card would not work.

They could not refund me because my account had been put on hold because of the dispute. This is completely unrelated and even verified by the customer service rep. What a crock. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. The "guarantee" is a JOKE!

Raise.com is so bad!!!!
November 27, 2017
I bought a gift card and there was about $70+ balance, however, when I purchased clothes using it, the cashier told me that the balance was zero!!! I contacted the raise.com and they told me that they could not do anything since my order falls outside of the 1-year money back guarantee! it totally makes no sense and I am soooo frustrated and won't buy any more from it....

SusanAllan Gallagher November 27, 2017

I received an email from Raise telling me my account was all set up. I did not even know what raise was. Received 2 more emails telling me about 2 gift cards and 1 didn't go through because of payment (lack of funds). What the heck is going on???? So far my bank account did not get any charges from Raise and better not!!!

Total SCAM: Write to IL or Chicago Consumer Agencies!
October 10, 2017

It seems many have had the same experience with reference to Starbucks and other cards. This site is a SCAM and we should complain to the Consumer Protection Departments of your State or Illinois, as their company is headquartered in Chicago.

Their business address is 33 S State St, Chicago, IL 60603. The two agencies in Chicago and Illinois are as follows:

1) Chicago Consumer Protection Department located at https://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/progs/protect.html/

2) Illinois Consumer Protection Agency at http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/consumers/index.html

The more we complain, the more the government will investigate!

“terrible customer service ill never use them again”
November 29, 2016


First time ordering from them and they send me an empty gift card. $0 and i payed for $100 card. took 3 months to get refunded after 12! emails (they literally asked me the same question over and over again, "how much of the balance did you use?")

I told them that to keep me as a customer they would have to give me more than purchase price (they used up 2 coupons that were not refundable so i would be losing that value). No reply after that just "we refunded the purchase price. not even an apology for the time and for holding my money hostage for so long.

September 28, 2016
'This company needs to be looked into as a fraud station, they steal both the buyers and the sellers monies keep it and say we are working on it, they wait over 100 days and with continued calls to them the still say they are looking into it, well 3 months later still looking into it, and i see they have gotten worse, we all need to stand up and turn them in as this is clearly the only to take this company down,

They Took My Gift Cards, Sold It And Suspended My Account
August 20, 2016

Raise allowed me to list my gift cards for sale, after the gift cards sold raise is refusing to send me my money. All the gift cards have been used and I'm still without money over 5 days now. I've sent in a copy of my driver's license, copy of the gift cards front and back and receipt of purchase but still no money. 

Raise is telling me that unless they are able to get in touch with each buyer and confirm that they used the gift cards, my account will remain suspended and no money. I find this absurd, raise is a fraudulent and irresponsible company and needs to be investigated. I will never do business with them again and neither should anyone!

Screwed by Raise again!
August 14, 2016

If you buy a card use it right away or someone else will. I have lost $750 in compromised cards!!!!!

July 1, 2016

Their system must've been compromised. Starting in end of Jan 2016 the number bad/stone card numbers went so high, they had to add a new "gift card ref number" so the agents working at the place did not have direct access to the card numbers.

Never had as much problem with any other gift card seller as I have with Raise. BBB is a joke. Ignore their ratings and attempts to resolve things. The main purpose of BBB is to kill time so 10 weeks down the road the issue is not as painful as it was when it happened.

Do not do business with them. I lost well over $400. By the way the reason there is a 100 day so call warranty is because your credit card company offers 3 month protection on fraud. Notice they do not take Paypal since that would be 120day protection.

I have bought cards from them for 2 years yet to have a problem
May 18, 2016

I don't know why some people are having so many problems. I buy my cards on the day I am going to use them. I always figured if a card is being resold 100 days is a very very long time. Its over three months, in that time people can report cards lost, stolen etc, Raise has no control over that. If I hold a gift card from Raise or my uncle Bob for more than 24 hours I am the one with egg on my face.

Realistically buy your cards and discounts the same day people. Wake up! OH the only other assumption I would have is someone mentioned Cardpool a competitor being wonderful, I don't know them and don't use them but the internet is a pretty easy place for the competition to write a bunch of bad reviews.....wake up people its reality .

Site is worthless!
May 17, 2016
I bought a $100 gift card for Grandsons birthday. He tried to use it and there was nothing on it! How embarrassing for the Grandma! Their customer service sucks as well! NEVER USE THIS SITE!!!!!!

Raise is a Ripoff
May 12, 2016

Raise customer service will lie to you and not fix the problem. Now I out $40.00 for a gift card the would not work. They would not do anything about it.

Agree with other reviewers
May 12, 2016

Had the same experience as everyone else. Had used Raise successfully in the past. Bought $2700 in Lowe's eGift cards last October, item went on sale so I ended up with $600 in leftover eCards.

Planned to use them for a purchase today and learned that the eCards are no longer valid due to excessive fraud associated with them, particularly through resellers like Raise. Contacted Raise by phone and in writing and received the same response as others on this site; a robotic recitation of their 100 day policy by voice and in writing.

The really frustrating thing is that Raise has every bit of the customers information, including the exact purchases made AND they publish the phone numbers for all the companies to check gift card balances, which means they are well aware of policy changes regarding acceptance of the items they resell.

If Raise truly had integrity they would have contacted customers who had made purchases of eCards from Lowe's, told them of the change, and if the customer had not used the eCards, at the very least, offered some sort of compensation. Even GROUPON gives you account credit for the purchase price of a Groupon when it expires or when the company no longer will honor it.

SCAM. Crooked business practice
May 6, 2016

Just lost $500 trying to save 2% of it by using this crooked website.

They seem to sell you non-working gift cards and hope that you don't use it for 100 days. If you forget to use it for 100 days, then just like me your money goes away into someone else's pocket.

Unfortunately this company would rather lose its customers than make a $60 refund
April 28, 2016

Sold a fraudulent card on their site. Obviously not the first time that this has happened. Called their customer service (on the 101st day after the purchase was made) and was told that they cannot help me because the complaint was made after their 100 day return/refund protection timeframe.

No need to add that I will not be purchasing any cards from this site again and will make sure to warn others about this company and their bad business model. They cannot protect you from fraud and they will not be helpful in getting your lost funds back.

They are just a vessel for CRIMINALS that use stolen credit cards (and bank account numbers) to make their living. Pretty sad.

Will be reporting this to authorities and BBB. I invite others who have been burnt by this company to do the same.

Raise.com is a scam, stay away!
April 12, 2016

This company is fraud and the employees are incompetent, especially the call center supervisors. They say if the gift card is not received, the 100 day guarantee applies and they would refund the amount. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS, IT IS A COMPLETE LIE, instead what they will say is quote "the gift card was scanned and redeemed in your area so no refund will be made and there is nothing we can do" according to a supervisor name COOPER.

I had 3 gift cards that did not arrive. One card they refunded with no problem other than it took about a week to process. Second card they rejected the refund because Lena from support team said it was "scanned and redeemed in your area so no refund will be made" so she is saying that I used it????? Third card she completely ignored, did not mention anything about it. I sent at least 4 emails to Lena in support team with very detailed information, told her to respond and not ignore, finally they sent me an email. I called and spoke with supervisor RYAN, he kept saying it was not his call to make the decision about refunding that it was the support team decision, he can only relay the message.....wait a minute, what happened to the 100 day guarantee??????????

He doesn't know anything about that? Not sure if he was a person in charge based on his answers....ok, my purchase date was 1/24/16....after raising my voice to the call center and sending numerous emails, I finally got my two refunds on 3/16/16. FINALLY I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE AND NOT DEAL WITH A FRAUDULENT COMPANY.

Again, NEVER would I deal with a fraudulent company again....then, on 4/11/16 they reversed one of my refunds and charged it on my credit card again and I received an email from Lena that based on their research of all their past refunds, they felt that my one of my refund was invalid and so they would need to charge again for a gift card that I NEVER received. Are they kidding, seriously????????

After being on the phone for 30 minutes (wait time plus speaking to a CSR Iman), a so called supervisor name COOPER finally got on the line. He says he stands by their decision because "the card was scanned and redeemed in my area" so he is basically accusing me of RECEIVING THE CARD, REDEEMING IT and that I am lying about the whole thing. Is this really a legitimate company or is this a company that is running in someone's garage? I told COOPER they need to drop the current charge for a gift card that I have not received in a very aggravated voice and he said "we cannot do any business with you if you come out like this" OK....does he actually think I want to do business them after all this nonsense. Again I am questioning if he is indeed a person in charge.

He was no help at all, he was extremely defensive and did not know how to handle this situation. I told him this fraudulent act will be reported and I will give negative but honest reviews and his response was "Thank you for that". If they have to rip me off for an amount of 22.16 and they don't care about being reported to BBB and get horrible reviews from me and many others, I question how long this company will survive.

I learned my lesson and I am glad that I was not ripped off a huge amount like other people but a company like this should not get away with ripping people off. Always research a business before using a business. From now on, I am going to check BBB and review all the customer complaints before I give my money to a company. I have learned a valuable lesson thanks to Raise.com.

March 22, 2016

I spent 1000's of $$ with Raise.com over the past year. The last Lowe's card I bought was for $195. Instead of a gift card, they sent a merchandise credit. Lowe's changed their policy that they would not accept the merchandise credit without the actual gift card. I contacted Raise and they refused to give me a refund or credit.

They offered to contact the seller and request the gift card but no guarantees! WTF?? Never again!!! Also, Home Depot said that people are stealing merchandise and returning for credit then selling on Raise. Once they trace back stolen merchandise they end up voiding the credit! Don't take a chance on Raise if it's a merchandise credit!